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While GOP Sees Hope… In Fevered Political Times Biden Exposes Dems’ Structural Weakness

May 31, 2020 Frontpage No Comments


The Democrats as the party of “sustainability” might have thought that atrocious gaffe machine Dementia Joe Biden, a notorious bad Catholic, looked increasingly unsustainable to be their 2020 presidential nominee by late May. However, the problem wasn’t just with him but the donkeys’ fundamental electoral strategy.
As much as Dem-friendly dominant media hoped to rush past this incident, the structural problem remains.
Biden reflexively demeaned blacks during a May 22 interview with The Breakfast Club, a national program popular with African-Americans, when he, an elderly, wealthy white man, asserted that blacks who couldn’t decide whether to vote for him weren’t actually black.
Many blacks, whether they were conservative Republicans or not, quickly voiced justified criticism of blundering Biden’s racial judgmentalism.
One could almost envision Biden wielding a whip as a nineteenth-century plantation boss telling the slaves to get back in their rickety cabins and quiet down.
But Biden’s was simply the ingrained Democratic leadership strategy of warning blacks before every election, and in between, that they’re hopeless, incapable victims doomed to inferiority and poverty unless they vote for power for status-quo Democrat elitists.
Many ordinary Democrats of whatever race long ago were left behind by their party bosses. So some responded by leaving that party. Others continued tolerating it for one reason or another. But their choice of Biden in various 2020 primaries showed they regarded him as preferable to newer Dem presidential hopefuls who appeared closer to socialism.
However, even if they hadn’t noticed, strongly pro-abortion Biden himself had moved in that direction while trying to cement his reputation as a left-wing “culture warrior.” But, oh, so sotto voce from his Delaware basement.
Meanwhile, President Trump got himself into more trouble over his undisciplined tweeting — except perhaps not so much damaged among his strong supporters who figure his standing up for them is more important than any media war.
Trump resurrected old theories, some from left-wingers, that his MSNBC media foe Joe Scarborough was linked to the death of a young woman on Scarborough’s staff when he was a Florida GOP congressman back in 2001.
A Washington Examiner editorial posted May 27 rebuked Trump for his “slanderous attack,” saying that it’s “far, far more unfortunate that the latest person to trumpet and repeat this vile slander is the president supposedly leading this nation through a time of crisis.”
Both Biden and Democrat Hillary Clinton had raised eyebrows in the past, although perhaps not among their media cheerleaders, when they adopted mocking Southern accents while trying to appeal directly to black voters — as if blacks would appreciate being typified as comically drawling Southerners.
Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass wrote, “You ain’t black? Yes, it’s racist. But no more racist than Biden using that same ridiculous fake Southern accent of his to tell black voters that Republican Mitt Romney would enslave them. ‘Put y’all back in chains,’ Biden said in 2012.”
Kass added later, “Biden reveals the Democratic Party lash, which separates Americans into herdable groups for votes, based on skin pigment or gender. The lash is there to shame the old and teach the young a lesson about pain to come.”
Biden’s latest racial offense as this article was written the night of May 27 — although he may have managed to have come up with another one or three by the time you read this — was to boast of his being the obviously correct choice for black voters during the Breakfast Club interview.
CNN on May 22 reported Biden said, “Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” As outrage over his presumptuous claim — intensified with the “ain’t” — blew up, the former vice president semi-apologized for being “such a wise guy” and “so cavalier.”
He also had boasted that the NAACP always endorsed his political races, although the NAACP quickly denied this in a May 22 news release, saying it “does not endorse candidates for political office at any level,” although individuals affiliated with the NAACP are free to make candidate endorsements “in a personal capacity.”
The Wanderer contacted four of its sources for a comment on Biden’s racial judgmentalism.
National conservative commentator Quin Hillyer replied: “Joe Biden’s arrogant, insensitive remark showed more of the same indefensible attitude that he and Ted Kennedy showed 29 years ago when they tried to smear now-Justice Clarence Thomas for the sin of being a black man who dared to think for himself and take conservative positions. It was wrong then and wrong now, and it is deeply offensive.”
Conservative GOP political consultant Constantin Querard said: “The attitude that Biden gave voice to is racist, sure. But it is also an attitude that too many African-Americans still have towards other African-Americans who register or vote Republican. The peer pressure that has kept so many black voters on the Democratic plantation is finally starting to crack, which makes me happy not as a Republican, but as an American.
“It is incredibly unhealthy for any major bloc of voters to be loyal to a single party to the tune of 93 percent or such,” Querard said. “It discourages Republicans from trying to reach out and has Democrats convinced that they can simply take the black vote for granted.
“The biggest beneficiary of that community starting to voice a variety of ideologies and beliefs isn’t going to be the GOP, it will be African Americans of every political persuasion who will be sought after and included in the political process of both parties,” he added.
Rob Haney, a retired chairman of the Phoenix-based Maricopa County Republican Party, said: “Joe Biden’s diminishing intellectual capacity is illustrated especially when he speaks off the cuff. His latest comment in reference to ‘you ain’t black’ is a prime example.
“He didn’t realize how racist his comment would sound and, in addition, he threw in the slang ‘ain’t’ to further diminish one of his most faithful voter constituencies,” Haney said. “I think that comments like these from the Dem politicians will cause the black voters to continue to migrate to the Republican Party.
“Switching from a Culture of Life to a Culture of Death candidate is another area where Biden has failed black voters. Biden is thoughtlessly supporting the decrease of the black population through abortion, since a higher percentage of black babies are aborted versus white,” he said. “Black voters cannot look upon this as a benefit for their race, especially since Trump has moved from pro-abortion to pro-life.
“President Trump is doing more for black families in this area as well as in the economy. Through his many gaffes, Biden is inadvertently counseling the black voter to ‘Come on, man,’ wise up and vote for Trump,” Haney said.
Northern California conservative commentator Barbara Simpson told The Wanderer: “Joe Biden is a perfect example of a Democrat who thinks he can do and say what he pleases with no consequences. Unfortunately, he can and does. His comments concerning how blacks supposedly vote show the mentality of Democrats — they take the minority vote as something they are entitled to simply ‘because.’ It is something they take for granted.”
Posting at The American Spectator site on May 25 that Biden’s Breakfast Club blunder had just cost him the presidential election, David Catron recalled that historically the Democrats had been the overtly pro-slavery political party, while the Republicans won overwhelming black support for ending the servitude with the Civil War and supporting their civil rights in the nineteenth century.
“The best-kept secret in American politics is that, for these reasons, 95 percent of African-Americans voted Republican from the end of the Civil War until the 1930s. By that time, however, the GOP had come to take the black vote for granted,” Catron wrote, likening that to Democrat leaders’ current presumption. “Sound familiar?”
Meanwhile, the kind of blind loyalty that Dems expected from blacks was being provided from a different quarter by longtime left-wingers like writer Katha Pollitt, who said that Biden hadn’t been her first choice, but she was so desperate to get Trump out of the White House, “I would vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them.”
The pro-abortion Pollitt’s choice of words for supporting pro-abortion Biden rang eerily appropriate, but the pungency seemed lost on her, even though Pollitt later said she didn’t mean those words literally, but this was just her “dark humor.”
If Trump were to be re-elected, she wrote in her column for the left-wing Nation magazine posted May 20, the United States would descend into the horrors of more respect for the First and Second Amendments, like religious rights and personal self-defense, among other nightmares.
Or, as Pollitt actually phrased it, more grotesquely, “Four more years of Trump will replace what remains of our democracy with unchecked rule by kleptocrats, fascists, religious fanatics, gun nuts, and know-nothings.”
Pollitt shrugged off former Biden staffer Tara Reade’s accusations that Biden had sexually assaulted her 27 years ago — even though sex-assault allegations against Republicans are golden to those of the Pollitt persuasion — because, after all, Dems winning comes first.
In an even more desperate vein, so to speak, so-called comedienne Kathy Griffin got herself into trouble even with liberal Twitter when she tweeted for plunging a syringe into Trump “with nothing but air inside it” — which, the Washington Examiner pointed out on May 27, would be a way to kill someone with an embolism.
The Examiner story said that in response to an Examiner tweet “for its report on her tweet, which noted that stabbing someone with a syringe filled with air could be fatal, Griffin said she ‘sure did’ advocate for the president to be stabbed with such a device.”
Griffin, it can’t be forgotten, had held up a mock bloody severed head of Trump a few months after he took office in 2017.
In this febrile atmosphere in the coronavirus season, Trump needn’t have added to the heat by calling up others’ old speculations about the Scarborough staffer’s death. It’s the undisciplined part of Trump that makes supporters cringe. But this surely wasn’t the first time.
During the 2016 presidential campaign, candidate Trump briefly spouted off inexplicably in May about the father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) being somehow associated with presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot President John F. Kennedy in November 1963.
“I mean, what was he doing — what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death? Before the shooting?,” Trump was quoted.
Cruz was one of the other Republicans competing against Trump for the nomination in 2016. But Cruz, like many other conservatives, began to like Trump quite a lot after he won the White House and began delivering for their goals.
An example was conservative writer Nicole Russell at The Post Millennial’s website on May 26, saluting not only Trump’s choice of savvy, tough Kayleigh McEnany to be his press secretary, but also his empowerment of women.
“I have my issues with President Trump, but on this, he has proven to be a boon for female empowerment far more than others,” Russell wrote. “Trump has hired more female advisers than the three presidents before him. Forbes said that Trump has appointed nearly 300 women in politics, judges, and ambassadors.”

