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Tucson Woman Notes Lower Life Quality . . . “Population Bomb” New Meaning: Explosion Of Countless Invaders

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PHOENIX — Directly to the east of Arizona is the state of New Mexico. Directly to the south of Arizona is the nation of Mexico.
Seventy-eight years ago, in July 1945, an atomic bomb was detonated at Trinity Test Site in New Mexico, on what was part of the Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range. Civilians noticed the massive test explosion. The U.S. government issued a misleading news release claiming there had been an accidental explosion of an ammunition magazine.
A few weeks later, in early August, the U.S. dropped surprise atomic bombs over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which immediately were devastated, in the belligerent nation of Japan. It shortly surrendered, bringing an end to WW II in the Pacific.
Years of research and planning had gone into the development of the terror weapon that closed out the war against Nazism and fascism which began six years earlier. The equally odious Communist system was an ally of the victorious U.S., not its wartime foe.
A new era dawned with the blinding light of the atomic age.
A different sort of carefully planned war has been fought for long years from south of Arizona, coming north into the Grand Canyon State from Mexico, although these unauthorized entrants bear the colors of a host of nations, not just one or two. If there has been a surrender, it was not by the warriors coming from the south
They also entered over the southern borders of Texas, California, and New Mexico, totaling in the millions just since Democrat Joe Biden took office in January 2021.
As the atomic bomb introduced a new kind of power in the mid-1940s, the invaders of the twenty-first century are a new kind of troops. If the U.S. disappears beneath this onslaught, another new era will be upon the world.
The atomic bombs vaporized perhaps 200,000 or more lives. The countless victims of the newer warfare from the south may die a slower death — or maybe not much slower if it comes through deadly drugs. And not a more merciful death if they’re compelled into some humiliating servitude like sex slavery that doesn’t matter to the mighty media defenders of “women’s rights.”
These southern troops don’t blaze their way in with machine guns in order to subdue territory so that their civilians can follow behind them and set up habitation. These invading troops instead are the new inhabitants themselves, subduing the land with the sheer force of their numbers and demands to be cared for, transported, fed, housed, medicated, perhaps employed, and somewhat schooled in a myriad of languages.
It’s vital, of course, that the land they’re conquering must welcome them. Wouldn’t work if the victim nation told them to turn around, go back home and improve their native lands.
Ushering as many illegal entrants as possible into the U.S. to stay is the game plan for various groups that run the show here, for various reasons. Cheap votes for Democrat politicians and cheap labor for Republican executives traditionally have been explanations.
Other reasons were added, such as U.S. Catholic bishops seeking to replace parishioners who had departed the Church, and leftist-racialists eager to supplant “white supremacy” with what they regard as others’ superior skin color and heritage. (Who’s race conscious? Left-wingers for sure.)
That bishop who looks so prayerful, what has he done to your own efforts to get ahead in life when he keeps encouraging more brothers to ride for free on your back?
Even leading Democrats including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama used to speak against open borders because they accurately knew that unlimited arrivals would harm the economy for their own working-class voters.
But the Dems began to lust for even more voters and lost their taste for defending lower-strata U.S. workers who were too likely to oppose elitists’ radical push for immoral social transformation.
Meanwhile, it seemed that many in the GOP “uniparty” executive class remained just as embarrassed as they always were about what they regarded as backward conservatives, and just as attracted as always to making common cause with liberal Democrats.
Like the rest of southwest border states, Arizona has borne heavy costs to support the invaders, financial and otherwise. Now the entrants’ numbers have grown so large that megalopolitan areas far away are declaring emergencies over the burdens for care that they bring with them.
When Chicago and New York plead for help from the federal government over what Washington, D.C., intentionally is causing to their social-services burden, what about a lonely little desert town like Gila Bend, Ariz., population about 2,000, where border agents simply started dropping off illegal immigrants on the streets a few months after bad Catholic Joe Biden stumbled into the White House?
The border city of El Paso, at an estimated population of nearly one million, is far larger than Gila Bend, but it, like many other cities across the U.S., has homeless illegal immigrants wandering its sidewalks as if in some Third World nation — until the U.S. uses your tax money to bus and fly them wherever they please, very likely to begin decades of unauthorized residence before an immigration judge ever tries to hear their case.
By which time they long will have disappeared into the populace.
