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CACG: Faux Catholic Front Group Still An Outsider?

December 20, 2014 World News Comments Off

At Catholic World Report Anne Hendershott revisits the notorious democrat front group, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, and gives us an idea of their set of 2016 tricks. Promising yet again to “move beyond partisan and ideological divisions,” the George Soros-supported Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good(CACG) has refined its successful strategies of the past in its attempts to convince Catholic voters that the pro-choice Democratic nominees for public office in 2016 will do more to reduce the number of abortions than pro-life Republicans will. The group’s main argument supporting this claim is that Democrats will reduce poverty—a major factor in the choice to abort an unborn child.

The Catholic Weakness

December 20, 2014 World News Comments Off

A large proportion of traditional, Mass-going Catholics don’t believe basic Church doctrine. Why not? By Maggie Gallagher   Last week I wrote about one piece of data that jumped out from the Austin Institute’s fascinating new study, Relationships in America: the Mormon advantage in transmitting traditional Christian practice and views on many things, from life after death to sex and marriage. Judging from the comments, many people have a hard time separating a sociological analysis from a theological one. Even many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints understandably believe that their particular strain of theology is the key to their relative success. Maybe so. Certainly there is an obvious reciprocal relationship between orthopraxy and orthodoxy (right…Continue Reading

Cardinal Burke . . . “The Church depends on sound Catholic family life, and it depends on sound Catholic families.”

December 15, 2014 World News Comments Off

An Interview with Cardinal Burke  On Vatican II Q. Your Eminence, you grew up before the Second Vatican Council. How do you remember those times? A. I grew up in a very beautiful time in the Church, in which we were carefully instructed in the faith, both at home and in the Catholic school, especially with the Baltimore Catechism. I remember the great beauty of the Sacred Liturgy, even in our little farming town, with beautiful

Did Pope Francis really say all dogs go to heaven? UPDATED

December 14, 2014 World News Comments Off

That nice man, Pope Francis, says you get to see your pets again in Heaven. But Pope Benedict is a mean old Grinch who wants to remove the animals from your Nativity scene Christmas decorations. Oh, really? Please don’t believe everything you read. The great strength of Catholicism is its insistence that reason be joined together with faith. Meanwhile, the media goes its merry way, endlessly reporting irrational things about the Popes. Just in time for Christmas, here is the unbelievable story currently circulating: In his weekly audience in St. Peter’s, last week Francis quoted the apostle Paul who comforted a ch

Catholic Church in Australia links celibacy to child abuse

December 13, 2014 World News Comments Off

By Jonathan Pearlman, Sydney, and Nick Squires in Rome 8:04PM GMT 12 Dec 2014 Priests’ vows of celibacy may have led to paedophilia, the Roman Catholic Church in Australia has said, in what is believed to be the first such admission by Catholic officials worldwide. A group advising the Australian Church on how to deal with thousands of cases of child sex abuse said celibacy may be psychologically damaging for some priests. “Obligatory celibacy may also have contributed to abuse in some circumstances,” said a

Pope Calls For More ‘Integration’ Of Divorced Catholics, Gays

December 10, 2014 World News Comments Off

By Francis X. Rocca Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis said that the Catholic Church must consider various ways to integrate the divorced and civilly remarried in the life of the church — not merely allowing them to receive Communion, but letting them serve as eucharistic ministers and godparents — and to make it easier for Catholic families to accept their homosexual members. The pope also said he would travel to three Latin American countries and several African countries in 2015, and that major reforms of the Vatican bureaucracy, including the possible appoint

‘I’m not worried’ about resistance, Pope Francis says in new interview

December 7, 2014 World News Comments Off

Vatican City, Dec 7, 2014 / 11:04 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In an interview with the Argentine daily “La Nacion” published Sunday, Pope Francis spoke on a variety of topics, giving specific attention to the ongoing reform of the Roman Curia, and some of the resistance he’s facing. “I am not worried. It all seems normal to me; if there were no difference of opinions, that wouldn’t be normal,” the Pope told Elisabetta Piqué in an interview published in La Nacion Dec. 7. “Resistance is now evident. And that is a good sign for me, getting the resistance out into the open, no stealthy mumbling when there is disagreement. It´s healthy to get things o

Catholic Church Severs Ties with Agency over Gay Adoption Ruling

December 6, 2014 World News Comments Off

The Catholic Church in Northern Ireland is pulling the plug on a long-standing relationship with the Family Care Society, a Catholic adoption agency, after a judge ruled that all adoption services must be willing to place children with same-sex couples and singles. In a statement released Thursday, the Catholic Bishops of Northern Ireland said it was “with regret” that they were severing their relationship with the Belfast-based Family Care Society, an agency that the church itself founded. After exhausti

Reaction to Chicago archbishop’s remarks on pro-abort pols receiving Communion

December 3, 2014 World News Comments Off

n a radical departure from the position of Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop Blase Cupich – said to have been handpicked by Pope Francis for Chicago – has presented giving Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians as a positive move. Asked Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation if he would give Communion to pro-abortion politicians, the archbishop said he hoped the grace that comes to people from the Eucharist would bring them to the truth…. ‘I would not use the Eucharist, or as they call it ‘the Communion rail,’ as a place to have those discussions or way in which people would be either excluded from the li

Pope Francis dodges reporter’s question on treatment of homosexuality in Synod’s controversial mid-term report

December 2, 2014 World News Comments Off

Since the conclusion of the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family, reporters around the world have been wondering where Pope Francis stands on the controversial language about homosexuality in the mid-term Synod report.  The opportunity to ask the pope directly came this Sunday on the now-customary return flight press conference as Pope Francis returned from his brief journey to Turkey. The Associated Press’ Patricia Thomas was selected to ask the question for English-language journalists on the flight.  While Thomas herself wanted to ask another question, the majority of the English language reporters covering wanted to ask about the pope’s position on homosexuality despite the fact that Vatican press secretary Fr. Federico Lombardi told