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As Mattis Laments “Contempt”. . . Didn’t Former Pentagon Chief See That Suppression Was Culprit?

September 15, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on As Mattis Laments “Contempt”. . . Didn’t Former Pentagon Chief See That Suppression Was Culprit?


Donald Trump’s former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis had been dubbed one of the adults in the room by Trump foes who painted the president as a tantrum-throwing child in need of mature supervision.
Trump’s defenders might reply that if these were tantrums, they’re a corrective that the U.S. sorely needed.
Whether or not Mattis agreed that he had been a necessary adult, the retired Marine Corps general expressed his concern on September 8 that one of the important threats to the United States today is the amount of sharp division between people here.
Asked by Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan on CBS News what he considered “the biggest national security threat,” Mattis broke it down to the external threat of Russia and China and two internal threats — “our growing debt that we’re going to transfer to the younger generation with seeming no fiscal discipline, and more than that it’s the — it’s the lack of friendliness.
“It’s the increasing contempt I see between Americans who have different opinions,” Mattis added. “I mean we’re going to have to sit down and remember if we want this country to survive, we are going to have to work together. And … there’s no way around that. That’s the way a democracy is set up.”
If Mattis meant “democracy” to be understood as simply the majority will of the people directly expressed, the U.S. has been sadly lacking in democracy for quite a bit of time. Moreover, as constitutionalists argue, the U.S. is intended as no pure democracy at all but a small-“r” republican form of government constrained by a written Constitution.
One might observe that the last thing the ascendant leftists in the Democratic Party want is either a democracy or republic. They prefer a managerial elite whose supposedly superior expertise entitles them to make the unchallengeable important calls that rule the “deplorables.” And establishment Republicans hadn’t seemed to disagree much with this system of governance.
Consider massive national permissive abortion imposed overnight in January 1973 by the U.S. Supreme Court, overriding every abortion law in the U.S. back then, from the most restrictive to the least. It’s hardly the only example of a U.S. elite gone wild but remains perhaps the most vivid illustration in a half-century. … Continue Reading

Making The House Representative Again

September 14, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Making The House Representative Again

Image result for house of repBY CHRISTOPHER MANION

Rep. Sean Duffy, a Catholic member of Congress from Wisconsin, announced on August 26 that he will leave Congress before his term is up. Why? His ninth child will need heart surgery when the baby’s born next month, CNS News reports.
“I’m not a lifetime member of Congress,” Duffy told Fox News. “Service is not for a lifetime. . . . We [Republicans] have better transition than Democrats. Democrats stick around forever.” Duffy has served in Congress since 2011.
Duffy’s decision befits a family man. “There’s 435 members of Congress. There’s only one Duffy dad,” he says. He’s made no plans on what he’ll do next, apart from taking care of his family when Duffy baby number nine is born next month.
Duffy’s decision to choose his family first is so unusual that it’s news in itself. And that’s a problem.
Why? Well, the next time you see your congressman, ask him where he and his family live. Most likely he’ll say “Washington,” and that answer explains the dismal condition of Congress as it lurches, panic-stricken, toward elections every two years.
To most Representatives, politics means using taxpayer money to perpetuate themselves and their power. And don’t forget planning retirements designed to maximize sweetheart pension deals while keeping their campaign funds for personal use! They cultivate contacts (and cast votes) designed to create post-Congress jobs as million-dollar lobbyists. And there’s big money in those “retirements”: one study reveals that overall spending on lobbyists by special interests has increased by a factor of fifty — 5,000 percent! — since the 1980s.
With encouragement and funding from the special-interests, these “paid liars” do everything they can to keep the party going. As one insider put it, they knew when they came here that Washington was a sewer; the trouble is, they wind up treating it like a hot tub.
If Congress can’t put its own house in order, the American people will have to. This writer suggests that we do it by adopting a Choice in Representation plan that allows them to elect representatives who, instead of moving to Washington, would live and work in their districts. … Continue Reading

From The Papacy Of “Clarity And Dialog” . . . In-Flight Press Conference — More Stones From The Vatican

September 13, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on From The Papacy Of “Clarity And Dialog” . . . In-Flight Press Conference — More Stones From The Vatican

Image result for stonesBy JOSEPH MATT

In yet another in-flight press conference, Pope Francis in his return from Madagascar has created more confusion with his ambiguous and seemingly disingenuous remarks to a question asked by Jason Drew Horowitz from The New York Times.

