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If Issue Is Gun-Grabbing, Abortion, Or Illegal Invasion . . . Democrats Are Being Challenged On Their Pushiness

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Some Colorado teenagers gave the nation a good example often not provided by adults — the teens walked out in protest when some pushy Democrats tried, as Dems often do, to politicize a tragedy as quickly and thoroughly as they could.
When possible, their game plan is politics 24 hours a day, every day. They’ve dragged this nation into hostility and divisiveness, assisted by their media allies manipulating the script. Too often adults accede and behave more like sheep hopping to the tune of their national Dem masters.
In early May two student shooters opened fire at a Denver-area high school, leaving one young man dead and eight students injured. Eighteen-year-old Kendrick Castillo was hailed as a hero for sacrificing his life to the gunfire to save classmates.
A memorial service quickly was organized, but Democrat politicians and gun-control activists at the lectern pushed their own agenda. One well-rehearsed woman crisply outlined the steps for gun-grabbing political activity. Grieving students walked out in disgust, some complaining that they weren’t allowed to offer their tributes.
One student said, “We wanted Kendrick to be mourned . . . but that was not allowed here.” Another was reported by a local television station as complaining, “This was not a vigil. This was purely a political stunt. This is not what we wanted for Kendrick.”
Whatever the event, including permissive abortion, health care, massive illegal immigration, or gun regulation, Democrat stage managers try to dictate what the dominant reaction is allowed to be.
Perhaps the high point of this in the twenty-first century — or more probably the low point — was a memorial service for Minnesota’s U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone after this liberal Democrat tragically died in a small-plane crash shortly before the November 2002 election where he was on the ballot for a third term.
The memorial service, broadcast nationally from a University of Minnesota arena, turned into a repellent Democrat political rally that generated widespread objections and probably helped defeat Democrat veteran Walter Mondale, who was named to replace Wellstone in the Senate race.
Another notable example of opportunism was the use of Democrat U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy’s death in 2009 to push for government-run nationalized medicine, which Democrat President Obama succeeded in ramming through a Democrat Congress.
When left-wing Democrats behave like this, they seem to believe they’re entitled. If conservative Republicans dared try it, they’d be pulverized.
Imagine that, say, an elected GOP member of Ohio’s pro-life legislature video’d himself as he went to a Planned Parenthood abortuary, proclaiming that he wanted to get the identities of women going inside so he could publicize them and follow them to their neighborhoods.
A dominant-media national firestorm would erupt and he’d be ejected from that legislature before midnight.
However, when pro-abortion Pennsylvania Dem state legislator Brian Sims in fact used that tactic against the other side outside a Philadelphia abortuary, pro-lifers got excited on social media, but dominant media scented little wrong.
Sims intentionally harassed a female praying a rosary whom he shamed as an “old white lady” while trying to dig into the identities of three teenaged pro-life girls so he could spread their information around.
Then, just the opposite of confronting ordinary citizens on the sidewalks, public official Sims retreated into the security of his own office with a guard outside to protect him from the public.
Amazingly, Sims also stridently accused the pro-lifers of “racism” apparently because they didn’t want preborn babies of minority mothers to be aborted. What kind of community-service award can we soon expect the KKK to award Sims for his diligence at having minorities aborted?
Conservative-inclined national columnist Salena Zito posted on May 10 that “while Sims’ harassment was, on the one hand, shocking, it was expected. A politician abusing his power thusly to crush religious conservatives is exactly what so many of us have been bracing for.”
The legislator hadn’t stumbled into making an embarrassing error, Zito noted. “This was an emboldened, out-of-touch, arrogant elected official who woke up one day last week and made a conscious decision to go to Planned Parenthood for the express purpose of fighting and badgering.”
Moreover, she said, “This is the extreme left acting out in public in exactly the manner they ascribe to conservatives: confrontational, intimidating, police tactics, berating women, threatening the First Amendment.” But, she observed, no elected Democrat came out to condemn Sims.
Nor, one might add, were dominant media urging other officials to provide reaction condemning him — just as dominant media and Dems were entirely comfortable when radical politicians pushed for permissive “abortion” even into the “fourth trimester.”
This is the special warning to pro-lifers and moral traditionalists, should such Democrats gain more power nationally. Expect purges and persecutions by pro-abortion goose-steppers who know they have little to fear from complicit media.
In mid-May some pro-life sites posted a video of a young woman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill simply taking a pro-lifer’s sign and walking away with it, in order to dispose of it. When a police officer stops her, she says the sign “restricts women’s rights,” she can’t believe the police are protecting pro-lifers, and this is why women have a problem getting abortions in North Carolina.
She lies about her larceny and seems really surprised she’s being held to account.
Is this the fruit of leftist indoctrination in so-called higher education? Leftist professors tell students that the U.S. is responsible for crimes and oppression throughout the world, but they’re not responsible for protecting the lives of their own babies.
Still, stealing a sign is less than the personal violence pro-lifers often suffer. At the same North Carolina university in April, a different young woman angrily repeatedly punched the same pro-life man whose sign was stolen in the other incident.
On May 7 LifeNews.com listed 26 recent incidents against pro-lifers from coast to coast and said that Students for Life of America reported more than 50 vandalisms.

