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Somehow Energized By Abortion . . . Dems Can’t See Why Others Don’t Join Them In Driving Off Cliff

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The Democratic Party is making progress on the abortion issue — in the same sense that an impaired driver speeding toward the rim of the Grand Canyon makes progress toward plunging into a deadly abyss.
Back in the 1990s days of the Bill Clinton presidency, “safe, legal and rare” was the deflecting lie that left-wing Dems employed to defend permissive abortion while pretending they didn’t like it.
Today, with Bill and Hillary’s daughter all grown up, massive abortion is thought of as a vital engine in that fatally misdirected driver’s vehicle, supposedly helping make the U.S. economy surge forward.
At an August 11 New York get-together lauding and promoting abortion, daughter Chelsea did a good impression of Planned Parenthood eugenicist Margaret Sanger by claiming that easy abortion is a contributor to the good health of the economy.
Even one second’s reflection at this notion should have made Chelsea puzzle over how ripping apart tens of millions of defenseless future U.S. workers, taxpayers, and consumers helps the country. Indeed, recall how often the left says immigration must be unlimited because the U.S. doesn’t have enough people.
By the way, if Dem illogic is responsible for killing future workers by the millions, it’s also killing future voters by the millions. What’s that we hear about Democrats always needing to find more voters — even if it comes to importing them illegally?
We know that Democrats have a reputation for benefiting from the “cemetery” vote of the deceased, who still manage to keep pulling the lever from the netherworld.
Maybe Dem wizards also can figure out how to obtain votes from babies who never made it as far as the nursery. But wouldn’t you know it, the tiny victims likely would size up the Dem gravediggers correctly and squeal, “I ain’t voting for YOU!”
Logic and facts never matter as the national Democrats’ platform metastasized to regard this immense slaughter as a blessing — just so long as talking about blessings doesn’t get us into doing something icky like honoring God’s law on protecting the innocent.
Fittingly for a Dem whose party can’t figure out why its diseased immorality has driven away so many of its own voters, Chelsea said that American women were more able to enter the labor force thanks to permissive abortion, adding $3.5 trillion to the economy.
“The net, new entrance of women — that is not disconnected from the fact that Roe became the law of the land in January of 1973,” said clueless Chelsea.
Meanwhile, a liberal Democrat running for governor of Arizona recently demonstrated how much smoother the Grand Canyon State Dem voice has grown in only four years at excusing abortions for young teenagers whose parents aren’t even asked to permit the drastic medical intrusion on someone they’re legally responsible for.
Back in 2014, Arizona Dem gubernatorial hopeful Fred DuVal seemed a bit uneasy at the idea of a 14-year-old being aborted without a parental okay, but DuVal still defended it. Now, in 2018, Dem statehouse candidate David Garcia easily swallowed the scenario of a 13-year-old having an abortion while Mom and Dad’s authority was made to vanish.
In October 2014 a video showed DuVal saying that to require parental consent for a 14-year-old’s abortion unacceptably “gives the choice of reproductive freedom to the parents and not to the expectant mother. . . .”
It didn’t seem to occur to DuVal there were plenty of activities that 14-year-olds aren’t legally empowered for — including getting piercings to buying liquor to signing contracts to voting in national elections. Perhaps he sensed Planned Parenthood’s merciless gaze boring into his skull, so he sacrificed responsibility for young teens’ medical welfare lest PP be angry.
DuVal easily was defeated the following month by pro-life GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey.
Now, left-wing Arizona Dem gubernatorial candidate Garcia recently caught the attention of some national conservative websites after he was asked at a July 26 Tucson forum about abortion for 13 or 14-year-olds without parental consent.
On August 16 the Washington Free Beacon site posted an audio and article headlined, “Arizona Democrat Expresses Support for Minors Obtaining Abortion Without Parental Consent.” The article reported:
“Under existing Arizona law, a child under 18 years of age seeking an abortion must receive notarized written permission from at least one of their parents or a legal guardian before the procedure can occur, according to the Center for Arizona Policy. Minors can bypass the requirement for parental consent by receiving legal permission to procure an abortion from an Arizona superior court judge.”
Traditional protections for minors exist for a reason, as does the assumption that parents might make a better-advised decision than an abortion proponent. Garcia didn’t explain the bypass that already allows a judge to issue a legal permission.
In a day when propagandists present abortion as a simple, uncomplicated action hardly worth a second thought by teen-agers, smoothie Garcia instead retreated into classic hard-case rhetoric.
