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Downhill In San Francisco . . . Babies Don’t Cause Poverty, But Poor Reasoning Births Poor Conclusions

February 18, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By DEXTER DUGGAN SAN FRANCISCO — It might seem surprising to the out-of-towner that liberal San Francisco, resplendent in liberal Democrat-controlled California, has so many panhandlers. The traveler might think that here, of all places, the needy would have their desires adequately addressed by government. If the visitor plans to stay here a while but doesn’t want to finance downcast supplicants’ possible bad habits, he might want to get a supply of small cards to hand out with contact information for local charitable agencies. If the supplicants need that reminder. Does government liberalism breed more dependency, as conservatives assert? It hurts to see a woman near City Hall with a cluster of blisters on her hand ask for money “for…Continue Reading

Rev. Wright’s Star Pupil

February 17, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN “A steady patriot of the world alone, “The friend of every country — but his own.” George Canning’s couplet about the Englishmen who professed love for all the world except their own native land comes to mind on reading Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. After listing the horrors of ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram, the president decided his recital of crimes committed in the name of Islam would be unbalanced, if he did not backhand those smug Christians sitting right in front of him. “And lest we get on our high horse . . . remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our…Continue Reading

Same-Sex Locker Rooms? Don’t Laugh

February 16, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK Phyllis Schlafly devoted a recent column to current demands from the radical feminists and the homosexual lobby and their allies in the education establishment. At first glance, the demands seem so beyond the pale that the temptation is to not take them seriously. That would be a mistake. Many of us reacted that way when the idea of same-sex marriage was first trotted out. Schlafly reports that the “Obama administration is now trying to outlaw single-sex classrooms, a practice that has been growing as parents and teachers see its good results.” Schlafly sees this as part of the demand by feminists “who believe in the interchangeability of the genders and insist that schools forbid any deviation…Continue Reading

Calling All Pro-Life Youth!

February 15, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By REY FLORES A call to action is being put out by none other than yours truly. I’m calling all the Catholic youth in America who receive this message from their parents, their family, their friends, their priests, their teachers, or anyone else reading this article. This past January, we saw the largest ever March for Life in Washington, D.C., with an estimated 650,000 participants. While the crowd consisted of all ages, without a doubt, in my estimation, I would say that over 75 percent of attendees were under 30 years of age, all the way down to newborns. This truly is the pro-life generation and the momentum is building. We need you now more than ever! Hang in there…Continue Reading

Maria Divine Mercy . . . New Ebook, Newspaper Coverage Focus Fresh Attention On Internet Seer

February 14, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By DEXTER DUGGAN An anonymous international Internet seer without ecclesiastical authorization apparently didn’t like it when an Irish Sunday newspaper publicized what seemed to be her name as February dawned. Although “Maria Divine Mercy” (MDM) claims a direct line to God warning of the “end times,” she hadn’t revealed her own identity since she began presenting her apparently widely followed apocalyptic messages online in 2010. The closest she came was during an interview with a Pennsylvania religious radio station in 2011, when she said she was an Irish mother of four from a Catholic background. Since then, she reportedly avoided revealing her voice. The Wanderer wrote her up last year, in the May 29, 2014, issue, based on an interview…Continue Reading

A Worthless Piece Of Paper

February 13, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO President George W. Bush was fond of saying that “9/11 changed everything.” He used that one-liner often as a purported moral basis to justify the radical restructuring of federal law and the federal assault on personal liberties over which he presided. He cast aside his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution; he rejected his oath to enforce all federal laws faithfully; and he moved the government decidedly in the direction of secret laws, secret procedures, and secret courts. During his presidency, Congress enacted the Patriot Act. This legislation permits federal agents to write their own search warrants when those warrants are served on custodians of records — like doctors, lawyers, telecoms, computer servers, banks,…Continue Reading

The State Of The Union Speech . . . Why Obama Is On The Offensive?

February 12, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK I listened to Geraldo Rivera’s New York City talk show the morning after President Obama’s State of the Union speech. Rivera’s reaction was the same as that of many commentators, but in more colorful language. He couldn’t get over how this “skinny, confident dude” was so “in your face” toward the Republicans in the Congress and the majority of the country who elected them in last fall’s elections. Rivera informed his audience that he likes a president who “doesn’t back down” when the going gets tough, who “had guts enough” to push for his proposals even though he knew there was not a chance that the Republican majority in Congress would enact them into law.

Are Statues Idols? Why Statues And Idols Are Two Different Things

February 11, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By RAYMOND DE SOUZA, KM Part 1 For quite some time I have been intrigued by the constant repetition common among non-Catholics that to have statues in church or at home smacks of idolatry. I remember the first time I was pushed against the wall by a Baptist man in a conversation: He simply said to me that it was a shame that such an evident Bible teaching was blatantly and systematically ignored by the Roman Catholic Church: God clearly forbade the carving of images, idols, and of honoring them. And yet Catholics fill up their churches and homes with images of saints and angels, which are abhorrent to God’s saints and His angels. In those days I did not…Continue Reading

When Is Bullying Permissible?

February 10, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By DONALD DeMARCO He is now a journalist, but he remembers, with painful clarity, a learning experience he had when in grade 7. He had made the politically incorrect act of writing the word “fireman.” His teacher, an apostle of gender-free nouns and “inclusive” language, slashed a big red X across the offending word and replaced it with “firefighter.” “The severity of that slash,” he recalls, “thick and bleeding with disapproval — was mortifying because, even as a kid, I recall thinking that my teacher thought I was sexist.” Can we categorize the teacher’s action as bullying? There are four types of bullying: physical, verbal, emotional, and cyber. Emotional bullying occurs, according to one authority, when “one partner might make…Continue Reading

More On Pope Francis Vs. Joseph Farah

February 9, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK The January 22 edition of First Teachers was devoted to syndicated columnist Joseph Farah’s disagreement with Pope Francis on the question of evolution. Farah took issue with Francis’ assertion that the theory of “evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve.” Farah described the Pope’s position as “his story” of creation, not “His story,” going on to ask, “If the Fall of Man is just an allegory, one wonders why Jesus would have had to come to atone for man’s sins?” Farah added, “If the pope doesn’t believe the foundational aspect of the Bible, does he believe any of it? If he does, he…Continue Reading