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A Leaven In The World . . . “My House Shall Be Called The House Of Prayer”

February 22, 2016 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By FR. KEVIN M. CUSICK Conversation while warming up in the lodge between downhill runs on a recent ski outing turned to faith, as it often does when I reveal to strangers that I am a priest. One 20-something fellow, whom you might call a “DC” for “doesn’t care,” shared that he doesn’t go to Mass while his parents still do. He made it clear that it doesn’t bother him that he might be omitting something important from his life. This is quite common among young people newly out on their own in the world and can sometimes simply be classified as experimenting with free will and trying to differentiate from one’s parents. Another fellow in his 30s, however, had…Continue Reading

An Apologetics Course… The Catechism

February 21, 2016 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By RAYMOND DE SOUZA, KM Part 42 A common question I hear from people is this: Where can you find a collection of Church teachings coming from the ordinary Magisterium? The answer is simple: You find the teachings of the ordinary Magisterium in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Everyone should have a Catechism at home. The Catechism gives you all the most important doctrines of the Church, taken from Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. There you find those teachings well explained and illustrated. A wealth of footnotes is provided, so that those who are really serious about learning can consult the sources to acquire a greater knowledge. Your Wanderer provides you with excellent material by our colleague Don Fier.…Continue Reading

Life Everlasting — Purgatory

February 20, 2016 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By DON FIER The goal that every human being yearns to attain, knowingly or unknowingly, is the state of supreme and definitive happiness that can only see its fulfillment in the beatific vision. The joy that will be ours if we die in the state of sanctifying grace — either immediately after death or following a period of purification — is beyond all imagining and indescribable in human terms. “Gathered around Jesus and Mary, the angels and the saints,” those blessed souls who achieve the ultimate end for which man was created “form the Church of heaven, where they will see God ‘face to face’ (1 Cor. 13:12). They live in [an everlasting] communion of love with the Most Blessed…Continue Reading

Catholic Replies

February 19, 2016 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

Q. In a brochure I got from a Jehovah’s Witness, it says that “the Bible also shows that God’s Son, Jesus, healed the sick. Why did he do so? Because he wanted to (Mark 1:40, 41). Jesus perfectly reflected his Father’s personality by his desire to help those in need — John 14:9.” But the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe that Jesus is God, do they? — K.E.R., Connecticut. A. No, they don’t and that’s why, in the brochure, they only referenced John 14:9 to show that Jesus merely reflects the Father’s personality. Had they quoted that verse and the verses that follow it would have undermined their position. Here is what Jesus said to the Apostle Philip in verses 9-11:…Continue Reading

A Desert Of Selfishness

February 18, 2016 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By FR. ROBERT ALTIER Third Sunday Of Lent (YR C) Readings: Exodus 3:1-8a, 13-15 1 Cor. 10:1-6, 10-12 Luke 13:1-9 In the first reading today we hear the call of Moses. We recall that Moses had been raised in Pharaoh’s palace, but when he killed an Egyptian who was abusing a Hebrew, he had to flee for his life. After Moses had been a nomadic shepherd in the desert for many years, the Lord appeared to him in the burning bush. In this revelation of Himself, God tells Moses that He has heard the cries of the Israelites and has come down to rescue them. Moses, with his unique background, is the one chosen by God to speak to Pharaoh…Continue Reading

Pope Francis To Padre Pio Prayer Groups…. St. Pio Of Pietrelcina Was A Servant Of Mercy

February 17, 2016 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

(VATICAN CITY — Below is a ZENIT translation of Pope Francis’ address when he met with Padre Pio prayer groups, who were in Rome to venerate the saint’s relics, in St. Peter’s Basilica Saturday morning, February 6. (The relics of Padre Pio and St. Leopold Mandic visited St. Peter’s Basilica from February 5 to 11 as part of the Jubilee of Mercy. (ZENIT provided the text. All rights reserved.) + + + Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! I give you my welcome — I see that you are very numerous! — and I thank Msgr. Castoro for the words he addressed to me. I greet you all, who come from several countries and regions, united in great affection and…Continue Reading

A Leaven In The World . . . The Battle For The Babies And Super Bowl 50

February 15, 2016 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By FR. KEVIN M. CUSICK In the midst of our national pastime at Super Bowl 50, the abortion battle flared again. The television ads that often prove to be light entertainment, cleverly advertising as they do commodities like junk food and cars, can even prove to be causes of contention. NARAL tweeted a petulant protest of a Doritos ad which aired during the big game featuring a sonogram image of a baby who kept reaching to help himself to Dad’s Doritos, ultimately leaping inside the womb to dive after them. How dare the producers “humanize” the fetus through the use of ultrasound? NARAL pouted, enraged that this might put “choice” at risk. The scuffle that ensued resulted in the battle…Continue Reading

An Apologetics Course . . . The Infallibility Of The Church Of Jesus Christ

February 14, 2016 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By RAYMOND DE SOUZA, KM Part 41 In our study of apologetics, we have seen that Jesus Christ claimed to be the Son of God, and proved it by His teachings, prophecies, miracles, and above all by His Resurrection. He founded one Church, not many, and endowed His apostles with the power to consecrate the Eucharist, forgive sins, preach in His name, and pass His priesthood to others in the course of time. In order to guarantee that His teaching would be properly and faithfully transmitted, He endowed His Church with infallibility in her teaching ministry. Please note that He has never given the gift of impeccability to the Church ministers, but only infallibility in their formal teachings, under very…Continue Reading

Life Everlasting — Heaven

February 13, 2016 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By DON FIER As we continue our examination of the teaching of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) on the Four Last Things — Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell — we recall from last week that at the exact instant man’s immortal soul separates from his body in death, it appears before Christ for the Particular Judgment. This definitive judgment will be confirmed at the end of time in the General Judgment when our risen bodies are eternally reunited with our souls. The particular judgment is “the judgment of immediate retribution which each one after death will receive from God in his immortal soul in accord with his faith and his works,” as defined by the Compendium of the…Continue Reading

Catholic Replies

February 12, 2016 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

Q. I understand that plenary indulgences are available during this Jubilee Year of Mercy if one passes through the “Holy Door of Mercy” in a Catholic cathedral and meets all the other conditions for an indulgence. But what if one has no opportunity to visit a cathedral? Can the plenary indulgence still be obtained? — P.D., via e-mail. A. Yes. First of all, indulgences are always available to Catholics regardless of whether it’s a year of mercy or not. In the Manual of Indulgences issued in 2006, there are listed dozens of prayers, devotions, and good works that can obtain indulgences. These include adoration of the cross on Good Friday, teaching or studying Christian doctrine, attending a spiritual retreat of…Continue Reading