This monumental disaster is the intentional plan of Biden and his globalists to destroy the U.S. by massive violation of immigration law. By any definition, this is treason. It’s astonishing how many Americans have simply kept their heads down and let Biden get away with it rather than strapping His Stumbling Lowness to a gurney for a quick trip to retirement.
The issue has greater urgency than ever because on May 11 — the day this hardcopy issue of The Wanderer went to press — Title 42 was scheduled to expire, the regulation that at least in theory allowed the U.S. government to turn back entrants over concerns about protection from COVID.
Uncounted tens of thousands of additional illegal immigrants reportedly were chafing to rush across the border as soon as they could. The president of Guatemala reportedly tried to tell the White House he knew of 80,000 on the way, but the executive mansion refused to take his call.
Conflicting plans left in question how much illegal immigration Biden actually would try to thwart now, with Americans at fever pitch against him.
The Daily Wire was among websites reporting that Biden was resurrecting a Donald Trump-era policy that “disqualifies migrants from applying for asylum in the U.S. if they neglected to first apply for asylum in other countries they traveled through, such as Mexico. Hundreds of asylum officers were trained in how to enforce the rule on Tuesday [May 9] ahead of Title 42’s expiration, according to CBS News.”
On the other hand, NBC News reported on May 10: “After more than 11,000 migrants were caught crossing the southern border on Tuesday [May 9], the Biden administration is now preparing a memo that will direct Customs and Border Protection to begin releasing migrants into the U.S. without court dates or the ability to track them, according to three sources familiar with the plans.”
NBC News quoted an official with the Department of Homeland Security that the 11,000 daily figure already exceeded what was expected after Title 42 was lifted. “‘We’re already breaking and we haven’t hit the starting line,’ one DHS official told NBC News, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the person isn’t authorized to talk to the media.”
The Wanderer asked Arizona-based conservative Republican political consultant Constantin Querard for his view of the expected deluge with the end of Title 42, and Biden’s violating his duty to U.S. security and safety.
Referring to the restoration of the Trump-era asylum restriction, Querard said: “The Biden administration recognizes that they’ve screwed up, but they can’t reverse themselves without angering their far-left base, so America is going to pay the price. Still, there is some evidence that the administration is going to try to minimize the damage by bringing back some Trump-era policies that will allow a larger number of illegal aliens to be turned around.
“But,” Querard said, “states like Arizona can expect to see at least double the number of border crossings starting immediately, along with a proportional increase in human trafficking, drug trafficking, and other crime.”
A Tucson source told The Wanderer on May 10 how the continuing high levels of immigration have affected her city. Tucson is about an hour’s drive north of the border-straddling city of Nogales. The woman asked not to be identified because of her security concerns.
“Although Tucson is historically a stopover for immigrants of all kinds,” she said, “nowadays it seems that the stopovers are longer and the here-to-stays growing in bigger and bigger numbers.
“As prices rise and salaries stagnate, citizens turn to the thrift shops and the dollar stores. With the influx of legal and illegal immigrants, the thrifts and dollar stores are packed every day — and often just emptied,” she said.
“Crime is way up in Tucson, a city designated as one of the most dangerous.
“The shelters are full. The stores have new hires who do not speak English, or if they do use English words, they do not speak the culture,” the woman said. “Such babel is the destructive aspect of the cheapest-labor-we-can-get attitude held by businesses which hire as fast as the newly to-be-exploited can jump the border.
“It is impossible not to see how quickly American employees are being replaced by obviously foreign ones,” she said. “For instance , at our hometown grocer, the old efficient, friendly, and helpful butchers are no longer employed. But there is a woman butcher apparently assigned to customer service only, while the new male butchers are doing the hard work in the back.
“Two times now, I have been caught in the cheap-labor net with this woman,” she said. “I asked for what I want, she nodded and garbled some accompanying words, grabbed what I asked for out of the case and bent down to wrap it on a surface out of one’s ability to sèe.
“When I returned home and opened the package to cook it, what I asked for was not there, but rather a not-so-fresh piece of meat or fish. Much sleight-of-hand can occur out of sight behind and below a butcher’s case,” the woman said.“ The many shelters in Tucson for asylum-seekers are full and they are rapidly shipping people out into the rest of the country,” she said.
“The border has been recently unusually busy with crossers of all kinds from many countries, and they come in hordes. However, they tend to come via the cartels and coyotes through the relatively uninhabited borderlands and national forests. But, although the numbers are huge, they, too, quickly move on to other parts of America,” the woman said.
