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Students For Life Group . . . Stands Up Against Marchers Who Make A Mark Of Vulgarity

January 31, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Students For Life Group . . . Stands Up Against Marchers Who Make A Mark Of Vulgarity

  By DEXTER DUGGAN SAN FRANCISCO — Angry protests against Donald Trump often were billed as “women’s marches” the day after he was inaugurated president on January 20. However, a strident emphasis on encouraging permissive abortion and birth control seemed to indicate there’s something wrong with being women unless they’re giving priority to counteracting their childbearing potential. A speaker at the West Coast annual conference of Students for Life of America here on January 22 noted there were many women protesters saying they can’t be worthwhile unless they’re like men and don’t have babies. The speaker, Alison Howard, director of alliance relations at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), said that when she once asked her boss why such women were so…Continue Reading

Hate Crime: A Sea Change

January 30, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Hate Crime: A Sea Change

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK Wikipedia calls a “sea change” a “broad transformation of thinking drawn from a phrase in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.” Wikipedia has its critics, but this definition is on the mark. For example, the Civil War brought about a sea change in America’s view of slavery. The fall of the Soviet Union brought about a sea change in international relations. Etc., etc. I would argue that the widespread coverage of the Facebook video broadcast in early January of four black men and women in Chicago torturing a mentally disabled white man fits the definition as well. The video is horrific. It shows a young white man bound and gagged on the floor, huddled in a corner. A group…Continue Reading

The Left’s Weird Science

January 29, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on The Left’s Weird Science

By REY FLORES I love the way the liberal left uses science as a form of religion. They worship at the altar of Al Gore and his global warming, and most recently “climate change” conspiracy theories. Like an army of Chicken Littles (though they’re not as cute), the liberal leftists run around crying about melting ice glaciers, endangered species of animals becoming extinct, and the ever-growing danger of our carbon footprints. I’d sure like to put a literal carbon footprint on all of their behinds. Climate change used to be known as the four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. But these radical Mother Earth worshipers like to make it sound like some kind of Irwin Allen disaster film, envisioning…Continue Reading

Hope For Trump, Hate For Trump . . . Pass Each Other On San Francisco Streets

January 28, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Hope For Trump, Hate For Trump . . . Pass Each Other On San Francisco Streets

By DEXTER DUGGAN SAN FRANCISCO — In what amounted to strange symbolism, fierce foes of Donald Trump virtually invited the public to tread upon and thereby dirty their posters that proclaimed derision of traditional morality. Here’s how that came about. Coincidentally in 2017, the West’s largest annual pro-life march occurred immediately before, and in the very same location of, the local anti-Donald Trump demonstration scheduled the day after the new president’s January 20 inauguration. The Walk for Life West Coast marches through San Francisco on the Saturday closest to the January 22 date of the U.S. Supreme Court’s unreasoned imposition of massive national permissive abortion in 1973. In recent years, tens of thousands of pro-lifers have rallied for an hour…Continue Reading

Donald Trump, Revolutionary

January 27, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Donald Trump, Revolutionary

By JUDGE ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO Within four hours of becoming president of the United States, Donald Trump signed an executive order intended to limit immediately the effects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in ways that are revolutionary. With the stroke of a pen, the president assaulted the heart of the law that was the domestic centerpiece of his predecessor’s administration. How did this happen? How can a U.S. president, who took an oath to enforce the laws faithfully, gut one of them merely because he disagrees with it? Here is the back story. When Obamacare went through Congress in 2010, all Democrats in Congress supported it and all congressional Republicans were opposed. The crux of their…Continue Reading

New President, New World

January 26, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on New President, New World

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN “Don’t Make Any Sudden Moves” is the advice offered to the new president by Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations, which has not traditionally been known as a beer hall of populist beliefs. Haass meant the president should bring his National Security Council together to anticipate the consequences before tearing up the Iran nuclear deal, moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, or shooting down a missile being tested by Kim Jong Un. In arguing against rash action, Haass is correct. Where the CFR and the establishment are wrong, and Donald Trump is right, however, is in recognizing the new world we have entered. The old order is passing away. Treaties and alliances dating from…Continue Reading

As McCain Grabs For Power At Meet . . . Trump Campaign Official Expects Flurry Of New Policies Enacted

January 25, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on As McCain Grabs For Power At Meet . . . Trump Campaign Official Expects Flurry Of New Policies Enacted

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — As the Trump administration takes office, “I think the first two years are going to have a flurry of Donald Trump policies being enacted,” a high Trump campaign official who’s also state treasurer of Arizona told The Wanderer. Treasurer Jeff DeWit, who was the first elected official in the nation to endorse Trump and became chief operating officer of his presidential campaign, said the United States needs more businessmen like Trump to fix the messes that establishment politicians have caused. “I’ve known from the very first that Donald Trump” was the best candidate for president, DeWit told The Wanderer, and “we got it done” by electing him. DeWit served as special adviser to Trump’s transition…Continue Reading

Bigotry And Blood Mark Planned Parenthood

January 24, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Bigotry And Blood Mark Planned Parenthood

By BILL DONOHUE (Editor’s Note: Bill Donohue is president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights []. On January 19, he released this commentary about a short film, 100 Years, celebrating the centenary of Planned Parenthood.) + + + Lena Dunham was a great choice to co-produce this Planned Parenthood propaganda film 100 Years. She is not only a confessed child abuser (see for July 22, 2016), she recently regretted not having an abortion. Having Meryl Streep do some of the narrating was also wise. When she was a freshman at Yale, she took an acting class where she was asked to act out a death scene: she chose to perform an abortion on herself (see…Continue Reading

Munich’s Subways And Edmund Burke

January 23, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on Munich’s Subways And Edmund Burke

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK My Christmas holiday was not the usual one this year. I spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day in Munich, watching my grandson’s Connecticut high school hockey team playing in a tournament against German and Austrian teams. And why would that be of interest to anyone? This is The Wanderer, not Sports Illustrated. (Just for the record: the Connecticut kids won all three of their games against some very good German and Austrian teams.) What prompted me to bring up my time in Munich was something I read by Victor Davis Hanson in National Review the day after I returned home. Davis described in his January 4 column his exasperation with life in the…Continue Reading

An Open Letter To President Donald J. Trump

January 22, 2017 Frontpage Comments Off on An Open Letter To President Donald J. Trump

By REY FLORES Congratulations, Mr. President! Likewise, congratulations to our new first lady, Melania Trump, and to your entire family! As an American, I have always been proud of our great nation even when things looked bleak, especially during the last eight years. When things got tough, that’s when I became more involved in helping to make positive changes for our nation instead of simply complaining. Little did I imagine a few years back when I attended one of the very first Tea Party rallies in Joliet, Ill., that we would come back stronger than ever as a nation, led by a proven and strong leader like you. I guess it took an extremist and radical president like Obama to…Continue Reading