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Gorka Endorses Ward… Says Trump Needs “Flotilla” Of Support Behind His Icebreaker

April 11, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Gorka Endorses Ward… Says Trump Needs “Flotilla” Of Support Behind His Icebreaker

By DEXTER DUGGAN SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Donald Trump needs a “flotilla” of help to keep breaking through the ice that locked up Washington, former White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka told a few reporters here before he spoke up at a rally for conservative Arizona Republican Kelli Ward, who’s running to replace Never-Trumper Jeff Flake in the U.S. Senate. Gorka said he has chosen to support only candidates who understood “the powerful political revolution” of 2016, when non-politician Trump was elected president. More than 120 Ward supporters, gathered at a hotel in this Phoenix suburb on March 29, later heard her cite the importance of “border security and illegal immigration” among her issues. Audience members responded by chanting, “Build that…Continue Reading

Let’s Celebrate National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day 2018

April 10, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Let’s Celebrate National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day 2018

By REY FLORES In the weeks since the tragic shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., we’ve had non-stop media coverage of students from that high school sharing their thoughts and views about gun control. It’s even more awful how the tragedy has been hijacked by radical anti-Second Amendment leftists to push their agenda 24-7 on the fake news. Interesting how they even named their recent march The March for Our Lives. They say they want to end the killing of children. Really? Perhaps we should invite them all to participate in this year’s National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day (NPLTD) on April 20, 2018. After all, if they’re so concerned about ending child-killing, why wouldn’t they want to participate? While…Continue Reading

A Bouquet Of Blunders

April 9, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on A Bouquet Of Blunders

By DONALD DeMARCO A bouquet of flowers is more presentable than a bouquet of blunders. Nonetheless, looking over the contemporary moral landscape, it is the blunders that are flourishing and not the flowers. A blunder is a big mistake or, if you will, a gross mismanagement. It differs from a mere mistake in that it contains a high degree of foolishness and usually causes a great deal of harm. The blunder has an interesting association with the blunderbuss, a gun used in earlier times that had a wide muzzle and was designed to shoot short distances without exact aim. Also, a person who blunders habitually is called a blunderbuss. My dozen blunders, outlined below, help to explain the moral confusion…Continue Reading

Does The Pope Believe In Hell?

April 8, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Does The Pope Believe In Hell?

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN “Pope Declares No Hell?” So ran the riveting headline on the Drudge Report of Holy Thursday. Drudge quoted this exchange, published in La Repubblica, between Pope Francis and his atheist friend, journalist Eugenio Scalfari. Scalfari: “What about bad souls? Where are they punished?” Bad souls “are not punished,” Pope Francis is quoted, “those who do not repent and cannot therefore be forgiven disappear. There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls.” On the first Holy Thursday, Judas betrayed Christ. And of Judas the Lord said, “Woe to that man by whom the Son of Man shall be betrayed; it were better for him if that man had never been born.” Did the soul…Continue Reading

A Book Review… How To Conquer Deadly Sin

April 7, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on A Book Review… How To Conquer Deadly Sin

By DONAL ANTHONY FOLEY Manual for Conquering Deadly Sin, by Fr. Dennis Kolinski, SJC (TAN Books, 336 pages, $20.49 leather bound; $9.98 Kindle. Available at amazon.com). This very readable manual comes in two parts. The first focuses on the seven deadly sins and how to avoid them, while the second consists of chapters devoted to prayers, encouragement, and remedies against these sins, as a way of overcoming them. The seven deadly sins are lust, gluttony, avarice, sloth, anger, envy, and pride — and no one can deny that they very much in the ascendant in the modern world. Thus this is a very practical and much needed book. The Manual for Conquering Deadly Sin is intended as a help to…Continue Reading

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Under Fire

April 6, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Crisis Pregnancy Centers Under Fire

By WILLIAM DONOHUE (Editor’s Note: Catholic League President Donohue commented March 20 on crisis pregnancy centers and who’s leading the charge against them.) + + + Xavier Becerra is not known to many outside of California, but his place in history is secure: As the state’s attorney general, he is the subject of oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court. This is a man who not only champions abortion rights, for any reason and at any time of pregnancy, he is determined to silence his foes. Indeed, his extreme animus against the pro-life community is on a par with his passion for abortion. The California AG’s name appears in the case before the High Court, National Institute of Family &…Continue Reading

A Book Review…. No Accident When Social Tyrants Set Out To Remake Nations

April 5, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on A Book Review…. No Accident When Social Tyrants Set Out To Remake Nations

By DEXTER DUGGAN Target Africa: Ideological Neocolonialism in the Twenty-First Century, by Obianuju Ekeocha, Ignatius Press, San Francisco, ISBN 978-1-62164-215-2, 224 pages, paperback, $16.95, 2018. Available at Amazon.com. A Planned Parenthood executive sent an email along to her pal Hillary Clinton in 2009 about a trip to Kenya that the secretary of state soon would be making concerning trade issues, according to this book about the ongoing re-enslavement of Africa. Boy, are these rich topics for us nearly a decade later — Hillary’s unprotected emails, her self-aggrandizing government trips on trade, the fact that WikiLeaks helped us peer into this Clinton’s manipulations and law-breaking. In these days of whistleblowers tearing the veils off the doings of the “deep state” about…Continue Reading

Easter Sunday

April 4, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Easter Sunday

By DONALD DeMARCO Christmas may be the most popular of all Catholic feast days, but Easter is the most profound. The former may be more enjoyable, but the latter is more holy. The Nativity may be more ecumenical, but the Resurrection is more distinctly Christian. Santa Claus is more universal than the Easter Bunny. Hollywood has produced far more pictures about Christmas than about Easter. Nonetheless, Easter transcends Christmas in spiritual significance. If there were the Nativity but not the Resurrection, Christianity would have come to naught. St. Paul, whose conversion is connected with the Easter event, says: “If Christ has not been raised, our faith is in vain” (1 Cor. 15:14). As a result of sacrificing Himself, Jesus Christ…Continue Reading

Why Catholics Must Oppose Chai Feldblum’s EEOC Nomination

April 3, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on Why Catholics Must Oppose Chai Feldblum’s EEOC Nomination

By JOANNE BUTLER In December 2017, President Trump nominated Chai Feldblum to another term on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (she was a Democrat appointee by President Obama). If confirmed, she will be on the EEOC until 2023. Those who oppose liberals who would destroy our religious liberty know Feldblum well. For that is exactly what she wants to do. A former Georgetown Law School professor, Feldblum not only is very knowledgeable in civil rights and employment law, but also in how to use Twitter and other social media to advance her homosexual agenda. She’s also a familiar face on the “gay rights” speaking circuit and the “gay employment” expert at personnel management conventions. And her views about “gay rights”…Continue Reading

A Movie Review… A Light In Darkness Arrives For Easter

April 2, 2018 Featured Today Comments Off on A Movie Review… A Light In Darkness Arrives For Easter

By REY FLORES “My God’s not dead. He’s surely alive. He’s living on the inside, roaring like a lion” chorus lyrics from the song God’s Not Dead by The Newsboys. I have always wondered why atheists waste so much time and energy fighting against something they don’t believe exists. It’s written in the heart of every man that God does truly exist; do atheists fight that truth inside them instead of embracing it as we believers do? In the third installment of the successful God’s Not Dead film series from Pure Flix, we encounter yet another challenge from the angry, but weak secular forces who could never out force God, despite their hateful, intolerant, and persistent efforts. In this film,…Continue Reading