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If Dems Feel Like Kings Atop Their Hill . . . The Only Direction They Have To Fall Is Down

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The question of who wins the 2024 presidential election already is answered if Republicans now think only along the lines of starting to develop policy positions, sound out focus groups, and connect with think tanks instead of remembering the bigger picture.
The winner will be whichever left-wing Democrat gets that party’s nomination, to come out on top the same way Joe Biden did in 2020, aided by U.S. oligarchs.
And if 2024 does end up that way, so might every subsequent election as defenseless Republicans disappear into irrelevancy.
Conservative radio talk host James T. Harris warned of the looming threat on Phoenix-based major station KFYI (550 AM) on February 5. “America is nearing the last exit on the highway to hell,” he said, adding that Communism is already here.
Impaired Joe Biden was carried across the finish line by, as Time magazine admiringly put it on February 4, “a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.”
Despite the corruption thereby suggested, the Time article, by Molly Ball, saw the results not as a dirty theft but a heroic effort to save the nation from Bad Orange Man Trump honestly winning re-election. It was headlined, “The Secret History of The Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election.”
Whether a person agrees with everything Ball wrote, serious meddling by the “cabal” was plainly known, including tech oligarchs manipulating access to information, election laws being twisted as desired, vote security disregarded, dominant media crazily distorting coverage, polling misrepresenting results seriously, and utterly unreliable massive mail-in balloting.
Yet, afraid that Donald Trump had marshalled staying power among tens of millions of voters, the conniving cabal contrived a post-election second Senate impeachment trial to banish him forever. This elite remained unwilling to engage him on the issues, where they feared losing, but preferred using the dirty politics of corrupt political-machine bosses swollen to a national scale.
Presumptuous left-wing U.S. oligarchs also repeatedly intruded into shaking fists at legislation, from “bathroom” bills to ones to help protect preborn babies.
When Georgia legislators approved a “heartbeat” bill for the preborn in 2019, they were warned in a threatening economic statement signed by dozens of Hollywood actors: “This law would make Georgia an inhospitable place for those in the film and television industry to work, including our members.”
King Biden, undeserving of office but flattered by courtiers, is like the self-deluding emperor who had no clothes — which makes him even more in-tune these days with male “women” ready to invade lavatories.
A haughty Democrat king in his castle atop the hill despises his subjects, but the people down in the valley have the power to overthrow him if only they realize it and act together. Keeping them unaware of their potential has been a major goal of the left-wing political minority grown used to imposing its own will on them.
Trump began to activate voters’ potential, and the elite shuddered and popped with the obscene rages of recent years. He managed to win in 2016 because his foes didn’t realize how powerful his appeal was, but they craftily prepared to finish him off in 2020 — if not right on the November 3 Election Day, then however long it took to cook the results.
Democrat Biden, drenched in corruption, was their choice to pull Americans down into their cesspool of internationalist immorality, where massive abortion and serious sexual disorientation are just part of what they deem “normal.” To be a “good Catholic” in Biden’s America, both for himself and everyone else of that faith, was to live chained in mortal sin.
The February hoax impeachment trial alleged that Trump had incited insurrection on January 6 at a massive rally supporting him in Washington, D.C., because he supposedly persuaded participants on the spur of the moment to storm over to the Capitol and capture it — although he said nothing of the sort, but counseled them on their planned protest to behave peacefully and patriotically.
If a person actually was looking for someone who dangerously rabble-roused, the search need go no further than the trial’s Senate majority leader, pro-abortion extremist Charles Schumer (D., N.Y.), who less than a year ago directly threatened two Supreme Court justices, using only their last names, if they were to rule on an abortion law in a way that made him angry.
Rasping out his threat and gesticulating, Schumer told a pro-abortion rally outside the court building in early March 2020: “I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”
And what law was the court reviewing? Jailing women who had abortions? Executing them? Louisiana’s law simply required that abortuaries provide the same level of safety as other surgical facilities by having hospital-admitting privileges for abortionists. That is a routine safety imperative to protect patients, not burden them.
Columnist David Harsanyi noted then that “treating as an ‘undue burden’ any laws that require abortion clinics to provide basic medical facilities for women is just an example of the Democrats’ extremism on the issue. Threatening justices over the case is hysterical.”
Schumer later said his words didn’t come out as he intended. Ha.
Perhaps chastened by his rant, the Supreme Court ruled in late June by a 5-4 majority that the protective requirement was unconstitutional. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the pro-abortion majority.
Schumer merely was one of numerous prominent Democrat politicians who issued harsh threats against their foes. If being excluded from elective office were a suitable rebuke after a politician urged that Trump or his supporters be confronted, hassled, harassed, or be taught that they’re not welcome anywhere, there’d be big vacancies in Democrat leadership.
Moreover, what of Democrats including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who refused to answer ordinary people’s pleas last year for protection from rioters and looters, but who now not only demand but receive extreme degrees of personal protection. Is wealthy, fancy San Francisco Nancy’s life so much more precious than a lower-class shop owner’s in Minneapolis or Kenosha?
Conservative Republican political consultant Constantin Querard told The Wanderer on February 10: “Anybody with access to the Internet can find countless examples of Democrat leaders like Chuck Schumer or Maxine Waters urging physical violence on people either because they support President Trump or, in the case of Schumer, even sitting Supreme Court justices because he disagrees with a pending judicial decision.
“Unlike President Trump’s call that rather specifically included verbiage about acting peacefully, the Democrat calls did not,” Querard said. “Now those same Democrats sit in judgment, attempting to satisfy the mob on their left that will apparently never tire of trying to do damage to Donald J. Trump, and a large portion of the public sees through this act of political theater.”