Pope Francis is not a doctor but reading the following interview one is easily reminded of the old idiom “physician heal thyself.” Unfortunately one is hard pressed to see any evidence of the physician taking his own advice especially in response to matters such as the McCarrick scandal, the Vigano allegations, the dubia, the filial correction, and the multitude of other situations that require answers and clarity from the Chair of Peter. The Holy Father states in this interview that fair criticism of the Pope require dialogue and answers – fair enough — yet much of this pontificate has been a barren desert void of answers and clarity. Thus far the successor to Peter apparently is immune to his own advice. … Continue Reading

U.S. Presence in Afghanistan Should Have Only 1 Goal

September 12, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on U.S. Presence in Afghanistan Should Have Only 1 Goal


Eighteen years ago, al Qaida terrorists who had entered the United States attacked the U.S. in the U.S.
In response, we launched a war on the other side of the world.
The lead inspector general for Operation Freedom’s Sentinel — the current name for the war in Afghanistan — described that war’s genesis and original purpose in his latest report.
“On October 7, 2001,” said that report, “the U.S. launched combat operations in Afghanistan under Operation Enduring Freedom to topple the Taliban regime and eliminate al Qaida, the terrorist organization responsible for the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States.”
U.S. military action did remove the Taliban from power in Kabul, but it did not destroy the Taliban. It did kill or capture many al Qaida terrorists, but it did not eliminate al Qaida.
In 2003, after invading Iraq, then-President George W. Bush converted the strategic aim of the U.S. in Afghanistan, Iraq — and, indeed, the world — into an ideological enterprise.
“We are committed to freedom in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and in a peaceful Palestine,” Bush said, standing on the deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln off the coast of San Diego.
“The advance of freedom is the surest strategy to undermine the appeal of terror in the world,” Bush said. “Where freedom takes hold, hatred gives way to hope. When freedom takes hold, men and women turn to the peaceful pursuit of a better life. American values and American interests lead in the same direction: We stand for human liberty.”
Two years later, Bush made this doctrine the centerpiece of his second Inaugural Address.
“(I)t is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world,” he said. … Continue Reading

Lifting Boxes To Release Souls . . . The Burden Of Possessions Includes Filling The Moving Van

September 11, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Lifting Boxes To Release Souls . . . The Burden Of Possessions Includes Filling The Moving Van


PHOENIX — Molly’s treasures on Earth were even lighter than her thin frame in well-worn clothing.
She approached me for the first time a few years ago, a complete stranger, as I prayed in church after daily Mass. Molly (a pseudonym I’m supplying for a very real person) just wanted to have a spiritual chat. She returned on another day. Around the third time, she recommended a certain pamphlet of prayers to read.
Molly was an older woman who, she went on to tell me, just lived out of her banged-up pickup truck, which I later saw in the church parking lot. She didn’t ask for money, although she apparently had little to her name.
She truly acted as if God would take care of what needed caring for. Molly talked about washing her hair under a hose and sleeping in the truck — not as any sort of complaint or rebuke to society for her circumstances, just a description of her humble doings.
As I recall, she once accepted a few dollars from me, but never requested a handout. She seemed to know of any charitable resources she could call upon if she thought she needed assistance.
She’d drive around this metropolitan area, stopping for the night here or there. I was concerned about her safety as an older single woman out on her own, but she lived life as it came to her. Molly would drop into my life at church and then drop out of sight.
She had an elderly mother in the Midwest but preferred to go her own way.
After I hadn’t seen Molly for some months and was concerned about her welfare, she popped up at church again. Oh, she said, she decided to drive to Florida, then came back here. Which, of course, meant crossing nearly the entire southern U.S. from west to east and then back.
One day Molly out in the church parking lot showed me her new doggie, which I’ll give the pseudonym of Lizzie — a fuzzy little white pooch on a leash who seemed to greet the new day with delight. Lizzie had one of those cute little pink tongues and clearly seemed to love being with Molly. … Continue Reading

