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Pope And Santa Marta: Closeness And Compassion

September 16, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Beautiful homilies are useless if you are not close to the people, if you do not suffer with the people and do not give hope, they are vanity: This was Pope Francis’ reflection Tuesday morning during Mass in Santa Marta, the day on which the Church remembers the Saints Cornelius, Pope, and Cyprian, bishop martyrs. The Gospel of the day speaks of Jesus approaching a funeral procession: a widow of Nain lost her only son. The Pope said that not only does the Lord perform the miracle of bringing her son back to life, he does something more, he is close to her. “God – the people say – visited his people.” When God visits “there is something…Continue Reading

Pope At Santa Marta: Learning From Our Lady Of Sorrows

September 15, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis marked the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows during Monday morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, with a reflection on how Mary learned, obeyed and suffered at the foot of the Cross. The Holy Father said that in the liturgy of the day first we are shown the glorious Cross, then the meek ​​and humble Mother. In the Letter to the Hebrews, “Paul emphasizes three strong words”: he says that Jesus “learned, obeyed and suffered”. “It’s the opposite of what had happened to our father Adam, who did not want to learn what the Lord commanded, who did not want to suffer, or obey.” Instead, even though Jesus is God, He “is annihilated, He humbled Himself…Continue Reading

Pope Francis: Homily for Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

September 14, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis marked the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Sunday with Mass celebrated in St. Peter’s basilica during which he presided over the Sacrament of Marriage of twenty couples. Below please find the official text of the Holy Father’s homily: Today’s first reading speaks to us of the people’s journey through the desert. We can imagine them as they walked, led by Moses; they were families: fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, grandparents, men and women of all ages, accompanied by many children and those elderly who struggled to make the journey. This people reminds us of the Church as she makes her way across the desert of the contemporary world, the People of God composed,…Continue Reading

Pope Francis: War Is “Madness” Which Brings Destruction

September 13, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis on Saturday morning celebrated Mass at the Italian Military Memorial of Redipuglia.  The visit to the area, which was the scene of fighting between Italy and the forces of the Central Powers during World War I, was to mark the centenary of the beginning of the war.  The Mass was said for the fallen and victims of all wars. Here lie many victims.  Today, we remember them,” said Pope Francis, during his homily. “There are tears, there is sadness.  From this place we remember all the victims of every war.” During his remarks, Pope Francis called war “madness” and  “irrational”, and  said its only plan was to bring destruction. “Greed, intolerance, the lust for power…. These…Continue Reading

Pope At Santa Marta: Do Not Take Pleasure In Others’ Mistakes

September 12, 2014 breaking Comments Off

2014-09-12 Vatican Radio (Vatican Radio) True fraternal reprimand is painful because it is done with love, in truth and humility. Moreover it is unchristian to take pleasure when reprimanding someone.  This was the focus of Pope Francis homily Friday during Mass in Santa Marta, on the day when the Church celebrates the Feast Day of the Holy Name of Mary. The Pope was reflecting on the Gospel passage where Jesus warns against noticing the splinter in our brother’s eye but failing to see the wooden beam in our own. This inspired him to return to the subject of fraternal reprimand. First, he said, the erring brother should be reprimanded with charity. “You cannot reprimand a person without love and charity.…Continue Reading

Life, Marriage and Family Must Be Affirmed at UN General Assembly Session

September 11, 2014 breaking Comments Off

Abortion and Homosexuality Often Promoted Once World Leaders Leave, Warns Elyssa Koren New York, September 11, 2014 ( Elyssa Koren Every year like clockwork, as New York City experiences the first signs of fall with cooler nights and changing leaves, organized chaos descends upon the city during the month of September. This year, September 16 marks the start of the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. This is the biggest U.N. event of the year, which brings with it presidents and prime ministers, along with their ministers, aids, and members of the press. Thousands of civil society representatives come to the United Nations to observe and influence the discourse. The United Nations is a battleground for the prevailing issues of…Continue Reading

Pope At Audience: Mercy, A Gospel Essential For A Better World

September 10, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Mother Church teaches us works mercy are essential for our salvation, said Pope Francis at his general audience on Wednesday , but “it is not enough to do good to those who do good to us. To change the world for the better we must do good to those who are unable to reciprocate, as the Father did with us, in giving us Jesus”. Speaking to the thousands of pilgrims who crowded St Peter’s Square for the appointment, the Pope said the Church does not teach us about mercy through theoretic lectures but through the actions of the saints who have visited those in prison, of mothers who teach their children to share what they have with those…Continue Reading

Pope Francis: Jesus Prays, Chooses, Is Close To His People

September 9, 2014 breaking Comments Off

Jesus is not a professor who speaks from the professor’s chair; rather, He goes among the people and lets them touch Him so that they can be healed. That was Pope Francis’ message at Mass this morning at Santa Marta. Commenting on the day’s Gospel, Pope Francis reflected on three moments in the life of Jesus. The first is prayer. Jesus “spent the night in prayer to God.” Jesus prays for us. “It seems a little strange,” the Pope said, “that He who came to give us salvation, who has the power, prays to the Father.” And He prayed often. “Jesus is the great intercessor”: “He stands before the Father in this moment, praying for us. And this should give…Continue Reading

Pope At Santa Marta: God Walks With Saints And Sinners

September 8, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) On the day the Church celebrates the Nativity of Our Lady, Pope Francis dedicated his homily to Creation and God’s journey with us through history. He said when we read the Book of Genesis,  “there is the danger of thinking that God was a magician” who did things “with a magic wand.” But, he warned, “it was not so because, God made things and allowed them to proceed with internal, interior laws that He gave to each one, so that they could develop and arrive at fullness”.  “The Lord gave autonomy but not independence to the things of the universe”. “For God is not a magician, He is the Creator! But when on the sixth day, of that…Continue Reading

Pope Francis at Mass: Good News Brings Joy, Renewal

September 7, 2014 breaking Comments Off

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the chapel of the Santa Marta residence in the Vatican on Friday morning. In remarks to the gathered faithful following the readings of the day, the Holy Father reflected on the “newness” of the Gospel – as Good News, and as a bringer of New Things – that frees the person who believes it from slavery to automatic legalism, and opens the heart to the new commandment: love. The Gospel reading for Friday told the story of the Scribes, who badgered Jesus about the behavior of His disciples, by pointing out that they did not – as the disciples of John the Baptist regularly did – fast and offer prayers. The Lord would…Continue Reading