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The Catholic Identity Of Catholic Colleges

December 9, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on The Catholic Identity Of Catholic Colleges

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK The ascendant liberalism at modern Catholic colleges is a problem that has perplexed parents with traditional Catholic beliefs for decades now. Bishop Sheen went so far as to recommend that Catholic parents steer their children toward state and private colleges rather than Catholic institutions, contending it would be better to have their faith ignored at a secular college than actively undermined by liberal Catholic professors at a Catholic college. Not everyone agrees with Sheen. I can remember an exchange on this topic in Triumph magazine back in the 1970s. I can’t recall who it was who disagreed with Sheen’s position, but his point was that even a Catholic college with a theology and philosophy department dominated…Continue Reading

Cover-Up In Arizona . . . “Immigration Justice” From Same Sort Of Smarties Who Did Obamacare

December 8, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Cover-Up In Arizona . . . “Immigration Justice” From Same Sort Of Smarties Who Did Obamacare

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — Like other embarrassments for Barack Obama, major news media don’t seem much interested in tracing what has become of alien minors who jumped the border into the United States this summer. Obama’s government furtively embedded the minors across the nation rather than sending them back to their rightful homes. Their foot through the door here became a brooding presence awaiting manipulation by Washington, D.C., wizards of social change. The Daily Signal website reported on December 2 that conservative Cong. Raul Labrador (R., Idaho) “today criticized members of the news media for failing to do their homework on the history of President Obama and immigration reform, urging them to ‘stop being shills for this president’.”

A Church Hierarchy Gone Mad?

December 7, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on A Church Hierarchy Gone Mad?

By REY FLORES It isn’t unusual for Wanderer readers to be frustrated with the way things are going for our Church, especially when the Pope has brought some controversy on himself by making a number of seriously head-scratching statements since he was elected. It’s one thing for us as Catholics to debate back and forth with each other about the many nuances and quirks within our Church, but it’s an entirely different thing and a much bigger challenge when mainstream media take whatever Pope Francis says and spin it to make it fit their narrative, especially when it comes to all things homosexual.

Investigator Says . . . Bishops’ CCHD Gives More Grants To Unqualified Groups

December 6, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Investigator Says . . . Bishops’ CCHD Gives More Grants To Unqualified Groups

By DEXTER DUGGAN A veteran national Catholic activist defending Church moral teaching says the U.S. bishops’ Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) again has awarded grants to groups opposed to that teaching. The CCHD is an office of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Michael Hichborn, who documented serious misuse of Catholic parishioners’ donations to the CCHD while he conducted research for the American Life League (ALL), continued his service to orthodoxy when he recently established the Lepanto Institute for the Restoration of All Things in Christ. Both Lepanto and ALL are based in Virginia and are active nationally. In separate news releases on November 25 and December 1, Lepanto called attention to two recent violations of CCHD’s own…Continue Reading

Who Are The Cowards Now?

December 5, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Who Are The Cowards Now?

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN In July of 1967, after race riots gutted Newark and Detroit, requiring troops to put them down, LBJ appointed a commission to investigate what happened, and why. The Kerner Commission reported back that “white racism” was the cause of black riots. Liberals bought it. America did not. Richard Nixon said of the white racism charge that there is a “tendency to lay the blame for the riots on everyone but the rioters.” The Nixon-George Wallace vote in 1968 was 57 percent to Hubert Humphrey’s 43. In 1972, Wallace was leading in the popular vote in the Democratic primaries, when he was shot in Laurel, Md. In November of 1972, Nixon and Agnew swept 49 states. Among…Continue Reading

Christmas Amidst Growing Secularism

December 4, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Christmas Amidst Growing Secularism

By LAWRENCE P. GRAYSON Christmas is rapidly approaching. It is a time when, in spite of the secular influences that surround us in our daily lives, we experience the joy and peace of God’s presence. The story of our Lord’s birth, however, is so familiar that we often do not appreciate the meaning and significance of the event. This day, almost 2,000 years ago, when the “Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us,” marked a turning point in human history, a new era for the human race. Without Christ’s birth — and His death and Resurrection 33 years later — the gates of Heaven would still be closed to us. God had come to earth in the person of…Continue Reading

Here Comes The Snake Oil

December 3, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Here Comes The Snake Oil

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK I was in Buenos Aires on Election Day and had a difficult time keeping track of the election results. My hotel room had CNN, but a Spanish version that displayed little interest in what was happening in the United States, and there were no newspapers in English that I could find to help me out. No Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly either. The morning after the election I was able to figure out — despite my very limited grasp of Spanish — that the Republicans had carried the day decisively; that the much-discussed “wave” had taken place. When I got back home about a week later, I rushed to get the newspapers and to my cable…Continue Reading

Discussing Same-Sex Marriage With Catholic Children

December 2, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Discussing Same-Sex Marriage With Catholic Children

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK What should Catholic high school teachers and Catholic parents do when the topic of same-sex marriage comes up? Like it or not, more and more states are moving toward making these unions legal. The message is a powerful one: If the law, our judges, our politicians, civic leaders, and most prominent celebrities all tell us that it is permissible for people of the same sex to marry, how do we make the case that our Christian understanding of marriage as a bond between one man and one woman is correct, and not something society needs to overcome, like the sexist and racist views once commonplace in American society? The answer depends upon the way the issue…Continue Reading

Hostile Media Ignore The Work… But “Miracle Baby” Photos Cover A Wall In Omaha

December 1, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Hostile Media Ignore The Work… But “Miracle Baby” Photos Cover A Wall In Omaha

By DEXTER DUGGAN Part 2 OMAHA — Even before recorded history began, some of the greatest work was done, as the Bible put it long ago, “in the secret place” — the creation of new human beings in the mysterious womb. Only in recent decades has ultrasound technology revealed the striking, real-time visual facts of prenatal development in the uterus that previously were speculated upon or intuited. In rather the same way, great work to help couples with pregnancy problems goes on in semi-secrecy here in Nebraska’s largest city at the Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction. It’s not that the institute wants to hide the fact couples turn here to obtain information and help, or…Continue Reading

Seasons Beatings In Ferguson

November 30, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Seasons Beatings In Ferguson

By REY FLORES For the past week, we have seen what America 2014 looks like in all of her raw ugliness. This is not the America we were taught about in grade school — an America where images of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are forever etched in our memories like cheap cardboard classroom decorations. Every day in America there are murders being committed, from abortions to drive-by shootings to police officers gunning down criminals as needed to defend their own lives. Apparently in America today, there is an agenda to demonize a policeman who was simply doing his job, found himself in a life-threatening situation, and did what any well-trained law enforcement professional would have done. Officer Darren Wilson’s…Continue Reading