Why Pope Francis Doesn’t Like Americans (It’s Complicated)

September 10, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Why Pope Francis Doesn’t Like Americans (It’s Complicated)


Much ink shall be spilled, and many trees condemned to the paper factory for Pope Francis’ quip that he enjoys being criticized by Americans, made aboard the papal plane en route to Mozambique. Not faithful Catholics, not pew-sitting Catholics, not conservative or liberal Catholics, neither progressive nor traditionalist Catholics mind you — but Americans.
Ah yes, Pope Francis the Off-Color Interviewee strikes again, and much to the panicked chagrin of the Holy See Press Office who mysteriously allowed the recently formed and decidedly leftist La Croix International (a blog) to ask the Holy Father about a book published by Nicolas Seneze – who just so happens to not only work for La Croix but was allowed to ask Pope Francis about his own book.
Now imagine the converse. Michael Voris of Church Militant stands up on the papal plane in front of Pope Pius XIII to ask about the latest infiltration of Freemasons into the Catholic Church by Germans, and Pius XIII states that it is an honor to be attacked by Germans, etc.
Imagine the uproar! Imagine the pearl clutching from the liberal media! Imagine the horror of the Holy See Press Office!
Instead, we were treated to what is either the most obtuse spin ever recorded in the history of Francis’ pontificate, or a piece of communications sophistry where even the East German judge would give the display high marks. Matteo Bruni offered the explanation that criticism from intellectuals is always welcome, and especially welcome from intellectuals from such an honorable country as America. Hence the reason Pope Francis can say, “For me it is an honor that Americans attack me.”

Surprise! No One Likes Americans

This might pain American readers to hear, but gosh darn it…Americans aren’t very well thought of outside of America. We are loud, fat, opinionated, and always trying to fix problems we were never invited to solve. … Continue Reading

To Disclose Or Not To Disclose… That Is The Political Question Of The Day

September 9, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on To Disclose Or Not To Disclose… That Is The Political Question Of The Day


Two weeks ago in this column we took up the issue of whether the public disclosure of those contributing to political candidates was, considering the adverse reaction against those persons, an infringement on their free speech rights. As was pointed out in that column, in today’s charged political environment, supporters of a political candidate or issues can easily have their First Amendment rights chilled, knowing that they could face public retribution for their donations.
Coincidentally, as that issue was being published, an appeal was filed with the Supreme Court challenging California’s attempt to obtain the names of donors to certain nonprofit charities. While the issue in the California case is not exactly the same as releasing lists of donors, it is perhaps similar enough to raise concerns about all donors and their free speech rights.
In the California case, a public nonprofit based in Michigan, the Thomas More Center, an organization that defends religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and family values, is appealing a Ninth Circuit decision that it must give the state a list of all its donors. The Thomas More Center is being represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).
The case, in a nutshell, is this: California law requires that nonprofits that receive financial support in California and meet other threshold requirements, must file certain disclosures with the state’s attorney general. As part of that filing the organization must include an IRS Form 990 which describes the mission and significant activities of the entity, its receipts and expenditures, as well as its assets and liabilities.
Schedule B to Form 990 contains the names of all the organization’s donors who meet a certain contribution level. Until a few years ago the attorney general did not require the Schedule B to be attached. But that all changed when then attorney general, now senator and Democratic presidential candidate, Kamala Harris started returning disclosures and threatening fines for those who did not include Schedule B.
Naturally a group like Thomas More is concerned about protecting the identities of its donors, especially when some have already been harassed in similar fashion to those making political donations described in the previous column. Additionally, while the attorney general’s office had promised confidentiality, it had a poor record of delivering on that promise and numerous names from Schedule B forms were listed as “public records” and those that were filed as confidential were easily obtainable from the AG’s website by finagling access identities.
It should be noted that, unlike the California AG’s records, none of the Schedule B forms that the IRS collects are on any website that can be accessed publicly. … Continue Reading

Which Is More Damaging?. . . Do Hurricanes Build Abortuaries And Host Drag Queen Story Hours?

September 8, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Which Is More Damaging?. . . Do Hurricanes Build Abortuaries And Host Drag Queen Story Hours?


