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Trump’s Commitment To Emphasizing English

October 12, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Trump’s Commitment To Emphasizing English

By SHAUN KENNEY If one were to consider the things that kept the vast domains and provinces of the Roman Empire together for so long, any number of things might spring to mind. The legions, roads, coinage, a system of uniform laws. Yet even as the Romans and Latins themselves thought of themselves as citizens of a vast empire, the Romans were indeed a polyglot of Britons, Celts, Goths, Jews, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Macedonians — just to name a few. But they all spoke Latin. Yes, the bane of elementary school students and college freshmen alike, with its declensions and Yoda-like organization of words. After all, as those who have benefited from a classical education will reminds others: quidquid…Continue Reading

Praying When Disaster Strikes

October 11, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Praying When Disaster Strikes

By LAWRENCE P. GRAYSON The massacre that occurred at a concert in Las Vegas Sunday, October 1, and the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma a few weeks before have laid bare a latent belief in God. In spite of continuing efforts to remove all references to a Supreme Being from the public’s conscience — from displays and events in schools, courthouses, town squares, and other public venues — the disposition of the American people still reflects a religious attitude. This is especially observable in times of dire need and extreme fear. When senseless mass killings occur or natural disasters strike and human efforts seem futile, people turn to God. On October 1, as 22,000 people attended a late-night,…Continue Reading

Is Polygamy Next?

October 10, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Is Polygamy Next?

By MIKE MANNO OK, well, we should have seen this coming. Last year Mississippi passed a law protecting traditional one-man, one-woman marriage. The law was stayed by a federal district court, but that decision was reversed by a panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Homosexual activists have now asked that the matter be reviewed en banc, that is, by the entire Fifth Circuit. Enter one Chris Sevier, and friends who are polygamists. They have filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the state should not recognize same-sex marriage unless it recognizes polygamy as well. The reasoning within the suit may be a bit too convoluted to explain, but can be boiled down to this: Either same-sex marriage should not…Continue Reading

Just Guns? Let’s Ban Everything!

October 9, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Just Guns? Let’s Ban Everything!

By REY FLORES Fans attending a country music festival in Las Vegas recently were savagely gunned down by a madman who somehow got his hands on all sorts of military-grade weapons and firearms. He killed at least 58 people and injured at least 500. That’s not counting the psychological trauma caused to the survivors and relatives of the deceased. The carnage at the crime scene had not even been cleaned up yet, but the Second Amendment “oppressors” of the Democratic Party were already on their soapbox demanding immediate gun control. “Ban all weapons!” they say. “Guns are killing people!” “We have a gun problem!” Blah-blah-blah. The sad fact is that there are mentally unstable and/or violent individuals with a certain…Continue Reading

Not Like Reagan’s Era… “Freedom Summit” Ponders How To Carry Conservative Cause Forward

October 8, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Not Like Reagan’s Era… “Freedom Summit” Ponders How To Carry Conservative Cause Forward

By DEXTER DUGGAN MESA, Ariz. — President Reagan was appropriate for a particular time and place, “but that’s not our America. Reagan today would be a fish out of water. In my view, (President) Trump is the man of the hour,” conservative national filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Souza told a “Freedom Summit” in this Phoenix suburb. While Reagan in the 1980s focused on the Soviet Union, taxes, and inflation, D’Souza said, Trump is “not only in a political fight but in a cultural fight,” and he’s fully engaged. D’Souza joined radio hosts and bloggers speaking to more than 600 people in an auditorium at the Mesa Arts Center on September 30 for a program lasting more than two hours, sponsored…Continue Reading

Tax Reform? Not Without Lobbying Reform

October 7, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Tax Reform? Not Without Lobbying Reform

By CHRISTOPHER MANION The call woke me up at 11 p.m. one winter night in early 1982. The line was noisy, and so was the joint that my acquaintance called from, but that wasn’t the only problem: He was also drunk. “Chris, I’m sitting here in Santo Domingo with my good friend Enrique. He’s the agriculture minister here. I’d like to put you on the line with him — please tell him how much Senator Helms supports increasing the sugar quota for the Dominican Republic.” “Wait a minute, Lynn,” I said, “why don’t you call me at the office at a civilized hour, and why do you think that Senator Helms supports increasing the sugar quota for the Dominican Republic?”…Continue Reading

Moment Of Unity In A Disintegrating World

October 6, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Moment Of Unity In A Disintegrating World

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN “An act of pure evil,” said President Trump of the atrocity in Las Vegas, invoking our ancient faith: “Scripture teaches us the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” “Our unity cannot be shattered by evil. Our bonds cannot be broken by violence,” Trump went on in his most presidential moment, “and though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is love that defines us today and always will. Forever.” Uplifting words. But are they true? Or will this massacre be like the Sandy Hook Elementary School slaughter of 20 children in Newtown, Conn., or Charleston massacre of black churchgoers by Dylann…Continue Reading

As Death Rains Down In Nevada . . . Startled Music-Lovers Wonder What Anyone Did To Deserve This

October 5, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on As Death Rains Down In Nevada . . . Startled Music-Lovers Wonder What Anyone Did To Deserve This

By DEXTER DUGGAN When tourists on the big jets arrive from around the world at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas’ high-rise hotels along the nearby Strip are easily visible from the tarmac. There’s no shuttle ride over long miles before reaching the attractions at one of the globe’s entertainment capitals. Among those hostelries are the golden Mandalay Bay and dark, pyramid-shaped Luxor, both of them prominent in visual reports of the October 1 slaughter or mangling of hundreds of country-music fans by a roar of gunfire aimed at a reported 22,000 people enjoying an open-air concert on a field by the Strip. The airport is close enough that some hundreds of the fans fleeing the violence breached its fence, bringing…Continue Reading

Judge Moore & God’s Law

October 4, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Judge Moore & God’s Law

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN When elected chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2000, Judge Roy Moore installed in his courthouse a monument with the Ten Commandments that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai carved into it. Told by a federal court his monument violated the separation of church and state, Moore refused to remove it and was suspended — to become famous as “The Ten Commandments Judge.” Roy Moore is now the Republican candidate for the Senate from Alabama, having routed Sen. Luther Strange, whom President Trump endorsed and campaigned for. Moore’s primary win is a fire bell in the night for GOP senators in 2018. And should he defeat his Democratic opponent, the judge will be coming…Continue Reading

Trip To Burma . . . Pope Will Arrive Amidst A “Textbook Example Of Ethnic Cleansing”

October 3, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Trip To Burma . . . Pope Will Arrive Amidst A “Textbook Example Of Ethnic Cleansing”

By ADELAIDE MENA NAYPYIDAW, Burma (CNA/EWTN News) — When Pope Francis visits Burma, also known as Myanmar, this November, his visit will come at one of the most contentious periods of the country’s history. Over the past month, state-supported violence against Burma’s Rohingya Muslim community — an ethnic and religious minority — has reached staggering levels, causing the United Nations to declare the situation “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” “The scope of the humanitarian crisis is enormous and it’s ongoing,” said Daniel Mark, chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, in an interview with Catholic News Agency. “Once again we unfortunately have another terrible crisis that’s focusing people’s attention on something that’s already a terrible situation.” “This…Continue Reading