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Polish Bishops… Issue Pastoral Warning On “Gender Ideology”

January 26, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on Polish Bishops… Issue Pastoral Warning On “Gender Ideology”

By PAUL LIKOUDIS On the Feast of the Holy Family, Catholics in Poland were read a pastoral letter by the country’s bishops condemning “gender ideology,” and warning that its imposition in schools, health services, cultural institutions, and non-governmental organizations threatens family life, the nation, and all humanity. “Gender ideology,” the bishops wrote in the letter titled The Dangers Stemming From Gender Ideology, “is strongly rooted in Marxism and neo-Marxism, promoted by some feminist movements and the sexual revolution. Gender ideology promotes rules which are completely contradictory with reality and an integral understanding of human nature. . . . “According to this ideology,” the bishops stated, “the human being can define himself or herself freely: whether he or she is a…Continue Reading

Retired Bishop Leaves Skeptics… When He Claims Prelates Don’t Favor Open Borders

January 25, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on Retired Bishop Leaves Skeptics… When He Claims Prelates Don’t Favor Open Borders

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — It’s said that a callous smuggler about to scoot away on the U.S.-Mexico border may tell trusting illegal aliens whom he’s abandoning that Phoenix is just over the next hill. Adios, and have a good hike. Actually, depending on their border location, Arizona’s capital city would be a drive of two, three, or more hours away on a good highway. On foot, it’s an arduous desert distance that gets even worse if the travel guidance comes in a complex 1,197-page map. That’s how many pages are in the “comprehensive immigration reform” bill (S 744) the U.S. Senate’s “Gang of Eight” got passed last June. But it hasn’t begun rolling in the House. It’s such a…Continue Reading

Pope Francis Praises . . . Marchers’ “Outstanding Public Witness To The Right To Life”

January 24, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on Pope Francis Praises . . . Marchers’ “Outstanding Public Witness To The Right To Life”

By PATRICK B. CRAINE WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis praised those taking part in the U.S. March for Life in a letter to Donald Cardinal Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, D.C., calling the march an “outstanding public witness to the right to life of the unborn.” The letter was sent through the Vatican’s secretary of state, Pietro Parolin, and read by the papal nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Viganò, at a Mass for youth in Washington on Wednesday morning, January 22. The Pope offered special thanks to youth “for their willingness to show solidarity with the most innocent and vulnerable members of our human family.” “In this way, as responsible citizens concerned for the building of a true just and free society,…Continue Reading

50 Years Later . . . The Evidence Is In: Yes, Doctrine Matters

January 23, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on 50 Years Later . . . The Evidence Is In: Yes, Doctrine Matters

By PAUL LIKOUDIS In a provocative essay, “What do liberal Catholics want?” published in The Week, January 15, senior correspondent Damon Linker wonders if liberal Catholics “ever really cared about reforming doctrine in the first place.” Linker had presumed that liberal Catholics were still interested in a reform agenda, that they were hoping Pope Francis would “revise Church doctrine in a liberal direction” on such issues as abortion, contraception, homosexuality, married priests, women priests: the whole Call to Action agenda set in Detroit in 1976. But Linker had the proverbial “wake-up call” while doing an interview on Pope Francis and the Church for National Public Radio, when a self-identified Catholic from Kentucky, Trish, flatly told him that “doctrine for a…Continue Reading

Culture Of Life 101… “Profile: Marie Stopes International”

January 22, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on Culture Of Life 101… “Profile: Marie Stopes International”

By BRIAN CLOWES (Editor’s Note: Brian Clowes has been director of research and training at Human Life International since 1995. For an electronic copy of the updated booklet “Marie Stopes International Exposed,” e-mail him at +    +    + Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger were the primary influences behind the melding of the practice of eugenics and the development of contraceptive technology. These two forces in tandem inevitably evolved into the current population control movement. Events of the past several decades have proven that population control programs are nothing more or less than eugenics practiced on a worldwide scale under several justifications, including environmentalism and “women’s rights.” Human rights abuses of massive proportions have always been an integral, if perhaps…Continue Reading

After 41 Years . . . Supreme Court’s Abortion Mandate Still Not Viable

January 21, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on After 41 Years . . . Supreme Court’s Abortion Mandate Still Not Viable

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — After 41 long years, the U.S. Supreme Court should see that its pro-abortion miscarriage of January 22, 1973, still has no viability. Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton still are under continued conscientious attack, but the court somehow hopes if it can keep delaying the inevitable, someday everyone will just settle down and accept its lawless, unconstitutional usurpation mandating nationwide permissive abortion. The latest instance of unreality was on January 13, when the High Court declined to review a decision by the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals against a 2012 Arizona law restricting abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The law acknowledged the ability of older preborn babies to feel pain and the…Continue Reading

Pope Francis And “Unbridled Capitalism”

January 20, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on Pope Francis And “Unbridled Capitalism”

By JOHN F. KIPPLEY (Editor’s Note: John F. Kippley is the author of Sex and the Marriage Covenant: A Basis for Morality and other books and articles. With his wife Sheila, he is a coauthor of Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach. The commentary below is reprinted with permission from his blog at All rights reserved.) +    +    + I thought that the fuss about Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel) had died out, but The Cincinnati Enquirer recently devoted a full-page story (January 7, 2014) headlined, “Papal shot at unbridled capitalism stirs debate.” Coming more than six weeks after the publication of the apostolic exhortation, the content of what the Pope said was no longer…Continue Reading

ADHD: A Manufactured Epidemic?

January 19, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on ADHD: A Manufactured Epidemic?

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK It was about 20 years ago that the discussion took place. It was a Sunday morning and I was sitting and counting the weekly collection with the parish committee that opened the envelopes and prepared the money for deposit in our local bank. Somehow the topic came up of school nurses dispensing drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin for students said to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Someone in the group said he saw nothing wrong with the practice; that it was a sound way to treat a disability, in much the same way that glasses are used to treat nearsightedness. An Irish priest who was assigned on a temporary basis to our parish was…Continue Reading

The Pope’s New Cardinals

January 18, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on The Pope’s New Cardinals

By ROBERT MOYNIHAN (Editor’s Note: Robert Moynihan is founder and editor-in-chief of Inside the Vatican magazine. This story first appeared in The Moynihan Report []. It is reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. Dr. Moynihan holds a Ph.D. in medieval studies from Yale.) +    +    + VATICAN CITY — On the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, January 12, Pope Francis announced the names of 19 new cardinals, 16 “electing” cardinals under the age of 80, and three “honorary” cardinals above the age of 80, and so not eligible to vote in a conclave. The ceremony to create these news cardinals will be in Rome on February 22, Feast of the Chair of St. Peter. It will be the…Continue Reading

Duck Dynasty

January 17, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on Duck Dynasty

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK I think it safe to assume that there is no need to recap the brouhaha that developed over the comments of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson on homosexuality. Egads: The man got more coverage than Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber combined during the last weeks of 2013. Everyone knows how he was suspended from the show by the executives at the A&E Network, but then brought back after an avalanche of support for him fell upon the network and the program’s advertisers. The statement that led to Robertson’s suspension was his paraphrasing of a passage from Paul’s Epistle to the Corinthians: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy,…Continue Reading