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Some Things Painful To Remember . . . Still, Biden Wants To Give You Too Much Suffering To Forget

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PHOENIX — As June began, conservative radio talk host James T. Harris (Phoenix-based KFYI, 550 AM) was asked why he thought the Tulsa, Okla., race riot of exactly 100 years earlier had been widely ignored until recently.
Harris, a black man who previously was a high-school history teacher, said that the instructional materials he himself had used lacked this information, so he had to come up with it for his own students.
But why had it been lacking? Harris said there were facts that the establishment preferred to ignore, such as the role played by the Ku Klux Klan because it was allied with the Democratic Party.
(Indeed, the intellectual “progressive” Democrat Woodrow Wilson, an open racist, had ended his eight years as president of the U.S. only three months before the Tulsa riot.)
The riot also attacked the prosperity of “Black Wall Street,” Harris said, the local black entrepreneurs and successful middle class who, he pointed out, had attained their status without the government programs that today are declared to be absolutely necessary for black advancement.
Furthering this narrative, news reports said that in a speech in Tulsa to observe the centenary of the riot, Joe Biden claimed black entrepreneurs lack attorneys and accountants.
However, of course, big-bureaucracy Joe was going to get them the government help he thinks they need.
In the same speech Biden also managed to throw in an allegation that he’s a Catholic — so everyone could feel sorry about the hate the poor Catholics had to endure — even though scandalously bad Catholic Biden is the one guilty of bringing opprobrium on the Church for the way he gets away with his sacrilege and howling hypocrisy — repetitious conduct that, objectively considered, is mortally sinful.
This pitiful impaired man unloaded as much nonsense as he could within the time limits of one speech, also throwing in the accusation that “terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today, not ISIS, not al-Qaeda, white supremacists.” Why, that’s what “the intelligence community” tells him, said the pretender president.
Joke Biden expects us to forget that for much of 2020, and continuing today, radicals from Marxist and other far-left groups like Antifa and BLM have caused literally billions of dollars in damage to U.S. cities, and elsewhere, too, not “white supremacists.”
Don’t believe the facts, says Joe; believe whatever lies he tells. (Including the lie that he’s a practicing Catholic?)
But as for Tulsa — Another, less sinister reason a century-old riot might have faded from memory is that some people prefer not to keep shame alive.
A person might recall Mexican-born actor Eduardo Verastegui saying that until he came to the U.S., he had never heard of the important Cristero War for religious liberty against the viciously anti-Catholic Mexican government of nearly a century ago.
This struggle ended up being depicted in a movie released in the U.S. in 2012, titled For Greater Glory, in which he played a role.
In a 2012 interview posted at Beliefnet, Verastegui said of this historical amnesia, “It was sort of like a big wound that Mexico had. It was an embarrassment for the government. They realized that they went too far and they wanted to bury that wound in a hole and so it was prohibited to teach that in public schools — and I went to public school.”
Biden wants to talk about ill-treatment of blacks, but only in the distorted way that serves his politics. However, when we examine U.S. left-wingers’ paternalism and condescension toward blacks, we see that the plantation-owner mentality elicits the same sort of resentment from their bondsmen that the original slave owners caused.
Republican Mark Robinson, the lieutenant governor of North Carolina, is one of the growing numbers of blacks who reject Democrats’ attempts to keep them in the kind of slavery that Joe Biden likes to see — fear, helplessness, depression, anger, and poverty that supposedly only can be assuaged by voting for more of Dems’ unassailable power.
Since he leapt to public attention as a private citizen defending the Second Amendment in 2018, Robinson made no secret of his Christian, pro-life, conservative beliefs, and was rewarded by voters in 2020 with the prominent state political post he holds.
In recent testimony before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, Robinson said one hears warnings of current Jim Crow attempts to deny blacks the vote. Is this by bullets or bombs, Robinson asked. No, the threat allegedly comes from a requirement that all voters in Georgia have a free ID. He declared that this supposed threat is “absolutely preposterous!”
This comes amid national Democrats’ attempts to bring all voting under federal control so they can connive perpetual power for themselves. To this end, any attempt by Republicans to protect ballot security is blasted by Dems as suppression.
Robinson asked the committee, “Am I to believe that black Americans, who have overcome the atrocities of slavery, who were victorious in the civil rights movement and now sit in the highest levels of this government, cannot figure out how to get a free ID to secure their votes?
“That they need to be coddled by politicians because they don’t think we can figure out how to make our voices heard,” he said. “Are you kidding me? The notion that black people must be protected from a free ID to secure their vote is not just insane, it is insulting.
“This doesn’t have anything to do with justice. This has everything to do with power,” Robinson said.
The goal of some individuals in government isn’t to hear black voices at all, he said, but only “to hear the voices that fit their narrative.”
Part of the Democrats’ power strategy is to give the vote to illegal immigrants, Robinson said.
Which leads us to the next topic, Biden’s conscious plot to flood this nation with unending waves of unauthorized entrants who, in addition to looking to the burgeoning U.S. government to supply their needs at U.S. taxpayers’ expense, will vote for their Democrat enablers who threw open the border for them.
As long as illegal entrants can count on Biden to set them up with a new lifestyle, they’ll never have to fight to reform their own nations. There’s no justice in that. Nor in the video taken by Agence France-Presse showing a frightened five-year-old with his teddy bear in the desert, abandoned by smugglers, screaming, “Don’t leave me. . . . No, no, no.”
In recent months the federal government simply has been providing Southwestern hotels for free to the waves of illegal immigrants as they’re processed to come into the interior of the U.S. Fox News’ Jesse Watters said Biden “is taking out his anger on the red states” by making them into welcome centers for potential blue voters.
Earlier this year KFYI’s Harris went to have a look at a hotel in the Ahwatukee region of southeastern Phoenix that had been taken over for unauthorized migrant housing. It was certainly better than the homeless camp for U.S. citizens that he looked at in downtown Phoenix, Harris said.
Then, the morning of June 2, Harris told his KFYI audience that Immigration and Customs Enforcement had opened a new, secretive “migrant detention facility” at an attractive hotel in upscale Scottsdale, just to the east of Phoenix. He again contrasted this with the conditions of the downtown Phoenix homeless camp.
Later that day, Phoenix radio host Seth Leibsohn (KKNT, 960 AM) said agents for ICE and the Department of Homeland Security must be feeling demoralized to work as “processing clerks” to bring the illegal aliens into the U.S., instead of serving in their proper role as guardians of the nation’s front door.
Leibsohn said Scottsdale is one of the nicest places to be, not only in Arizona but also the entire nation, but now it’s confronted by this.
A person might wonder how much more such ill-treatment the nation’s law enforcers will endure at the hands of Biden’s Marxist-racist administration before they join in the majority national sentiment to reject this arrogance forcefully.
A Scottsdale caller identified as “Dave” told Leibsohn he wondered what was going on at the hotel, next to Scottsdale’s Chaparral High School, a public school. Because of the unexplained security, Dave said he had wondered if some celebrity was there.
It was more than that, as buses kept arriving, to fill more than 1,200 beds.
A woman caller said the office of Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey told her there was nothing he could do; this is a federal matter.
A statement posted by the City of Scottsdale said there was nothing the city could do, either; it’s powerless against the federal government.
Even the federal government tried the same ploy: There was nothing it could do but accept the illegal aliens — who broke the law just in order to be here.
A June 2 report by Phoenix-based NBC Channel 12 said a contact that was awarded said: “Without the additional EFRS (Emergency Family Reception Sites) facilities and services, the government will be seriously injured as it is currently not prepared to address the large influx of asylum seekers, which requires housing and processing of the claims for the vulnerable populations.”
Southwestern states often are only a resting point for the border crossers before Biden’s malignant administration deposits them around the nation — presumably for maximum Marxist political effect.
British politician and commentator Nigel Farage posted at the Newsweek site on May 27 that when he visited Arizona’s Pinal County, he saw discarded combat fatigues scattered around 60 miles north of the border, after young men managed to get that far then changed into civilian clothes so they could blend in in U.S. cities.
Farage said Sheriff Mark Lamb told him the men go to prearranged spots along highways and “are picked up in the dead of night and taken off to join drug gangs all over the U.S.A. Very few will ever be discovered.
“Not only does this make a mockery of official statistics,” Farage said, “but the direct importation of dangerous criminals into America places law-abiding citizens in far greater danger than they would otherwise be. It is a scandal, yet it is one which the Biden administration seems happy to preside over. There is no getting away from the fact that this is a criminal enterprise from start to finish, and all American voters need to be told this truth.”

