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Justice And Peace And People Of Good Will

March 27, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off


Some weeks back, in an article called “The New Creation” (see The Wanderer, February 5, 2015, p. 5A), I sketched the outlines of the Church’s recently developed teaching on the role of civilization, culture, and science in God’s overall plan. The development, I explained, as has so often happened in the Church’s history, has been provoked mainly by criticisms or misunderstandings from outside, the chief being that the Church is only interested in the salvation of souls.
This article will deal with a parallel criticism: namely that her preoccupation with the individual’s salvation has made her indifferent not only to cultural progress, science above all, but to what could be called “social progress”; that is, improving the lot of the poorest and bringing about what are considered more just or more equal societies.
Given the history of the Church in both the cultural and social fields, both charges are pretty steep. There is first of all concrete evidence all over the world and throughout 2,000 years of history of her interest in social welfare as well as the fine arts and culture. In the Our Father she daily teaches her children to pray that God’s will “be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” His will in this regard has two dimensions. After the salvation of souls comes promoting justice and peace, as well as cultural progress. The Christian who doesn’t use his talents or spends his time ill-treating the other servants will be in for a really bad time. … Continue Reading

Was This A Joke? Lincoln’s Death A Grand Catholic Conspiracy

March 26, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off


It may be a joke in that there isn’t much evidence to support the claim, but for many years there was a segment of the U.S. population that believed Lincoln’s assassination — which occurred 150 years ago this April 14 — was the work of a Jesuit conspiracy leading all the way to the Vatican.
In the wake of Lincoln’s murder, some put the blame on enemy Confederate leader Jefferson Davis; others blamed Vice President Andrew Johnson, suspecting that he wanted the presidency; but the notion which gained the most momentum was that the murder was a Catholic conspiracy.
According to William Hanchett, author of The Lincoln Murder Conspiracies, “Since some Americans were in the habit of blaming whatever they did not like on the Catholics, it was natural that some of them should have blamed Catholics for Lincoln’s assassination.” … Continue Reading

Pro-Life Interfaith Conference . . . Includes Muslim Doctor, Catholic Sheriff, Baptist Educator

March 25, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off


MESA, Ariz. — A daylong pro-life interfaith conference in metropolitan Phoenix’s East Valley area featured some Arizona speakers recognized around the nation, including M. Zuhdi Jasser, MD, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Speakers from Catholic, Protestant, Latter-day Saints, and Muslim faiths addressed topics including abortion, euthanasia, conscience and politics at a conference center here with the legendary Superstition Mountains looming to the east.
Jasser, chairman of the bioethics committee at a Phoenix hospital, often goes before a national media audience to defend and advocate harmonizing the Muslim faith with pluralism and democracy. His organization’s website is
“The protection of the unborn is something that has become important to me. . . . Very important that faith communities come together” for unborn babies, Jasser said in a video prepared specifically for this conference because he was unable to attend. … Continue Reading

Life And Death In The Postmodern World

March 24, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off


It was not very long ago that being “modern” was considered being “up-to-date.” That is no longer the case. Now, if one wants to be in tune with the times, he must be a card-carrying citizen of the postmodern world. Times change, but they do so imperceptibly and often catch people off guard.
A little more than four years ago, in 2010, the Canadian Parliament voted 228-59 against a Private Member’s Bill to legalize euthanasia. On February 6, 2015, all nine Supreme Court judges ruled that prohibitions against physician-assisted suicide constituted a violation of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Dr. Margaret Somerville, one of Canada’s leading ethicists, has drawn her readers’ attention to how culture can change dramatically: “I suggest that the principal cause is not a change in the situation of individuals who seek euthanasia; rather, it is the profound changes in our postmodern, secular, Western, democratic societies” (The Ethical Canary, p. 121). … Continue Reading

