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Neither Left Nor Right, But Catholic . . . The Left And The Rule Of Law

August 24, 2021 Featured Today Comments Off on Neither Left Nor Right, But Catholic . . . The Left And The Rule Of Law

By STEPHEN M. KRASON We have been witnessing what can only be called a subverting of the rule of law by the political left in the U.S. and its chief instrument, the Democratic Party. It is happening at different levels, from municipalities to the national level with the Biden administration.On the local level, in large cities district attorneys — many elected with the assistance of George Soros’ money, which aimed to get arch-leftist district attorneys elected around the country — are refusing to enforce and prosecute violations of certain categories of criminal laws according to their ideological preferences. They are even forgoing prosecution of obvious, outrageous, destructive criminal acts carried out with political motivation that conforms to the leftist political…Continue Reading

Aftermath Of An Afghanistan Debacle

August 23, 2021 Featured Today Comments Off on Aftermath Of An Afghanistan Debacle

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN In Afghanistan, the mission failure appears complete.The trillion-dollar project to plant Western democracy in a Muslim nation historically fabled for driving out imperial intruders has crashed and burned after 20 years, and the Taliban are suddenly back in power.After investing scores of billions in training and arming a force of 350,000 Afghani troops, the U.S. could not stand up an army and a government that could survive our departure.And the final U.S. departure from Hamid Karzai International Airport may become, like JFK’s Bay of Pigs, a synonym for American debacle.Nor is the failure ours alone. Many of our principal allies were heavily invested. The British are now attempting to bring their people out of Kabul under…Continue Reading

Why Poetry Gives Us A Lift

August 22, 2021 Featured Today Comments Off on Why Poetry Gives Us A Lift

By DONALD DeMARCO On July 26 in this Year of St. Joseph, my first son’s wife delivered a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Siena Clare and marks our thirteenth grandchild. On that same date in 2008, which is the Memorial of Saints Joachim and Anne, the parents of Mary the Mother of God, Pope Benedict XVI offered a Prayer for Grandparents. He stated that the “greater perspective” of grandparents, together with their “depth of experience and appreciation of life’s profound rhythms, are part of a wisdom not to be taken lightly or ignored.”A few days after her entrance into the world, and at a time when he mother was momentarily out of the house, my son informed me that…Continue Reading

Afghanistan’s Saigon Scenario

August 21, 2021 Featured Today Comments Off on Afghanistan’s Saigon Scenario

By JOHN J. METZLER PARIS — Sadly, we have seen this movie before. In the spring of 1975 the collapse of South Vietnam coming to a crescendo with the fall of Saigon indelibly marking a generation. Cities like Pleiku, Da Nang, and Hue in this contemporary saga are Kunduz, Kandahar, and Herat. Now with the Taliban’s stunning success over the beleaguered and ineffective Afghan Army, the same tragic fate awaits Afghanistan as the Taliban capture Kabul.“Afghanistan is spinning out of control,” warned UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. He added, “Humanitarian needs are growing by the hour.”America’s frustrating twenty year military commitment in Afghanistan was coming to an end in any event. It was certainly time to go and both sides…Continue Reading

Cardinal Zen . . . Says Traditional Latin Mass Will Continue

August 20, 2021 Featured Today Comments Off on Cardinal Zen . . . Says Traditional Latin Mass Will Continue

By HANNAH BROCKHAUS ROME (CNA) — Joseph Cardinal Zen said August 9 he thinks Traditionis Custodes may not have a disastrous effect on the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass, even if he doubts the intentions of some TLM critics closely connected to Pope Francis.“I think the effect of the motu proprio may not be that devastating,” the cardinal emeritus of Hong Kong said August 9, during a livestreamed event on Pope Francis’ restrictions and “the future of the Traditional Latin Mass.”Zen said he is pleased that the bishops of Hong Kong, for example, have opted not to make any changes regarding the celebration of the Latin Mass in their diocese. But he added that he is worried some people…Continue Reading