“However, the situation is going to become much different and worse very soon, in anticipation of the end of the rule to stay in Mexico while being vetted,” she said. “The immigrant invaders assembling at the border now, as shown by photos taken from private drones by border residents, are military-aged men. There are few if any women or children. They are gathering at the border faster and in bigger numbers than in any time in history.
“There is much concern by many that these men will be given weapons and tools of terrorism and helped to infiltrate the entire nation,” the woman said.
“There is talk Biden will stop their entry by implementing the rule requiring people stop for asylum in the first country they enter after leaving their own,” she said. “We should not be surprised to see Biden implement that rule, but allow the hordes to disobey that requirement and rush the border.
“Our whole country is in danger from these men gathering in the south. We should encourage the rest of the country to act at the state level, as has Florida, to deny these entrants many benefits,” she said. “Welcoming the stranger should never mean the destruction of one’s own country, culture, and family, increases in violence and loss of jobs. But are we not there?”

Over Capacity

Yuma County, Ariz., Supervisor Jonathan Lines told a Phoenix radio program on May 8 that since the Biden administration took office, eight times the population of the city of Yuma has crossed into the area.
Yuma’s estimated population as of 2022 was nearly 100,000 people. Yuma is in the southwestern corner of Arizona, just north of Mexico and east of California.
Obviously Yuma couldn’t keep all those people, Lines told the Mike Russell and Rob Hunter program on KFYI Radio (550 AM). “The whole thing is a catastrophe, and they have put these people’s lives at risk,” Lines said, adding that abandoned children are found all the time wandering around, and that the coroner has gone out 80 times for the bodies of people, many of them presumably abandoned by smugglers.
Lines said his first recommendation would be “finish the wall,” then reactivate Trump’s border policies.
On May 8 Tucson television station KOLD, Channel 13, reported that Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls said:
“About a month ago we had about 300 people a day crossing the border in the Yuma sector. A few weeks after that we had 600. Yesterday, we had 1,000 people cross, just this Sunday. This morning at 8 o’clock there was already 500 people that have crossed into the Yuma sector.”
The Phoenix area’s ABC television Channel 15 reported that every day 200 migrants were bused from Yuma to Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport — a distance of nearly 190 miles — in order to be flown around the nation.
On May 10 Fox News posted that Texas Democratic Cong. Henry Cuellar said the Border Patrol has been instructed to release the illegal immigrants onto U.S. streets if non-governmental organizations and border communities don’t have the capacity for them.
Fox News said Customs and Border Protection sources told it that the entrants would be released en masse “at bus stops, gas stations, supermarkets and in towns and cities across the border as Customs and Border Protection facilities are already over capacity in multiple sectors. . . .
“Cuellar said his sources estimate 150,000 migrants from Mexico border states are already planning to illegally cross into the U.S. once Title 42 is lifted, adding that the ‘powerful image’ of migrants entering the U.S. without consequences will serve as a ‘magnet’ for more people considering illegally migrating to the U.S.,” Fox News said.
It quoted Cuellar: “This powerful image of people just coming in and not going back and being returned is just going to become a bigger magnet for more people coming in. It’s not good.”
In the less than 2 1/2 years that bad Catholic Biden has been president, estimates have been made that perhaps 5 million illegal immigrants were induced into the U.S. With the border thrown open wider, and promises of tax-financed heaven here, might we see as many as five million or more every single year, until we ourselves and the U.S. are only a distant memory?
Meanwhile, open-borders Democrat nobility squirmed now that their dream was knocking at their castle doors.
Arizona’s incompetent left-wing, open-borders Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs, installed in office in January by the elite, quickly had announced her plans to remove the large metal shipping containers that her term-limited predecessor, GOP Gov. Doug Ducey, had installed to fill border-wall gaps near Yuma. Hobbs also said she was scrapping Ducey’s Border Strike Force.
Now the pro-abortion radical Hobbs, like Biden as president, was left holding the bag with the responsibility for receiving the masses of illegal immigrants she had done everything to induce to come here. She said she would transport them elsewhere in the U.S.
Maybe to your own town?
The online Arizona Daily Independent newspaper posted on May 8: “The flood of humanity is expected to sap resources that are already strained by the constant flow of aliens crossing into the United States illegally.”
Hobbs, the first social worker to be Arizona governor, reportedly was born in 1969 but sounds like she has the voice of a nine-year-old girl. No maturity, no wisdom.

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