A Movie Review . . . “Do You Believe?” Delivers The Good News

March 23, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

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“A dozen different souls — all moving in different directions, all longing for something more. As their lives unexpectedly intersect, they each are about to discover there is power in the cross of Christ…even if they don’t believe it. Yet.”
That statement pretty much sums up this terrific new movie which is the latest in a fast-growing trend of Christian films that keep cropping up on movie screens and on DVD players across the nation. Given the current culture wars, it certainly is no accident or coincidence that some of these independent movie studios and filmmakers are putting these films out.
While terrorist attacks against Christians are swelling across the globe and even in some incidents here, in the United States we also see the sanctity of human life being sacrificed in the name of “reproductive freedom” and traditional marriage between one man and one woman constantly being redefined from state to state. … Continue Reading

Voters Recoil . . . Oblivious GOP Congressional Leaders Fritter Away Support They Won

March 22, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off


The national Republican establishment apparently already has managed to start frittering away the GOP’s standing with Americans after its “wave” election victory last November against Barack Obama’s policies.
At key points in this new congressional session, Republican leadership has acted as if it’s playing on Obama’s own team, including jerking an important pro-life bill off the U.S. House calendar, craftily cooperating with Obama to fund his “executive amnesty,” and successfully passing his nomination of “open borders” Loretta Lynch as attorney general through a vital Senate committee.
On March 16 the Washington Examiner reported that in a new random Gallup survey, Republicans dropped five points in favorability since last November.
“Forty percent viewed Republicans favorably last September,” the Examiner reported, “and that figure rose to 42 percent in November. Since winning a Senate majority in the midterms, the GOP has seen its favorability slip five percentage points, to its current 37-percent level.”
Although polls can be inaccurate or misleading, there seemed little doubt that many who cast November ballots with high hopes to frustrate Obama’s agenda are feeling frustrated themselves now. … Continue Reading

Humanitarian Worker Writes . . . To Defeat ISIS, Christians, Jews, And Muslims Must Cooperate

March 21, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

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The death squads of ISIS plan and hope to rip out what’s close to our hearts, and drain our hearts themselves.
The black jihadist ISIS flag flying in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. That was the superimposed image for the cover picture of the ISIS magazine in October 2014.
The Pope dead, the Sistine Chapel turned into a market for sex slaves or a prison for those awaiting execution, the severed heads of Vatican workers atop the Bernini colonnade stretching out from Catholicism’s greatest basilica.
On the march to “conquer Rome” was the message in February when ISIS terrorists beheaded Coptic Christians on the beach in Libya.
“This isn’t a far-fetched dream they aim to realize. This is a rock-solid goal they are pursuing at this very moment, and they believe entirely that they are capable of executing their plan,” writes Johnnie Moore in his book Defying ISIS; Preserving Christianity in the Place of Its Birth and in Your Own Backyard. … Continue Reading

Praying For The Jews To Be Converted

March 20, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off


Should we pray and work for the conversion of the Jews? Until recent years a Catholic would have answered affirmatively without hesitation. But since the Second Vatican Council that position has been questioned and even denied by some people.
A striking example of this is found in the change made by religious congregations founded to pray and work for the conversion of the Jewish people: the Congregations of Our Lady of Sion. One section is composed of priests and religious brothers, the other of religious sisters. Their founder, Theodore Ratisbonne, converted from Judaism in 1826, and devoted his life to the apostolate of helping the Jewish people to accept the Catholic faith. This work was central to the congregations he founded.
But after Vatican II the congregations changed direction. They still do good work in trying to improve relations between Catholics and Jews, but no longer officially pray for, or emphasize, the need for conversion to Catholicism. … Continue Reading

Barack Obama: Meet Walter Bagehot

March 19, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off


Am I certain that President Obama is not familiar with the work of the 19th-century British economist Walter Bagehot? No, but I would bet that he isn’t. It is a curious paradox that I have observed for decades now: Conservatives of a scholarly bent will be familiar with the leading thinkers on the left, but the left-wing intelligentsia tends to be oblivious to the work of the best writers on the right.
Check it out yourself if you doubt me; ask around. Conservative intellectuals will be familiar with the central theories of Marx, Freud, George Bernard Shaw, and the Fabians, but, with rare exceptions, you will not find left-wing intellectuals who will be able to discuss intelligently the work of — just to cite a few examples — Edmund Burke, Ludwig von Mises, and James Burnham. Also, Walter Bagehot. … Continue Reading

