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Of Potties And Moral Culture

June 15, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

By LAWRENCE P. GRAYSON It almost seems a fantasy that there is a national debate about allowing people to use any public restroom they desire. In spite of the fact that only 0.1 to 0.3 percent of the population has been deemed to be transgender, 41 percent of respondents in a recent CBS-New York Times poll stated that people should be permitted into public bathrooms of their choice; 46 percent said they should be limited to bathrooms of their birth sex; apparently the remainder have no opinion or are hesitant to voice it. Not too many years ago, a scenario of men using women’s lavatories would have been a spoof for late-night comedians. Today, it is only the latest indicator…Continue Reading

Anti-Trump Agitators . . . Embarrass The Hispanic Community

June 14, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

By REY FLORES Before I get into the main thrust of my argument here, let me just say that the 2016 presidential election seems more fiction than fact, and it’s getting harder and harder to believe what we hear, read, or see anymore. Election after election, we only see candidates who are either very wealthy or very well connected and none of them are any more credible than the candidate running against them. It’s a sorry state of affairs, but it is what it is, and we have to deal with it as best we can. While a choice between two people like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is far from what we wished for, it’s what we have to…Continue Reading

What’s Ahead? . . . Last Thing Politicians May Want Is A Plain Roadmap For People

June 13, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

By DEXTER DUGGAN Sometimes people talk about the “political roadmap,” but politics and a roadmap may be polar opposites. The straightforward map shows the plain paths to get you from one city to another. No emotion and no deceit involved. It’s like being a math major in school. (Unless you’re not good at math and suffer emotionally over it.) Politics, on the other hand, maybe doesn’t even want you to get where you want to go. You think you want Key West, Fla., as the destination, but if you really knew what’s good for you, as decided by Washington, D.C., you’d want to choose Boston. It’s like being a psychology major. And if the political plotter can keep you driving…Continue Reading

We’re Not In Bing Crosby’s America Anymore

June 12, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK The Watters’ World segment of Bill O’Reilly’s nightly program on Fox News remains a guilty pleasure of mine. This is the part of the show when O’Reilly’s reporter Jesse Watters interviews “average Americans” to illustrate how out of touch they are with the issues of the day. It can be staggering to hear what they don’t know. Why do I say a “guilty” pleasure? Because I know that Watters is mocking these people and that they are not a representative sample of the country. The interviews are designed for entertainment value, to give the audience a laugh. Still, one can’t help but be astonished when one person after another cannot identify pictures of Ronald Reagan, Jimmy…Continue Reading

At Shareholders’ Meeting… NCPPR Asks If Target Has Regrets Over Bathroom Flap

June 11, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

COSTA MESA, Calif. — At the annual meeting of Target shareholders held in Costa Mesa, Calif., June 8, the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) presented a shareholder resolution designed to question the wisdom of the retailer’s seemingly unnecessary foray into national legal and policy debates and asked company executives whether they had any regrets over the public controversy regarding its open bathroom policy. Shockingly, Target CEO Brian Cornell had no coherent response to questions over whether he considers Americans who disagree with Target’s bathroom policy to be bigots. “Target has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately,” said National Center Free Enterprise Project Director Justin Danhof, Esq. “When Target responded to the controversy over North Carolina’s…Continue Reading

The Donald & The La Raza Judge

June 10, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN Before the lynching of The Donald proceeds, what exactly was it he said about that Hispanic judge? Stated succinctly, Donald Trump said U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over a class-action suit against Trump University, is sticking it to him. And the judge’s bias is likely rooted in the fact that he is of Mexican descent. Can there be any defense of a statement so horrific? Just this. First, Trump has a perfect right to be angry about the judge’s rulings and to question his motives. Second, there are grounds for believing Trump is right. On May 27, Curiel, at the request of The Washington Post, made public plaintiff accusations against Trump University —…Continue Reading

A Potpourri… Fundamental Option, Darwin, And Other Matters

June 9, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

By GEORGE A. KENDALL Some thoughts about the “fundamental option” idea so popular among liberal theologians. The idea is that it is the overall pattern of a person’s life that saves or damns him, a pattern of love of God, on one hand, or rejection of God, on the other. So far, so good, but the problem is that the idea tends to be construed so as to imply that particular acts don’t really matter much, if at all — in other words, that the fundamental option is not embodied in and lived out in particular acts that either accept or reject God. If you go far enough with this, you can end up with an absurdity like someone saying…Continue Reading

World Congress Of Families X . . . Georgian Leader Says: “There Is Only One Direction”

June 8, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

By LOUISE KIRK In the country of Georgia there is an old legend. When God created the Earth and gave out lands to the nations, the Georgians missed out. They were late for the handout because they were delayed welcoming guests. In asking God’s mercy, they pointed out that to honor guests is a sign of God’s own grace. God forgave the Georgians and blessed them with His last piece of land, the richest and the best which He had hoped to save for Himself. Georgia, which with the same spirit of generosity has just hosted the tenth World Congress of Families, lies to the east of the Black Sea. It claims to be the second oldest Christian nation in…Continue Reading

The Family That Strays Together Falls Forever

June 7, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

By REY FLORES We have all heard the expression that “the family that prays together, stays together.” As for the family that strays from prayer, there awaits an eternity separated from our God, forever lost in suffering . . . together. While it is clear that the Church is a hospital for sinners and Jesus is our Divine Healer, so many of us just go through the motions as we go to Mass: We stand, kneel, sit and pray, but fail to believe in and ask for His mercy and healing. Have we lost the faith as families? Have we entered an era when spouses have grown apart by the Devil’s wiles or when children have grown to despise their…Continue Reading

Politics A Loser’s Game . . . When Liberal Media Make Up The Rules Against Conservative Players

June 6, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — The names of sports teams from elementary school to professional play usually reflect admirable qualities, whether strength, bravery, heroism, resilience, resourcefulness, endurance, or something else positive. Think along the lines of Spartans, Aztecs, Mustangs, Broncos, Trojans, Chiefs, Pirates, Titans, Patriots, Braves, or, ahem, Redskins. Teams don’t get named the Wet Newspapers or the Garbage Cans — although sometimes their poor performance could bring that sort of derision. Team names are to be proud of, not ashamed about. However, the campus unrest of the early 1970s included a swipe at heroic team names at the relatively new Scottsdale Community College, just east of Phoenix. During a sports budgeting dispute back then, students voted to change the…Continue Reading