Political Theater

Mary Ann Kreitzer, who runs the Virginia-based Les Femmes – The Truth Catholic blog, described the February Senate trial as a “kangaroo court” and told The Wanderer on February 10 that political fictions are being employed.
“It’s political theater from start to finish, beginning with the Hollywood-generated film of the Capitol events,” Kreitzer said. “We can all expect a feature-length sequel including scenes of Hillary Clinton under sniper fire and AOC fleeing into her bathroom because she fears for her life. Throw in some footage from Pearl Harbor and 9/11.”
Kreitzer said the attack on the Capitol building wasn’t inspired by Trump. “The evidence shows that the protest was planned long before January 6. The impeachment is a sham and everybody knows it’s a sham. The Democrats are using this as a distraction like a magician gets his audience to focus on one hand while he does the trick with the other.
“As this sideshow progresses, the Democrats impose their radical agenda that will change America into a country we won’t recognize. This is all about demonizing Trump and anyone who supported him,” she said. “We are all being judged as ‘insurrectionists’ who would have been in the physical mob if we could be. I’m convinced that serious persecution is coming and we better prepare for it with prayer and fasting.”

High Fences And Razor Wire

Guest-hosting for radio’s Rush Limbaugh on February 10, North Carolina talker Brett Winterble recalled last year’s media narrative that only a few disruptive elements were at “mostly peaceful” left-wing protests. However, while the January 6 Capitol invaders clearly were only a fraction of the size of Trump’s massive rally that day, media treat them as indistinguishable from his crowds.
The Democrat impeachment circus to demonize Trump and his supporters occurred on a Capitol Hill heavily fortified with high fences, razor wire, and troops, as if demonstrating that Biden’s coup plotters had won but had to wall themselves off from Americans who still might dare to raise rebellion against them.
This was not the national capital that generations of tourists and school groups visited in admiration, but resembled an enemy enclave that had laid down its preliminary fortifications before further strengthening the barriers.
Kreitzer’s Les Femmes blog posted a video on February 10 that showed Pelosi — who led the House in both impeachments of Trump — stridently denouncing walls. Not this new one protecting her and other coup plotters, but the one Trump slowly had been building to shield Americans in the Southwest from massive illegal invasion — a wall Biden also opposed, but not the wall around his own White House.
“A wall is an immorality. It’s not who we are as a nation,” said bad Catholic Nancy. On another occasion, Pelosi said she’s “politically, substantively, officially, spiritually, religiously, personally opposed to the wall.” (Somehow, all her ersatz spirituality and religion only urge Pelosi to support slaughtering countless preborn babies.)
Queen Pelosi’s long Capitol wall has guarded entry points, military personnel, and patrol vehicles — all the sorts of protection that she rejects for ordinary Southwest residents. Her high fence’s firm base is described as iron and rebar.

The Accounting Of Eternity

As for the quality and morality of the House case being prosecuted against Trump in the Senate, consider Democrat impeachment manager Cong. Eric Swalwell, of California, a member of the House’s sensitive Intelligence Committee. He recently was exposed as having carried on an affair with a Communist Chinese spy.
That alone should have served to kick him off Intelligence if not all the way out of the House, but here he is trying to bar Trump from serving in office again. That’s how cozy things can be when dominant leftist media see virtually no scandal on the congressional left.
Come to think of it, cozying up to Chinese spies may be seen as a downright positive quality in the pro-Beijing Biden administration, which withdrew a recent Trump administration rule requiring disclosure by U.S. universities if they worked with the so-called Confucius Institute operated by Communist China.
Fox News posted on February 10: “Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced in August that the U.S. had designated the Confucius Institute as a ‘foreign mission of the People’s Republic of China,’ characterizing it as an entity controlled by the Communist government in Beijing that advances a ‘global propaganda and malign-influence campaign on U.S. campuses and K-12 classrooms’.”
Beijing plans to be the wave of the future, but waves may have a way of dissipating into the sand. The conservative PJ Media website on February 6 recalled that back in the twentieth century, now-discredited human eugenics had been considered such an unassailable “science” that it was considered “too politically prestigious to dispute.” This article was titled, “The Bandwagon of Perdition.”
One twentieth-century regime that was really sold on eugenics was Adolf Hitler’s. But his “Thousand Year Reich” lasted barely a dozen of them.
Biden and Beijing may think they can strike some big mutually beneficial deals, although Beijing’s totalitarianism, which turns 72 this year, seems cannier than declining 78-year-old Biden.
It’s simply an actuarial fact that Biden may not be around much longer. One would hope he worries more about facing the accounting of eternity than he appears to. Countries’ lifespans easily can exceed individuals’, but perhaps this rigid Asian totalitarianism carries within itself a death rattle, too.
Maybe, through the grace of God — the real God, not Joe Biden’s — the Democratic Party’s plan to dominate America through the assistance of U.S. oligarchs will drain away into the sand.

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