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Big Brother Facebook?

May 24, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

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Facebook has become a very important part of our lives for a few reasons, the first being that it is a great way to communicate with like-minded people across the entire world.
For example, the pro-life movement has utilized social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter in effective ways to expose the Kermit Gosnell abortion horror case, which had been ignored by the liberal mainstream news media.
Another terrific way pro-life warriors have capitalized on Facebook was when David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress released their undercover Planned Parenthood videos last year. If it hadn’t been for Facebook and YouTube, what are the chances that those videos would have so widely exposed the horrendous Planned Parenthood “baby parts for sale” scandal?
Now some former staffers who had worked at Facebook have charged that the company often put the kibosh on trending stories that were gaining traction, simply because it contradicted the slanted liberal narrative of the Internet giant’s political views.
While Facebook’s anti-conservative bias shouldn’t really surprise anyone, it simply goes to show how powerful the “culture of death” power brokers truly can be in disseminating propaganda disguised as “news.” … Continue Reading

Bathroom Edicts And The Depth Of Obama’s Disorder

May 23, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off


Barack Obama is even more determined than former President George W. Bush to get his goals with aggressive invasions.
Bush mistakenly believed that overthrowing some foreign dictators would lead to a blooming of democracy in countries that he apparently regarded as not much different culturally than Iowa or Kansas, who just needed a better mayor in town.
Despite his aversion to Bush’s example, Obama’s foreign policy kept the Mideast aflame as dictators toppled and wide instability followed.
Reuters news service reported that Pope Francis referred to the phenomenon in his May 16 interview with the French Catholic newspaper La Croix. “As a Libyan said recently, ‘We used to have one Gaddafi, now we have 50,’ Francis said in reference to former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who was deposed and killed in 2011.”
That was during Obama’s meddling, not Bush’s.
However, Obama’s most notable aggressions are against the integrity of the people of the United States. The U.S. already has a working democracy, although he’s doing his utmost to shatter this political system with his lawless edicts, mandates, and directives out of the blue.
Leading up to mid-May, the invasion force of Obama’s fierce culture warriors was targeting, of all things, U.S. restrooms.
National conservative radio talk host Mark Levin told his listeners on May 12 that he liked the “two-state solution.” But, Levin explained, he wasn’t mentioning that phrase as commonly used for peace attempts between Palestinians and Israelis. … Continue Reading

Cardinal Burke . . . Says Pope’s Exhortation Must Be Read “Critically”

May 22, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off


Part 1

(Editor’s Note: Below is an interview with Raymond Cardinal Burke by Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent for LifeSiteNews, dated May 18.
(Because of the length of the interview, we will publish it in two parts, with the second part appearing in next week’s issue.
(LifeSiteNews graciously granted reprint permission to The Wanderer for this exclusive interview. All rights reserved.)

+ + +

ROME (LifeSiteNews) — Two days after the Rome Life Forum in which he called faithful Catholics to be prepared to endure the “Martyrdom of Witness” for the sake of “the defense of human life and its cradle in the conjugal union of husband and wife,” I was privileged to obtain a personal interview with Raymond Cardinal Burke for LifeSiteNews in which he made clear that in his view, Amoris Laetitia can be read “critically.”
He spoke gravely, even sadly, deploring the fact that many Catholics today are “ignorant of their Catholic faith,” underscoring also that “the part played by artificial contraception is fundamental and lethal” to many marriages that fail, “because what it does is diminish the love between the husband and wife.”
The post-synodal apostolic exhortation has been widely criticized by many lay Catholics on several points, including its almost complete lack of condemnation of contraception. At the Rome Life Forum, having called attention to several of Amoris Laetitia’s marked failings to uphold the Church’s traditional teaching, a very large majority of participants vocally approved an appeal to withdraw the text.
In his interview, Cardinal Burke recalled that “we have all the tools in our faith to understand correctly this kind of writing,” parts of which, being “personal thoughts” of Pope Francis, are not “part of the Magisterium.” … Continue Reading