Feet To The Fire

Breitbart reported on June 2: “A report detailing the Biden administration’s ‘lottery’ migration policy, resulting in the mass release of border crossers into the U.S. interior, reveals that DHS is flying single male adult border crossers into the country in addition to Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) and adult border crossers arriving with children.”
Back on May 8, Breitbart had reported: “Border crossers are flying on commercial flights for free into the United States, with the help of Catholic Charities, after first sheltering at paid-for hotel rooms along the U.S.-Mexico border, a new report details.”
This Breitbart story continued: “A report by the Daily Mail reveals the extent to which non-governmental organizations (NGOs) — such as Catholic Charities of San Diego, Calif.; the Shapiro Foundation, and the Tripadvisor Foundation — are facilitating the release of border crossers into the U.S. interior, thanks to President Joe Biden’s administration and often funded by American taxpayers.”
A June 1 statement by the City of Scottsdale said that DHS and ICE formally notified it on May 28 that a federal contractor would begin operating the hotel the following day, May 29, with “the vast majority” of the illegal entrants to be sent outside Arizona after processing.
“Scottsdale has no current authority to prevent the hotel from being rented for these immigrant families,” the statement said. “… Immigration is a federal matter, over which the City of Scottsdale has no responsibility or oversight.” If people had further concerns, it said, they should contact their congressman, Arizona’s two U.S. senators, or Joe Biden.
Holding Biden’s trembling feet to the fire. That would be a good idea the next time he flies into your city, wherever you live, with some speech denouncing you all as backward Republican domestic terrorists.
And oh, by the way, maybe he has some illegal aliens down in his plane’s luggage compartment that he will force you to welcome as soon as he can get them registered to vote — without ID, of course.

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