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Milwaukee Archbishop In Phoenix . . . Officials At Red Mass Told To Be Risk-Takers Against Suffering

January 28, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Milwaukee Archbishop In Phoenix . . . Officials At Red Mass Told To Be Risk-Takers Against Suffering

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — Christians should be “risk-takers” in society, as illustrated by the Parable of the Good Samaritan, the archbishop of Milwaukee told the 48th annual Red Mass at St. Mary’s Basilica here to mark the beginning of the Arizona legislature’s session. Archbishop Jerome Listecki delivered the guest homily to a congregation including Arizona legislators, judges, and other public officials on January 23 in an observance that dates back to 1970 in the Diocese of Phoenix. State Sen. Catherine Miranda, a Democrat, was announced as this year’s recipient of the local St. Thomas More Society’s award for standing up for her pro-life beliefs. Each year the Red Mass here has a portrait of More up front in the…Continue Reading

A Note Of Good News

January 27, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on A Note Of Good News

By DONALD DeMARCO Hostility against pro-life students on college campuses has been escalating. This is not only troubling, but difficult to comprehend. Abortion is a violent act that ends an innocent life. It is, as a matter of fact, the country’s most egregious act of domestic violence. Why, then, is so much animus directed against students who stand opposed to abortion? Secondly, since colleges are mandated to be educational centers where dialogue and debate are an integral part, why is there such opposition to freedom of speech when it centers on defending life? But there is a note of good news. Late last year, a federal court ordered Gregory Thatcher, a professor of public health at Fresno State, to pay…Continue Reading

YAL Lawsuit Against Pierce College . . . Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit Against Free Speech Zone Rejected

January 26, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on YAL Lawsuit Against Pierce College . . . Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit Against Free Speech Zone Rejected

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Central District Court of California rejected a motion to dismiss Young Americans for Liberty’s lawsuit against Los Angeles Pierce College over their free speech zone which consists of only .003 percent of the campus. The court ruled January 17 that the open spaces of public colleges like LA Pierce are open forums “regardless of Pierce’s regulations,” thereby rejecting the motion to dismiss on the part of LA Pierce administrators. As a result, the lawsuit will proceed forward on the grounds of First Amendment violations. In November 2016, Los Angeles Pierce College student and Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) member Kevin Shaw attempted to distribute copies of the U.S. Constitution and recruit new members for the YAL…Continue Reading

The Crisis We Are Living

January 25, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on The Crisis We Are Living

By FR. GERALD E. MURRAY (Editor’s Note: This column first appeared January 6 on the website The Catholic Thing [] Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission. + + + The publication in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis of Pope Francis’ letter confirming the interpretation of Amoris Laetitia by the bishops of the Buenos Aires region marked a new phase in the serious crisis affecting the Church. We now know that the pastoral advice of this group of bishops embodies what Pope Francis intended in chapter 8 of AL. Pope Francis wrote to them: “The document is very good and completely explains the meaning of chapter VIII of Amoris Laetitia. There are no other interpretations.” Pope Francis’ endorsement had previously…Continue Reading

Creating A Robust Pro-Life Public Voice

January 24, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Creating A Robust Pro-Life Public Voice

By LAWRENCE P. GRAYSON For 45 years, ever since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion, Catholics and people of other religious persuasions have tried to stir the conscience of the country about the consequences of this ruling. Since the decision in Roe v. Wade in 1973, over 60 million children in the United States have been killed in the womb. What a tragedy of epic proportions — 60 million children destined to be born in the image and likeness of God destroyed by acts of their mothers’ free will and abetted by an industry of death. Despite almost half a century of opposition, there remains a determined offensive against life at every stage. As a society, we prevent its beginning,…Continue Reading

Profoundly Pro-Life Pagan Philosophers

January 23, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Profoundly Pro-Life Pagan Philosophers

By KEVIN VOST (Editor’s Note: Dr. Kevin Vost, Psy.D, is a Catholic author, speaker, professor, radio host, and television guest. In 2016 Angelico Press published his book, The Porch and the Cross: Ancient Stoic Wisdom for Modern Christian Living. We welcome his first contribution to The Wanderer.) + + + While enjoying my first issue of The Wanderer (January 4, 2018), I was particularly struck by Professor Jude P. Dougherty’s tribute to Edith Hamilton. Hamilton’s The Greek Way was among the first books I encountered in my teens that led to a lifelong love of our classical heritage. The article’s last lines read as follows: “Through examples and emphasis she leaves no doubt that Greek philosophy prepares one for the adoption…Continue Reading

A Book Review… Priests As Builders Of Western Civilization

January 22, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on A Book Review… Priests As Builders Of Western Civilization

By MITCHELL KALPAKGIAN Heroism and Genius: How Catholic Priests Helped Build — And Can Rebuild — Western Civilization, by William J. Slattery (Ignatius Press: San Francisco, 2017), 272 pp. $24.95. Available through or call 1-800-651-1531. A work of great erudition and comprehensive scope, Fr. Slattery’s eloquent book provides a survey of the seminal ideas that shaped Western civilization, ideas founded in Catholic moral and social teachings taught or introduced by the renowned and humble priests who served God and loved their neighbor throughout the ages. While many historical books examine the various ages through the policies of kings and rulers or through the major wars of the era or through the importance of dominant intellectual ideas, Slattery’s unique point…Continue Reading

A Nation Of Sheep

January 21, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on A Nation Of Sheep

By DONALD DeMARCO In a sociology text book (Sociology) that has been widely used in Canadian universities, the author makes the following statement: “Canadian society could not continue to exist unless the thousands of new members born each year eventually learned to think, believe, and behave as Canadians. . . . The continuity of our society requires that children come to embrace societal values as their own.” The reality, however, is that Canadian society does continue to exist despite the fact that its citizens have radically different ways of thinking and believing. The statement, of course, is essentially political. People, if they are thinking at all, think as human beings endowed, as they are, with the faculty of reason. What…Continue Reading

Bishop Schneider… Explains The Kazakhstani Profession Of Truths On Marriage

January 20, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Bishop Schneider… Explains The Kazakhstani Profession Of Truths On Marriage

By CARL BUNDERSON ASTANA, Kazakhstan (CNA/EWTN News) — Fidelity to the words of Christ makes it necessary to profess the truth about sacramental marriage, Bishop Athanasius Schneider told Catholic News Agency (CNA) in a recent interview. Bishop Schneider, an auxiliary bishop of Maria Santissima in Astana, was a drafter of the “Profession of the immutable truths about sacramental marriage” issued by three Kazakhstani bishops December 31, 2017. The bishops stated it is not licit to admit to sacramental Communion Catholics who are divorced and remarried, if they are not living according to the longstanding discipline of the Church. The three bishops — Bishop Schneider, along with Archbishop Tomash Peta of Maria Santissima in Astana and Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga, bishop…Continue Reading

Planned Parenthood Now Offers “Transgender” Hormone Therapy

January 19, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Planned Parenthood Now Offers “Transgender” Hormone Therapy

ORLANDO, Fla. — Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, has expanded its services to offering “transgender” hormone therapy, according to a January 10 report from Liberty Counsel. Planned Parenthood’s 2016-2017 annual report states: “We’re expanding access to care — from pioneering research on self-injectable birth control to offering new services for our transgender patients. Planned Parenthood has focused on expanding services to people who are too often overlooked by the larger medical community — including trans patients. Seventeen states now have Planned Parenthood health centers that provide hormone therapy.” While masquerading as a “health-care” provider for women, Planned Parenthood works more to exploit women, provide abortions, and now promote gender confusion. The health-care centers and clinics annually perform one-third…Continue Reading