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Pope Francis Calls Parents of James Foley

August 21, 2014 breaking Comments Off

American Journalist Was Murdered by Islamic State This Week Rome, August 22, 2014 ( Junno Arocho Esteves Pope Francis has called the parents of James Foley, the American journalist who was killed by the Islamic State (ISIS). In an email to ZENIT, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi confirmed that the Holy Father telephoned John and Diane Foley. Although no details were given as to what was said in the conversation, Fr. Lombardi confirmed that the “call took place [on Thursday] evening. The world was horrified as a video surfaced of the journalist’s beheading at the hands of a terrorist from the Islamic State. According to the video, the murder was in retaliation to recent military action taken against ISIS. ISIS currently has one…Continue Reading

Pope at Audience Warns Against Evil One Who Sows Discord Between People, Nations

August 21, 2014 breaking Comments Off

But Says We Can Have Victory If We Remain in God’s Love  Vatican City, August 20, 2014 ( Deborah Castellano Lubov Reflecting on his five-day apostolic visit to South Korea that concluded Monday, Pope Francis affirmed that Christ never diminishes or cancels something ‘good,’ like culture, he only enriches them, and brings them to their full potential. Speaking to the thousands gathered for this morning’s weekly Audience in Paul VI Hall, the Holy Father spoke on his visit and the Church in Korea, stressing, “Christ does not abolish what is good, but carries it on, and brings it to fruition.” “My recent apostolic journey to Korea enabled me to visit a young and dynamic Church filled with missionary zeal, a point of encounter…Continue Reading

Pope On Korea Trip: Memory, Hope, Witness

August 20, 2014 breaking Comments Off

2014-08-20 Vatican Radio (Vatican Radio) Memory, hope, witness: these are the three key terms in which Pope Francis placed his recent visit to Korea, when he reflected on the trip with pilgrims and tourists gathered in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican on Wednesday for the weekly General Audience. After renewing his sentiments of gratitude and esteem for the bishops of Korea and for the civil authorities who hosted him, the Holy Father began to focus on the Church he discovered during his voyage. “The Republic of Korea,” said Pope Francis, “is a country that has had a remarkable and rapid economic development,” which he attributed in large part to the industry and discipline of the Korean people. “In this…Continue Reading

Pope Holds Press Conference On Flight Back From Korea

August 19, 2014 breaking Comments Off

2014-08-18 Vatican Radio (Vatican Radio) From the possibility of the unification of the Koreas to the idea of “just war”, from the situation of persecuted minorities in Iraq to the Pope’s upcoming journey to Albania: on the flight back from Korea to Rome, Pope Francis answered questions put to him by journalists travelling with him aboard the papal plane. In what has become a traditional impromptu press conference aboard the papal plane, journalists spent more than an hour questioning the Pope about his recent visit to Korea for the 6th Asian Youth Day, about issues raised during the journey, his take on the ongoing violence against Christians and other minorities in Iraq, and about plans for future foreign trips. The first…Continue Reading

August 18, 2014 breaking Comments Off

Pope Ends Korean Visit With Call For Peace And Reconciliation

August 18, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) On the final day of his visit to Korea, Pope Francis celebrated Mass for peace and reconciliation in Seoul’s Myeong-dong cathedral during which he prayed for the grace of healing and unity on the divided Korean peninsula. At the beginning of the Mass the Pope also had special words of support for a group of elderly ‘comfort women’ forced into prostitution for the Japanese military during the Second World War. In his homily Pope Francis recalled the divisions and conflict that has lasted for over sixty years since the Korean war in the 1950s and he urged all followers of Christ in Korea to reflect on their own contribution to the building of a truly just and humane…Continue Reading

Pope Francis : “Asian Youth! Wake up!”

August 17, 2014 breaking Comments Off

2014-08-17 Vatican Radio (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis continues  his Apostolic journey to Korea which began August 13th and ends on August 18th. This marks his  first visit to Asia, a continent where 60% of the world’s  population lives. While on Saturday he presided over a beatification ceremony of 124 Korean martyrs in Seoul on Sunday he travelled by helicopter to Haemi, which lies 102 kilometers south west of this capital city, to preside over another solemn celebration: the concluding  Mass to mark the 6th Asian Youth Day. At the end of the Mass Indian Cardinal Oswald Gracias, President of the Federation of the Asian Bishop’s Conference, announced that Indonesia would be the venue for the  7th Asian Youth Day in 2017. The venue for…Continue Reading

Pope Asks Young Koreans To Pray For Unity

August 16, 2014 breaking Comments Off

2014-08-16 Vatican Radio (Vatican Radio) On the second day of his visit to South Korea, Pope Francis asked young people from across the Asian Continent to pray for the unity of the Korean family. His words came as he greeted an enthusiastic, cheering crowd of participants at the 6th Asian Youth Day gathered outside the Shrine of the Korean Martyrs at Solmoe. Pope Francis responded to a series of questions posed to him by some of those present, including the question of a Korean girl who spoke of the suffering of her nation caused by the separation between North and South.  At a certain point during the Pope’s meeting with the youth of Asia at the Solmoe Shrine it was clear he’d…Continue Reading

Pope’s Homily at Mass for Feast of Assumption in South Korea

August 15, 2014 breaking Comments Off

In her, all God’s promises have been proved trustworthy Seoul, August 15, 2014 ( Here is a Vatican translation of the homily Pope Francis gave today as he celebrated Mass for the Solemnity of the Assumption, on the second day of his trip to South Korea. The Mass was celebrated in Daejeon at World Cup Stadium. * * * Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, In union with the whole Church, we celebrate the Assumption of Our Lady, body and soul, into the glory of heaven.  Mary’s Assumption shows us our own destiny as God’s adoptive children and members of the body of Christ.  Like Mary our Mother, we are called to share fully in the Lord’s victory over sin and death, and…Continue Reading

Pope’s Discourse to President and Authorities

August 14, 2014 breaking Comments Off

For diplomacy, as the art of the possible, is based on the firm and persevering conviction that peace can be won through quiet listening and dialogue, rather than by mutual recriminations, fruitless criticisms and displays of force. Seoul, August 14, 2014 ( Below is the discourse Pope Francis gave the South Korean president and authorities at about 5 p.m. in Seoul, local time: Madam President, Honorable Government and Authorities, Distinguished Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Dear Friends, It is a great joy for me to come to Korea, the land of the morning calm, and to experience not only the natural beauty of this country, but above all the beauty of its people and its rich history and culture. This national legacy…Continue Reading