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Pope: Life Of St Teresa Of Avila Can Help Renew Consecrated Life

March 28, 2015 breaking Comments Off
st thera avila

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis said the life of St Teresa of Avila, characterized by “total self-giving to God,” is a “great treasure” that can help to renew consecrated life today. The pope spoke of the witness of St Teresa in a letter, issued Saturday, to the Superior General of the Order of Discalced Carmelites, Fr Xavier Cannistrà, to mark the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the saint’s birth. Listen to the report by Laura Ieraci:   St Teresa of Avila, a Spanish nun and mystic and a reformer of the Carmelite Order, was born 28 March 1515. Also known as St Teresa of Jesus, her writings are among the classics of Christian spirituality and mysticism. Her most known spiritual…Continue Reading

Mass at Santa Marta- Ode to joy

March 27, 2015 breaking Comments Off

2015-03-26 L’Osservatore Romano Joy and hope are Christian traits. It is sad to find a believer who knows no joy, fearful in his attachment to cold doctrine. This was the very reason for Francis’ ode to joy during Mass at Santa Marta on Thursday, 26 March. At the beginning of Mass, the Pope acknowledged the Carmelite “Hour of Prayer for Peace”. “Dear brothers and sisters”, he said, “the day after tomorrow, 28 March, will be the fifth centenary of the birth of St Teresa of Jesus, Virgin Doctor of the Church”. And “at the request of the Superior General of the Discalced Carmelites, who is here today with Fr Vicari, on that day in all the Carmelite communities in the…Continue Reading

The exhibition of the Holy Shroud of Turin

March 26, 2015 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio/VIS) A press conference was held in the Holy See Press Office on Wednesday to present the upcoming exhibition of the Holy Shroud of Turin (Turin, 19 April – 24 June 2015), on the occasion of the second centenary of the birth of St. John Bosco, which will be specially dedicated to the young and to those who suffer. The Pope will also make a pilgrimage to Turin from 21 to 22 June. The speakers at the conference were the Archbishop of Turin, Cesare Nosaglia, Papal guardian of the Shroud; Elide Tisi, mayor of the city; Roberto Gottardo, president of the diocesan commission for the Shroud; and Rev. Luca Ramello, director of youth pastoral ministry for the diocese. Archbishop…Continue Reading

Pope calls for renewed prayers for Synod on the Family

March 25, 2015 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) At a rain-soaked General Audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis called for renewed prayers for the upcoming Synod of Bishops in the Family. After meeting briefly with a group of sick people gathered in the Paul VI Hall, Pope Francis greeted pilgrims in Saint Peter’s Square. The Pope began his reflection by noting that March 25th, the Solemnity of the Annunciation, marks a special stage in the journey of catechesis on the family, a moment to pause for prayer. The Annunciation, the “beginning of the mystery of the Incarnation” shows that God willed for His Only-begotten Son to not only be conceived in the womb of a mother, but to be welcomed into a true family. Pope Francis led…Continue Reading

Pope: “Where There Is No Mercy There Is No Justice”

March 24, 2015 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Monday warned against righteous hypocrisy and urged Christians to be merciful. During his homily at morning Mass in the Casa Santa Marta, the Pope reflected on the Gospel readings of the day and on another Gospel passage pointing out that “where there is no mercy there is no justice”. Referring to three women in the Bible, Pope Francis said they represent three allegorical figures of the Church. The women he said are: Susanna – an innocent woman; an adulteress – a sinner; and a poor and needy widow. They symbolize – the Pope said – the holy Church, the sinning Church and the needy Church. They are all judged and ‘condemned’ by judges who are…Continue Reading

Pope calls on Christians to express their faith in action

March 23, 2015 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis says the lives of Christians must be coherent and express faith in action. Speaking to the crowds gathered in a rainy St. Peter’s Square for the Sunday Angelus, the Pope invited all believers to always bear in mind the message of the Gospel, the image of the Crucified Lord, and the need to be witnesses of faith. Calling on Christians to express their faith in action, the Pope also turned to those who have yet to experience an encounter with Christ offering the gift of a pocket-sized Gospel in which “we can meet Jesus, listen to Him, and get to know Him”. And commenting on the fact that 50 thousand copies of the Gospel were being…Continue Reading

Pope Francis in Naples: Meeting with youth

March 22, 2015 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis denounced a hidden euthanasia of elderly telling thousands of young people gathered on Naples waterfront that family affection is the best medicine for the elderly, solitude their worst poison. Some 100 thousand young people gathered on Naples waterfront in what was Pope Francis’ last appointment on his busy one day pastoral visit to the southern Italian Campania region. Greeted to cheers shouted in the local dialect on arriving on the stage the Pope took the microphone to encourage the crowd to shout the name of Jesus and proclaim their faith in Him and not that of the Pope. Then in what has become the Pope’s preferred form of encounter, people were invited to pose questions for…Continue Reading

Pope Francis Calls Naples To ‘Redemption’

March 21, 2015 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis celebrated the Eucharist in Naples on Saturday morning. Tens of thousands of people packed into Piazza del Plebiscito, a main square of the southern Italian city, for the open-air Mass. Large tapestries of local saints decorated the square. During his homily, the Pope called on the city’s residents to embrace the Words of Jesus and to work together for “redemption for Naples.” He also called to conversion all those who lead criminal and corrupt lives. “Dear Neapolitans, do not allow hope to be stolen from you,” he said. “Do not give in to the lure of easy money or dishonest income. React firmly to organizations that exploit and corrupt the young, the poor and the weak,…Continue Reading

Pope Francis greets Benedict XVI on Feast of St Joseph

March 20, 2015 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis phoned Benedict XVI to offer best wishes on the feast of St Joseph. It is a tradition for many Catholics to celebrate in a special way the feast day of the saint for whom they are named; the Pope Emeritus was baptized Joseph Ratzinger. In his turn, Benedict offered congratulations to the Holy Father on the occasion of the second anniversary of the solemn inauguration of Pope Francis’ Petrine Ministry. Saint Joseph is honoured as the Patron of the Universal Church, and one of the principle Patron Saints of Italy. His feast day is a Solemnity in the Latin liturgical calendar, and is a holiday in the Vatican.

Mass at Santa Marta – Don’t close that door

March 19, 2015 breaking Comments Off

2015-03-17 L’Osservatore Romano Lent is a propitious time to ask the Lord, “for each of us and for the whole Church”, for “conversion to the mercy of Jesus”. Too often, in fact, Christians “are experts at closing the door to people” who, worn down by life and by their mistakes, would instead be ready for a new start, “people whose hearts the Holy Spirit stirs to move forward”. During Mass at Santa Marta on Tuesday, 17 March, the law of love was at the core of Pope Francis’ reflection, which began from the Day’s Liturgy of the Word. It began with an image: “water which is made fresh”. In the First Reading the Prophet Ezekiel (47:1-9, 12) talks about water…Continue Reading