Transgender Bathrooms

May 21, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

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There is a group of my former students from the mid-1960s that is active on Facebook. I enjoy following their comments. Many of them — who are now senior citizens — post material that is not what I would have expected, judging from their teenage personas. Some former Bronx “tough guys” are now sensitive types, posting those uplifting pictures and comments about kittens and family life that can be downloaded on the Internet. Others have found religion and a fondness for favorite prayers and devotions to the saints; others an interest in patriotic themes and nostalgic pictures of old neighborhoods in New York City.
And there is one fellow who is now an ardent Bernie Sanders leftist. I remember him only vaguely, so I can’t say if he was a latent left-winger back then or went through a conversion sometime during his adult years. Whatever the explanation, you get the impression from his Facebook postings that he is an advocate for every cause that was championed on the bumper stickers pasted all over those hippy Volkswagen buses that could be found at rock concerts and folk music festivals back in the late 1960s.
He wants to save the whales, ban the bomb, split wood not atoms, make love not war, and legalize marijuana. Much of what he posts is taken from the Daily Kos, the website founded by Markos Moulitsas to promote “progressive causes.”
It is not surprising that my former student has added LGBTQ concerns to his list, even though he is a proud grandfather these days. His latest cause is transgender bathrooms; he mocks those who oppose the idea. One of his tactics is to post pictures of macho-looking former women, with crew cuts and weight lifter’s arms, with the question, “Do you want this person in the same bathroom with your young daughter?” Also pictures of former men who are now buxom blondes in earrings and mascara, asking, “Is this who you think should be in the boys’ locker room?” … Continue Reading

Trump Or Ryan: Who Speaks For GOP?

May 20, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off


“No modern precedent exists for the revival of a party so badly defeated, so intensely discredited, and so essentially split as the Republican Party is today.”
Taken from The Party That Lost Its Head by Bruce Chapman and George Gilder, this excerpt, about Barry Goldwater’s defeat in 1964, led the May 12 column by E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post.
Dionne is warning what could happen if the GOP perpetrates the political atrocity of nominating Donald Trump.
For weeks now, the Post’s editorial page has sermonized about the “moral” obligation of all righteous Republicans to repudiate Trump.
The Post’s solicitude for the well-being of the Republican Party is the stuff of legend. Yet it is a bit jarring to see these champions of abortion on demand, same-sex marriage, and visitation rights for cross-dressers in the girls’ room, standing in a pulpit lecturing on morality.
Yet, there was something off about that Chapman-Gilder quote.
First, both were members of the Harvard-based, Rockefeller-backed, liberal Ripon Society. Second, their prognosis of the party’s future proved to be spectacularly wrong.
The year, 1966, their book on the headless GOP appeared, to press hosannas, Richard Nixon led the party to its greatest off-year victory since 1946, adding 47 new seats in the House.
Two years later, Nixon won the presidency, inaugurating an era in which Republicans won five out of six presidential contests, two by 49-state landslides. … Continue Reading

Restoring The Sacred… How A Child’s First Holy Communion Can Change The World

May 19, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off


The months of May and June could well be described as a veritable season of sacraments. For decades this has been a particularly popular time for the reception of First Holy Communion, Confirmation, priestly Ordinations, and weddings. These days of the Church year are planted thick with countless personal anniversaries of sacraments received.
In a Church of a billion souls, this truly extraordinary event we call a sacrament has become so commonplace that we can easily lose sight of the enormity of what each sacrament confers. And there is always the possibility that the recipient of the sacrament will respond to the graces it bestows in such an exceptional way that he or she will ultimately change the world.
A bishop placing his hands over the head of an ordinand to confer Holy Orders might well be ordaining the next “Curé of Ars.” A priest blessing a couple during the rite of matrimony may perhaps be witnessing the exchange of vows between the Church’s next Louis and Zelie Martin. Might the fruit of their union be another St. Therese, or another St. Ignatius of Loyola?
It was no different a century ago. To the pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Cahir, Ireland, the First Holy Communion rite on the morning of Ascension Thursday, June 1, 1916, must have seemed “routine.” … Continue Reading

Passion Versus Love, Or Lust Versus Love

May 18, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off


“Even though you are still quite young, you must know that one of the classical sources of human suffering, if not tragedy, is related to love, or to what people believe to be such” (C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain).
One of the most poignant expressions of this tragedy is to be found in Goethe’s masterpiece: Faust. A young and innocent girl is courted by a man of impressive knowledge, who convinces her that he loves her, cajoles her, showers her with gifts, and…robs her of her virginity. Pregnant, she is abandoned by her lover, murders her newborn child, and dies.
There may not be very many flashy Dr. Fausts, but there are certainly very many Gretchens who have been seduced by men who persuaded their victims that they loved them to distraction. It is an old story, but it is always new, because it keeps repeating itself, and will continue to do so to the very end of time.
Deep down, we all have an ardent longing to be loved, to know that there is someone in the huge, cold world who rejoices over the fact that we were born; this experience seems to justify our human existence. It is psychologically understandable that someone who has never been loved (not knowing that God loves him) starts hating himself, and turns to bitterness and despair.
One of the catastrophic mistakes of Freud’s psychoanalysis is that he claims sex to be the fundamental craving of human beings. In his case, it seems to stem from his materialistic, atheistic outlook on life. … Continue Reading

What Would Cardinal Newman Say?

