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Dems’ Pounding Of Attorney General . . . If They Do This To Barr Now, What’ll They Do To You Under Joe?

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Having viewed the abhorrent, junta-like inquisition that the Democratic Party majority’s members in the U.S. House employed at a so-called “hearing” to stomp on Attorney General William Barr, imagine the political terror if Democrats also controlled the Senate and White House.
Elections have consequences, and this November’s results should be huge.
The New York Post reported on July 28, “Atty. Gen. William Barr . . . defended the use of federal agents in Portland amid an onslaught of diatribes from Democratic lawmakers who accused him of using troops as a ‘prop’ in President Trump’s re-election bid.”
Fox News reported that conservative commentator Ben Shapiro said the ultimate target of the Democratic politicians is Trump’s own supporters because “the fact that Barr — who is a public servant who’s been around since the Reagan administration — was treated this way, is a good reminder that when President Trump says, ‘They’re not coming after me, they’re coming after you’ to his supporters, he’s right about that.
“Because Barr is generic ‘R.’ He’s not Donald Trump,” Shapiro was quoted. “He’s just a normal, run-of-the-mill, very intelligent Republican, conservative. And they went after him as though he were Donald Trump, which means they’ll come after virtually anybody so long as that person opposes the radical-left agenda.”
Meanwhile, the website of Portland’s Oregonian daily newspaper reported on July 29 that a young black conservative journalist, Andrew Duncomb, said he was knifed in the back near the besieged federal courthouse there because of his political views. A video showed the stabbing.
Duncomb reportedly was treated at a hospital and released while a suspect was in jail pending a $250,000 bond.
Even as swarms of left-wing terrorist thugs burn, loot, and riot at locations from coast to coast — at huge cost socially, financially, morally, and otherwise — Democrat politicians, along with their media allies, deny the reality of most of the violent destruction even while doing their most to protect the thugs from law enforcement.
If Dems do this with only one house of Congress under their control and not the executive mansion, what if this November’s vote were to gain them the Senate and presidency, too? It’s difficult to imagine that in a few short months the majority of U.S. voters, witnessing widespread horrors that Democrat politicians refuse to see, would sweep that party into greater control.
But the donkey party is so bold already because it currently holds more than one house of Congress. The bureaucracy and judiciary are mainly in its corner, too, as are dominant lying “news” media.
So it’s not that just the House of Representatives is asserting itself against wider, more potent Republican control in Washington, D.C., now. It’s the GOP Senate and White House surrounded by left-wing dominance on many fronts.
Judicial prestidigitation on behalf of immorality by supposedly conservative Republican and Catholic John Roberts, the chief justice of the United States, apparently reveals more fear that he might offend the secular left-wing elite than harm religious people and even outrage God Himself.
As Dems mounted their wild attacks on the U.S. attorney general at the July 28 Judiciary Committee hearing, some conservative observers said the pols seemed to believe that all the U.S. thinks like left-wing Twitter.
The politicians heaped scorn on Barr while refusing to allow him to answer questions they asked. Pols were astounded that he thought the rioters not only are real but also a serious problem.
Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler (D., N.Y.) charged that President Trump just wanted to obtain video footage for his re-election campaign from the disorders. This would be quite a trick because Nadler had just denied Portland’s disorders exist.
Only one day earlier, Nadler, when asked on the sidewalk about antifa violence in Portland, replied, “That’s a myth that’s being spread only in Washington, D.C.”
It’s as if Nadler had denied that a barrel of rattlesnakes is poisonous.
Former Republican White House press secretary Ari Fleischer tweeted in response: “If there were riots and violence taking place at Tea Party protests, the (mainstream media) would furiously demand every GOP member denounce it. If they responded like Nadler, there would be an anti-GOP, media-led feeding frenzy. Nadler will get away with this, because the press is biased.”
Portland police had just detailed the provocations and dangers before they declared a riot. But totally delusional pundits and left-wing politicians for days had insisted that Trump only wants to put federal troops into action as a practice run for when he stages a military coup to stay in power.
Fox News reported on July 28 that at the hearing, Nadler “accused Barr of using federal forces to provide Trump with footage for campaign ads. When Barr tried to respond and say that he was not using federal law enforcement to help Trump’s campaign, Nadler spoke over him.”
The New York Post posted on July 28 that after Nadler said protesters “aren’t mobs, they’re mothers and veterans and mayors,” he added, “‘Shame on you, Mr. Barr. Shame on you,’…speaking over the top of Barr as he tried to respond.”
David Marcus wrote at The Federalist website on July 29 that after Cong. Pramila Jayapal (D., Wash.) engaged in an extended rant that gun-carrying Trump supporters at the Michigan capitol didn’t have federal troops called out against them, “Barr tried to explain the situation, (but) she simply talked over him. Why? If this was such a gotcha question, why not let Barr squirm?”
The answer, Marcus said, is that the Michigan statehouse isn’t under federal jurisdiction while the Portland courthouse is, “and the Michigan authorities are capable of handling that issue, which they did with no violence or property damage. She did not let him get a word in.”
A lot of spin in “news” coverage was that Barr was under pressure to defend his and Trump’s actions, whereas the actual issue was that Democrats refused to acknowledge and deal with nationally unprecedented, Marxist-inspired violence and destruction.
Dem pols were doing what their fire-breathing base wanted against Barr, with the indulgence of dominant media. Imagine next spring that after potential bigger Dem victories in November, their abortion-loving base demanded that pro-lifers be trampled into submission.
If a hearing room of Dems today think they publicly can stomp on the attorney general of the United States, why not haul some college pro-lifers in chains next May into a hearing room to be sentenced on preventive detention? “Sentence first, verdict afterward,” said Alice in Wonderland.
When dominant media can ignore more than a half-million peaceful pro-lifers marching through the nation’s capital around January 22, what’s to notice in the future about 20 collegians manacled in some storeroom for a week on bread and water? Just to begin with. After all, the forthcoming bill of attainder will say, they conspired with Trump to help plan his military coup
This hypothetical continues that after President Biden lawlessly reinstalls James Comey as FBI director next February, federal agents jail Trump pending his show trial on CNN.
Maybe you and your family personally have offended some abortion clinic owner by praying on the public sidewalk? There’ll be time to reckon with you, too. Once the jails have been cleared of prisoners to avoid their catching COVID-19, they can find shelter in your home while you occupy their emptied cells. Role reversal is what revolutions do.
Unlikely? Who would have thought on New Year’s Day 2020 that, within a few months, disbanding the police would be considered necessary, widespread rioting would be encouraged by Democratic politicians, and the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter would be ordering around corporate executives while their employees were required to read leftist propaganda?

