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The Virtue Of Religion

May 1, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on The Virtue Of Religion

By JUDE P. DOUGHERTY Concern for the poor is not an identifying mark of religion, media accounts notwithstanding. Within the West, secular agencies and anti-Christian governments alike profess to be concerned for the poor, often for motivations suspect. Religion is concerned primarily with worship and with the things that pertain to worship. Concern for the poor did not build the great cathedrals and monastic edifices of Europe, but love of God did, as communities placed their wealth and art in the service of homage. Given that religion is often equated with Auguste Comte’s Godless “religion of humanity,” a few observations may be in order. Religion is God-directed insofar as it is the payment of an acknowledged debt, and as such…Continue Reading

Signs Abortion Clinic Inspections Bill . . . But Gov. Jan Brewer Is Not Another Sen. Ted Cruz

April 30, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on Signs Abortion Clinic Inspections Bill . . . But Gov. Jan Brewer Is Not Another Sen. Ted Cruz

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — When Jan Brewer announced in March that she wouldn’t seek a third consecutive term as governor of Arizona, she said in an interview that she could be spending time on the campaign trail promoting and raising funds for other candidates instead. But before eager conservatives in other states start sending her speaking invitations with the confident expectation that she’s pretty much like Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), they should weigh the evidence that she’s got some strong streaks in her more like Northeastern “moderate” Gov. Chris Christie (R., N.J.). The Grand Canyon State’s and Garden State’s governors are both pretty much pro-life Republicans, but certainly not the sort of conservative GOP hero that the Lone…Continue Reading

Benedict XVI . . . I Knew During His Life That John Paul II Was A Saint

April 29, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on Benedict XVI . . . I Knew During His Life That John Paul II Was A Saint

ROME (CNA) — In a rare interview, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI recalled his close friendship with Blessed John Paul II, saying that the Pontiff’s sanctity and deep spirituality were apparent during his life. “In the years in which I collaborated with him, it was ever clearer to me that John Paul II was a saint,” said Benedict XVI during an interview with Polish journalist Wlodzimierz Redzioch, which was published April 20 in the Spanish newspaper La Razon. “Naturally, his intense relationship with God, being immersed in communion with the Lord, needs to be taken into account above all,” the former Pope said of his Predecessor. Benedict XVI, who served under Pope John Paul II as prefect of the Congregation for…Continue Reading

In Richest U.S. Community, 31 Percent Work For Government

April 28, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on In Richest U.S. Community, 31 Percent Work For Government

By TERENCE JEFFREY Those who live in this nation’s richest county and those who live its poorest have an important thing in common: a disproportionate dependence on government. In the United States as a whole, according to Census Bureau estimates for the five-year period from 2008 through 2012, 14.9 percent of the people who had civilian jobs worked for government. Another 78.7 worked for private employers and 6.3 percent worked for themselves in their own unincorporated businesses. In America’s richest county, this pattern did not hold. Nor did it in the poorest. mAt the end of last year, the Census Bureau released two lists: The 30 counties with the highest median household incomes in 2012 and the 30 with the…Continue Reading

A Legal Way To Kill?

April 27, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on A Legal Way To Kill?

By ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO When President Obama decided sometime during his first term that he wanted to be able to use unmanned aerial drones in foreign lands to kill people — including Americans — he instructed Attorney General Eric Holder to find a way to make it legal — despite the absolute prohibition on governmental extra-judicial killing in federal and state laws and in the Constitution itself. “Judicial killing” connotes a lawful execution after an indictment, a jury trial, an appeal, and all of the due process protections that the Constitution guarantees defendants. “Extra-judicial killing” is a targeted killing of a victim by someone in the executive branch without due process. The president wanted the latter, and he wanted it…Continue Reading

NED’s Chickens Come Home To Roost

April 26, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on NED’s Chickens Come Home To Roost

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN When Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Empire an “evil empire,” the phrase reflected his conviction that while the East-West struggle was indeed a global geostrategic conflict, it had a deep moral dimension. If Americans did not see the Cold War as he did, a battle between good and evil, Reagan knew that they would indefinitely sacrifice neither the wealth of the nation nor the blood of its sons to sustain it. That is in the character of Americans. Jimmy Carter had sought to remove that moral dimension by declaring, “We have gotten over our inordinate fear of Communism.” But with his “evil empire” speech, Reagan re-moralized the Cold War in what Natan Sharansky called “a moment…Continue Reading

Culture Of Life 101 . . . “NSSM-200: Blueprint For World Depopulation”

April 25, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on Culture Of Life 101 . . . “NSSM-200: Blueprint For World Depopulation”

By BRIAN CLOWES (Editor’s Note: Brian Clowes has been director of research and training at Human Life International since 1995. For an electronic copy of National Security Study Memorandum 200 and a detailed report on the document, e-mail him at bclowes@hli.org.) +    +    + As the previous article showed, National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM-200), which was written in 1974, lays out a detailed strategy for United States population control programs. It begins by identifying the target nations, the tools that will be used and the organizations that will do the work. The next step is to find durable sources of funding for the population control programs and then work out specific details for the target nation(s). The population control…Continue Reading

Hope For The Dead

April 24, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on Hope For The Dead

By ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO What is the connection between freedom and rising from the dead? When America was in its infancy and struggling to find a culture and frustrated at governance from Great Britain, the word most frequently uttered in speeches and pamphlets and editorials was not safety or taxes or peace; it was freedom. Two acts of Parliament broke the bonds with the mother country irreparably. The first was the Stamp Act, which was enforced by British soldiers, who used general search warrants issued by a secret court in London to rummage through the personal possessions of any colonists they chose, ostensibly looking to see whether those colonists had purchased the government’s stamps. The second intolerable act was the…Continue Reading

Business: A “Noble Vocation”

April 23, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on Business: A “Noble Vocation”

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK There are two ways for a publication to provide a forum for a point of view that challenges the views of its editors. One is to pick an article that casts the other side in an unfavorable light, as peevish, unenlightened, and narrow-minded, the proverbial straw man. The other is to present the opposition at its best, to be genuinely “fair and balanced,” as one popular cable news network describes itself, in the hope of stimulating a debate that will lead its readers closer to the truth about the issue at hand. To their credit, the editors of the Jesuits’ magazine America took the latter approach in their March 24 issue. They published an article entitled…Continue Reading

What God Has Put Together

April 22, 2014 Featured Today Comments Off on What God Has Put Together

By JOHN F. KIPPLEY (Editor’s Note: John F. Kippley is the author of Sex and the Marriage Covenant: A Basis for Morality and other books and articles. With his wife Sheila, he is a coauthor of Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach. The commentary below is reprinted with permission from his blog at johnkippley.com. All rights reserved.) +    +    + Every informed Christian is aware that even in the Catholic Church today there are significant efforts to undermine the teaching of Jesus about the permanence of marriage. Fortunately, the traditional teaching is being well defended by eminent Churchmen and theologians. What is not often pointed out is that the words of Jesus about marriage also help to illustrate the evil…Continue Reading