May 17, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

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These can be difficult times for Catholics serious about their faith. We find beliefs that we once thought unassailable being questioned by theologians and members of the clergy, everything from our understanding of Christian marriage, to sexual identity, to the morality of abortion, to our understanding of Jesus’ role in salvation history.
Stephen J. Pope and Richard R. Gaillardetz, professors of theology at Boston College, wrote an article for Commonweal in late February meant to soothe the nerves of Catholics disquieted in the above manner. Its relevance has been increased by the debates following upon Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia. The authors seek to throw light upon the assertion “doctrine can’t change.”
They don’t challenge that position, but think it important for Catholics to keep in mind that Reinhard Cardinal Marx, the archbishop of Munich, and Gerhard Cardinal Mueller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, on separate occasions said that doctrine can “develop,” with Mueller stipulating — in the professors’ words — “as long as it remains in harmony with basic principles of Catholic teaching.”
Gaillardetz and Pope write, “Dogma, those teachings that directly communicate divine revelation (e.g., the Incarnation or belief in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist), can grow and develop, often significantly, but cannot be reversed.” On the other hand, many “normative Catholic teachings that go by the term ‘doctrine’ not only develop; sometimes they have developed in ways that amount to a substantial reversal, or what the theologian John Thiel calls ‘dramatic development’.” … Continue Reading

In A Transgender Age . . . The Barber Shop Remains Sacred

May 16, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off


With the American Family Association’s petition against Target’s transgender-friendly bathroom policy, and with North Carolina’s court fight to defend its pro-family restroom legislation, I am reminded of a few places in our communities that are still somewhat sacred to our traditional values.
I just took my four young sons to get their bimonthly haircuts at our favorite barber shop in historic downtown Fredericksburg, Va. Pelletier’s Barber Shop has been in business for a few decades now and main barber Joe Maisonneuve is our family barber.
Joe is a terrific personality who still sports an Elvis-like pompadour and who knows my boys’ heads like the back of his hand. Since we started going to Joe for our haircuts, we have never been disappointed. Every time I come back home after a visit to Pelletier’s Barber Shop, my wife falls in love all over again with her handsome sons in their fresh new haircuts.
Barber shops like Pelletier’s are becoming the last vestiges of a much simpler time in our society when men were men, women were women and we all liked it that way. A barber shop was the one place that grandfathers, fathers, and sons frequented to become gentlemen again.
Men hung out with other men to talk about sports, hunting, fishing, politics, and what-not. It was a place of community where we could let go of our worries for a little bit and come out of there looking and feeling just a little better.
Barber shops eventually became fewer as hair salon franchises started popping up across America in the mid-1970s. These chain franchises offered discount haircuts by a rotating staff of stylists who would change almost every time you visited them. … Continue Reading

‘Biblically wrong’: Oklahoma lawmakers urge Obama’s impeachment over transgender bathrooms

Lawmakers in Oklahoma have introduced legislation calling for President Barack Obama to be impeached because of his administration’s support for transgender bathrooms. Another bill calls for a declaration of emergency in the state. In a measure called Senate Concurrent Resolution…Continue Reading

Oklahoma legislature passes bill making it a felony to perform abortions

Lawmakers in Oklahoma approved a bill Thursday that would make performing abortions a felony and revoke the medical licenses of most physicians who assist in such procedures. This sweeping measure, which opponents described as unconstitutional and unprecedented, now heads to…Continue Reading

Unanimous Win for Little Sisters of the Poor at Supreme Court

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Today the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the government cannot fine the Little Sisters of the Poor.  The Supreme Court vacated the lower court rulings against the Little Sisters, accepting the government’s admission that it could meet…Continue Reading

Conservatives outraged over Obama transgender directive to public schools

The Obama administration’s directive Friday that every public school provide transgender access — or face the loss of federal funds — drew swift and strong condemnation from conservatives, with one public official blasting it as presidential “blackmail.” The administration’s directive…Continue Reading

Pro-Life Leaders Decry Scandals, Urge Catholic Colleges to Reject Culture of Death

Concerned by recent high-profile events at Catholic colleges featuring pro-abortion leaders — including Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, Bill Clinton, Wendy Davis and Vice President Joe Biden — 31 Catholic and pro-life leaders joined a statement urging Catholic colleges to “stand firm…Continue Reading

