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Mr. Biden’s Magic Elixir

September 27, 2021 Frontpage Comments Off on Mr. Biden’s Magic Elixir

By DEACON MIKE MANNO If you are a Catholic student at the University of Massachusetts and expect a conscience exemption to the COVID vaccine mandate, think again. A university official has ruled that no Catholic student is eligible for the exemption.It seems that the vice chancellor of student affairs, Shawn DeVeau, who has a long history in school administration, but no known background in theology, made the ruling after a study of the Church’s teachings. He explained his methodology thusly:“When reviewing students’ appeals, I engage in a holistic process: I review the student’s request, research the faith tradition on which they are basing their request, and respond to the students based on my research. . . . My process for…Continue Reading

Pope Says Abortion Is “Murder”. . . But Rambles Around To Avoid Seeing What Dem Pols Deserve

September 26, 2021 Frontpage Comments Off on Pope Says Abortion Is “Murder”. . . But Rambles Around To Avoid Seeing What Dem Pols Deserve

By DEXTER DUGGAN Flying back to the Vatican on September 15 from an Eastern European trip, Pope Francis was about as blunt as could be about abortion while taking some questions from reporters on the plane, as is his habit.According to the Vatican transcript, the Pope said, in part: “Abortion is more than a problem, abortion is murder. Abortion . . . without half a word: whoever makes an abortion, kills. Take any book on embryology, of those that students study in medical faculties. . . .“Not a person? It’s a human life, period. And this human life must be respected,” the Pope said. “This principle is so clear, and to those who cannot understand it I would ask two…Continue Reading

Behold Biden The Bold

September 25, 2021 Frontpage Comments Off on Behold Biden The Bold

By CHRISTOPHER MANION Ravens Coach Harbaugh’s “bold call” on fourth down leads Baltimore to a classic win over Kansas City. Nike’s new design marks a “bold new entry” in running shoes. And now, The New York Times hails “Biden’s Bold Words” as the lapdog media struggle to reignite the sagging, sordid saga of Joe.It’s a tough job. They’d finally scrubbed Afghanistan from the headlines, only to discover that Joe’s much-celebrated “over the horizon” terrorist kill had actually eviscerated an entire innocent Afghan family. Did Joe order it? No one will tell, but Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley was in too much trouble already, so they trotted out a subordinate to take the blame.In BidenWorld, there’s a lot of blame to take…Continue Reading

Do You Really Believe In God? Really?

September 24, 2021 Frontpage Comments Off on Do You Really Believe In God? Really?

By JOE SIXPACK Conscience is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, our conscience condemns us for all that we do that is sinful. On the other hand, it also condemns us for all the things we fail to do that we know we should have done. As I get closer to home (my way of saying I’m an old man), I’m becoming more and more aware of what it is to be guilty of having failed to do the things I knew I was supposed to do. I’m also becoming more and more aware of the horror of sin — mortal or venial. That said, and in light of the advancing moral decay of our culture and society, I…Continue Reading

Our Largest, Unacknowledged Prejudice

September 23, 2021 Frontpage Comments Off on Our Largest, Unacknowledged Prejudice

By ROBERT ROYAL (Editor’s Note: This column first appeared on the website The Catholic Thing []. Copyright 2021. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.) + + Pope Francis made a seven-hour visit to Hungary over the weekend to preside over the concluding Mass at the International Eucharistic Congress. He also met with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban for almost 40 minutes — more time than had been scheduled and a meeting that had earlier appeared would not take place. The Pope and many leaders of the European Union (EU) have sharply criticized Orban — the word “fascist” sometimes surfaces among the politicos — for his defense of traditional values and intention of preserving Hungarian culture and the nation’s Christian character…Continue Reading

What do they really say?… New Session Of Courses Begins Study Of Vatican II Documents

September 22, 2021 Frontpage Comments Off on What do they really say?… New Session Of Courses Begins Study Of Vatican II Documents

