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With Joe The Joke President . . . No Sweets For Lent, But Lots Of Abortion

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PHOENIX — Back on February 18, just after Ash Wednesday, the satirical Christian website The Babylon Bee joked that Joe Biden was giving up one of the things he loved best for Lent, executive orders.
The Bee facetiously quoted Biden, “I thought about giving up sniffing hair, fumbling over my words, or angrily shouting at reporters who question me for Lent, but no, in the end, it had to be executive orders — my true love.”
However, the Bee said, “really devout Catholic” Biden definitely was not giving up abortion for Lent — “there’d be no way he could give up his support for baby murder for that long.”
And alas, in a moment of weakness, Biden signed 47 new executive orders anyway, but vowed to “do better tomorrow,” the Bee said.
Lo and behold, in hard reality and no satire on March 29, NBC’s Today reported that Biden actually had just been asked what he’d given up for Lent.
There were more serious questions that could be stressed at a time when the border-invasion crisis had exploded and kids were crammed into Biden’s government cages in Texas the likes of which Donald Trump had never even dreamed of.
Biden was trying to prevent even U.S. senators from exposing this scandal, with a Bidenette government lady literally using her up-close face to try to block Texas Sen. Ted Cruz from making a video of a sardine-like scene.
Instead, Today indulgently chuckled over what the Christian Biden was denying himself for the penitential season. The forbidden pleasure was “all sweets for Lent. You have no idea how hard it is for me,” Biden said. And what would he gobble down first as Lent ended? Ice cream.
Scooping up another fact, Today said Biden regarded ice cream as his “performance enhancer,” with the Salted Peanut Butter Chocolate Flecks flavor consumed before presidential-campaign debating last year.
Strange, but a year ago another member of the Catholic Democrat Abortion Royalty, Nancy Pelosi, enthused about having her luxury refrigerator stocked with gourmet ice cream that gives her “a lot of energy. . . . I don’t know what I would have done if ice cream were not invented.” The very wealthy Pelosi said this just after Easter Sunday 2020, as most Americans suffered through pandemic lockdowns.
If multimillionaire Biden really thinks luxury ice cream enhances his performance, he’d better start eating about 80 gallons of it a day so he can stop falling down, fumbling around, and forgetting what he’s saying while wanting to get the heck away from any reporter who’d dare ask him a serious question — like regarding the pain that non-Catholic aborted babies feel when being torn apart.
It was beyond bizarre that blatantly bad Catholic Biden engaged in a classic Catholic penitential practice for Lent while insisting on enforcing and expanding every immoral atrocity he could, imposed on all America through his brute government.
An article in The Irish Times in August 2018 would apply to Biden when it said: “The phrase ‘cultural Catholic’ can thus legitimately be seen as a euphemism to describe many who are simply lazy hypocrites who treat Catholic sacraments as festive conveniences and do not engage in any meaningful debate about faith.”
Remember that as March began, Biden soon began talking about his rosary during a virtual meeting with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, even though the context was secular. It’s almost as if Biden asked Lopez Obrador to start reciting 20 novenas for people to be polite just after Biden revoked the “Mexico City Policy” against funding massive wicked international abortions.
But these are weird times indeed under faux Catholic Biden. Forget about non-Catholic President Trump issuing pro-life proclamations. Biden hardly had been inaugurated when he and Kamala Harris issued a White House statement on January 22 celebrating permissive abortion despite its being “under relentless and extreme attack.” Never fear, the “Biden-Harris Administration” will impose judges on the nation to protect this atrocity.
And so we see, when Biden has put radical Vice President Harris’ name together with his as a sort of co-presidency when he speaks, it was no accident. He is the cognitively declining figurehead, and she is snorting like a wild horse next to him, raring to go. Snorting? What is that sound? More on that in a moment.
Just before Holy Thursday, Biden issued a White House statement spewing filth about “stamping out” the freedom of those who dare oppose disordered transgenderism, although he cloaked his knives in people’s backs as progress toward “equality.”
This is to be attained, he said, by passing the “Equality Act” — federal legislation explicitly intended to crush religious conscience and practice while enshrining serious mental disorder. The March 31 White House text was titled, “A Proclamation on Transgender Day of Visibility, 2021.” It was attributed to “the Biden-Harris Administration.”
As for Harris’ snorting, as March drew toward a close, she delivered a talk in Connecticut on children and schooling that occasionally was punctuated by what is becoming her familiar and unpleasant cackling laughter. Has Hillary Clinton been giving her lessons on how to laugh?
Harris’ cackling generated some comments about how inappropriate this sounds, and whether it might have been one personality factor that forced her to withdraw from the Democrats’ 2020 presidential-nomination race before facing the voters in even one contest.
Maybe it’s a nervous laugh, or a way she has to fill gaps in her thought processes, like some people say “you know, you know.” But imagine her bursting out this way across the table at some sensitive international meeting with, say, Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping. Harris did it recently when a reporter seriously asked if she’d be making a trip to the overstressed border, and, in answering negatively, the vice president gave a big laugh.
Perhaps the most glaring recent example was when she appeared with talk host Stephen Colbert in June 2020. Colbert recalled some scathing criticism Harris had made of Biden at a candidates’ debate, but Harris burst out with hysterical-sounding laughter for Colbert while repeatedly saying that had been only “a debate, a debate” as if debates are meaningless exchanges of lies.
Meanwhile, during her Connecticut talk on schools and children, Harris revealed her strong-arm big-government thinking, expounding her philosophy that it’s up to the rulers to plan, arrange, order, and provide everything for their lowly subjects.
Well, not quite everything. It was revealed at almost the same time in San Diego that newly arrived illegal immigrant children already were receiving in-person instruction from teachers, although the California school district’s own children had been denied this for a year due to the pandemic.
Fox News reported that a parent in the San Diego Unified School District, Emily Diaz, said by email, “The system is broken when San Diego teachers are teaching migrant children in person, but the 100k students of taxpaying families at San Diego Unified School District are stuck learning in Zoom school.”
And look at the result from Biden enforcing his “climate” fantasies to attack U.S. energy, with resulting jumps in transportation and production costs. When I did a little shopping on March 31, house-brand bread cost 51 cents more a loaf, house-brand dry cereal jumped 30 cents a box, and regular gasoline was 70 cents a gallon higher.
If personally insulated multimillionaire Biden can do this in a few weeks, how bad will it be if the American people allow him to stay in the White House for even one full year?
Perhaps frail, faltering Biden is jealous of U.S. energy because it has more oomph than his own fragile frame, and he hopes to cut it down to size. But what really needs to be reduced is his own foolish vision of his grandeur.
He needs to be sent kindly to a retirement home where the worst mistake he can make is punching the wrong button on the day room’s remote control, not on the nuclear football.