Don’t Decolonize Your Bookshelf

August 19, 2021 Featured Today Comments Off on Don’t Decolonize Your Bookshelf

By PAUL KRAUSE In the iconoclastic rage that is anti-Westernism masked by the supposed virtuous veil of anti-racism and critical hate theory, one of the popular suggestions for white people is to “decolonize” your bookshelf. In other words, stopping reading white authors. Especially dead white European males, but dead white European females also qualify. Who needs Homer, Dante, or Shakespeare; Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, or the Bronte sisters? Not the new vandals.It must be understood that anti-racism is simply the battering ram to destroy everything Western — from art to literature to music to monuments. Anything celebrating the achievements of Western civilization must be torn down, destroyed, burned, in this new fire of hate packaged and sold as “healing” and…Continue Reading

The Honest Truth Of The Sacred Scriptures

August 18, 2021 Featured Today Comments Off on The Honest Truth Of The Sacred Scriptures

By JAMES MONTI We live in a strange age — a very strange age, one getting stranger by the minute, so it seems. At the heart of this strangeness is an alienation from truth, an alienation from morality, an alienation even from what it means to be human, an alienation from God beyond anything previously witnessed since the time of Christ. One could wish this alienated culture had left the halls of Catholic higher education untainted, but we know all too well it is quite the opposite. So acute is the latter situation that Dr. Scott Hahn and Dr. Benjamin Wiker are able to say of the field of Scripture studies:“It’s no exaggeration to say that (setting aside a few…Continue Reading

Who Should Teach Your Toddler: You Or Pelosi?

August 17, 2021 Featured Today Comments Off on Who Should Teach Your Toddler: You Or Pelosi?

By TERENCE P. JEFFREY “Universal pre-K. I love that because it’s children learning, parents earning,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at an April 29 press conference.That was the day after President Joe Biden had presented Congress with his euphemistically titled “American Families Plan,” which calls “for free universal pre-school for all three and four-year-olds.”Pelosi’s professed “love” for having parents leave their preschool children in government custody has not diminished since then.At a press conference last week, she once again spoke about “universal pre-K, which I love.”Biden’s budget proposal calls for spending $6,011,148,000,000 in fiscal 2022, which begins this October. That is $1,564,192,000,000 — or 35 percent — more than the $4,446,956,000,000 that the federal government spent in fiscal 2019, which…Continue Reading

Maritain And Einstein On Education

August 15, 2021 Featured Today Comments Off on Maritain And Einstein On Education

By DONALD DeMARCO Two great minds may differ in many ways, but in some ways their areas of greatness will coincide. When this occurs, the insights of one reinforce the credibility of the other. Aristotle and Aquinas, Plato and Augustine offer examples of this fortuitous coinciding.Jacques Maritain is a Catholic philosopher; Albert Einstein, a Jewish physicist. Both of them, despite their many differences, come to important and sound conclusions in the field of education that are essentially compatible with each other. Their respective insights are even more relevant today than when they were first enunciated several decades ago.Einstein was a great believer in the existence of truth, the right to pursue it and the duty to defend that right. Accordingly,…Continue Reading

Is America Becoming A Failed State?

August 14, 2021 Featured Today Comments Off on Is America Becoming A Failed State?

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN Suddenly, Sunday, August 8, a riveting report came over cable news:The U.S. embassy was urging all Americans to “leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.” Message: Get out while you can.Adding urgency was news that three northern provincial capitals, including Kunduz city, had fallen to the Taliban, making it five provincial capitals overrun since that Friday.The huge investment in blood and treasure by the United States over two decades to remake Afghanistan appears about to be wiped out, whole and entire, and we appear about to sustain our worst diplomatic and political defeat since the fall of Saigon.Not once in this century has the U.S. decisively won one of the wars it launched — in Afghanistan, Iraq,…Continue Reading