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What’s Trump’s Ploy?. . . Both Biden And GOP Cowards Give Bad Examples To Disappointed Nation

November 29, 2020 Frontpage No Comments


Americans had plenty on their plates over the Thanksgiving holiday, but only a little of the massive volume was turkey and the trimmings.
Heaped higher were serious considerations of what afflicted the nation politically, and what could be expected.
Because of The Wanderer’s Thanksgiving-week production schedule, this article was written earlier than usual, overnight on November 23-24, but certain issues would remain timely regardless of what happened in the courts and elsewhere during the holiday week.
Three topics were Joe Biden giving bad example to others, Republican Party deserters, and a third party as finally feasible.
Consider how Biden used ostentatious displays of his faux Catholicism.
Biden and everyone else knew very well that opposing massive slaughter of innocent preborn babies wasn’t some Catholic peculiarity that had to be excluded from the public square. But he and his groupies pretended that protecting their defenseless lives from torture and death was inadmissible politically.
However, this butchery and required tax funding for it were politically mandatory on the agenda of Biden and anti-Catholic Kamala Harris. Inadmissible to be pro-life but mandatory to be pro-abortion for “Catholic” Biden. What a bad example.
A continuing question, whether Biden cheats his way into the White House or not, is why he insists on welding together strong pro-abortionism with alleged Catholic fidelity.
Is Biden’s conscience hurting so badly that he seeks to balm it by flaunting before the public what amounts to a religion of death?
One thinks of the aphorism about having a bold thief sit down at the dinner table: “The louder he talked of his honor, the more we counted our spoons.”
Or, as eighteenth-century English polymath Samuel Johnson is said to have phrased it, “But if he does really think that there is no distinction between virtue and vice, why, sir, when he leaves our houses, let us count our spoons.”
Actually, Biden does think there’s a distinction. He prefers to choose vice.
Or consider this possibility for his contrived religiosity. Biden pretty plainly seems to be preferred by the regnant globalist establishment to be president. One of its goals is to desensitize nations’ peoples to massive permissive abortion, such as cherished by bad Catholic Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Is the idea that the more Biden twirls around his rosaries and unworthily dashes up to Communion, the more that people will conclude slaughtering the preborn is fine for everyone, and not worthy of any objection? Is Biden the designated Judas goat to lead the bewildered U.S. deeper into the abattoir? Biden intentionally gives bad example to imperil others’ souls.
Do all the prelates who made small or no objection to this disgusting supposedly Catholic politician understand why their congregations doubt their own fitness to lead? Because they don’t lead — except when it comes to being out front for failed liberal Dem policies.
In his blog on November 23 (, Fr. John T. Zuhlsdorf, noting the onslaughts of socialist/Communist revolutionaries in relatively recent history, reminded readers that Biden wasn’t officially a presidential winner yet, although he had an endorsement from the Vatican. Biden, Zuhlsdorf said, “as yet isn’t anything except a soul at risk of Hell.”
Fr. Shenan Boquet, president of Human Life International, posted on November 23: “The last thing this country needs right now is a radically pro-abortion, anti-family and militantly ‘progressive’ administration. We are already experiencing rock-bottom birthrates in our country, well below replacement level.
“Divorce and family breakdown are endemic. Good Christian families feel themselves under assault from increasingly brazen LGBT and anti-life propaganda in public schools,” Boquet added.
Biden did enjoy the advantage that those on his side of the political spectrum can riot as they please to enforce terror, without receiving tough criticism, but those on Trump’s side are just assumed to be law-abiding patsies. National radio host Dennis Prager said that half the country thinks it’s being cheated out of a presidential election, but one sees no right-wing riots showing displeasure.
A second issue as November was ending was the very old one of Republican Party leadership cowards curled up in hopeless surrender to bloodthirsty Democrat marauders while GOP foot soldiers looked on aghast.
Democrat political leaders, no matter how vile their agenda, seem to be pretty strong at sticking together, as shown time and again in their despicable hoaxes against President Trump. But just give a GOP coward a moment to be overcome by his ever-present fears, and he’s frantically waving the white flag again.
Disgust at this spectacle is probably a major reason Trump won in 2016. Voters were willing to take a chance on a brash leader who promised to deliver, not dither, time and again — and he turned out to do exactly that, despite full-fledged war against him by the swamp from the very first.
Presidential candidate after candidate of both parties had vowed to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, but only Trump did, despite establishment howling about the catastrophe sure to ensue. Instead, Trump’s strength kindled a spirit of cooperation in significant Arab capitals.
No Republican president, and certainly no Democrat prez, had ever shown his face right at the National March for Life in Washington, D.C., for nearly a darned entire half-century, but Trump did exactly that, as if pro-lifers were people he was proud to be seen with, not hiding from.
The list could be very long.
Yet amid the 2020 presidential election results that showed strong evidence of massive Democrat voter fraud, here came some prominent Republican politicians to urge that Trump simply concede defeat prematurely and open the way to Biden moral wickedness and the wretched old political swamp that dragged down this nation for so long.
National radio host Rush Limbaugh took a call that voiced the grave disappointments of probably tens of millions of Trump supporters. A man was on the verge of weeping over all-too-typical GOP fecklessness. “We’re tired of being stabbed in the back, Rush!…They do it every time.”
The caller said he’d traveled to join the November 14 crowd of tens of thousands of Trump backers in Washington, D.C., but not a single Republican politician showed up to speak to them. He lamented, “God forbid, what do we have left?” He recalled that Democrat politicians had readily turned out for anti-Tea Party activity of the past, “walking hand-in-hand up the steps.”
These Trump supporters are the people who now give life to the body of the Republican Party, not the old establishment Republicans who fancy that as soon as Trump is in the dump, they can resume their familiar games and deference to power-mad Dems.
What Republican politician, not even Ronald Reagan, had ever been able to turn out big adoring campaign crowds day after day chanting “We love you” to Trump, in cold states and humid ones, thousands of miles apart?
Cognitively impaired, physically declining Biden barely could manage to have any kind of campaign gathering, and certainly not like Trump’s MAGA multitudes.
Do marionette Biden and his masters think they just can sweep all these people under the rug while the corrupt manipulators dust off their globalist magic carpet that flies U.S. jobs, money and power over the horizon to malefactors dying to abuse them all over again?
How many corrupt establishments couldn’t sense their time was over — until they were overthrown? To try to understand the U.S. by consuming its dominant left-wing media is like trying to comprehend the Pacific Ocean by walking in a child’s sandbox. But even sand has its own solid reality, unlike the vapors of left-wing pundits.
The late English observer Malcolm Muggeridge foresaw that colonial rule would end in twentieth-century India while the British masters there seemed to have no idea. One may assume the same for eighteenth-century French royalty soon to be toppled. And on through the tides of history.
The idea of a third party gets gabbed about after election losses, but may seem to be sour grapes more than solid strategy. Or even self-defeating.
A decade ago, the Tea Party movement sprang up in disgust at establishment corruption. Tea Partiers weren’t lapdogs for Republicans. They debated whether they should go the third-party route, but concluded it’d be more effective to have a home in an established party.
Big-government Democrats were hardly their cup of Oolong; they decided that constitutionalism and fidelity to the Founders would receive a better reception within the GOP.
From media reporting, I had formed a picture of flinty economic libertarians unconcerned with morality. Silly me, to ever rely on major media, as I learned when I covered the Tea Party national policy summit in Phoenix in 2011 and found a real spirit of patriotism and affection for the U.S. as divinely established and guided, even if imperfectly so.
In late November we see tens of millions of Republicans inspired by Trump already being instructed by some in the GOP establishment to just give up and accept Dem political depravity, while minorities who were starting to be won over by the Trump message apparently are expected to scuttle back to the Dem plantation and settle for more failure and dependency.
There’s a failure-loving GOP establishment that wants to succeed only when it comes to suppressing conservatives. There’s an immoral Dem establishment that tries to build its dominance on the backs of hopeless-feeling minorities.
If both these establishments think they can keep running the show, is it possible we’re actually at a point when a formidable new third party can coalesce and cast off these husks?
Trump didn’t start campaigning for the presidency in 2015 as a third-partier but as a Republican who went on to strengthen a party apparently still impaired by ingrates eager to dispose of him. And then Dem political fanatics can hound him through criminal courtrooms for years to try to destroy his life that exposed them for being seething, selfish midgets.
It’d be better if Trump can carry forward as leader of an illustrious GOP welcoming others. But there can be another way forward if it comes to that.