While Hurricane Dorian received emphatic round-the-clock news coverage as August swirled into September, a separate event that packed more long-range potential for damage hardly caused a ripple in national news.
That was summed up in the revelation of a history of vicious tweets, including against Catholics, by a Democratic activist who was appointed to the Virginia Council on Women by that state’s strongly pro-abortion, former black-faced Democrat governor, Ralph Northam.
Among her more-than-inflammatory tweets, Gail Gordon Donegan had said Catholic priests opposed abortion because “it results in fewer children to rape.”
Virginia’s Richmond Times-Dispatch also reported on August 23 that, among other highly offensive public tweets, Donegan had reacted to a bumper sticker that said “You can’t be both Catholic & pro-choice” by commenting, “You can be a pedophile, though!”
Did dominant U.S. media churn up prolonged national condemnation of this revelation? Or international reaction? Even brief strong national reaction? Of course not. And not. And not. Shush!
Now just imagine that, say, some state-level Republican official said Muslims or unauthorized immigrants need babies to rape or want to indulge in pedophilia.
The ferocious blasts of Hurricane Dorian along the southeastern U.S. coast would have been as nothing compared with the media fury out to utterly destroy such a GOP official and anyone else who could be dragged down with him, including Donald Trump and his entire administration.
Meanwhile, farther north on the Atlantic coast, the major Richmond news site also reported that corporate lawyer Donegan “regularly tweets pictures of herself at political events and rallies with Democratic elected officials, including Sen. Tim Kaine (D., Va.) and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe.”
After strong traditionalist reaction fired up in the Old Dominion, the conservative PJ Media blog reported on August 29 that Northam still had declined to ask Donegan to resign as he refused to get into the issue further. … Continue Reading

Church Leaders Weigh In On Guns And Gaia

September 7, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Church Leaders Weigh In On Guns And Gaia


The “Dog Days of August” are usually uneventful, with Congress out of session and millions of folks enjoying their vacations. But our hard-working hierarchy hasn’t missed a day at the office, and their work product is truly prodigious.
God “offers creation to men and women as a precious gift to be preserved,” writes Pope Francis in his World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, released last week. “Tragically, the human response to this gift has been marked by sin, selfishness, and a greedy desire to possess and exploit. Egoism and self-interest have turned creation, a place of encounter and sharing, into an arena of competition and conflict,” he continued.
It’s difficult to tell whether His Holiness is criticizing individual productivity, private property, and competitive enterprise — or the abuse of these pillars of a free market economy. In recent years they have brought billions out of abject poverty. But either way, those who have created this plenty are nonetheless “exploiting” the environment, a gift which is “something good in God’s eyes.”
The Book of Genesis comes to mind. “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth” (Gen. 1:28). Is the Pope telling us the reverse — to let the Earth take dominion over us? He comes pretty close:
“We were created not to be tyrants, but to be at the heart of a network of life made up of millions of species lovingly joined together for us by our Creator.”
So the real tyrants are those who employ the gifts of creation to help humanity survive and flourish? Because humanity has a unique share in Divine Life, while the rest will pass away? Again, we’re not sure.
“We have caused a climate emergency that gravely threatens nature and life itself, including our own,” Pope Francis writes. “Now is the time to repent, to be converted and to return to our roots.” And what should repentance bring? Government power. Yes, all of these exploitations “testify to the urgent need for interventions that can no longer be postponed.” … Continue Reading

Adventure Catholic… Offers Faith Formation And Leadership For Young Catholics

September 6, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Adventure Catholic… Offers Faith Formation And Leadership For Young Catholics


When I first heard of Adventure Catholic, I thought it was some kind of new Catholic amusement park. Instead, it is a unique training method developed by Adventure Catholic founders Alan Migliorato and Darryl Dziedzic.
Alan is an active youth minister, as well as Darryl who has been in ministry for over fifteen years now. Both men are fathers who also had the responsibility of helping minister to young people in various capacities in their own parishes, but they wanted to do more.
Alan and Darryl were discussing a solution to one of the biggest problems that faces the Catholic Church today — the loss of members in young adulthood. They were brainstorming ways to fix this problem and keep people connected with the Church, not only in their youth or in their old age, but throughout their lives.
They both shared ideas that they had and ways to achieve this goal with one another. What they came up with was Adventure Catholic.
Trainings are based on Sacred Scripture where Adventure Catholic Formation & Leadership Training allows young people to reach inside themselves to discover, develop, and implement their God-given leadership qualities and style.
Lord knows, with the extreme challenges teens and young adults are facing today, the opportunities that Adventure Catholic offers are so much needed in today’s world.
“We’ve seen the struggles young people face, negative peer pressure, insecurity, doubt, uncertainty, and fear. With Adventure Catholic we’ve created a way to help them confront those struggles, and we want to share that method with we can all work in confidence that we are bringing the best to our young people.”