“Let’s put ourselves into that situation for a second. Let’s put ourselves into how tough that situation has to be,” Garcia said, later adding: “And they are likely in a very tough, difficult, desperate situation to be there. And, in that very difficult crossroads, in that place where there are very few places to turn, I want them to have the ability to go to a professional, to go to a counselor to make that decision with their assistance.”
The Free Beacon said Garcia’s candidacy had the support of Planned Parenthood, NOW, and NARAL.
An article posted August 16 at the Daily Wire website commented: “In Arizona, minors under the age of 18 have to get in-person parental consent to use a tanning bed. But Garcia, standing with the party of intrusive government, thinks a 13-year-old should be able to bypass parental consent for a life-changing procedure that kills an unborn child.”
Garcia also recently attracted some conservatives’ attention regarding his racist digital director Xenia Orona’s bigoted tweets. Even though protective dominant media didn’t raise a ruckus over Orona, Garcia still had to wave her goodbye.
Meanwhile, back at the New York abortion clambake, Bill and Hillary’s offspring Chelsea thought it was just good sense in service of the national well-being to kill off as many preborn humans as possible.
Spouting abortionist talking points that numb the mind against dealing with facts, Chelsea didn’t seem to think that her own mother had retarded the U.S. economy by giving birth to her, nor that Chelsea herself hurt the nation by having two babies.
Even if Chelsea’s raw economic focus had been valid that new mothers using permissive abortion create more wealth, critics pointed out the U.S. lost far more than it gained by filling trash cans with infants.
Juliana Knot posted at The Federalist website on August 17 to chide Chelsea for failing to “realize how much more is lost when death is the law of the land.”
“Assuming that the 60 million babies murdered would have started spending this way at 18 and live to the average age of 78,” Knot wrote, “they would have spent more than $200 trillion in their lifetimes. That’s money supporting businesses, driving industry, and creating jobs.
“That number dwarfs the $3.5 trillion Clinton flexed,” Knot added. “If every baby could have just lived a year as an adult, choosing life would outperform choosing death monetarily. Over 60 million lifetimes, it absolutely demolishes it.”
Knot concluded: “No ruling that supports a culture of death and diminishment can result in creation and growth, only haunting choruses of what could have been,” with “the words unspoken, the songs unsung, and the stories untold.”
Moreover, when these workforce ladies grow old, does Chelsea plan to come help at their houses with flowers and assistance that the elderly appreciate and even downright need? Of course not. Maybe some unionized government technician will. But never their dead children.
And then there’s that other economic consequence we sometimes hear about, the cost of “unproductive lives” well past their prime. Did eugenicist Sanger inspire Chelsea with a thought or two about what to do with them, too, that Miz Chelsea dare not speak aloud yet?
Then there’s fellow New York lefty, abortion fanatic, and governor, Andrew Cuomo, busy attacking pro-life crisis pregnancy centers when he’s not blurting that the U.S. never was great. Maybe Andy thinks we just needed more abortions to make the heralds of greatness sing?
Democrats can scratch their heads bald, or balder, trying to discern why many millions of voters prefer Donald Trump to them, but the donkeys need only look through their bloody mist into the mirror to find an answer.
No matter how blustery Trump’s declarations, or questionable some of his decisions, many ordinary Americans see him as better than the alternative.
Nor has it helped that dominant media have underscored their role as Democrat partisans.
Back during the 2016 presidential campaign, New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg already wrote of journalists’ deep opposition to candidate Trump attaining the White House, before he had a chance to do the slightest thing as president.
Since then, these journos have far more seriously damaged themselves than Trump with their unabating, obvious rage that’s supposed to pass for news coverage.
Coincidentally, shortly after Chelsea put her foot in it when lauding the deaths of tens of millions of preborn babies, a Newsweek writer chirped about her possible future career in politics.
Had Chelsea instead massively erred against political correctness, her entire public future would have ended instantly. But in hailing the cruel abortion god, she only made herself more delightful to people I wouldn’t ask to empty five-months-old garbage.
The Newsweek writer linked to an August 20 news-association article in the left-wing UK Guardian quoting Chelsea about her outrage over “the greatest sin of the moment” — “ripping children away from their families.”
Not, of course, about ripping apart countless babies by abortion, but far, far fewer youngsters whose welfare needs to be protected by checking whether the adults with them are dangerous sex or work-slavery traffickers.
Chelsea, the dominant media, the abortionists and all their pals truly are far, far off in some weird alternate universe. We wish they’d find their way back to reality and morality.

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