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Christmas: A Profound Event

December 2, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off on Christmas: A Profound Event

By LAWRENCE P. GRAYSON Christmas is rapidly approaching. It is a time when we experience the joy and peace of God’s presence. The crèches in our homes, the decorations and tableaux in the churches, the sermons and joyous music help us recall the most memorable day in human history — when God became man. We are very familiar with the story of our Lord’s birth, especially as related in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke: the census, Mary and Joseph’s trip to Bethlehem, the rejection at the inn, finding room in the stable, the angelic hosts, the guiding star, the shepherds and wise men, and most of all the babe lying in the manger wrapped in swaddling clothes. Yet, the…Continue Reading

An “America First” Trump Trade Policy

December 1, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off on An “America First” Trump Trade Policy

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN Donald Trump’s election triumph is among the more astonishing in history. Yet if he wishes to become the father of a new “America First” majority party, he must make good on his solemn promise: To end the trade deficits that have bled our country of scores of thousands of factories, and to create millions of manufacturing jobs in the USA. Fail here, and those slim majorities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin disappear. The president-elect takes credit for jawboning William Clay Ford to keep his Lincoln plant in Louisville. He is now jawboning Carrier air conditioning to stay in Indiana and not move to Mexico. Good for him. But these are baby steps toward ending the $800…Continue Reading

Readers Respond On Censorship

November 30, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off on Readers Respond On Censorship

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK In the October 27 edition of this column I invited our readers to respond to what I called an apparent case of “cognitive dissonance” on our side of the culture wars: the manner in which most conservative Catholics, at one and the same time, express their disagreement with college leftists who shout down opposing points of view in the name of political correctness, while also protesting performances of The Vagina Monologues and campus appearances by pro-abortion speakers. I asked in the column in question, “Can’t it be said that the champions of modern political correctness are calling for universities to maintain standards of decency? That they are taking a stand against moral relativism in defense of…Continue Reading

A Besieged Trump Presidency Ahead

November 29, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off on A Besieged Trump Presidency Ahead

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN After a week managing the transition, Vice President-elect Mike Pence took his family out to the Broadway musical Hamilton. As Pence entered the theater, a wave of boos swept over the audience. And at the play’s end, the Aaron Burr character, speaking for the cast and the producers, read a statement directed at Pence: “We are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values.” In March, the casting call that went out for actors for roles in this musical…Continue Reading

But USCCB Still Drags Its Heels… Trump’s Winning “Immigration” Issue Acknowledges Americans’ Burden

November 28, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off on But USCCB Still Drags Its Heels… Trump’s Winning “Immigration” Issue Acknowledges Americans’ Burden

By DEXTER DUGGAN A Mom and Dad raised their son and daughter at home in Southern California, where both children were born. After the daughter grew up and married, Mom looked forward longingly to having a grandchild she could help with. But Southern California was too expensive for the newlyweds. After a couple of years of living in apartments, they moved to the snowy Midwest, where the groom had family ties. The new couple both worked and continued to live in apartments until they had enough money to put down on their own house, which cost far less in their Midwestern state than it would have back in California. Meanwhile, their baby boy arrived. Grandma back on the West Coast…Continue Reading

The Feminized Church

November 27, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off on The Feminized Church

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK Terry Mattingly writes a blog site called On Religion ( His column on October 18 is worth your time. It is titled, “Why So Many Men Think Church Is for Women.” Mattingly is not a Catholic, but he explores a phenomenon many Roman Catholics have noted in recent decades, but hesitate to discuss in public for fear of insulting the many good women active in the Church. What phenomenon? Well, I know there are admirable exceptions that many readers of this column may point to, but isn’t it true that you don’t find many young men who play sports, work on cars, and hunt and fish, active in our parishes any longer? That is my experience,…Continue Reading

An Advent Reflection . . . Marriage And Parenthood Are The Toughest Vocations

November 26, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off on An Advent Reflection . . . Marriage And Parenthood Are The Toughest Vocations

By REY FLORES A few months ago, I had a brief conversation with a 28-year-old man about his plans and what he looked forward to in life. He said he was still trying to figure things out, but added that while marriage might one day be a possibility, children were absolutely out of the question. He reminded me of myself when I was his age. I too had said many times that I had no intention of bringing children into such a terrible world with so much conflict and suffering. At that time, I was still writing original songs, playing in my rock & roll band, and truly believing that we were going to “make it” and become famous rock…Continue Reading

With Good Signs Before Thanksgiving . . . What Gifts May Trump Be Wrapping To Put Under Christmas Tree?

November 25, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off on With Good Signs Before Thanksgiving . . . What Gifts May Trump Be Wrapping To Put Under Christmas Tree?

By DEXTER DUGGAN Not even in the White House yet, Donald Trump provided a potentially significant sign of what may be hoped for in his presidency by attending church with Mike Pence and staff members in Bedminster, N.J., on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The president-elect had retired from Manhattan to a New Jersey estate for the weekend to continue working on his transition. With not much of a reputation of being a churchgoer, Trump probably wouldn’t have surprised anyone if he had spent all of Sunday on political work and job interviews. Moreover, he had had to apologize during the campaign for old behavior that definitely wasn’t like being a choirboy. Still, millions of traditionally religious voters turned to him…Continue Reading

A Trump Doctrine: “America First”

November 24, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off on A Trump Doctrine: “America First”

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN However Donald Trump came upon the foreign policy views he espoused, they were as crucial to his election as his views on trade and the border. Yet those views are hemlock to the GOP foreign policy elite and the liberal Democratic interventionists of the Acela Corridor. Trump promised an “America First” foreign policy rooted in the national interest, not in nostalgia. The neocons insist that every Cold War and post-Cold War commitment be maintained, in perpetuity. On 60 Minutes, November 13, Trump said: “You know, we’ve been fighting this war for 15 years….We’ve spent $6 trillion in the Middle East, $6 trillion — we could have rebuilt our country twice. And you look at our roads…Continue Reading

Changing “Their” To A Single Pronoun

November 23, 2016 Frontpage Comments Off on Changing “Their” To A Single Pronoun

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK It is always difficult to determine if the time has come to adapt to grammatical errors and the incorrect use of words that have crept into everyday speech. But there are times when it is the wise thing to do. For example, I would argue that it makes no sense any longer to be rigid about the correct use of the term “begging the question.” We use words to communicate. If clinging to proper and traditional word usage leads to confusion, why do it? Highly respected reporters and television commentators now use “begs the question” in the incorrect way — all the time. They use the term to mean a statement that cries out for a…Continue Reading