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Xi Jinping Tells America To Behave, Biden Silent

February 18, 2023 Frontpage Comments Off on Xi Jinping Tells America To Behave, Biden Silent

By CHRISTOPHER MANION “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions” — Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, Rule #5. + + Hillary Clinton wrote her undergraduate thesis at Wellesley on Saul Alinsky. When she called Trump supporters “Deplorables” some years back, she was following Alinsky’s method: Demean and mock the enemy whenever possible.But Hillary was just following orders. Alinsky emphasized the power of mockery as a tool of the radical Left that Lenin had taught long before. Mao used it as well, and this week so did his successor, Xi Jinping.His target? Communist China’s obedient lapdog, Joe Biden.Harsh? Hardly. Xi…Continue Reading

The Power Of Kneeling Before The Blessed Sacrament

February 17, 2023 Frontpage Comments Off on The Power Of Kneeling Before The Blessed Sacrament

By JAMES MONTI Readers familiar with this column know that we have addressed the topic of kneeling more than once over the years. As this posture of worship is such a foundational element in expressing our relationship with God, it certainly deserves some further considerations, and in particular, the role of kneeling and genuflection in our worship of the Most Holy Eucharist.When God first formed Adam from the dust of the Earth, He gave him in his bodily form the ideal means of humbling himself before his Creator, two knees with which to lower himself down to the dust from which he was made and present himself to the Lord. When man humbles himself before God, he loses nothing but…Continue Reading

A Demographic Crisis

February 16, 2023 Frontpage Comments Off on A Demographic Crisis

By FR. SHENAN J. BOQUET (Editor’s Note: Fr. Boquet is the president of Human Life International. This article first appeared at on February 6, 2023.) + + A few weeks ago, the prime minister of Japan had a startling message for his citizens. The country, said Fumio Kishida during a speech to lawmakers, is “on the brink of not being able to maintain social functions.”The reason for this dire warning? The country’s rock-bottom birthrate.Japan is one of the most rapidly aging nations in the world. Citizens in Japan are an average 49 years old — the second highest globally, next only to Monaco. The population in the country peaked 14 years ago, at 128 million inhabitants. Since then, it…Continue Reading

A Day In The Life Of U.S. . . . Young Climber Scales Pro-Life Heights While Old Biden Probes Sinful Depths

February 15, 2023 Frontpage Comments Off on A Day In The Life Of U.S. . . . Young Climber Scales Pro-Life Heights While Old Biden Probes Sinful Depths

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — On the same day that a courageous, death-defying college student scaled the heights for preborn babies and their moms, a luxury-loving, confused old multimillionaire with serious defects and multiple homes went to the depths with his lies and immorality to rot the United States some more.With the 2023 Super Bowl and WM Phoenix Open golf tournament coming up on the weekend calendar here, the amazingly self-collected young “Pro-Life Spiderman,” Maison Deschamps, used the national sports focus to add another skyscraper to the list he free-scaled athletically, clambering without ropes on their exteriors, to raise money for pregnant mothers.Later that same date, February 7, almost all the way across the nation, physically impaired, notorious bad Catholic…Continue Reading

A Beacon Of Light… Shedding The Masks Of Mardi Gras

February 14, 2023 Frontpage Comments Off on A Beacon Of Light… Shedding The Masks Of Mardi Gras

By FR. RICHARD D. BRETON JR. (Editor’s Note: Fr. Richard D. Breton is a priest of the Diocese of Norwich, Conn.) + + February has arrived and soon we will begin the Holy Season of Lent. Lent is preceded by the celebration of Mardi Gras. The Carnival of Mardi Gras usually begins after the Epiphany and ends the night before Ash Wednesday, commonly known as Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday.Did you know part of that celebration included the wearing of masks? These masks are often used to disguise oneself, to participate in the shrove festivities without fear of being recognized. The masks, however, are meant to be a disguise for a certain amount of time and then be discarded.Sadly today,…Continue Reading

Daddy, Save The Last Dance For Me

February 13, 2023 Frontpage Comments Off on Daddy, Save The Last Dance For Me

By DEACON MIKE MANNO I was saddened last week when the parks and recreation department, apparently bowing to pressure from those opposed to traditional families, renamed the annual “Father Daughter Dance” as the “Snow Ball Dance.”Spokesman for the change told Axios Des Moines that it was made because the city wants to avoid “situations where children — such as those with single, LGBTQ+ or gender nonconforming parents — are uncomfortable attending.” He also announced that next month’s “Mother/Son fun Night” would be renamed “Family Fun Night.”Now I don’t have problems with family fun nights or anything similar, but I do have problems with recasting Daddy-Daughter nights as something other than a bonding experience between men and their daughters, something that…Continue Reading

Gun-Control Or People-Control?

February 12, 2023 Frontpage Comments Off on Gun-Control Or People-Control?

By BARBARA SIMPSON It seems there is no end to it: Some out-of-control-nut shoots innocent people and politicians jump on the bandwagon calling for more laws to keep guns out of the hands of such people.On the surface, it seems only logical that there should be some legal way to “keep guns out of the hands of such people” and ways to prevent them from using the weapons to attack innocents.We try with the laws we have passed, but the truth is, people often do not obey laws. We see evidence of that every day concerning all kinds of laws. How to put an end to that is something we have not figured out.The media are a major part of…Continue Reading

Dems Are Pushing Abortion Hard . . . Where’s The GOP Response?

February 11, 2023 Frontpage Comments Off on Dems Are Pushing Abortion Hard . . . Where’s The GOP Response?

By CHRISTOPHER MANION Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 7 lasted over an hour. For the most part it featured hubristic fantasies salted with occasional confusion, gaffes, and angry outbursts. However, his text briefly addressed three serious issues.The first was immigration: He’d solved it.The second was the war in Ukraine. He’d solve that too. “America is united in our support for your country,” he told Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States, who had been invited to attend. “We will stand with you as long as it takes.”“As long as it takes”?The nature of that commitment remains to be clarified. On the bright side, we were spared George W. Bush’s gnostic oratory of September 14, 2001: “Americans…Continue Reading

The Final Battle

February 10, 2023 Frontpage Comments Off on The Final Battle

By TOM TAKASH In an interview in 2017, a few months before he died, retired Carlo Caffarra revealed that in 1983 he had received a handwritten note from Sr. Lucia, the lone survivor of the three children to whom Our Lady of Fatima had appeared on multiple occasions in 1917. Its message addressed grave issues regarding marriage and family. It was appropriate that Sr. Lucia would address the note to him since at that time, the cardinal was president of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family. (He held that position from 1981 to 1995. His last official position was archbishop of Bologna, Italy, from 2003 until 2015.)In that note Sr. Lucia told the cardinal…Continue Reading

The Coyotes Help People. Please Give

February 9, 2023 Frontpage Comments Off on The Coyotes Help People. Please Give

By CHRISTOPHER MANION The message sounded routine — at first.“Hello team please see the message below regarding your consideration for an urgent matter to support one of our own students here at Mount.”Suddenly, it got interesting:“We have a student who came to America with ‘Coyote’ which is a group that helps people. This group gives you a timeframe to make a payment of $5,000 to those, who bring them into the states.”Then, highlighted: “Our student needs our urgent support to raise another $2,000 to meet his goal of $5,000 by February 1, 2023. Please, considering helping if you can by donating on Friday.“Melania will be around to collect money between eight-8:45 a.m.“(Signed) Stefani Harvey, Ed.D. (she/her/hers), Assistant Principal, Mount Pleasant…Continue Reading