More Vulnerable Than Ever

I’m fairly certain that many young people today are even more confused and vulnerable to the evil in this world than many of us parents were when we were young.
Thanks to increasing divorce rates among Catholics, so-called “smart” tech gadgets which tend to isolate people of all ages, and the lack of solid clergy to help guide their families as true Catholics, our children’s eternal souls are more vulnerable to the Devil than ever. … Continue Reading

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I wonder how someone becomes an abortion doctor

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30 years ago, Catholics who warned about the homosexual abuse wracking the Church were reviled by bishops & ignored by major media. The late Paul Likoudis, intrepid and faithful researcher @TheWandererNews, was persona non grata @USCCB, but he's now been vindicated. deo gratias.

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“The ongoing circus in the Diocese of Buffalo should remind everyone: The price the Church pays for trying to save face is, in the end, always g...

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Missouri AG refers 12 former Catholic priests for potential prosecution after abuse probe

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announced Friday that his office had referred 12 former Roman Catholic priests for possible criminal prosecution following a 13-month probe of how diocesan leaders handled allegations of child abuse. The investigation reviewed personnel records for every priest serving…Continue Reading

Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider call for prayer crusade, cite dangers of Amazon Synod

Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider have issued an eight-page declaration warning against six “serious theological errors and heresies” they say are contained in the Amazonian Synod working document, and calling for prayer and fasting to prevent them being approved. Cardinal Burke, patron…Continue Reading

Leader of Jesuit order: Satan doesn’t exist as ‘personal’ reality, only ‘symbolic’

August 22, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The devil is a not a personal reality but a symbol for evil, the head of the Jesuit order said this week. Satan, the devil whom the Catholic Church says was behind the fall of…Continue Reading

American Catholics Must Stand with Hong Kong

The autonomous territory of Hong Kong is in a fight for its life. For over two months, the citizens of Hong Kong have persisted in protesting an attempt by the Hong Kong chief executive to impose an amendment to the…Continue Reading

German archbishop in Auschwitz: Stand up against hubris of the politically powerful

Krakow, Poland, Aug 14, 2019 / 02:31 pm (CNA).- On the eve of the 80th anniversary of the German invasion of Poland, a German archbishop has called for a stand against hubris and arrogance of those in political power. Speaking…Continue Reading

Vatican ‘struggling to put out fire’ of public scandal over JPII Institute purge

ROME, August 15, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The “firefighters for the new direction” being taken at the John Paul II Institute in Rome are “struggling” to put out a blaze of public scandal, as controversy sparked by a recent purge of professors threatens to reach the door of the Pope’s…Continue Reading

Survey on Catholic belief in the Eucharist prompts calls for better catechesis

Washington D.C., Aug 10, 2019 / 03:32 pm (CNA).- After a recent survey found that two-thirds of Catholics do not believe Church teaching about the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, Catholic commenters are stressing the importance of better…Continue Reading

Apple News bans LifeSite without warning: says it ‘shows intolerance’

July 31, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A little over one week ago, Apple approved LifeSiteNews’ application to publish our news on their Apple News platform. Today, without warning, Apple News abruptly reversed course, telling LifeSite that they had deleted our channel and all…Continue Reading

Kamala Harris’ “Medicare for All” Plan Will Force Americans to Fund Abortions

Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris released her own Medicare-for-all proposal today. Just like the proposal handed down by pro-abortion presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Harris’s plan would force Americans to fund abortions. Harris confirms her plan will cover abortions in an…Continue Reading

Pew report: Only half of America’s Catholics know what the Church teaches about Communion

