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Lessons From Ferguson

September 6, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Lessons From Ferguson

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK As I write these words, it is not clear whether the worst rioting is over in Ferguson. But, whatever comes next, there are lessons we have learned from the week of confrontations with the police in the St. Louis suburb. Above all else, we are learning the importance of the rule of law and due process. If the authorities — everyone from the Ferguson police chief to the governor of Missouri to Eric Holder and Barack Obama — put their sympathies for injustices suffered by African-Americans above the pursuit of truth, we could be looking at an ugly disregard for the rights of Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Michael Brown on the night of…Continue Reading

When Worlds Collide

September 5, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on When Worlds Collide

By DONALD DeMARCO We are twofold creatures, both spiritual and corporeal. We are, according to a medieval maxim, Homo duplex. This duality, however, puts us at odds with ourselves. St. Paul’s phrase, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” (Matt. 26:41), has universal implications. Unity, harmony, and peace are not characteristic of human beings in general. Man is often the principal architect of his own his own dilemma. The tension between spirit and flesh creates a personal problem that has been a great source of interest for philosophers, theologians, psychiatrists, and writers throughout the centuries. This tension, however, also has political implications. We are linked to this world, yet there is something in our nature that aspires to…Continue Reading

A Lesson In Civic Action

September 4, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on A Lesson In Civic Action

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK One of the responses that parents and teachers might get when they encourage young people to “get active” to promote a cause is that “it won’t make any difference” and that “no one will listen.” It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a letter-writing campaign, a petition drive, or working for a charitable group or political party. There are times when this complaint may be little more than an excuse to not get involved in the issue the young people are complaining about. We all know how much easier it is to gripe than to roll up our sleeves and do something about problems that confront us. But not all young people are in that…Continue Reading

Priest From Iraq Says… “We Don’t Deserve To Be Wiped From The Face Of The Earth”

September 3, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Priest From Iraq Says… “We Don’t Deserve To Be Wiped From The Face Of The Earth”

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — Even though she was so moved by Christians’ suffering in Iraq that she wrote the novel A Martyr’s Crown, published in early 2013, an Arizona author said she couldn’t have believed the persecution soon would become even worse. The author, Joyce Coronel, told The Wanderer that she was deeply affected by the Christians’ plight when she learned details of it in 2010, but she “never would have imagined” the results of the recent emergence of what has become known as the Islamic State. It’s an expanding terrorist army that demands utter Islamic dominance. Chaldean Catholics once were the largest Christian group in Iraq, but have been fleeing serious threats, turmoil, and death. Coronel’s A Martyr’s…Continue Reading

Tea Party Leader . . . “People Who Surround Me Are Both Social And Economic Conservatives”

September 2, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Tea Party Leader . . . “People Who Surround Me Are Both Social And Economic Conservatives”

duggan 8-28-2014 By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — The familiar media line that Tea Party activists are fiscal-focused libertarians who reject social conservatism was disproven again when a nationally active pro-life official spoke to the regular evening meeting of a Phoenix Tea Party. Dana Cody, an attorney and executive director of the California-based Life Legal Defense Foundation (, spoke to the Arizona Project Tea Party gathering on August 25 at its meeting room in a strip mall about her organization’s new Life Legal Guardians project. People need to be proactive about their health care, she said, in an age when ending people’s lives is done through the use of transformed terminology. “Euthanasia” ten years ago has become “protocol” today, Cody illustrated…Continue Reading

DOT Proposes Mandating Cars Broadcast Location, Direction, And Speed

September 1, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on DOT Proposes Mandating Cars Broadcast Location, Direction, And Speed

By TERENCE P. JEFFREY (Editor’s Note:     Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor in chief of To find out more about him, visit the Creators Syndicate web page at All rights reserved.) +    +    + The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, part of the Department of Transportation, published the past week an “advanced notice of proposed rulemaking” on “vehicle-to-vehicle communications.” What NHTSA is proposing could begin a transformation in the American transportation system that makes our lives better and freer — or gives government more power over where we go and when. In announcing its proposed rulemaking, NHTSA is stressing its intention to protect the “privacy” of American drivers. “This document initiates rulemaking that would propose to create…Continue Reading

Planned Parenthood . . . An Enemy Of The Catholic Church

August 31, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Planned Parenthood . . . An Enemy Of The Catholic Church

By REY FLORES People often tell us that if Satan were to show himself to us, he wouldn’t necessarily appear as the mustachioed, horned, goateed caricature wearing all red and carrying a trident. No, the Devil would certainly present himself as someone good, someone helpful; someone you could trust. Do you know who has done that so effectively since 1921? Margaret Sanger and the American Birth Control League, today known as the International Planned Parenthood Federation. For almost 100 years, Planned Parenthood has come off as the friend to the poor disenfranchised woman, toiling away in her domestic bondage to a (gasp) husband and children. Imagine that — a woman being subjected to being a wife and homemaker and expected…Continue Reading

Liberalism’s Deadly One-Two Punch

August 30, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Liberalism’s Deadly One-Two Punch

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK It has become the stock retort of secular leftists when it is pointed out to them that the wealth redistribution programs of liberal Democrats are doing more harm than good to the “beneficiaries”: Rather than deal with the proposition, they accuse the person making the argument of being misanthropic and cynical. Sometimes racism gets thrown into the mix as well, with the contention that opposition to social spending would not be as intense if the beneficiaries were white. At other times, the accusation will be that the motive of critics of the welfare state is not a concern about destroying the initiative of the poor, as much as a selfish interest in keeping their taxes low.…Continue Reading

Should Religion Be Private?

August 29, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Should Religion Be Private?

By DONALD DeMARCO From the time of the early Roman emperors, the state has sought, sometimes vigorously, to gain control over the Catholic Church. St. Augustine, in the fourth century, wrote eloquently and convincingly about the radical difference between the City of God and the City of Man. In the following century, Pope St. Gelasius I (492-496) confronted Emperor Anastasius who wanted to absorb religion into the state, both forcefully and successfully. In dealing with the emperor, he was at one with the great medieval Pontiffs. “There are two powers by which chiefly this world is ruled,” he wrote, “the sacred authority of the priesthood and the authority of the kings. And of these the authority of the priests is…Continue Reading

More On New York City’s Elite Schools

August 28, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on More On New York City’s Elite Schools

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK In the July 24 edition of First Teachers there was a discussion of the efforts of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to change the admissions process — currently based on a single test — to the city’s elite high schools, such as Stuyvesant High School, Bronx High School of Science, Brooklyn Latin, and Brooklyn Tech. De Blasio’s goal is find a way to increase the black and Hispanic enrollment at these schools, which is currently under 10 percent, in a city where the ethnic makeup of the public schools’ 1.1 million students is 15 percent Asian, 15 percent white, 40 percent Hispanic, and 28 percent black. A reader we will identify as W.W. weighed…Continue Reading