Tuesday 25th November 2014

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Or Do We?. . . “We’ve Got To Do Something In Iraq”

October 15, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off

By GEORGE A. KENDALL At the moment, our rulers seem well on the way to getting us into our third Iraq war in a generation, the first two having exhibited, in the short term, the appearance of success (“a piece of cake”), but dismal failure in the longer run, wasting our nation’s resources and lives, accomplishing nothing but to get us even deeper into the Middle Eastern quicksand, while increasing the disorder there. That means it’s time to do a brief review of the Church’s just war tradition and to reflect on how it is relevant to the present situation. My own views on all this have, I must acknowledge, changed drastically over the years. I was a pretty rabid…Continue Reading

Parallel Reconstruction

October 14, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off

By ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO While the political commentators in the nation’s capital are wrapped up in the debate over what to do about ISIS, and as one-third of the Senate and nearly all members of the House campaign for re-election, the president’s spies continue to capture massive amounts of personal information about hundreds of millions of us and lie about it. The president continues to dispatch his National Security Agency spies as if he were a law unto himself, and Congress — which is also being spied upon — has done nothing to protect the right to privacy that the Fourth Amendment was written to ensure. Congress has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, yet it has failed miserably…Continue Reading

Five Cardinals . . . Demolish Cardinal Kasper’s Arguments

October 13, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off

By MAIKE HICKSON (Editor’s Note: Maike Hickson holds a doctorate in French literature from the University of Hannover.) + + + The authors of the book Remaining in the Truth of Christ, which was just released by Ignatius Press, could not have chosen a better title for their work. The book is a 300-page-long response to the speech delivered by Walter Cardinal Kasper in February of 2014 as part of the preparation for the Synod of Bishops, which is meeting in Rome. Five cardinals, among them some of the highest-ranking in the Church — Gerhard Ludwig Cardinal Müller and Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke — as well as three other authors have had the courage to defend Christ’s teaching about marriage…Continue Reading

Playing Chess With The Devil

October 12, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off

By JULIE ASH (Editor’s Note: Julie Ash writes from Cherokee County, Okla., where she is a novice Benedictine oblate of Clear Creek Abbey.) + + + Satan is the consummate game-player. He has studied human nature for generations, and knows our weaknesses and how best to exploit them. His latest scheme involves staging satanic events mocking Jesus Christ and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in a public forum. The first attempt was directed at Harvard University in May, and failed. The father of lies then struck at the heartland, Oklahoma City, where a black mass was held at the Civic Center on September 21. Ritualized evil presented under the guise of learning the history of different cultural practices at…Continue Reading

Pass-Fail — At Princeton?

October 11, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK My daughter and I have chuckled off and on over the years about the grading system used in my grandchildren’s public elementary school. Instead of As and Bs and Cs, the students are given an I, for “works independently,” a P, for “progressing,” a T, for “trying and needs help.” Once the children reach middle school this system is dropped and the traditional letter grades are used to differentiate between student achievement. The logic behind this arrangement is that children at an early age should not have their confidence damaged by comparisons between themselves and students who are doing better than they are; that school systems should hold off until middle school and high school before…Continue Reading

Culture Of Life 101 . . . “Why Don’t Pro-Life Groups Merge?”

October 10, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off

By BRIAN CLOWES (Editor’s Note: Brian Clowes has been director of research and training at Human Life International since 1995.) + + + Since the mid-1970s, efficiency-minded pro-lifers have asked why all of the major pro-life groups in the United States don’t merge into one colossal organization. This move would certainly have several major advantages. It would probably be more financially efficient, it would eliminate much duplication of effort, it would be very high-profile, and it would possibly lead to more cooperation and harmony between elements of the pro-life movement. In theory. Unfortunately, reality (in the form of human nature) usually gets in the way of such plans. Obstacle #1: Strategic Conflicts. It would be virtually impossible for this process…Continue Reading

Activists Differ On Question . . . Are Republicans Widely Seeking Latino Votes?

October 9, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — The national Republican establishment openly says it wants “comprehensive immigration reform” to be approved because it thinks the massive legislation would win many Latino votes for the GOP. However, a conservative Arizona Latino activist told The Wanderer that he doesn’t see the Republican Party making a significant effort on the national or Arizona state levels to bring current Catholic Latino citizens into its voting ranks. The majority of Latinos are Catholic. “If you were in the numbers game, you would think you’d be playing for where the numbers are,” Reymundo Torres said during a September 28 telephone interview. Torres, a Catholic, is president of the Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA), which doesn’t limit its membership…Continue Reading

A Book Review . . . Defending Divine Revelation Against Atheistic Evolution

October 8, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off

By JAMES LIKOUDIS Origin of the Human Species: Expanded Third Edition by Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D., Ave Maria, FL: Sapientia Press, 2014. Peter A. Redpath, Ph.D., editor. 266 pages; ISBN 13: 978-1-932589-68-9; $29.95. I strongly recommend this new, expanded third edition of Origin of the Human Species to anyone seeking a truly comprehensive understanding of the central issues involved in evolutionary theory as it impacts what Catholics believe about human origins. It belongs in every college and personal library as a standard reference work on this complex subject. More specifically, Dr. Dennis Bonnette offers what is probably the most detailed and current explanation of how the Church doctrine of theological monogenism can be scientifically credible — an explanation that is rendered…Continue Reading

Reconnecting With Mary… Our Lady Of La Salette

October 7, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off

By DONAL ANTHONY FOLEY Part 3 This a further article on the apparition of Our Lady at La Salette to Maximin Giraud and Mélanie Mathieu, which took place on Saturday, September 19, 1846. It will focus on its continuing importance for today, the aftermath of the apparition, and the secrets given by the Blessed Virgin to the children, and how they relate to Fatima. Archbishop William Ullathorne of Birmingham, England, went to La Salette in May 1854, nearly eight years after the event, and was able to verify for himself that there had been a failure of the potato crop in the autumn of 1846, leading to widespread hunger in the mountain areas. He was of the opinion that the…Continue Reading

Barack Obama, Outside Agitator

October 6, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN In his UN address, President Obama listed a parade of horrors afflicting our world: “Russian aggression in Europe,” “terrorism in Syria and Iraq,” rapes and beheadings by ISIL, al Qaeda, Boko Haram. And, of course, the Ferguson Police Department. That’s right. The president could not speak of war, terrorism, and genocide without dragging in the incident in a St. Louis suburb where a white cop shot and killed a black teenager: “In a summer marked by instability in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the world also took notice of the small American city of Ferguson, Mo. — where a young man was killed, and a community was divided.” What, other than its racial aspect, can…Continue Reading