Trends Favor The GOP

And trends for Republican candidates looked promising for this November, despite everything dominant media have tried to drive them and Trump into the ground.
The hardcopy issue of The Wanderer dated for May 28 noted recent GOP victories in the blue state of California for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and state legislature. (Page one, “Red Straws in the Wind in California Politics? Has Dem-Media Hammering of Conservatives Caused Blowback?”)
The same day that the GOP’s Mike Garcia easily beat a Democrat for the Golden State’s twenty-fifth Congressional District seat in a special election on May 12, Republican Tom Tiffany commandingly won the special election for Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District.
And an article posted May 22 at Townhall was headlined, “Red wave coming? GOP sweeps election in Virginia Democratic stronghold.” It said, “As stunning as Garcia’s resounding victory for Republicans in California was, however, a shocking GOP blowout in the Staunton, Va., city council election this week has given Democrats a reason to be alarmed.”
The article, by Ellie Bufkin, said, “Like many cities in Virginia through the last several years, Staunton has trended toward liberal candidates in national and municipal elections, supporting Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 elections, and Hillary Clinton in 2016.
“The city also helped buoy Democratic governors Terry McAuliffe and Ralph Northam to victory in the past two gubernatorial elections while consistently electing a majority of Democrats to the city council,” Bufkin added while she noted that the May GOP sweep was described by one Virginia political analyst as “stunning almost beyond words.”
If Trump gives a bad example sometimes, one may think of the tale of how President Abraham Lincoln reacted when he was told that his successful Civil War Gen. Ulysses Grant was a drunkard. Find out what brand Grant drinks, Lincoln supposedly said, and give it to my other generals.

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