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The Hillary Chronicles

September 18, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO The bad news has continued to cascade onto the Hillary Clinton for President campaign, and none of it has anything to do with Clinton’s opinions on issues. It all is about her fitness for office. Since Labor Day, we have learned that the folks into whose hands Clinton reposed her computer server for safekeeping do not believe it has been wiped clean of all emails, as her lawyer told a federal judge it was. That means the 33,000 emails she thought she destroyed probably still could be recovered. What will they reveal? And we learned this past week that of the emails released thus far — those Clinton did not attempt to destroy — there is…Continue Reading

Welcome To America, Pope Francis!

September 17, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By REY FLORES Your Holiness, it is a great privilege and honor to have you visit our country. We are thrilled that you come to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ our Lord and His Church. God surely knows that we can use all the help we can get here in the United States as Catholics. I understand your concern for the poor and disenfranchised. I myself have lived in poverty and I have worked for many years to help the hungry, the homeless, immigrant populations, and survivors of domestic violence. I have also done everything I can to be a conscientious and responsible person when it comes to caring for our environment. But we need you to help…Continue Reading

Is “Anchor Baby” Hate Speech?

September 16, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK The way that Donald Trump and Jeb Bush handled the accusation that their use of the term “anchor baby” is hate speech is probably as good a way of dealing with the question as any. Both responded to reporters who made the charge by asking them to provide “a better term,” and then moved on as if the topic were not worth discussion. Neither Trump nor Bush was given an answer. Which is not surprising. “Anchor baby” is offensive only to those who are looking to take offense. What would be a better term? Birthright baby? Pathway baby? Open-door baby? We can ask the same question of those who object to the term “illegal alien.” What…Continue Reading

History Vs. Social Studies

September 15, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK I don’t know when the debate over whether our public schools should teach courses in “history” or “social studies” began, but it was going on in the late 1960s when I was teaching at a public high school in the suburbs of New York City. Before then, when I was an undergraduate, I was largely disinterested in the give-and-take over the topic. I was a political science major at Fordham in the early 1960s, but took as many history courses as I did courses in the social sciences. I had the impression that most of my classmates who majored in political science did the same. More to the point, I saw no ideological divide between those…Continue Reading

In The School Of Blessed Zélie And Louis Martin

September 14, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By LOUISE KIRK On August 28 in the colorful Normandy town of Alençon, a special feast was celebrated. Those of us blessed to be there had the extraordinary experience of praying the Mass while looking into the bedroom where the Blessed had died. We were in the house of the Martin family, on the 138th anniversary of Zélie’s death. She and her husband Louis are to be canonized in Rome during the Family Synod on October 18. Blessed Zélie and Louis’ journey toward canonization has been unusual in many ways. St. Thérèse declared that her own potential for holiness had been received because of theirs, but it was she, their daughter, who revealed their holiness to the world. So close…Continue Reading

Kim Davis Cuffed . . . Attack On Christian Clerk To Spark Revolt Against Elite Pretense?

September 13, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By DEXTER DUGGAN As the Labor Day weekend passed by in early September, how many people began to think of the name Rosa Parks when they heard the name Kim Davis? Parks was the Alabama black woman who was arrested after refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger on a Montgomery city bus in 1955. A supportive bus boycott quickly followed. Even after the Civil War was fought to end slavery nearly a century earlier, the Democrat Party’s power structure later imposed racial segregation in Southern states. Parks’ individual initiative against that system was one historic catalyst that helped end the entrenched, formidable legal arrogance. It just had been the way of doing things that finally fell…Continue Reading

White House Invites “Gay Catholic” To Papal Visit

September 12, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By REY FLORES It saddens me to tell you this story of a 23-year-old man who has been invited by President Obama to presumably help represent American Catholics at the White House during Pope Francis’ upcoming visit. Aaron Ledesma is a Marquette graduate and a young man with his whole life in front of him, or so it would seem. You see, young Mr. Ledesma has already made some serious decisions that not only affect the rest of his life here on Earth, but they will also affect his eternal life. Ledesma is an “openly gay” man. He lapsed from religious practice for a time while attending Marquette, which itself goes to show just how ineffective and watered-down Catholic universities…Continue Reading

New E-Book Takes A Look… What 2014 Family Synod May Warn Us About 2015 Synod

September 11, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By DEXTER DUGGAN From when the Lord Jesus was born into earthly time, born into a religious people often anticipating a political Messiah, and worldly rulers fearing one, intriguers have woven themselves into the life of the Body of Christ. Some of them perhaps truly expected their activity would be broadly beneficial. Even those with only self-centered goals may have persuaded themselves of the rightness of their undertakings. Even back when the Church was mainly a minor pilgrim in the Mediterranean. Today, the size of the prize is far greater. The 21st-century Vatican is as natural a target for those seeking to manipulate mighty outcomes as the U.S. Pentagon is for military spies from elsewhere, or a banking headquarters for…Continue Reading

Orthodox Rabbi . . . Says Pope Emeritus Benedict Should Speak Out Before Synod

September 10, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By PEGGY MOEN ST. PAUL — Orthodox Rabbi Yehuda Levin of Brooklyn, a longtime pro-life, pro-family activist, in a September 9 telephone interview with The Wanderer said he is “calling upon the eminent Pope Benedict…to weigh in before the Synod” against same-sex marriage and civil unions, as well as “on all the negative things that are going on.” Rabbi Levin offered his view that Benedict has “got to be a fighter for this,” given “the volume of the negative stuff” and because “God and His people are under attack in a vicious way,” particularly in their efforts to defend marriage. He said he is calling upon the Pope Emeritus “as a plea…to come out with great clarification.” Rabbi Levin has…Continue Reading

Can A Christian Be A County Clerk In America?

September 9, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off

By TERENCE P. JEFFREY (Editor’s Note: Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of Creators Syndicate distributes his column. All rights reserved.) + + + Can a Christian be a county clerk in the United States? This is a question it now appears may ultimately be decided by five Supreme Court justices. With it, too, will ride such questions as: Can a Christian be a doctor? A nurse? A public school teacher? In June, when five justices declared that the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment creates a right to “same-sex marriage,” Justice Clarence Thomas issued a warning. “In our society, marriage is not simply a governmental institution, it is a religious institution as well,” Thomas wrote in his…Continue Reading