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Catholic Priest Creates Arabic App to Support Persecuted Christians

April 17, 2014 World News Comments Off

BY MORGAN LEE , CHRISTIAN POST REPORTER April 16, 2014|11:13 pm A self-described Italian “technologic” priest has launched an Arab language version of his Catholic app that he hopes will support Christians in heavily persecuted Middle Eastern countries where printed breviaries are banned. Father Paolo Padrini, 41, who is at times known by his nickname iPriest, unveiled the newest version of his app on Saturday which he said will open “the door for religious freedom.” “The app has become a must-have for priests and cardinals and has been really appreciated with the Catholic Church,” Father Padrini told The Telegraph. “Now, with the launch of the Arabic version, the app can be used in those Muslim countries where the breviary is banned from sale and…Continue Reading

Denver Archbishop Rallies Coloradans Against ‘Extreme’ Abortion Bill

April 16, 2014 World News Comments Off

Denver, Colo., Apr 16, 2014 / 12:32 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The Archbishop of Denver on April 15 rallied opposition to a Colorado bill he says is “both extreme and dangerously ambiguous” in its ban on all abortion regulations and other pro-life laws. “Coloradans are not against common sense regulations on abortions, and they should have the opportunity to be able to debate and pass those regulations,” Archbishop Aquila Samuel J. Aquila said to a crowd of hundreds at an assembly and prayer vigil at the Colorado State Capitol. The large crowd was a sign of the rapid buildup of opposition to the bill, which had been introduced late in the legislative session. “Some of the senators have said they have…Continue Reading


April 16, 2014 World News Comments Off

By: Raquel Okyay 4/16/2014 08:41 AM Parents of the ailing Connecticut teen held captive by Massachusetts authorities for more than a year are pleading with the bureaucrat captors to let them celebrate Holy Week and Easter with their daughter, whose health is failing under the state’s custody. “We are in communication with the Department of Children & Families and Wayside Youth & Family to see if Justina can attend Easter Service this Sunday,” said Rev. Patrick Mahoney, who is a Presbyterian minister and spokesperson for the Pelletier family. “There is no commitment from DCF, but we are still working on it.”

Common Core stirs controversy for Catholic schools

April 16, 2014 World News Comments Off

By Peter Doocy Published April 15, 2014 Classrooms at some Catholic schools are undergoing a transformation, as decades-old traditions are being updated with Common Core state standards. Although the standards are not federally mandated for Catholic schools, dozens of dioceses are nevertheless adopting some of the changes. The way Bob Laird of the Cardinal Newman Society sees it, “beauty, truth, and knowledge” are lost when Catholic schools begin to weave the non-religious standards into lesson plans. “If Common Core standards are used across the board, then why send students to Catholic school?” Laird protested.  “Just send them to the public school, and have them take some Catholic–CCD–education.”

Catholic League’s Donohue: Church’s Pedophilia Crisis Is Over

April 15, 2014 World News Comments Off

Monday, 14 Apr 2014 06:14 PM By Bill Hoffmann The Catholic Church has far less of a problem with the sexual abuse of minors than other major institutions, says Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. Donohue told Ed Berliner and Diane Dimond — guest hosts of the “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV — that most of the sexual abuse cases bared in recent years are between 30 and 50 years old. “We’ve averaged 7.6 credible accusations against 40,000 in the last six years. This problem that took place, which was an utter disgrace, was between approximately 1965 and 1985,” Donohue said Monday. “That coincides with the sexual revolution and then the discovery…Continue Reading

Catholic Malta Legalizes Same-sex Civil Unions

April 15, 2014 World News Comments Off

Staunchly Catholic Malta has legalized same-sex civil unions and has given gay couples the right to adopt children. The vote comes nearly three years after the Mediterranean island nation legalized divorce. The Maltese parliament legalized same-sex unions and gay adoption on Monday in a 37-0 vote, signaling a major change in social policy for a conservative country where Catholicism is the state religion. “Malta is now more liberal and more European, and it has given equality to all its people,” Labour Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said. The opposition Nationalist Party abstained from the vote, saying that although it supports civil unions, it has doubts about adoption rights for gay couples. A crowd of hundreds of people, gathered outside parliament in…Continue Reading

Remembering Terri Schiavo:

April 13, 2014 World News Comments Off

April 13, 2014 Remembering Terri Schiavo: Bobby Schindler comments on Pope Francis, Bishop Robert Lynch, and working on behalf of the severely disabled By Matt C. Abbott The following is an email interview I recently conducted with Bobby Schindler, brother of the late Terri Schiavo, whose notorious murder by starvation and dehydration occurred in 2005. Mr. Schindler is the executive director of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network.

Parents Protest Speaker’s Talk On Morality At Another Catholic High School

April 12, 2014 World News Comments Off

For the 2nd time in recent weeks, parents of students at a Catholic high school are protesting that a speaker’s presentation on Catholic morality was harsh and insensitive. Parents of students at the Prout School in Rhode Island have expressed outrage over an appearance by Father Francis (“Rocky”) Hoffman, the executive director of Relevant Radio, a network of 33 Catholic stations. Kathleen Schlenz, whose daughter attends the school and heard the lecture, said that the presentation was offensive “regarding divorce, homosexuality, and even adoption.” Father Hoffman, who was on retreat, was unavailable to comment. But David Carradini, the principal of the Prout School, apologized for the presentation and said that Father Hoffman’s answers to students’ questions “were not entirely representative…Continue Reading

‘Pay for it yourself’: Canadian Catholics fighting renewed push for single publicly funded school system

April 12, 2014 World News Comments Off

Sarah Boesveld | April 12, 2014 When Leonard Baak’s son hit kindergarten age, his local public school in Stittsville, Ont., was so full it couldn’t even add any portables. So all the other parents in his neighbourhood did the natural thing and dusted off their Roman Catholic baptism certificates and got their children into the local Catholic school. Mr. Baak was a “churchgoing Christian” but not Catholic — which at least one parent needs to be if a child can be admitted to Catholic elementary. His only other choice was to put his four-year-old on a 45-minute bus ride or enroll him in private school at a hefty price. I pay as much tax as they do He tried everything to get…Continue Reading

What Bishop Jugis did NOT say about Sister Jane Dominic’s talk

April 12, 2014 World News Comments Off

By Phil Lawler  April 10, 2014 5:05 PM Charlotte’s Bishop Peter Jugis has finally issued a statementregarding the unseemly controversy at Charlotte Catholic High School. In that statement the bishop clearly affirms the teachings of the Catholic Church. But he does not affirm Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, whose presentation of those teachings provoked so much bitter criticism. ”Different viewpoints regarding Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel’s presentation to students on March 21, 2014, have been discussed in a variety of venues,” the bishop says. He does not indicate what viewpoint, if any, he holds on that presentation. He does not even mention, anywhere in his statement, the subject matter of her presentation. If your only source of information about this affair is the bishop’s statement,…Continue Reading