By DEXTER DUGGAN  PHOENIX — Beginning a fall semester of courses on documents of Vatican II, the assistant director of the Institute of Catholic Theology (ICT) here said that “in many ways they were hijacked” by liberal forces. Because of this, said Bill Marcotte, it’s important to see what the documents actually say. The ICT is an evangelization program based at St. Thomas the Apostle parish here. Later during the September 11 session, which was conducted both in-person at the church campus and by Zoom, one of the morning’s speakers, Will Wright, referred to Marcotte saying that many forces tried to hijack Vatican II. However, Wright said, Pope John XXIII — who in 1959 announced his intention to convene the Second Vatican Council — said he did not aim to…Continue Reading

A Beacon Of Light… Our Belief In One God In Three Persons

September 21, 2021 Frontpage Comments Off on A Beacon Of Light… Our Belief In One God In Three Persons

By FR. RICHARD D. BRETON JR. (Editor’s Note: Fr. Richard D. Breton Jr. is a priest of the Diocese of Norwich, Conn. He received his BA in religious studies and his MA in dogmatic theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Conn.) + + Last week we began this series by asking the question: I believe. We answered the question by saying we believe not in something, but in someone. This someone, God, is the first part of what we profess in the Nicene Creed each Sunday. For us as Catholics, this one God is three divine persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We profess our belief in the Blessed Trinity as demonstrated in the Credo.We begin by…Continue Reading

Oh, It’s Only Abortion!

September 20, 2021 Frontpage Comments Off on Oh, It’s Only Abortion!

By DEACON MIKE MANNO Yeah, you heard it right. Abortion, the wanton killing of a preborn child, is back big time in the news. But as controversial as the topic is, I’ve noticed that more and more folks, including leading Catholic laymen and prelates, trying to brush the issue aside as if it is as normal as taking your dog for a walk.After all, it is health care.Even our devout Catholic president — or whoever is pulling his strings — has become a champion of its expansion: abortion everywhere, anytime, and for any reason. And of course if you are trying to limit it, well, you might as well be considered a neo-Nazi, or a skinhead, or — even worse…Continue Reading

No Rest From Bogeyman . . . From Calif. Recall To Milley Phone Call, Dems Still Cast Trump As Evil Genius

September 19, 2021 Frontpage Comments Off on No Rest From Bogeyman . . . From Calif. Recall To Milley Phone Call, Dems Still Cast Trump As Evil Genius

By DEXTER DUGGAN Gone from White House power since January, Donald Trump still seemed to be the most consequen-tial political figure in the day’s headlines, national radio talk hosts Clay Travis and Buck Sexton noted on September 15.California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom had just survived a recall election by running against private citizen Trump, the radio hostsobserved, while, they said, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff allegedly usedTrump as an excuse to engage in what would amount to a treason-ous contact with the head of the Communist Chinese military.The allegation that Gen. Mark Milley reportedly colluded is in the new book Peril (Simon & Schu-ster), by journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, about the conclusion of the Trump presi-dency and the start of the Joe Biden one.Milley reportedly was so concerned…Continue Reading

Biden Finds Virus Mandate Allies In The Population Controllers

September 18, 2021 Frontpage Comments Off on Biden Finds Virus Mandate Allies In The Population Controllers

By CHRISTOPHER MANION Dr. Leanna Wen is a major player on the Left. She’s a college prof, a Washington Post columnist, and a medical analyst for CNN.We last saw her when she was fired from her post as president of Planned Parenthood in July.Why?She had committed the deadly sin of lamenting the death of the unborn child she had lost in a miscarriage.As president of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Wen had been one of the earliest and most strident advocates of vaccination against the China Virus, and her campaign continues. Last week she turned up the volume by leading the cheers for Joe Biden’s onerous vaccine “mandate.”Until White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced the mandate on September 9, both she and Biden had…Continue Reading