Stand Up For The Defenseless

The Wanderer asked conservative Republican political consultant Constantin Querard about overcoming the pro-abortion barrage.
“To a large degree, the battle against abortion will be won by achieving two goals,” Querard said. “First, reminding and educating people about the simple truth about babies and their right not to be murdered, which means repeating the truth over and over again so that it seeps in past the constant flow of misinformation coming from Hollywood, the mainstream media, and other liberal groups.
“Second, taking public stands so that people who know what is right will feel more comfortable in taking public stands themselves,” he said. “The majority of Americans are pro-life but anti-confrontation. They do not want to talk about it or be targeted for their beliefs. They won’t put a Vote Pro-Life bumper sticker on their car for fear of someone saying something to them about it.
“We overcome that by being public examples of how to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves,” Querard said.
Another serious issue that dominant media have twisted, massive illegal immigration, is being challenged from different quarters these days.
One reason for the challenge appears to be the manipulation and endangerment of innocent Latino children by smugglers and advantage-seekers, including minors repeatedly being brought back and forth across the U.S. border so they can be passed off as the children of different people making false asylum claims.
The Washington Examiner posted on May 16 that Guatemalan Consul Tekandi Paniagua said in a statement:
“We have reiterated the message that trips to the United States, in the condition in which the Guatemalan families are undertaking them, is highly dangerous. We’ve seen four cases in a row of children who have lost their lives in this way.”
On May 15 The Stream Christian site (stream.org) posted an article by pro-life Mexican entertainment star Eduardo Verastegui saying that he’ll soon release a movie, The Sound of Freedom, against sex trafficking of minors.
Building a border wall is one good way to oppose this crime, Verastegui said.
“We need to put ourselves in the shoes of the immigrant child from Mexico and Central America with a suitcase full of dreams,” he said. “As they advance towards the United States, such dreams often turn into terrible nightmares. Some die of thirst. Others get murdered (yes, this happens) by organ traffickers. Many others suffer sexual violence. Or get kidnapped and turned into slave laborers on American farms.
“Every sovereign nation has the responsibility and obligation to offer security and protection to innocent people. That starts with children and includes its borders,” Verastegui said. “This is why the wall project has to comprise a fully integrated plan with modern technologies and durable physical barriers. It must include the destruction of smuggling tunnels, and the creation of legal crossing points. . . .
“We expect to be in theaters very soon. May this film lay the foundations for a wall which will protect the innocent in America and in Mexico,” he said.

A False Exegesis

Another critic of mass immigration is Africa’s Robert Cardinal Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship. He takes up this idea in a new book whose French title translates as, Evening Approaches and the Day Is Now Almost Over.
In an interview with a French publication, Sarah commented in part: “Certainly, it is important to be sensitive to people in suffering. I am thinking in particular of men leaving their country. But why are they moving away from their land? Because faithless powers, who have lost God, for whom only money and power are important, have destabilized their nations.”
On April 4 Fox News reported Sarah told the French publication Valeurs Actuelles that, among other points, “It is a false exegesis to use the Word of God to promote migration. God never wanted these rifts,” and that “This current desire to globalize the world by suppressing nations, specificities, is pure madness.”
The Wanderer asked a southern Arizona source for her comments on the intensifying illegal immigration into the U.S. She declines use of her own name due to security concerns, so we call her Mrs. Smith. The rest of this article is direct quotation of her comments.


“It is heartbreaking to see the destruction of most of the Western hemisphere with massive immigration from Central America and countries from all across the world moving in organized and facilitated groups in the thousands into primarily the United States.
“Were the entrants truly refugees, it would be difficult enough to experience, but all the reports seem to indicate that the majority of entrants are opportunists. These people do not appear hungry like Venezuelans. They are usually strong and well-fed and overwhelmingly male.
“Guatemala’s minister of Strategic Intelligence, Mario Duarte, in an interview with Breitbart News, said in candor that some 90 percent of Guatemalan entrants to America are economic opportunists organized by outside forces which are funded by supporters of globalism. These very wealthy radicals want to destabilize countries so they can take over their economies. . . .
“The minister further candidly said that the people coming here were ‘weaponized as a picketing mob.’ Such a phrase suggests that they will try to destroy this country with newly learned techniques from their organizers. . . .
“This invasion could be stopped. But the Democrats and the American border bishops oppose Trump’s ‘wall.’ The Democrats and most Republicans refuse to change the laws to make it possible to handle the numbers and to change the immigration laws which enable these people to come and to stay. And the Catholic Church helps the entrants to stay by sheltering them.
“The Latino countries do not seem capable of establishing governments which can take care of their own citizens’ right to decent employment. Mexican nationals in my family are aware of the reasons and talk freely about it.
“Unlike America, which was initially populated primarily by the poor and by religious refugees, Mexico and most South American countries were developed by the oligarchs of their European homelands, who came to the Americas to establish their oligarch status in a new world overflowing with natural resources. They established governmental and economic systems to benefit themselves. And the system still affects the peoples of those countries.
“But the Church seems to think the current immigrants are already mostly Catholic and will fill the pews as the ‘new Church.’ Such naivete seems deliberate because the lure of American secularism and the continuation of terrible catechesis of recent years, even in Spanish, will likely not keep most Catholics loyal long,” Mrs. Smith concluded.

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