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From Illegal Entry To Desecration . . . Aisles, Screens, Cameras, Oscars, And Abortion Part Of Daily Grind

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PHOENIX — A large supermarket offers a variety of goods under one roof unthinkable to a consumer of just a century ago. But even its 30 aisles don’t allow it the space to sell only different kinds of chocolate tapioca pudding on one entire aisle, competing brands of Texas barbecue sauces up and down another whole aisle, shrimp from various oceans but nothing else on a third aisle, and so on.
However, hyper-specialization is available in a different realm, in that unlimited world of choices of information and entertainment on the Internet.
Back in the late 1980s you might have been able to buy pounds of newspapers and magazines at the newsstand, stagger home with them and stay up all night perusing the haul. But their information didn’t update immediately in your hands, and if they were from out of town, they wouldn’t even have reached the sales shelves for at least a day or three.
A Tokyo paper? Wait a week or two. And even then it wouldn’t be on the rack in a little U.S. farm town or fishing village.
But just grab your laptop or other device. Just about everything imaginable from around the world slides across the screen. How did you ever live without this? How can you bear to endure all of it?
At least you handily can get more diversity of information, even though dominant news platforms not only remain liberal but have grown increasingly phony and shrill for the left wing.
Another major development is that some sort of camera enables about anyone to post video action that goes around the world. Just at the wheel of a vehicle, a person can post whatever thoughts come to mind for anyone else with curiosity.
And surveillance cameras are ubiquitous. Not only do we see a stealthy thug with a rod hitting a detective writing a report on the sidewalk; we’d be surprised if the video hadn’t been made.
In these days, in addition to all sorts of other topics, you can get entire feeds of information about the illegal invasion against the United States.
One example is the Desert Visions page at Facebook (desertvisionsdotus), maintained by two volunteers who live near the border with Mexico and never run out of material.
Amid the daily cascade, there’s a video posted April 20 with Arizona State Republican Rep. Walt Blackman at the wheel, voicing his amazement at Joe Biden’s lack of action against the invasion, and the implications.
Blackman says he was deployed overseas to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan but never thought he’d see what’s happening in the U.S. “If you can’t see this for what it is, then you don’t need to be the commander in chief.”
Every single night “war-fighting-age males” cross the U.S. border in combat uniforms carrying weapons, Blackman says. “This is an invasion of our country. . . . I don’t know how much clearer I can get . . . squad-size teams moving across in an infantry squad. . . . The reason why they have not struck yet, because they were trying to get all their folks across the border.”
Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich told the “Russell & Hunter” program on Phoenix-based KFYI (550 AM) on April 26 that it’s “unsustainable” to have two million illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. in one year, as is currently projected.
Biden and his chortling partner Kamala Harris know this, but they do nothing to stop it — indeed, Biden begged for the invasion. They don’t want to talk about it, and figure somehow that the disaster and deaths will end up benefiting their own precious selves.
Another area where cameras have come into wide use is with police forces. Often the visual evidence protects officers from suspicions and unfair accusations. At other times, a person wonders how law enforcers thought their actions were justified, and how would it feel to everyday you being roughly shoved to the ground and cuffed behind your back.
On April 26, Channel 9 NBC in Denver posted videos of Loveland, Colo., officers grabbing and forcing a small, non-combative 73-year-old white woman with dementia face-down to the dirt on the roadside, handcuffing her painfully behind her back, then leaving her restrained to a bar this way by herself in a cell while they chatted over what they had done at a desk outside.
She allegedly shoplifted then returned the less than $14 of items before starting to walk home.
The New York Post posted a video on April 27 of a 66-year-old black librarian being yanked by her hair from her car onto the ground and painfully handcuffed face-down by North Carolina officers while she pleaded to know what she did wrong.
She reportedly hadn’t pulled over for officers after speeding.
Pro-lifers often are in the presence of police even if they’re just praying or on a march — and this may provide protection against angry pro-abortion extremists. I joined the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco for seven years in the last decade and the police in long rows always were courteous along Market Street.
But I remember when a few police stopped by a Phoenix abortuary one day in the 1990s to throw a little weight around against pro-lifers praying on a public sidewalk all the way across a parking lot from the building. One officer was interested if any of their toes dared step beyond the sidewalk’s concrete onto the grass. This was before cameras were common on every corner.
Informed of this, a pro-life columnist from the daily Arizona Republic (yes, there actually was such a writer back then) stopped by the following week to observe the peaceful pro-lifers, then suggested in print that some pro-abortionist had spouted off with city officials to cause trouble.
Earlier in the history of the pro-life movement — when pro-abortion bias already prevailed in the media — some police were less restrained. “Police riots” in West Hartford, Conn., and Los Angeles were notable. A web search quickly pulls up an October 29, 1989, Chicago Tribune article recounting pro-lifers’ complaints of official brutality from around the country.
