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California Adoption Home . . . Aims To Enrich Lives Of Pregnant Moms

January 6, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on California Adoption Home . . . Aims To Enrich Lives Of Pregnant Moms

By DEXTER DUGGAN ESCONDIDO, Calif. — The young woman was in jail on a charge of smuggling drugs over the border. She’d already borne two babies with different fathers — two men whose “bad lifestyles” led to their own early deaths. Now she was pregnant again but wouldn’t consider adoption because, according to her Mexican culture, “even a dog wouldn’t do that,” giving up its puppies to someone else. She had an abortion scheduled soon but was persuaded to have an ultrasound. “I didn’t know my baby had fingers,” she said upon seeing images of the unborn child. She went to a maternity home specializing in adoption, turned her life around, and went on to become a medical assistant.

In Wanderer Interview . . . Cardinal Burke Offers Insights On The Synod On The Family And The New Evangelization

January 5, 2015 Frontpage, Uncategorized Comments Off on In Wanderer Interview . . . Cardinal Burke Offers Insights On The Synod On The Family And The New Evangelization

By DON FIER Part 1 (Editor’s Note: Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, who previously served as Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in Rome from June 2008 until November 2014, recently visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wis. Prior to that he served as Archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Mo., and as Bishop of the Diocese of La Crosse, during which time he founded the Shrine. His Eminence granted an interview to The Wanderer on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe during which he shared his insights on a variety of topics, including the recently concluded Extraordinary Synod on the Family and…Continue Reading

Throw Me To The Lions In 2015

January 4, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on Throw Me To The Lions In 2015

    By REY FLORES “Dark has been the year gone by, many tears as we say goodbye. While we wish and hope for a better year, it doesn’t look like it will ever get here. Despair not, my brethren, for after the storm and drubbing, He will make His second coming”— Unknown. + + + I bet that most of you are ready to say goodbye to 2014, a year that saw all sorts of things we suspected would come, but never thought we’d actually see them happen. At least it wasn’t boring. 2014 brought us the much rumored, but finally very real battles between an increasingly militarized police state and a bunch of malcontented radicals that still have…Continue Reading

Catholicism In New York City

January 3, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on Catholicism In New York City

By JIM GRAVES (Editor’s Note: The following interview is reprinted with permission from The Catholic World Report) + + + Rev. George William Rutler 69, is pastor of the Church of St. Michael in New York City. He was raised in the Episcopal tradition while growing up in the Northeast, and served nine years as an Episcopal priest. He converted to Catholicism in 1979, and was ordained a priest in 1981. He has served in a variety of parishes in New York, and as chaplain for many organizations, including Legatus, an organization for Catholic business leaders. He has served as a retreat master for religious orders, including the Missionaries of Charity. He is a sought-after lecturer, had a television program…Continue Reading

The Shifting Common Ground

January 2, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on The Shifting Common Ground

By DONALD DeMARCO Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Trudeau, who brought abortion to his country, is campaigning to become prime minister of Canada. In an apparent attempt to bolster his chances, he has produced a memoir entitled, Common Ground. Jean Chrétien, a former prime minister of Canada, produced Straight From the Heart, a memoir that came straight from the pen of a ghostwriter. One does not put much stock in the sincerity of political memoirs these days. One reviewer compares Trudeau’s book to what has been said of President Obama’s oratory: “It sails because it has no weight.” It is platitudinous, vague, and rhetorical. But these are not its major weaknesses. It is essentially contradictory with a degree of transparency…Continue Reading

Hollywood Plays With Fire

January 1, 2015 Frontpage Comments Off on Hollywood Plays With Fire

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN In July of 1870, King Wilhelm sent Foreign Minister Bismarck an account of his meeting with a French envoy who had demanded that the king renounce any Hohenzollern claim to the Spanish throne. Bismarck edited the report to make it appear the Frenchman had insulted the king, and that Wilhelm rudely dismissed him. The Ems Telegram precipitated the Franco-Prussian war Bismarck wanted. Words matter. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much greater impact can a motion picture have? We are finding out. Egypt has banned Exodus: Gods and Kings, the $140 million 20th Century Fox biblical epic. Cairo’s culture minister Gaber Asfour condemns it as “a Zionist film” containing “historical inaccuracies.”

UN Consensus Building Against North Korean Rights Abuses

December 31, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on UN Consensus Building Against North Korean Rights Abuses

By JOHN J. METZLER UNITED NATIONS — A growing global wave of criticism, concern, and consternation continues as both the UN General Assembly and now the Security Council have firmly condemned North Korea’s communist regime for human rights abuses to its own population. The moves come amid widening, and overdue, international attention to the reprehensible and widespread human rights situation in the reclusive and quaintly titled Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). First, the full General Assembly voted 116 in favor, 20 against, and 53 abstentions to a tough but non-binding resolution calling on the international community to improve human rights in the DPRK. Then, for the first time ever, the Security Council met specifically to cover North Korea’s human…Continue Reading

California Online Catholic Publisher . . . Sees Some Bright Spots In Capital Of “Deviant Life”

December 30, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on California Online Catholic Publisher . . . Sees Some Bright Spots In Capital Of “Deviant Life”

By DEXTER DUGGAN SAN DIEGO — As publisher of both an orthodox Catholic news website and this city’s major alternative weekly newspaper, Jim Holman makes his mark on religious and secular developments. He heads both California Catholic Daily and the San Diego Reader. Holman’s characteristically modest second-floor corner office at 2323 Broadway in San Diego’s Golden Hill neighborhood looks down the hill to downtown high-rises that look over San Diego Bay. Victorian mansions on the hill recall a millionaire neighborhood’s past. His newspaper office in the former Carpenters Hall, which had a 1947 groundbreaking to be a headquarters for labor-union members, betokens a connection with everyday people, not the elite.

Silent Guns: Christmas 1914

December 29, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on Silent Guns: Christmas 1914

By MICHAEL D. HULL Across northeastern France and Belgium 100 years ago, a cloudless August — the first month of World War I — gave way to a rain-soaked autumn and then one of the coldest winters in European memory. Huddled in long, twisting trench lines that separated the French-British and German Armies after several bloody campaigns, the opposing soldiers tried to shelter from the rain, frost, and snow in crude dugouts. Existing more like animals than men amidst mud, rats, lice, and unburied corpses, they kept nervous vigils across no-man’s land — watching for enemy patrols and snipers, holding their breath when artillery barrages screamed overhead, and praying for tomorrow. After the initial months of open warfare, the armies…Continue Reading

The Baby Who Was God

December 28, 2014 Frontpage Comments Off on The Baby Who Was God

By JOHN YOUNG God can seem very remote. By studying the world He created we can prove His existence and gain some knowledge of His nature. A person with a gift for philosophy and good teachers can gain wonderful insight, by the use of reason, into the Architect of the universe. But most people are not philosophers, and even those who are will not experience, through their use of reason alone, the intimacy with God for which the soul naturally yearns. Even God as known through divine Revelation can seem abstract, although in fact He is most real. Take the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity: three Persons each distinct from the others, yet each is the same God. Or the…Continue Reading