ACLU launches campaign to strip Catholic hospitals of federal funds

NEW YORK, May 9, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Catholic hospitals across the U.S. are “withholding emergency care” and denying “essential health services,” the ACLU is alleging in a new campaign. They also inflict harm on “transgender and gender-non-conforming patients” “when seeking…Continue Reading

Harvard Law Professor Says Pro-Life Christians Should be Treated Like Nazis

Every day, it seems, the United States is becoming a more hostile environment for people with pro-life and conservative positions. Abortion activists constantly challenge pro-life laws, stall abortion industry investigations, force religious objectors to pay for abortions and attack life-affirming…Continue Reading

Obama plans new push for transgender rights in schools

The divisive and politically combustible issue of bathroom access for transgender individuals is about to become further inflamed, as the Obama administration is expected in coming weeks to aggressively reinforce its position that transgender student rights are fully protected under…Continue Reading

Cardinal Burke: Notre Dame is Wrong

Notre Dame’s Great Scandal: Honoring Vice President Biden By Thomas McKenna, President of Catholic Action for Faith and Family: The University of Notre Dame has announced that they intend to confer the Laetare Medal, an honor given to Catholics “in…Continue Reading

DoJ to North Carolina: You Have Until Monday to Reverse Bathroom Bill

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory received a letter from the Department of Justice that gives him until Monday to reverse his state’s controversial bathroom bill, reports The Hill. The DoJ said the law is in violation of the federal Civil…Continue Reading

Lavender Graduations Harmful to Students at Catholic Colleges

At least eight Catholic colleges across the country are hosting “lavender graduations” this spring — many of them as part of an annual campus tradition — to celebrate and honor students with same-sex attraction (SSA) or who identify as lesbian,…Continue Reading

Serving LGBT Students in Catholic Schools

April 28, 2016, at 9:03 AM  |  By Dan Guernsey  |  Opinion How do Catholic schools best serve students who struggle with same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria (popularly called “transgendered”)? What should a school’s policies prescribe in order to prevent…Continue Reading


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Pope Francis: Christians live God’s love with joy, astonishment

(Vatican Radio) No Christian can exist without joy: that’s what Pope Francis said in his Homily at Mass Monday morning in the chapel of the Santa Marta guesthouse. The Pope stressed that even through life’s difficulties, the Christian knows he can trust in Jesus and find hope. The Pope also reminded the faithful they should not allow riches to dominate their lives because they ultimately lead to sadness. Christians live in joy and amazement because…Continue Reading

Pope Angelus: The Holy Trinity, where there is love there is God

(Vatican Radio) “The feast of the Holy Trinity invites us to engage in the daily events to be the leaven of communion, of consolation and of mercy.” Those were Pope Francis’ words during his Angelus address on a sunny Trinity Sunday from his studio above St Peter’s Square. Drawing inspiration from the Gospel of St. John, the Pope said that Jesus knew how to be close to the realization of the Father’s plan, which will…Continue Reading

Pope emeritus: Third Secret of Fatima was released in full


(Vatican Radio) Pope emeritus Benedict XVI has said he never told anyone the publication of the “Third Secret of Fatima” in the year 2000 was incomplete, and confirmed the document was published in its totality. A Communiqué was published Saturday by the Holy See Press Office on various articles regarding the “Third Secret of Fatima.” “ Several articles have appeared recently, including declarations attributed to Professor Ingo Dollinger according to which Cardinal Ratzinger, after the…Continue Reading

Pope: Understanding for sinners, no negotiating the truth

(Vatican Radio) Announcing the word of God should never be dissociated from the understanding of human weakness. That was Pope Francis’ message during the daily Mass at the Casa Santa Marta. Commenting on the Gospel passage in which Christ speaks with the Pharisees about adultery, he said the Lord overcomes the human vision which would reduce the vision of God to a casuistic equation. The Gospel, the Pope said, is full of examples of the…Continue Reading

Pope: the rich who exploit the poor are bloodsuckers

(Vatican Radio) Exploiting the working people to enrich oneself is like sucking blood; it’s a mortal sin. That was the message of Pope Francis during the morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta. The rich who suck the blood of the poor The day’s first reading, taken from the Letter of Saint James, is a forceful warning to the rich who accumulate wealth by exploiting the people. “Riches in themselves are good,” the Pope explained,…Continue Reading

Eastern Orthodoxy And The Particular Judgment

By JAMES LIKOUDIS In previous articles (The Wanderer, July 3, 2014; June 25, 2015), it was observed that: “Perhaps to the surprise of some Catholic ecumenists, Catholic doctrine regarding the Particular Judgment remains obscure, confused, or even denied among the Eastern Orthodox. They have no clear official teaching that the just go to Heaven immediately…Continue Reading

Obama To Visit The Land Of State-Owned Enterprises

By TERENCE P. JEFFREY (Editor’s Note: Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSnews.com. Creators Syndicate provided this column. All rights reserved.) + + + President Barack Obama will visit Vietnam, which his own State Department last month certified is still controlled — four decades after the fall of Saigon — by the Communist Party.…Continue Reading

Culture Of Life 101 . . . “Why Should Pro-Lifers Be Concerned About Dissent?”

