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Liberia: Nun dies of Ebola virus, two missionaries ill

August 11, 2014 World News Comments Off

A nun working in Liberia has died of the Ebola virus. Sister Chantal Pascaline worked with the Hospitaller Brothers of St John of God. She died in Monrovia on Saturday. Two colleagues from the same order, Spanish priest Father Miguel Pajares, 75, and Sister Juliana Bonoha Bohe, 65, were evacuated to Madrid by jet this week. Sister Juliana initially tested negative for Ebola but is being held in isolation at the hospital, according to Spanish media reports. Father Miguel has the disease, and is going to be the first European to be treated with the experimental drug ZMapp. The drug, produced by Mapp Biopharmaceutical in San Diego, has been tested on monkeys but had never been tried on humans until…Continue Reading

Kurtz: New Catholic Teachers Shouldn’t Be Afraid

August 9, 2014 World News Comments Off

A group of about 750 Catholic school teachers, principals and Jefferson County school officials crammed into pews and chairs at St. Gabriel Parish in Fern Creek Friday morning for a mass service to ready the staff for the coming year. Archbishop Joesph Kurtz, who oversaw the service, tried to calm new school teachers by telling them about a “disastrous” experience he had after first becoming ordained in 1972. “One of my assignments was to be a part-time high school teachers to sophomores, and I was supposed to begin as the fourth quarter of the year begins,” Kurtz said to laughs from experienced teachers.

Send An Email Or Write A Letter To The Mayor Of Oklahoma City To Protest Black Satanic Mass At Civic Auditorium

August 9, 2014 World News Comments Off

Here is a copy of an email sent to the Mayor of Oklahoma City.  I think this man did a great job and we can use it as an example of what we can send.  Thank you to all of you who are praying the novena to Our Lady of The Assumption and who are writing letters of protest.

ISIS Closes In On Christians in Dramatic Overnight Development

August 7, 2014 World News Comments Off

Pope, Iraq’s Chaldean patriarch issue emergency appeals. ISIS, the radical Islamist group that forced Christians out of Mosul with the threat of death, has taken control of most of the villages of the Nineveh Plain, the northern area where Iraqi Christians have hunkered down in what is appearing increasingly to look like ethnic cleansing.In a statement in which the Vatican referst to “terrible developments,” Pope Francis has called for help from the “international community.” “His Holiness urgently calls on the international community to protect all those affected or threatened by the violence, and to guarantee all necessary assistance—especially the most urgently needed aid—to the great multitude of people who have been driven from their homes, whose fate depends entirely on…Continue Reading

The IRS’s God Complex

August 4, 2014 World News Comments Off

The tax agency signs a secret pact with atheists, promising it will investigate 99 churches. Is the Internal Revenue Service a threat to religious liberty? As the IRS continues to come under well-aimed fire for harassing conservative groups, on Friday it secured a final court order formalizing what amounts to a secret agreement to monitor the pulpits of ill-favored churches. The serious danger, as former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams told Fox News, is that the IRS will start treating “theology as politics,” and regulate it accordingly. Lovers of liberty should be very concerned.

Archbishop Kurtz: Synod can be “a catalyst” for renewal

August 4, 2014 World News Comments Off

August 04, 2014 USCCB president Archbishop Joseph Kurtz will represent the US at the upcoming Synod of Bishops. The urgent challenges facing families—and how the Church can serve families better—will be the synod’s top priorities, he says. Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, 67, of Louisville, Kentucky, is president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). From October 5-19, 2014, he will be in Rome to participate in the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the theme “The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization.

Vatican: The Sign Of Peace Isn’t A Liturgical “Good Morning”

August 3, 2014 World News Comments Off

Today the Vatican confirmed the authenticity of a letter on the “sign of peace” that was released by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments and appeared on the website of the Spanish bishops’ conference. Catholic News Service reportedly obtained the English text of the letter, which was approved by Pope Francis, and which stated that the sign of peace—currently placed after the consecration and before the recitation of the Agnus Dei in the Roman Rite—will not be moved to another part of the Mass, as had been proposed by some bishops.From the CNS report:

UK bishop warns of ‘inhuman ideology’ behind euthanasia on WWI anniversary

August 3, 2014 World News Comments Off

A Catholic bishop in the UK has compared the popular support for Lord Falconer’s assisted suicide bill with the widespread support for the First World War in the summer of 1914. Bishop Mark Davies of the northwestern diocese of Shrewsbury, again spoke out against the bill in a homily last week that warned against being swayed by “emotionalism.” “A hundred years ago this week, the world descended into what is now called the First World War, the second war would quickly follow and a Cold War would bring humanity to the brink of nuclear extinction,” the bishop said at the Grotto of Lourdes, France, on July 26.

Putin Building Church, Monasteries in the Kremlin

August 2, 2014 World News Comments Off

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for two monasteries and a church that were demolished during Soviet times to be rebuilt in the Kremlin, the largest overhaul of the site’s architectural landscape in nearly a century. Putin has cultivated strong ties with Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, adopting more conservative policies and prompting some critics to suggest the line separating state and church has become blurred. At a meeting on Thursday with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and top administrators of the Kremlin site, Putin said his plan would involve tearing down a building used for administrative purposes to restore the site’s “historic appearance.”


August 1, 2014 World News Comments Off

Some Catholic bishops have recently suggested that granting amnesty to illegal immigrant children from Central America is consistent with “pro-life” Catholic teachings. As reported in National Catholic Register, Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh said that providing for the needs of the young illegal immigrants is one facet of a truly pro-life philosophy. “The Catholic Church responds to humanitarian crises here at home and all across the world because we are pro-life,” Zubik said in a statement on July 19th. “Being pro-life requires we protect and care for vulnerable persons from conception to natural death.” “Whether they are traveling because of poverty, or violence, or with the hope of reuniting with relatives on the other side of the border,” the bishop continued, “followers of…Continue Reading