Hypocrisy And Bias

But back to reality in the present moment. On July 29 Fr. John T. Zuhlsdorf posted at his blog ( about Cong. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) warning on that day about the proven power of big-technology companies like Facebook and Google to tilt results against conservatives.
Zuhlsdorf commented: “I know absolutely that this blog has been targeted by Google and that I have been shadow-banned on Twitter. I’m small potatoes. This election is not small potatoes. And did you see the way that the Dems treated A.G. Barr yesterday in the Judiciary hearing? Perfectly coordinated.
“I thought my contempt, my fear for their souls, could not be any stronger than it was before,” Zuhlsdorf said. “This election is so important.”
Meanwhile, Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, emphasized that he wasn’t reducing his commitment to pro-life Trump’s and Republicans’ re-election, but he was obeying a recent request from the Congregation for Clergy that he not have an official role in political parties.
The Crux website posted on July 29 that “Pavone was put into the spotlight following his January appointment as co-chair of the Pro-Life Voices for Trump coalition and his April announcement that he would be joining the Catholics for Trump advisory board.”
In a July 28 statement to this writer, Pavone said, in part: “One of the biggest mistakes people can make at this moment is to focus so much on the personalities of Donald Trump and Joe Biden that they miss the armies of people they bring with them. It makes no difference if they think Joe Biden is ‘politically moderate,’ because if he sits in the Oval Office, who sits in the offices down the hall?”
Pavone continued, “Who heads up HHS and all the other federal agencies? Who gets into the courts? What a naïve and shallow way of thinking it is to say, ‘Biden isn’t that bad, so we’re OK.’ You’re talking about an entire party, an entire worldview, which is, in the most fundamental ways, opposed to what the Church and America herself stand for.”
In a July 27 statement at the Priests for Life website, Pavone’s blunt response is “Like hell” if people think they should back away from Trump and support pro-abortion, anti-conscience Democrat Biden, or back away from pro-America Trump and “embrace the Biden-Sanders vision of socialism.”
In his statement to me at The Wanderer, Pavone continued: “As for me, the recent reports about my relationship with the Trump campaign have really manifested the hypocrisy and bias of both the hierarchy and much of the Catholic media. Why are the hierarchy and the Catholic media more interested in making sure the world knows a Catholic priest cannot have an official role in a political campaign than that Joe Biden cannot claim to be a devout Catholic?
“Why are the hierarchy and the Catholic media not responsive when I tell them about our numerous projects and messages that make it clear how much President Trump does to protect the Catholic Church and her beliefs,” Pavone said, “but proactively seek me out and shout from the rooftops the slightest action that the low-information voters who only look at headlines could interpret as distancing myself from the Trump campaign?
“I’m not distancing myself from the Trump campaign or from the president,” Pavone said. “To do so in these circumstances would be to betray common sense and loyalty both to America and the Church. If anything, I’m redoubling my efforts to see to it that he is re-elected, along with a Republican Senate, House of Representatives, and state and local officials as well.”

Drunk With Power

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro wrote at Real Clear Politics on July 29: “With Democrats and those in the media willing to run cover for violent leftists, the thin veneer of civilization disintegrates. When violence is excused as speech and speech by the opposition labeled violence, democracies die.”
Shapiro added: “With each passing day of silence by those who should know better — or worse, those propagandizing on behalf of those who engage in criminal activity — America draws closer to the brink.”
James T. Harris, a black conservative radio talk host, told his audience at Phoenix-based KFYI (550 AM) on July 29 that Democrats have no shame but “are drunk with power.”
In a way, it’s strange that it’s left-wing political extremists trying to destroy the emblems of power such as federal courthouses and police stations that defend the existing order.
Massive permissive abortion, “same-sex marriage,” gender confusion, and hostility to traditional religion are only a few of the disorders that the establishment has thrust on a people who didn’t demand them, but leftist rioters who presumably welcomed this constitutional deformation are ingrates, biting the hand that fed them while demanding far more.
Our weapons must be prayer, fasting, and calling out to God to repel this demonic assault.

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