Fraudsters Exposed

Meanwhile, a gusher of investigative articles and analyses kept giving weight to how fraudsters stole the election for Biden.
On November 20 Virginia-based Mary Ann Kreitzer’s Les Femmes – The Truth blog hat-tipped to the Canadian Vox Cantoris blog for posting a video the previous day about the Dominion voting system that’s drawing so much suspicion for fiddling with U.S. presidential election results. In Toronto, it turns out, Dominion not only is in the same office building as meddling left-wing activist George Soros’ Tides Canada, but also on the very same floor.
Kreitzer told The Wanderer on November 22: “I think the old adage applies here. ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.’ Politics is a corrupt business and many politicians of both parties are willing to lie and cheat, but the Democrats have made cheating and fraud a cottage industry.
“Between the Dominion voting machines, the mail-in ballots, dead people voting, and double registrations, it’s pretty clear there’s been fraud,” she said. “Enough to undermine the election and give a win to a demented man unfit for office? Hopefully we’ll find out soon. It’s hard to believe Trump’s legal team doesn’t have evidence, because, if they don’t, they’re open to lawsuits and being disbarred.
“Dominion keeps denying their machines allow vote-switching, but their security is questionable and the company has links to the Democrats and George Soros,” Kreitzer said. “The smoke is pretty heavy, and where’s there’s smoke there’s fire. Hopefully, the hard hitters on Trump’s team can target it with a steady stream of truth.”
Blogging abortion survivor Gianna Jessen expressed hope on November 22 that skilled Trump and his team will win because “these people are VERY good at chess.”
The Wanderer asked conservative GOP political consultant Constantin Querard about many pollsters being far off from accuracy in their results, favoring Democrats.
“The fact is that the entire industry is still trying to figure out how to get accurate results,” Querard said. “Most pollsters predicted a Biden win and even called most states correctly, but their margins were generally around four points higher than actual results.
“A few of the pollsters who called 2016 for Trump missed in 2020 as well, although by a smaller margin,” he said. “And the errors were not limited to the presidential race — most GOP candidates for the U.S. Senate also outperformed polling predictions by around four percent.
“They need to figure out how to account for voters who don’t want to be polled, those who are ‘shy’ about their intentions, and they have to refine whatever they are using to predict who will ultimately turn out and vote,” Querard said. “Until then, it may be easier for the general public to accept their results and just slide the numbers four percent toward the GOP candidate.”
In the fight against Biden’s Culture of Death, the role of prayer has been recalled for having ensured the vital sixteenth-century Christian naval victory over the Ottoman Empire at Lepanto. Prayer is indispensable. But that battle involved strenuous combat, too. What is expected of us to repel the Democrat fraudsters’ corruption?

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