Rambling Around

On March 25, Biden’s first formal press conference, carefully scheduled during early Thursday afternoon, when fewer people might be watching, demonstrated why he had ducked this format for more than two months, and probably wouldn’t face reporters too often this way, even though he stage-managed them as if he were some kind of Soviet leader conducting the proceedings from a wax museum. Or in a mortuary’s viewing room.
Except that if Biden actually were a Soviet leader so slow-witted, his Politburo rivals would have stuffed him in a trash can long ago.
Openly consulting a seating chart and mug shots so he could call on only the reporters more or less in his pocket, Biden rambled around, lost his train of thought, told obvious lies, claimed that he was a good guy and a uniter while despising those who disagreed with his plans.
And come to think of it, having been in Washington nearly half a century, had Biden not yet become sufficiently familiar with reporters’ faces?
Biden told the presser he wasn’t going to let a child starve at the border, unlike Donald Trump, and that Republican attempts to protect the security of people’s ballots are “un-American” and “sick . . . sick.” Amid his insults, Biden claimed he wanted to restore the soul of the nation, restore dignity, and continue uniting the country. “We have to come together.”
He slipped up by referring to “global warming,” apparently having forgotten that scientific facts disproved this notion and thus it was replaced by “climate change” — because, after all, who can deny the climate changes? “Winter, summer, spring and fall, I love you the most of all,” as a Valentine card said that I gave to a girl way back in Indiana grade school.
No reporter that Biden deigned to call on had any icky old embarrassing questions about forcing people to pay for permissive abortion with their tax dollars, or having their consciences trampled by Biden’s sexual-radical bureaucracy, or what his abortion-fanatic pal and lawyer Xavier Becerra running the Department of Health and Human Services might do to Christian health care.
The immense suffering and confusion that Biden personally was responsible for creating at the border — and intends to continue creating unless, apparently, someone drags him out of the White House — was of no more angst to Biden than any other outrage he commits that imperils this nation’s very existence over the next few years.
National radio talker Sean Hannity said on March 31 that if an American ran a day-care center like Biden is running the migrant camps, he’d be brought up on charges.
The lawless cartels are rolling in dough thanks to Joke Biden opening the border so they can expand their criminal activity in human and sex trafficking. Individuals mean nothing to these scoundrels. On March 30 it was reported that U.S. law enforcers in Texas were able to rescue a six-month-old girl thrown into the Rio Grande by smugglers who had assaulted her mother.
Phoenix-based AzFamily.com reported on March 31 that a nighttime video by a security camera showed a smuggler atop a 14-foot-high border fence drop two toddlers into New Mexico and then run off, leaving the little Ecuadoran girls alone in the dark desert. Was he going to report to their family that he succeeded at getting them onto U.S. soil?
A statement by El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez said: “I’m appalled by the way these smugglers viciously dropped innocent children from a 14-foot border barrier last night. If not for the vigilance of our agents using mobile technology, these two tender-aged siblings would have been exposed to the harsh elements of desert environment for hours.
“We are currently working with our law-enforcement partners in Mexico and attempting to identify these ruthless human smugglers so as to hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” Chavez said.

The Throne Of Judgment

One piece of good news amid the Biden administration’s degeneracy and evil is that nations that had joined with former President Trump’s pro-life policies stood in the gap against the “Catholic” Satanism from the White House now.
The Center for Family & Human Rights, based in New York City, headlined on March 26, “Brazil and other pro-life countries thwart Biden administration on abortion at UN.”
“Abortion groups made no progress at UN headquarters in the first UN conference on women since Joe Biden was sworn in as U.S. president,” the accompanying story said.
“Countries who aligned with U.S. pro-life diplomacy only a few weeks ago when Donald Trump was in the White House blocked efforts of the Biden administration and the European Union to include controversial abortion-related terms and explicitly pro-abortion language in the annual agreement of the UN Commission on the Status of Women,” the story said.
It added: “. . . Just weeks into his presidency Biden adopted an executive order directing U.S. diplomats to promote abortion at the United Nations. The order commits the U.S. government to promote ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights,’ a phrase coined by the global abortion lobby to get around established UN policy against an international right to abortion.”
Biden may have deprived himself of Cherry Vanilla since the middle of February. Why ever he thinks this is more important to God than his promoting mass slaughter of innocent infants will be an interesting question whenever the Joke president totters over to face the Throne of Judgment.

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