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Why I am Pro-Life

February 12, 2014 blogger Comments Off on Why I am Pro-Life

February 4, 2014   Pro-Lifers   By Therese Recinella   Editor’s note. This tribute was posted on Therese Recinella’s Facebook account. She is graciously allowing us to reprint it in NRL News Today.   There are many things that I could say about my Dad, but what I want people to know is this: My parents faithfully raised 8 children including my sister Janet, who contracted encephalitis at the age of 7. A feeding tube was inserted into her trachea. Janet was in a coma for two years.

Fathers . . . The Essential Role of the Father

February 11, 2014 blogger Comments Off on Fathers . . . The Essential Role of the Father

Posted on February 10, 2014 by The Catholic Gentleman 13 Comments   Divorce rates skyrocketing; adultery rampant; non-married cohabitating couples; children abandoned by their fathers or mothers; “same-sex unions” adopting children and calling this the “modern family”; pornography invading homes, leading to powerful addictions and total alienation from other members of the family: all of this is a bird’s eye view of the family situation in the modern world.   Nonetheless, followers of Jesus Christ lift up the banner with the word HOPE. Hope is one of the three theological virtues that are infused in the soul in the moment of Baptism: Faith, Hope and Charity.