Friday 31st October 2014

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Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Writes Personal Ordinariate Of Our Lady Of Walsingham

October 30, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has sent a message to the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, which was established for former Anglicans in England in 2011.  The message was on the fifth anniversary of Pope Benedict’s apostolic constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus, which was released on November 4th 2009. The Pope Emeritus was responding to a letter he received from Nicolas Ollivant, the chairman of the Friends of the Ordinariate, a charity set up to support the Ordinariate’s work. Mr. Ollivant’s letter also included information on the Ordinariate’s central church in London, Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory, on Warwick Street.  It is the site of the former chapel to the Bavarian embassy to England, which greatly…Continue Reading

Pope At Audience: The Church Visible And Spiritual

October 29, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio)  “Often, we hear people say: the Church doesn’t do this …the Church doesn’t do that!’ ‘Tell me who is the Church? – ‘Well the Church is the priests, the bishops, the Pope …’ We are all the Church! All of us all of us Baptized! We are the Church, the Church of Jesus’”. This was the message at the heart of Pope Francis’ general audience Wednesday, which he dedicated to the relationship between the visible and spiritual reality of the Church. The Pope observed that the Church represents the Body of Jesus, and that its visible dimension- that is the structures and people who make up the Church – are at the service of its spiritual reality, witnessing…Continue Reading

Pope At Angelus: Love Of God And Neighbour Are Inseparable

October 28, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis prayed the Angelus with pilgrims and tourists gathered in St Peter’s Square beneath the window of the Papal apartments in the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican on Sunday. In remarks ahead of the traditional prayer of Marian devotion, the Holy Father offered some reflections on the Gospel reading of the day, which was taken from Gospel according to St. Matthew (22:34-40). “Today’s Gospel reminds us that the whole law of God is summed up in love for God and neighbor,” said Pope Francis, adding, “You cannot love God without loving our neighbor and you cannot love your neighbor without loving God,” and explaining that the “novelty” of Christ’s teaching consists in the union of the two…Continue Reading

Pope At Santa Marta: Called To Be Children Of Light

October 27, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) At morning Mass on Monday Pope Francis said that a conscientious examination of our words will help us understand whether we are Christians of light, Christians of darkness or Christians of grey areas. Reflecting on the First Reading from St. Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, the Pope said men are recognizable by their words. By inviting Christians to behave as children of light, and not as children of darkness, St. Paul gives “a catechesis on the word”. Pope Francis continued that there are four [types of ] words which help us understand if we are children of darkness:  “Are our words hypocrisy? Taking a little from here, a little from there, to fit in with everyone?  Then they…Continue Reading

Pope Francis To Schoenstatt Movement: Marriage Never Been Attacked So Much As Now

October 26, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis said the institution of Christian marriage has never been attacked so much as nowadays where a temporary or throw-away culture has become widespread. He said marriage should not be seen just a social rite and urged priests to stay close to couples and especially children experiencing the trauma of a family break-up. The Pope was replying to questions put to him on a range of topics during an audience with more than 7000 pilgrims belonging to the Schoenstatt movement, an international Marian and apostolic organization that is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding in Germany.  The movement now embraces members, both lay and clerics, from dozens of nations around the world. Mistaken views about marriage…Continue Reading

Pope Francis: Christians Are Called to Build the Unity of the Church

October 25, 2014 breaking Comments Off

At Morning Mass, Encourages the Faithful to Be Living Stones Vatican City, October 24, 2014 ( Junno Arocho Esteves The task of every Christian is to build “the unity of the Church.” This was the central theme of Pope Francis’ homily during his morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta today. The Holy Father reflected on the first reading in which St. Paul calls on the Christian community of Ephesus “to preserve the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.” Recalling St. Paul’s image of the Church as living stones, the Pope stressed that as Christians, we are also tasked with “building the unity of the Church.” “When constructing a temple or a building, the first thing ones does…Continue Reading

Pope: No To Death Penalty And To Inhuman Prison Conditions

October 24, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Thursday called on all men and women of good will to fight for the abolishment of the death penalty in “all of its forms” and for the improvement of prison conditions. The Pope was addressing a group of members of the International Association of Criminal Law whom he received in the Vatican. In his discourse the Pope also addressed the need to combat the phenomena of human trafficking and of corruption. And he stressed that the fact that the enforcement of legal penalties must always respect human dignity. In a dense and impassioned discourse to the Jurists assembled in the Vatican for a private audience, Pope Francis said that the “life sentence” is really a…Continue Reading

Pope At Santa Marta: The Limitless Language Of God’s Love

October 23, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) “We cannot be Christians without the grace of the Holy Spirit” who gives us the strength to love, said Pope Francis at Mass Thursday morning at Santa Marta. Emer McCarthy reports: Pope Francis centered his homily on St. Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians in which the Apostle describes his experience of Jesus, an experience “that led him to leave everything behind” because “he was in love with Christ.” His is an “act of adoration”: firstly, he bends his knees before the Father, who “has the power to do much more than we can ever think or ask “. He uses a “limitless language”: He adores this God, “who is like a sea without beaches, without limitations, an immense…Continue Reading

Pope At Audience: The Church, The Body Of Christ

October 22, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Divisions, jealousies, misunderstandings and marginalization do not help the Church to grow as the Body of Christ, they shatter it into many pieces, they dismember it. Instead we should remember that we – as the Body of Christ – are called to appreciate the gifts and the quality of others in our communities. The Church as the Body of Christ was the focus of Pope Francis general audience this Wednesday morning, attended by tens of thousands of pilgrims and tourists in an autumnal St. Peter’s Square. Referring to the Apostle Paul’s advice to the quarreling community in Corinth the Pope noted  that many of our Christian communities, our parishes are divided by envy, gossip, misunderstanding and marginalization. He…Continue Reading

Pope To Consistory: We Are Witnessing A Phenomenon Of Terrorism

October 21, 2014 breaking Comments Off

In Briefing, Fr. Lombardi Says Interventions Reaffirmed That You Cannot Kill in the Name of God Vatican City, October 20, 2014 ( Deborah Castellano Lubov Dedicating this morning’s Consistory of Cardinals to the Middle East, and particularly the region’s Christians, Pope Francis has called on the international community to do their part as well as his fellow prelates to protect those suffering in the war-torn region. Addressing the Consistory of Cardinals convened this morning at the Vatican just one day after the close of the Synod of Bishops on the family, Pope Francis said, “we cannot resign ourselves to think of a Middle East without Christians, who for 2,000 years have professed the name of Jesus.” “From this meeting today,”…Continue Reading