But Pols, Bishops Ignore Threat . . . Former Border Enforcer Says Cut Line Seems Like Sabotage

March 18, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off


PHOENIX — It was more than a reminder of how modern life heavily relies on high tech when a fiber-optic cable from Phoenix to northern Arizona intentionally was cut, widely disabling the Internet, cell phones, and landlines.
Among reported problems, merchants couldn’t process transactions, students couldn’t do homework, ATMs didn’t function, weather forecasts weren’t complete, and law enforcement couldn’t use databases for at least a few hours, depending on where they were, on February 25.
Repair crews had to search for where attackers had dug into the rocky soil in the desert and cut open a buried metal pipe, then continued to slice through the powerful yet vulnerable fiber-optics.
Investigators reportedly thought power tools were used because wire cutters or a house saw wouldn’t have been sufficient. … Continue Reading

Cardinal Burke says confusion spreading among Catholics ‘in an alarming way’

LifeSiteNews: Since the extraordinary synod on the family, we have entered a period of uncertainty and confusion over several “hot-button” issues: communion for divorced and “remarried” couples, a change of attitude towards homosexual unions and an apparent relaxing of attitudes…Continue Reading

Bishop backs Catholic school’s removal of teacher over pro-marriage Facebook comments: cites Pope Francis

SOMERVILLE, NJ, March 23, 2015 ( – A Catholic school has decided not to rehire a theology teacher who rejected the argument in favor of gay “marriage” on her private Facebook page, her family has announced. The controversy began last…Continue Reading

Creepy Catholicism.

Martin O’Malley is the latest Catholic politician to come out as a duplicitous “Catholic.” Deacon Kandra posts an excerpt here from an interview in which O’Malley displays some amazingly twisted thinking to support homosexual marriage–even though he’s a Catholic. As far…Continue Reading

Polish Bishops’ Conference rejects Holy Communion for divorced and “remarried”

The Polish Bishops’ Conference has issued a communiqué firmly rejecting the proposals that divorced and “remarried” Catholics should be admitted to Holy Communion without amendment of life. The communiqué, published on 12th March, includes the following statement: “In view of the…Continue Reading

Celtic Catholic priest and friends pile on archbishop

On Monday March 16, KALW radio’s City Visions will host a program “Can Bay Area Catholics and Archbishop Cordileone find Common Ground?” Scheduled guests are the Reverend Vincent Pizzuto; Most Holy Redeemer parishioner and teachers’ union representative Ted DeSaulnier; and…Continue Reading

The Traditional Case for Capital Punishment

A group of Catholic publishers recently issued a joint statement urging an end to capital punishment. I have great respect for all of them – I have written for all of them at one point or another. I disagree with…Continue Reading

Cardinal Müller: Pope Is Not Above the Word of God and the Catholic Faith

Edit: Rorate tends to understate things.  They want a sober response.  We’d like to offer this translation of Giuseppe Nardi’s appreciation of their take on Cardinal Müller’s recent letter appearing in the Osservatore Romano and additional commentary from other important Italian…Continue Reading

Is the Synod Secretariat Stacking the Deck Again?

The Vatican today announced that the vice president of the John Paul II Pontifical Institute for the Study of Marriage and the Family will be a consulter to the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops. Professor José Granados‘ appointment,…Continue Reading

Gay activist: Of course our goal is to ‘indoctrinate children into LGBTQ agenda’

TORONTO, March 13, 2015 ( — A homosexual activist has candidly admitted that gay-themed materials and policies pushed in grade schools across North America are for the sake of “indoctrinating” children into an unquestioning acceptance of homosexuality. “I am here…Continue Reading

Pope . . . giving holy Communion to remarried divorcees “won’t solve anything”

On the second anniversary of his pontificate, the Holy Father gave a lengthy interview to a Mexican television journalist. – CNA/Bohumil Petrik VATICAN CITY — In a new, wide-ranging interview published Friday on the second anniversary of his election, Pope…Continue Reading

Cardinal rebukes head of German bishops: We can’t ignore Christ’s teaching on marriage

German Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, who headed the Papal Council Cor Unum until 2010 and was made a cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI, has publicly opposed the words and direction of the German Bishops’ Conference. In a Letter to the…Continue Reading

Catholic dissenters’ convention keynoter: A pornographic sex columnist?

