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Advice for the Pope in Light of the Synod

October 14, 2014 World News Comments Off

The Holy Father has been very good in lecturing priests and telling us what to do. We are to go out into the world and “make a mess.” We are to “smell like the sheep.” We are to welcome all with compassion, forgiveness and mercy. We are to be good and kind pastors who administer the sacraments with care and concern. We are to seek out the poor, castigate the rich, side with the unfortunate, heal the sick, support the immigrants and reach out to the lowly. We are to welcome the divorced and remarried, not judge those with same sex attraction and open the doors of the church to all with a warm hearted and affirming form of evangelization…Continue Reading

Catholic Church in Minnesota Settles Sex-Abuse Claim

October 14, 2014 World News Comments Off

MINNEAPOLIS—The Catholic Church in Minnesota and a lawyer for victims of sexual abuse on Monday announced the settlement in the first-of-its-kind lawsuit claiming that clergy abuse and subsequent inaction by church leadership constituted a “public nuisance.” The settlement also laid out wide-ranging protocols aimed at requiring greater disclosure and better protection of children, according to victims’ lawyer

Pro-family Catholics reject Synod mid-way report, calling it ‘a betrayal’

October 13, 2014 World News Comments Off

ROME, 13 October 2014: An international coalition of pro-family groups has rejected the mid-way report of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, calling it “a betrayal”. Voice of the Family responded to the report (relatio post disceptationem), published this morning and presented by Cardinal Péter Erdő (See “Synod on Family: Midterm report presented, 2015 Synod announced“, Vatican Radio, 13 October) The report has been welcomed ecstatically by liberal Catholic commentators. John Smeaton, co-founder of Voice of the Family, said:

Catholic Social Injustice

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Musings and Concerns on the Synod

October 10, 2014 World News Comments Off

We are seeing in Rome a rather unusual unfolding of the Synod, wherein cardinals and bishops with very different points of view are airing those differences quite publicly. Even prior to the Synod there was the publication of various competing books. To be fair to the bishops and cardinals, it wou

Notre Dame Now Offers Spousal Benefits to “Married” Gays and Lesbians.

October 10, 2014 World News Comments Off

In sad news, the University of Notre Dame has announced that it will now “extend benefits to all legally married spouses, including same-sex spouses.” Just days after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review the issue of gay marriage, the university named for Our Lady, released a statement affirming that they “endorse” a “Catholic view of marriage” but said they “will follow the relevant civil law and begin to implement this change immediately.” The Sycamore Trust, an alumni organization committed to promoting the university’s Catholic identity, released a statement critical of this terrible decision by the university.

Cardinal Burke responds to Australian couple’s Synod presentation on family’s gay son

October 9, 2014 World News Comments Off

In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, Cardinal Raymond Burke has responded to a controversial presentation by an Australian couple before 191 of the Catholic Church’s leading bishops and cardinals at the ongoing Extraordinary Synod on the Family this week. During their intervention, which has turned out to be one of the most widely reported interventions at the Synod, the Priolas asked and answered a question about what parents should do in the case where their son wants to bring his homosexual partner to a Christmas dinner where their grandchildren will be present. The Pirolas’ response, which they held up as a model for the manner in which the Catholic Church should deal with same-sex relationships, was that parents should accept the participation of…Continue Reading

Synod hears explosive proposals to drop ‘disordered,’ ‘living in sin’ etc.

October 7, 2014 World News Comments Off

Speaking at this afternoon’s Vatican press briefing on the Synod on the Family English-language spokesman for the Synod, Fr. Thomas Rosica noted there has been much discussion about language in the Synod’s deliberations. Fr. Rosica explained what he believed to be “one of the salient interventions” of the day, noting that according to the presenter, “language such as ‘living in sin’, ‘intrinsically disordered’, or ‘contraceptive mentality’ are not necessarily words that invite people to draw closer to Christ and the Church.” “There is a great desire that our language has to change in order to meet the concrete situations,” he added.

We Want Church Truth On Marriage, Young Catholics Say

October 7, 2014 World News Comments Off

By Mary Rezac Denver, Colo., Oct 5, 2014 / 04:07 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- It always bothered Grace Raun when she heard her college classmates saying “nobody waits anymore” for marriage, because she knew it wasn’t true. As a practicing Catholic who had been dating the same person for five years, Grace knew all about waiting. But she said following the rules of the Church regarding premarital sex never felt oppressive. “I waited. I never felt like I didn’t ‘discover myself’ in college just because I was chaste,” she told CNA. “In fact, I felt like I knew myself better, because I wasn’t just looking for simple pleasures, but I was seeking a

Pope to Synod on the Family: God’s dream always clashes with the hypocrisy of some of his servants

October 6, 2014 World News Comments Off

by Bernardo Cervellera At the opening Mass of the Synod on “The pastoral challenge of the family in the context of evangelization,” Pope Francis warns against greed and arrogance, by placing ” intolerable burdens on the shoulders of others ” and considering “the faith of the Church” as “property.” Let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit not to “thwart” God’s drean. Present the 253 members of the synod, including 18 members from Asia and 14 married couples from all over the world.