By BRIAN CLOWES (Editor’s Note: Brian Clowes has been director of research and training at Human Life International since 1995. For an electronic copy of the book Call to Action or Call to Apostasy, consisting of a detailed description of the current forms of dissent and how to fight them, e-mail him at bclowes@hli.org.) +…Continue Reading

Sharpening The Mind With Words

By DONALD DeMARCO My biology teacher of many moons ago took perverse delight in terrorizing his students while they were taking an exam. “Plagiarism,” he would bellow, “is arousing the suspicion of the proctor.” He enjoyed the sound of his own voice and repeated this warning many times. He intended it to be more intimidating…Continue Reading

Jesuit Higher Education

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK Jesuit universities have been the topic of criticism several times in this column over the years. We don’t apologize for that. Odds are that when you hear about a performance of The Vagina Monologues, an honorary degree being awarded to a pro-abortion politician, or campus activities led by LGBTQ groups, it…Continue Reading


Our Catholic Faith (Section B of print edition)

A Leaven In The World… Spiritual Exercises

By FR. KEVIN M. CUSICK The way the human body physically works can teach us something about virtue and the way God’s grace works spiritually for each of us: We must use it to grow it. As I reminded our Life Teens and their families at Mass recently, if they slack off on physical exercise during the summer, come fall…Continue Reading

The Marvel Of The Catholic Church . . . One, Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic

By RAYMOND DE SOUZA, KM Part 1 After investigating the Inquisition, now we take a good look at the greatest marvel on this side of eternity: the Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ, the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. To rule a country is not an easy job. That is why no head of state these days can…Continue Reading

The Seven Sacraments — Categories And Effects

By DON FIER Each of the seven sacraments, according to the infallible teaching of the Catholic Church, was personally instituted by Christ during His visible stay on Earth. As we saw last week, the details of institution for some — even the precise words for administration — are taken directly from Scripture. However, as Christoph Cardinal Schönborn states in Living…Continue Reading

Catholic Replies

Q. What is the official standing of Fr. Nicholas Gruner, who believed that the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary had not been done properly? He was known as “the Fatima priest,” but I always thought that title belonged to Fr. Robert Fox. — M.S., Kentucky. A. Fr. Gruner died at the age of 72 on April…Continue Reading

Brought Together In The One Sacrifice

By FR. ROBERT ALTIER The Solemnity Of Corpus Christi (YR C) Readings: Gen. 14:18-20 1 Cor. 11:23-26 Luke 9:11b-17 In the first reading today we hear about Melchizedek who is the Priest of God Most High and the King of Salem. The town of Salem became known as Jerusalem after Abraham brought Isaac to that place in obedience to the…Continue Reading

Catholic Heroes . . . St. Augustine Of Canterbury

By CAROLE BRESLIN A Celtic cross erected in 1884 marks the spot in Ebbsfleet, Thanet, East Kent, where St. Augustine of Canterbury is said to have landed in 597. While some form of Christianity in England may be traced back to the times of the Roman occupation, it did not become a strong presence until the arrival of St. Augustine,…Continue Reading

Catholic Heroes . . . St. Crispin Of Viterbo

By CAROLE BRESLIN In March 1986, Pope John Paul II visited the Basilica of Our Lady of the Vine (Oak) located in Tuscany, Italy, to proclaim our Lady patroness of the Diocese of Viterbo. The tradition of visiting the image of Our Lady of the Oak began 600 years ago in 1417 when Mastro Baptist Magnano Iuzzante commissioned an image…Continue Reading

COMPLETE 3 PART Interview With Cardinal Burke . . . Insights On The State Of The Church In The Aftermath Of The Ordinary Synod On The Family


By DON FIER Part 1 (Editor’s Note: His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, recently traveled from Rome to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wis., a magnificent place of worship which he founded and dedicated. (His Eminence graciously granted an extensive interview to The Wanderer during which he…Continue Reading