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Europe Is The Faith

December 9, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on Europe Is The Faith

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK Not every admirer of Hilaire Belloc’s work thinks it was wise for him to write, “Europe is the faith, and the faith is Europe.” But whatever one’s position on Belloc’s words, what is happening in Europe these days calls them to mind. Am I the only one who suspects that the people of Europe, whether or not they have ever heard of Belloc, are pondering one version or another of his statement about the centrality of Catholicism to Europe’s identity as they witness the flood of Muslim refugees pouring across their borders? My guess is that Europeans are longing for a leader to come to the forward and state openly and unapologetically, “This flow of refugees…Continue Reading

A Time For Mercy, For Born And Unborn

December 8, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on A Time For Mercy, For Born And Unborn

By FR. FRANK PAVONE (Editor’s Note: Fr. Pavone is the national director of Priests for Life. To follow the connections between the Jubilee of Mercy and the pro-life movement, see + + + As the Jubilee Year of Mercy begins, we are living at a special moment for the Church and the world, and mercy is as needed today as it has ever been. The world is suffering from the grief and fear that stem from terrorism, while at the same time too many public officials are blind to the evils of the abortion industry, in which the key player is Planned Parenthood, and so countless lives continue to be taken and countless lives devastated by abortion. We need…Continue Reading

The Laity’s Role In The Sex Abuse Scandals

December 8, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on The Laity’s Role In The Sex Abuse Scandals

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK I have yet to come across a member of the Catholic laity who is not deeply disappointed and angered by the cases of sexual abuse in the Church. Even if in percentage terms it was a small number of priests who were guilty, and even if the percentages were no higher than among Protestant ministers, rabbis, and public school teachers, we were saddened. We expected more of our priests. That is why Frank Bruni was off the mark when he argued in early November in The New York Times, in an article entitled “The Catholic Church’s Sins are Ours,” that ordinary Catholics were guilty of “complicity” in the scandals; that they ignored “an epidemic right before…Continue Reading

Are School Suspensions Racist?

December 7, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on Are School Suspensions Racist?

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK Critics of Catholic schools often argue that their success can be attributed not to superior teaching but to their exclusion of slow and “difficult” minority students. In many ways it is an unfair charge. But not entirely. I frequently point to the successful Catholic high schools in New York City that include large numbers of minority students among their student bodies. But admission to those schools requires success on a competitive entrance examination. And the schools’ enforcement of standards leads to some students being expelled. How should this trade-off of achieving a successful and safe school at the expense of excluding difficult minority children be judged? Michael Petrilli wrestled with the issue on the website Bloomberg…Continue Reading

Restoring The Sacred . . . Mary Most Pure, Fair As The Dawn

December 6, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on Restoring The Sacred . . . Mary Most Pure, Fair As The Dawn

By JAMES MONTI Advent, as Pope St. John Paul II observed, is a liturgical journey that we make in the company of Our Lady. Our Advent each year lasts on average about three and a half weeks, but hers, the very first, lasted nine months, beginning with the Angel Gabriel’s visit to her. In the eternal Providence of God, how very fitting it is that the annual commemoration of the Blessed Virgin’s own dawn of existence, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, should come in the heart of Advent. Here in the United States as in Mexico the Marian motif of Advent is further amplified by the December 12 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. One could say that the…Continue Reading

An Advent Reflection . . . The Sanctification Of Time

December 5, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on An Advent Reflection . . . The Sanctification Of Time

By JULIE ASH (Editor’s Note: Julie Ash writes from Cherokee County, Okla., where she is a novice oblate of Clear Creek Abbey.) + + + The classic poem If, Rudyard Kipling’s optimistic ode to growing up, makes the unlikely promise that “If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it — and which is more — you’ll be a man, my son!” While this frenzied definition of success may accurately depict modern life in ways Mr. Kipling couldn’t possibly have imagined, we Catholics must take a radically different approach to time management. We must order our days by the careful, prayerful use of the time that…Continue Reading

Pro-Aborts Exploit Any Opportunity To Smear Pro-Lifers

December 4, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on Pro-Aborts Exploit Any Opportunity To Smear Pro-Lifers

By REY FLORES “I think it’s fair to have a legitimate, honest debate about abortion. . . . How we talk about it, making sure that we’re talking about it factually, accurately, and not demonizing organizations like Planned Parenthood I think is important.” These are the words of our dear leader Barack Obama. He thoroughly enjoys being the head cheerleader for the abortion giant, and it is a role he embraced long before he occupied the White House. If Barack Obama tells me to go high, I’ll go low. If Barack Obama tells me to go left, I’ll run right . . . every time. If Barack Obama does not want anyone to demonize Planned Parenthood, then perhaps the organization…Continue Reading

Strange Loner . . . Brings His Own Brand Of Death-Dealing To Abortuary

December 3, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on Strange Loner . . . Brings His Own Brand Of Death-Dealing To Abortuary

By DEXTER DUGGAN It was to have been a long, relaxing late-November weekend for many Americans. Maybe even newsrooms could bask in a slowed pace. But the day after Thanksgiving took an unexpected dire turn. True, the days just before and after holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas routinely are disfigured by Planned Parenthood abortuaries conducting their kind of grating business as usual. That’s part of the grotesquerie of modern life drained of moral values. That’s the result of unaccountable authorities making up their own rules to force onto society that defy the Constitution, custom, and common sense, like mandated, expansive permissive abortion. Burning down the law by the upper crust can creep down to suggest lawless potentials to the bottom…Continue Reading

Are Trump And Putin Right?

December 2, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on Are Trump And Putin Right?

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN MSNBC’s November 30 Morning Joe hosted a spirited discussion with Donald Trump on whether he was right in asserting that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated as the towers came down on 9/11. About Muslim celebrations in Berlin, however, there appears to be no doubt. In my chapter “Eurabia,” in State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America (2006), is this quote from The New York Times Magazine, exactly 10 years ago. “Parallel to the declarations of ‘unconditional solidarity’ with Americans by the German majority, rallies of another sort were taking place in Neukolln and Kreuzberg. Bottle rockets were set off from building courtyards, a poor man’s fireworks, sporadic, sparse, and joyful; two rockets…Continue Reading

Playing With Life . . . The Unknown Consequences Of IVF

December 1, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on Playing With Life . . . The Unknown Consequences Of IVF

By FR. JOHN FLYNN, LC (Editor’s Note: Fr. John Flynn, LC, wrote this commentary for ZENIT News Agency. Fr. Flynn, a regular ZENIT contributor, holds degrees from the University of New South Wales and from the Pontifical Gregorian University. All rights reserved.) + + + Using artificial reproduction techniques is often seen as the solution for couples who have problems conceiving, or for women who prefer to postpone pregnancy. Yet, apart from any moral judgments, there are considerable drawbacks with various aspects of IVF. When a woman wishes to postpone childbirth, freezing some of her eggs is often proposed as a way to ensure successful pregnancy in future years. This solution, however, is far from being uncomplicated. “Women in their…Continue Reading