In another part of recent history, perhaps one of the more surprising cases of corruption in law enforcement was at the highest level, in the FBI, whose director James Comey was revealed as a partisan pro-Democrat political operative.
Nor was the bias confined to him. In April Republican congressmen revealed that the FBI made a determination that the 2017 baseball-field attack on GOP politicians was only “suicide by cop.” This meant that the national law-enforcement agency deflected from the key facts about the firearms assault carried out by a committed leftist supporter of socialist U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.
No one claimed that Sanders had anything to do with planning the attempted murders. But gunman James Hodgkinson left no doubt of his burning rage specifically against Republicans and his plan to shoot down as many of them as he could while they practiced for the annual congressional baseball game.
On April 21 the Politico site quoted Cong. Brad Wenstrup (R., Ohio) that “you want suicide by cop, you just pull a gun on a cop. It doesn’t take 136 rounds. It takes one bullet.” And, critics noted, the security detail that was at the ball field was in plainclothes, not police uniforms that would have attracted Hodgkinson’s attention.
Those officers were present because a member of GOP leadership, Louisiana’s Cong. Steve Scalise, who was gravely wounded, was at the field.
In addition, conservatives noted that the prolonged 2020 urban riots by left-wingers didn’t result in many serious arrests despite an estimated $2 billion in destruction, although one afternoon’s invasion of the U.S. Capitol building on January 6, misleadingly billed by media as an insurrection by Trump supporters, brought swift arrests.
The troops and high-security fences that quickly were deployed to protect Capitol Hill denizens were the sort of defense that long had been denied on much of the Southwest border, where they were said to show unfriendliness and racism.
President Trump built and reinforced a border wall only after tough fights with the national open-borders establishment and its media water-carriers, although the entertainment glitterati who adore left-wing politicians and denounce conservatives thought it only appropriate to gather for the recent Oscars awards behind fences.
An article at the Biz News Post site said, “Hollywood is full of anti-border-wall celebrities. But on Tinseltown’s biggest night, 10-foot security fences have been erected around Union Station in Los Angeles, Calif., to keep celebrities safe and the public out during Sunday’s (April 25) 93rd Academy Awards.”
Viewership for the Oscars has been declining drastically as entertainers’ political preachiness expands. Gone at least for now are the days when the ceremony was a sort of unifying public event.
If you’re old enough, just recall the cancer-stricken Western star John Wayne’s last appearance at the Oscars, in 1979. There were more conservatives on the entertainment scene then, but Hollywood still was a more liberal-friendly place.
Wayne was known for outspoken conservative views, but that visit on stage turned out to be a great emotional tribute to him. What are the odds that today he’d be told his presence wasn’t welcome?
The phony moral-superiority game is among one of unlikely Hollywood hero Joe Biden’s many unattractive aspects — he, the deluded man who huddled with leftist historians soon after entering the White House over what a legendary man he’ll be after he rams through portside policies.
Just after the guilty verdicts for Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd, Biden took to his pulpit to lecture Americans on what racists they are, in a nation of systemic racism.
Some compared Biden’s hectoring to Democrat President Jimmy Carter’s self-destructive “malaise” speech in 1979, the year before he lost the White House in a landslide to Ronald Reagan.
How has Biden been on the government dole as a national politician for decades, serving in the U.S. Senate beginning in 1973, yet he presides over a nation still so filled with, as he sees it, such morally inferior human beings?
It was disgusting virtue-signaling, and Americans knew it was untrue, even if it may have excited Biden’s limited base. Even worse was that Biden previously played racial politics, descending to the point during the 2012 presidential campaign that he affected a sort of Southern accident to warn blacks that the GOP wants “to put y’all back in chains.”
And don’t forget how whitey Biden tutored blacks in 2020 that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Sickening Details

Now here we are, in 2021, and Biden promotes massive permissive abortion with taxpayers’ money in as many demonic ways as he can.
Edie Heipel posted at The Federalist website on April 26 that in yet another outrage, Biden directed the Department of Health and Human Services to reverse “the Trump administration’s policy protecting preborn Americans from the callous dehumanization of organ harvesting and further desecration of their bodies in research disguised as ‘science.’
“This sickening decision now gives license to our ‘best and brightest’ government researchers and agencies . . . to use the skin, brains, and eyeballs of children in research that affects all of us and is funded by our money,” Heipel wrote.
The headline was, “Top 10 sickening details about how federal employees trafficked baby body parts.”
During an April 27 briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden supports using the dissected parts from aborted babies, and “the White House respectfully disagrees” with the Catholic Church on this, a report at said.
Obviously Biden disagrees with the basic rules of humanity, too, and there’s no way to be respectful about stripping aborted babies’ corpses.
Biden plays his little game that only the Catholic Church opposes mangling tens of millions of defenseless babies. But if the physically and mentally declining Joe the Joke doesn’t repent, he likely won’t get away with this excuse before Judge God. Nor would he have gotten away with it with the judges at Nuremberg.

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