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Biden Defies Dobbs Verdict

August 17, 2022 Frontpage Comments Off on Biden Defies Dobbs Verdict

By CHRISTOPHER MANION On July 8, in response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, Joe Biden signed an executive order “to defend reproductive rights.” The Dobbs decision “will disproportionately affect women of color, low-income women, and rural women,” the White House alleged, implying that Catholic Joe wants to make sure those communities get as many abortions as possible.Margaret Sanger lives.And to drive its message home, in the cause of “protecting Medication Abortion . . . [and] Access to Contraception,” the Executive Order enlists a nationwide army of lawyers and federal bureaucrats that Biden will command in every state to promote abortion, whatever that state’s law might say.Remember Obama’s “HHS Mandate” and the havoc it caused,…Continue Reading

Beacon Of Light… Jesus’ Longest Prayer

August 16, 2022 Frontpage Comments Off on Beacon Of Light… Jesus’ Longest Prayer

By FR. RICHARD D. BRETON JR. (Editor’s Note: Fr. Richard D. Breton Jr. is a priest of the Diocese of Norwich, Conn.) + + Today we continue our discussion on prayer in the life of the Christian. In particular we are going to focus on the battle of prayer followed by what it means when we say prayer at the hour of Jesus.If we remember from our previous articles, prayer is very important in our lives. It is considered a gift of grace and requires determination. This determination requires a response from us. Living a life of prayer takes effort, in fact, we can look at the many Old Testament figures as well as the Blessed Mother and Jesus Himself,…Continue Reading

Good-Bye, Santa

August 15, 2022 Frontpage Comments Off on Good-Bye, Santa

By DEACON MIKE MANNO I was a lucky kid. I grew up in a middle class suburb of Des Moines with two great parents; one of whom was a stay-at-home mother. I was sent to St. Theresa Catholic School and Church where I learned the traditional values of the day. It was the ’50s and life was unicorns and cotton candy.Later, of course, we began to realize that life was not all sugar plums and fairies, that it had some rough edges that we all must deal with, but on the whole life was still good. We lived in the greatest country in the world and we were free to pursue our own dreams and goals and could take on…Continue Reading

How To Deaden Life With A Single Adverb

August 14, 2022 Frontpage Comments Off on How To Deaden Life With A Single Adverb

By DONALD DeMARCO The adverb “just” is the most deadening word in the English language. This sorry fact was brought to my attention yet again during a conversation I had with an engaging, though not engaged, couple. By way of summarizing what they had told me, I asked, hoping I was not being impertinent, “Since you love each other, are committed to each other, and are willing to accept the responsibilities of parenthood if a child comes into the picture, why don’t you two get married?”Their response was brief and to the point: “Because marriage is just a piece of paper.”Had they gained an insight that had eluded untold millions of couples throughout history? Their reduction of marriage to a…Continue Reading

CRS Case, Caused By “Mistakes”. . . Poses Threat To Religious Liberty

August 13, 2022 Frontpage Comments Off on CRS Case, Caused By “Mistakes”. . . Poses Threat To Religious Liberty

By CHRISTOPHER MANION Last week, a Federal District Court Judge in Maryland ruled that a case brought by an employee of a USCCB subsidiary in Baltimore could move forward.The male plaintiff in Doe v. Catholic Relief Services (CRS) had claimed that, when CRS denied spousal health insurance coverage for Doe’s “husband,” the denial was based on discrimination on the basis of sex and sexual orientation (Doe and his sodomite partner had obtained a “marriage” license issued by the state of Maryland).The judges’ opinion and supporting documents confirm these facts:“In his conversation with the recruiter, Doe asked whether CRS would provide health benefits for his husband, and the CRS recruiter replied — mistakenly, according to CRS — that all dependents were…Continue Reading

Practical Apologetics

August 12, 2022 Frontpage Comments Off on Practical Apologetics

By JOE SIXPACK Part 3 Today we’re going to continue this introduction to apologetics. In the two previous installments, we covered things concerning the Bible. In this week’s installment, we’re going to talk about the other resources you’ll need if you want to learn apologetics. Then I’ll finish up next week.There are only two reasons why Catholics learn apologetics. The most common reason why Catholics learn apologetics is, they want to learn the arguments in defense of certain Catholic doctrines, dogmas, and practices to reaffirm why they believe what they believe. I know that when I began learning apologetics, as I learned the various arguments it solidified my faith. I knew what I believed, but studying apologetics allowed me to…Continue Reading

The Left Wants To Abolish Everything, Even This Column

August 11, 2022 Frontpage Comments Off on The Left Wants To Abolish Everything, Even This Column

By STEPHEN MOORE Any aging baby boomer (like myself) knows that the anthem of the radicals of the 1960s and 1970s was sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Let the good times roll. Back then, the joke was that a conservative was someone who lived in mortal fear that someone, somewhere, was having fun.But if this new generation of authoritarian liberals has its way, sex and rock ‘n’ roll will be illegal.As I’ve said in the past in these pages, the ironic ideological twist that has occurred over the past 20 years is that the once permissive “live and let live” Left is now the nonpermissive Left. The leftists in America are the new puritans.If you think I’m exaggerating, consider…Continue Reading

The Queen Of Heaven’s Glorious Passage From Time Into Eternity

August 10, 2022 Frontpage Comments Off on The Queen Of Heaven’s Glorious Passage From Time Into Eternity

By JAMES MONTI In the U.S. the solemnity of our Lady’s Assumption is one of the six holy days of obligation, yet it does not receive anything near the attention it deserves. But in other parts of the world, the Assumption is celebrated as one of the most important feasts of the liturgical year, and in a manner that casts it as somewhat like an “Easter Triduum” for our Lady, beginning somberly as a commemoration of her departure from this world and concluding with the utterly glorious joy of her reunion with her Divine Son in Heaven.It was in November of 1950, in the apostolic constitution Munificentissimus Deus, that Venerable Pope Pius XII defined as a dogma of the faith…Continue Reading

A Beacon Of Light… Expressions Of Our Prayer

August 9, 2022 Frontpage Comments Off on A Beacon Of Light… Expressions Of Our Prayer

By FR. RICHARD D. BRETON JR. (Editor’s Note: Fr. Richard D. Breton Jr. is a priest of the Diocese of Norwich, Conn. He received his BA in religious studies and his MA in dogmatic theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Conn.) + + Welcome back to our discussion on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the role prayer has in our lives. This final section of the Catechism is broken down into two sections, each having various chapters. We are still in section one devoted to prayer in the life of the Christian. Today we will explore chapter three, dedicated to the life of prayer, which invites us to contemplate expressions of prayer, the battle of…Continue Reading

Election Folderol

August 8, 2022 Frontpage Comments Off on Election Folderol

By DEACON MIKE MANNO So many things these days seem to revolve around politics. Now that’s not bad in and of itself for after all we live in a society that makes the claim of being a democracy (actually, it’s a republic, but that’s not my point today).Our problem is not with politics, but with the extreme partisanship that is being displayed today. I understand that none of this is governed by the Marquess of Queensberry, but in the political sport of today, hitting below the belt, eye gouging, and all the rest all seem to be — well not illegal, as such, but not exactly wrong either.One way the game is played is by continually changing the rules of…Continue Reading