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 26, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) ― Do only half of America’s Catholics know what their Church teaches about Holy Communion? In a recent report called “What Americans Know About Religion,” the Pew Research Center suggested that Catholics are divided…Continue Reading

Pro-Life Businessman Michael Lindell, Creator of MyPillow, May Run Against Pro-Abortion Ilhan Omar

Michael Lindell is a pro-life businessman and the creator of MyPillow, a successful invention and company in its own right. Lindell was responsible for helping to fund production of the popular movie “Unplanned,” but now he’s turning his attention to…Continue Reading

Tucker Carlson: big business is now at war against your family

July 15, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The first thing to note about Tucker Carlson is that when he’s on stage and riffing on his irritations, he is hilarious. He began his keynote speech at the National Conservatism conference in Washington, D.C. on Monday…Continue Reading

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Interview With Cardinal Burke . . . Discriminating Mercy: Defending Christ And His Church With True Love


  By DON FIER (Editor’s Note: His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Founder of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wis., graciously took time out of his busy schedule to grant The Wanderer a wide-ranging interview during a recent visit to the Shrine. Included among the topics…Continue Reading

Developing Lives Of Peace After The Heart Of Mary

By RAYMOND LEO CARDINAL BURKE (Editor’s Note: His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke delivered the address below at the 32nd Annual Church Teaches Forum, “The Message of Fatima: Peace for the World,” Galt House, Louisville, Ky., July 22, 2017. The address is reprinted here with the kind permission of Cardinal Burke. All rights reserved. This is part one of the…Continue Reading


Today . . .

Rochester diocese, facing flood of sex-abuse claims, files for bankruptcy protection

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, facing potentially huge judgments for past sexual abuse by its priests and other ministers, filed for bankruptcy protection Thursday. “This was a very difficult and painful decision,” Rochester Bishop Salvatore Matano said at an afternoon news conference that detailed the action. The diocese filed its petition for Chapter 11 reorganization in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Rochester at about 9:30 a.m. The petition estimates the diocese’s…Continue Reading

A New Church?

St. Peter Claver was born at Verdu, Catalonia, Spain, in 1580, of impoverished parents descended from ancient families. He studied at the Jesuit college of Barcelona, entered the Jesuit novitiate at Tarragona in 1602, and took his final vows on August 8th, 1604. While studying, the young religious was influenced by St. Alphonsus Rodriguez to go to the Indies and save “millions of perishing souls.” In 1610, he landed at Cartagena (modern Colombia), the principle slave market of the New World, where a thousand slaves were landed every month. After his ordination in 1616,…Continue Reading

Pope Francis’ in-flight press conference


(Vatican News) Press conference on the flight back from his Apostolic Journey in Southern Africa: Pope Francis recalls the joy of the children he met and affirms that the State has the duty to take care of families. He says that xenophobia is “a disease” and asks that people’s identities be preserved from ideological colonization. He speaks of the criticisms he receives and replies to a question on schismatic temptations with: “I pray that schisms…Continue Reading

Half of Catholics attending Mass 28 years ago no longer do, figures show

You may have noticed the space in church pews widening between you and your fellow Catholics attending Sunday Mass in recent years. It is not your imagination. Mass attendance in parishes of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has been dropping for years, and several factors have steepened the long-term pattern of decline to the point where today, half as many Catholics in the archdiocese attend Mass regularly as did a generation ago. The findings of the…Continue Reading

Catholics to gather near Vatican next month to pray for Church in her hour of crisis

ROME, September 6, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Catholics from around the world are being invited to assemble, on Oct. 5, near St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, to pray for the Church as she lives through what many see as the hour of her “Passion.” The announcement came in a letter published on Sept. 6 on Stilum Curae, a blog hosted by respected Italian journalist Marco Tosatti. According to the letter (see full text below), an interna


When The Obvious Is No Longer Obvious

By DONALD DeMARCO The late Fr. James Schall, SJ, was a great admirer of Samuel Johnson and, by his own admission, read something from Boswell’s Life of Johnson almost every day. Dr. Johnson was one of the most formidable figures of literature and life of the eighteenth century. He made lasting contributions as a poet,…Continue Reading