Seattle, Wash., Mar 12, 2015 / 02:31 am (CNA).- Dan Savage coordinates an annual pornography festival. He has made obscene tirades about Pope Benedict XVI, denigrated the practice of monogamy, insulted high school students and publicly harassed politicians he opposes.…Continue Reading

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A Powerful Weapon: 15 Quotes on the Holy Rosary

We live in evil times. I hardly need elaborate the multitude of crises that fill the globe. Sadly, many are being swept away by this flood of evil and are succumbing to an overwhelming anxiety and discouragement. But no matter how tempting it is, we must not shrink back. We must pray and fast with a living faith and a firm confidence—and there is no better way to…Continue Reading

12 Ways to Become a Committed Catholic Man

There is a Catholic “man-crisis.” Large numbers of men who were baptized Catholic have left the Church and the majority of those who remain are “Casual Catholic Men”, men who do not know the Catholic faith and don’t practice it. This large-scale failure of Catholic men to commit themselves to Jesus Christ and His Church has contributed to the accelerating…Continue Reading

Today . . .

Mass at Santa Marta- Ode to joy

2015-03-26 L’Osservatore Romano Joy and hope are Christian traits. It is sad to find a believer who knows no joy, fearful in his attachment to cold doctrine. This was the very reason for Francis’ ode to joy during Mass at Santa Marta on Thursday, 26 March. At the beginning of Mass, the Pope acknowledged the Carmelite “Hour of Prayer for Peace”. “Dear brothers and sisters”, he said, “the day after tomorrow, 28 March, will be…Continue Reading

The exhibition of the Holy Shroud of Turin


(Vatican Radio/VIS) A press conference was held in the Holy See Press Office on Wednesday to present the upcoming exhibition of the Holy Shroud of Turin (Turin, 19 April – 24 June 2015), on the occasion of the second centenary of the birth of St. John Bosco, which will be specially dedicated to the young and to those who suffer. The Pope will also make a pilgrimage to Turin from 21 to 22 June. The…Continue Reading

Pope calls for renewed prayers for Synod on the Family

(Vatican Radio) At a rain-soaked General Audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis called for renewed prayers for the upcoming Synod of Bishops in the Family. After meeting briefly with a group of sick people gathered in the Paul VI Hall, Pope Francis greeted pilgrims in Saint Peter’s Square. The Pope began his reflection by noting that March 25th, the Solemnity of the Annunciation, marks a special stage in the journey of catechesis on the family, a…Continue Reading

Pope: “Where There Is No Mercy There Is No Justice”


(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Monday warned against righteous hypocrisy and urged Christians to be merciful. During his homily at morning Mass in the Casa Santa Marta, the Pope reflected on the Gospel readings of the day and on another Gospel passage pointing out that “where there is no mercy there is no justice”. Referring to three women in the Bible, Pope Francis said they represent three allegorical figures of the Church. The women he…Continue Reading

A Book Review . . . A Spiritually Sound Approach To Depression

By DONAL ANTHONY FOLEY The Catholic Guide to Depression, by Aaron Kheriaty, MD, with Fr. John Cihak (Sophia Institute Press, 228 pages). Visit or call 1-800-888-9344 for more information or for ordering. + + + This book has a lengthy introduction, and is then divided into two parts. The first is entitled “Understanding Depression,”…Continue Reading

What If Hillary Doesn’t Care?

By ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO What if Hillary Clinton’s emails were hacked by foreign agents when she was the secretary of state? What if persons claiming to have done so are boasting about their alleged feats on Internet websites and in chat rooms traditionally associated with illegal or undercover activities? What if this is the sore…Continue Reading

In Defense Of Economic Freedom

By JOHN YOUNG I believe in complete economic freedom. An extreme position, it will be said, and one not only against Catholic social teaching, but also against common sense. It implies, surely, that I have a heartless disregard for the vulnerable, or at least a naive trust in capitalism — the unrestrained capitalism that Pope…Continue Reading

Some Thoughts About Catholic Care Homes . . . The Old, Weak, And Suffering Are In The Forefront Of Our Spiritual Battle

By PHILIP TROWER (Editor’s Note: Philip Trower, The Wanderer’s longtime correspondent from the United Kingdom, recently moved into a care home. The home’s superior, Sr. Hannah, asked him to write about why he chose to move into Nazareth House. Below is his letter to her.) + + + Dear Sr. Hannah, As I understand it,…Continue Reading

Culture Of Life 101… “What Does The Church Teach About Sterilization?”

By BRIAN CLOWES (Editor’s Note: Brian Clowes has been director of research and training at Human Life International since 1995.) + + + Some people refer to sexual sterilization as “Catholic birth control.” This erroneous term, and the misguided assertions of a number of well-known dissenters, has led to significant confusion regarding the Catholic Church’s…Continue Reading

The Wanderer Interviews His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke . . .


By DON FIER Part 1 (Editor’s Note: Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, who previously served as Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in Rome from June 2008 until November 2014, recently visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wis. Prior to that he served as Archbishop…Continue Reading


Message From Cardinal Burke

Our Catholic Faith (Section B of print edition)

Catholic Replies

Editor’s Note: As readers of this column know, we like to quote Fr. George Rutler from time to time because his weekly bulletin columns at the Church of St. Michael in New York City are sources of both information and inspiration. After starting his March 22 column by noting that history is “replete with the failures of famous figures,” such…Continue Reading

We Have Been Raised With Christ

By FR. ROBERT ALTIER Easter Sunday (YR B) Readings: Acts 10:34a, 37-43 Col. 3:1-4 John 20:1-9 In the Gospel reading today, we hear about Peter and John entering the Lord’s grave after they had been informed by St. Mary Magdalen that Jesus had been taken away. We are told that when the Beloved Disciple saw the burial cloths there and…Continue Reading

Nothing To Toast Between China And The Vatican

By FR. BERNARDO CERVELLERA (Editor’s Note: Fr. Bernardo Cervellera is a member of PIME [Pontificio Istituto Missioni Estere], a society of apostolic life. He is the editor-in-chief of AsiaNews, a news service of PIME. (In the essay below, Fr. Cervellera noted China’s willingness, at least in words, “to enter into dialogue with the Vatican,” but decried its refusal “to compromise…Continue Reading

A Leaven In The World… Why My Parish Is Facing “East” Together This Lent

By FR. KEVIN M. CUSICK The futile closed circle of therapeutic naval-gazing hangs on like an overused joke in a few places still, one of them being the Church. The priest and people facing each other during the entire liturgy is a vestige of the illegitimate seizure and subjection of 2,000-year-old liturgical development by primitivist vandals in the post-Vatican period.…Continue Reading

Is Mary The Mother Of God . . . Or Only The Mother Of Jesus?

By RAYMOND DE SOUZA, KM Part 2 Responding to a common misconception among separated brethren and ill-informed Catholics: On the day of the Annunciation and the Incarnation, the Archangel St. Gabriel, “who stands in the presence of God” (Luke 1:19), inspired by the Holy Spirit, said to the Blessed Virgin Mary: “Fear not, Mary, for thou hast found grace with…Continue Reading

Catholic Heroes . . . St. Faustina And Divine Mercy

By CAROLE BRESLIN The Divine Mercy Chaplet had never been one of my favorite devotions until my aunt died. As she lay in the hospital during her final hours, I sat in the room, visiting with the endless stream of visitors who stopped in to see their fellow volunteer. By six o’clock, the room was quiet. I decided to read…Continue Reading

Catholic Heroes . . . St. John Of God

By CAROLE BRESLIN In our time, it is common to hear parents bemoan the fact that their child is impulsive, or strong-willed, or irresponsible. Even the Holy Family suffered when our Lord, at the age of twelve, stayed behind in the Temple. How Mary and Joseph must have agonized over the missing Child Jesus. How do you tell God you…Continue Reading