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Could It Be The Curriculum?… Why Don’t Students Remember Anything?

November 6, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Could It Be The Curriculum?… Why Don’t Students Remember Anything?

By ARTHUR HIPPLER (Editor’s Note: Dr. Hippler is chairman of the religion department and teaches religion in the Upper School at Providence Academy, Plymouth, Minn.) + + + We readily bemoan the fact that students do not seem to retain what they have learned. This becomes painfully evident when we survey college freshman in their knowledge of history, literature, and science. Students cannot remember the author of Great Expectations or Oliver Twist, the significance of the Federalist Papers or the Nuremberg Trials, even the chemical formulas for water or salt. But the problem is not the intelligence of these students. They are the victims of a system that tries to do too much. Consider by contrast the classical education that…Continue Reading

A Book Review . . . Playing With A Net

November 5, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on A Book Review . . . Playing With A Net

By JEFF MINICK When I was teaching homeschool students in AP Literature, I would on occasion ask them to write a sonnet. The first time I did so, I promised to write a sonnet with them. That composition hooked me, and I eventually produced around thirty such poems. Below is one of them, To My Errant Cousins. Robert Frost, who famously said that free verse is like playing tennis without a net, provided my inspiration. Most poets now eschew — how that chew fits! — The waltz and formal sway of metered lines; Their neoteric noses twitch at rhyme; Their guts are churned by reading lyric lit. Sestinas, sonnets, villanelles galore Beget from modern pens frenetic raves; Shall I compare…Continue Reading

Is This Worse Than ’68?

November 4, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Is This Worse Than ’68?

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN Saturday, October 27, in Pittsburgh, a Sabbath celebration at the Tree of Life synagogue became the site of the largest mass murder of Jews in U.S. history. Eleven worshippers were killed by a racist gunman. Friday, October 26, we learned the identity of the crazed criminal who mailed pipe bombs to a dozen leaders of the Democratic Party, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. From restaurants to Capitol corridors, this campaign season we have seen ugly face-offs between leftist radicals and Republican senators. Are we more divided than we have ever been? Are our politics more poisoned? Are we living in what Charles Dickens called “the worst of times” in America? Is today worse…Continue Reading

Teach Children… Martin Luther King And Ronald Reagan Were Right

November 3, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Teach Children… Martin Luther King And Ronald Reagan Were Right

By TERENCE P. JEFFREY The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ronald Reagan are two of the greatest leaders in American history not only because of the struggles they won but how they won them. They were great communicators who achieved great victories without violence. And they were able to do this for the same reason: They unapologetically appealed to the ultimate truth. In 1987, when Reagan spoke at the Berlin Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the media paid most attention to his direct challenge to the Soviet leader: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” But Reagan spoke even more powerful words at the end of that speech. “The totalitarian world produces backwardness because it does such violence…Continue Reading

A Book Review… Exploring The Great Delusion

November 2, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on A Book Review… Exploring The Great Delusion

By JUDE P. DOUGHERTY The Great Delusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities, by John J. Mearsheimer (Yale University Press, 2018, 328 pages, hardcover). John J. Mearsheimer is a political theorist and international relations scholar who holds the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professorship at the University of Chicago. The book is an indictment of post–Cold War United States foreign policy. He tells us, “When I began this book ten years ago, I was interested in why United States foreign policy in the post-Cold War period was so prone to failure. I was especially interested in explaining America’s fiascoes in the greater Middle East.” Mearsheimer finds that in the aftermath of the Cold War, the U.S. adopted a profoundly liberal foreign…Continue Reading

California Dem Candidate … Pledges To Undo Brown’s Surprise Abortion-Pill Veto

November 1, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on California Dem Candidate … Pledges To Undo Brown’s Surprise Abortion-Pill Veto

By DEXTER DUGGAN California Gov. Jerry Brown may have surprised some when he vetoed a bill requiring abortion medicines to be available at the Golden State’s public university campus clinics, but Gavin Newsom, the Democratic candidate seeking to succeed Brown in the November 6 election, quickly vowed that as governor he would sign such a measure. The strongly pro-abortion Brown didn’t express opposition to the life-ending procedure with his September 30 veto, but said students already have easy access to nearby abortion services. Katie Short, vice president for legal affairs for the California-based Life Legal Defense Foundation, told The Wanderer that she thought “Brown drew the line at incurring costs and liabilities for the state for the sake of making abortion…Continue Reading

Cardinal Burke Praises President Trump’s Pro-Family Initiatives

October 31, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Cardinal Burke Praises President Trump’s Pro-Family Initiatives

By PEGGY MOEN ROME – Raymond Cardinal Burke’s book Hope for the World was published months before Donald Trump won the presidency. In that book, Burke condemned the anti-life and anti-family policies of the Obama administration. Asked by The Wanderer if he sees more hope with the present administration, Burke replied, “I do,” pointing to “the fact that the president spoke live to the March for Life” and to his appointments of judges who “seem to have a solid commitment to the moral law.” Cardinal Burke also sees Trump’s efforts to improve the economy and help create jobs as pro-family initiatives. Additionally, Trump “seems very sensitive to the concerns of Christians.” “There’s no question, character-wise, he’s an original person,” said…Continue Reading

Does The Church Have A Teaching On “Classical Education”?

October 30, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Does The Church Have A Teaching On “Classical Education”?

By ARTHUR HIPPLER One of the more remarkable trends in the past five years in Catholic education is the noticeable increase of schools embracing a “classical education.” Ten or twenty years ago, the Catholic classical school was a start up by disgruntled laity. Now one can find here and there whole diocesan school systems that have embraced the classical model. But does this classical model somehow make the school more “Catholic”? Does the teaching authority of the Church somehow endorse one curricular approach over others? As a matter of historical fact, for centuries “classical” and “education” were nearly synonymous. The books that were read varied by time and place, but generally the curriculum included epic poets such as Homer and…Continue Reading

Novelty And Frivolity

October 29, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Novelty And Frivolity

By DONALD DeMARCO Novelty is a momentary release from boredom. In the words of British writer John Wyndham, “novelty is a wonderfully short-lived thing.” We cannot build a life on novelty or bequeath it to our descendants. Yet, it can have an intoxicating effect on us and therefore it is something that is ardently desired. American historian Shelby Foote knew something of this effect when he remarked that “Of all the passions of mankind, the love of novelty most rules the mind. In search of this, from realm to realm we roam. Our fleets come loaded with every folly home.” Beauty, truth, justice, and other attributes of being that belong to the gallery of great ideas cannot be determined either…Continue Reading

It’s The Election, Stupid

October 28, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on It’s The Election, Stupid

REY FLORES Politics, politics, politics. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Love them or hate them, they are a necessary evil in our world, and I do not say this with any levity. 2016 brought us somewhat of a cure for the political eight-year illness we suffered as a nation. While we had certainly been politically sick for at least twenty years before that; 2008 to 2016 had us all on life-support. Enter 2016 and the tide turns in the complete opposite direction. Exit the Socialist-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama, and enter President Donald J. Trump. While Obama bowed to the leaders of all other inferior nations, President Trump demands and commands respect. Now the world once again bows…Continue Reading