After Bolton, Trump Goals Remain Unrealized

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN The sudden and bitter departure of John Bolton from the White House was baked in the cake from the day he arrived there. For Bolton’s worldview, formed and fixed in a Cold War that ended in 1991, was irreconcilable with the policies Donald Trump promised in his 2016 campaign. Indeed, Trump…Continue Reading

K Of C State Council . . . Helps Sponsor Cardinal Burke’s Upcoming Detroit Address

The State Council of Knights of Columbus made a generous donation to help Call to Holiness bring Raymond Cardinal Burke to speak at a dinner on October 26 outside Detroit. The cardinal’s celebration of Mass on the following day will contain all of the ceremony appropriate for a prince of the Church. Cardinal Burke was…Continue Reading

New Divorce Bill In The UK… The Case Against No Fault Divorce

By PIERS SHEPHERD On June 13, 2019, the British government published the Divorce, Dissolution, and Separation Bill. The purpose of this legislation is to remove the concept of “fault” from the divorce process, effectively allowing divorce on demand, subject to a six-month waiting period, and taking away any right of either party to contest the…Continue Reading

What Happened To The Concept Of “Person” In American Legal Theory?

By JUDE DOUGHERTY In a sense, there is no such thing as American legal theory. Like science, theory transcends national boundaries. The legal theory in the United States has deep roots in classical and medieval philosophy and more immediately in the British common law. To seek the roots of the current legal meaning of “person”…Continue Reading


Our Catholic Faith (Section B of print edition)

Catholic Replies

Q. There appears to be some speculation that Pope John Paul I was murdered during the Vatican Bank/Mafia scandal in the late Seventies, especially in the actions of Jean-Marie Cardinal Villot, who appeared shortly after the Pope’s death and essentially was responsible for cleaning and removing all possible evidence from the Holy Father’s bedroom. Your input, please. — R.B.K., via…Continue Reading

Founding Professor . . . Laments “Destruction” Of John Paul II Institute

(LifeSiteNews Editor’s Note: The following is an English translation of the “Public Statement Concerning the Turmoil Surrounding the Pope John Paul II Institute for the Family in Rome,” released on August 28. (The “Statement” was addressed to: Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, Great Chancellor of the Institute; Monsignor Pierangelo Sequeri, President of the Institute; Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi, prefect of the Congregation for…Continue Reading

We Need A Conversion Of Heart

By FR. ROBERT ALTIER Twenty-Fourth Sunday In Ordinary Time (YR C) Readings: Exodus 32:7-11, 13-14 1 Tim. 1:12-17 Luke 15:1-32 In the Gospel reading we are told that tax collectors and sinners were drawing near to listen to Jesus. This did not sit well with the Pharisees who complained, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” Many things could…Continue Reading

A Leaven In The World… The Storm That Never Passes

By FR. KEVIN M. CUSICK “This too shall pass.” These words are often spoken in sympathy to those suffering the darkness of internal anguish or the mind-numbing pain of serious physical illness. Also, more famously, to someone enduring the storm breaking over him following criminal wrongdoing in the aftermath of Watergate: the president humiliated in resignation, Richard Nixon. Always true…Continue Reading

Catholic Replies

Q. On the controversial matter of whether to admit to Catholic schools children of same-sex parents, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League has written a very good article. Perhaps you could share it with your readers. — A.M.D., via e-mail. A. We are happy to do so. Here is some of what Mr. Donohue said: “Parents are not required to…Continue Reading

Catholic Heroes… St. Simon De Rojas

By CAROLE BRESLIN The subject of this article lived in a time of great saints, great Spanish saints, so it is not surprising that he is little known. St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556) who wrote the Spiritual Exercises, St. Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) who reformed the Carmelites and wrote The Interior Castle, and St. John of the Cross who wrote…Continue Reading

Catholic Heroes… Child Martyrs Of Tlaxcala

By CAROLE BRESLIN Viva Cristo Rey! This was the call of the Cristeros (1926-1929). Many Mexican saints were martyred during that massive and demonic persecution of the Catholic Church. One young man, José Sanchez del Rio, was only 14 years old when he died for his loyalty to the faith. He had refused to deny Christ, even under torture. Three…Continue Reading