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Corruption And Its Consequences

November 7, 2020 Frontpage Comments Off on Corruption And Its Consequences

By CHRISTOPHER MANION Some 20 years ago, I was seated on a transatlantic flight next to a woman who was heading for Berlin. She was a researcher for Transparency International, a nonprofit devoted to examining the causes of corruption (and the means of ending it) in countries and cultures all over the world.At the time, I was gathering supporters in the international community for an effort to expand and update the century-old international treaties prohibiting the international trafficking of obscene materials, known in today’s vernacular as “hard-core” pornography.It was a long flight, and after trading war stories and vignettes, my seatmate and I made a humorous bet: Whose cause would win? Would pornography or corruption be eradicated first?Since then, thanks…Continue Reading

Do Whatever He Tells You

November 6, 2020 Frontpage Comments Off on Do Whatever He Tells You

By JOE SIXPACK There is an old Catholic joke that is loaded with truth…as many of them are. It seems one day Jesus was walking around Heaven with St. Peter. Peter noticed Jesus kept making a surprised expression on His face as certain people walked by. Peter knew what was on his Lord’s mind and was waiting for the ax to fall.After a while, Jesus finally asked St. Peter, “Why are all these people here whom I haven’t let into Heaven, Peter?” Nervous and exasperated, Peter replied, “Lord, it’s your Mother’s fault.”“How is it my Mother’s fault?” He asked.Peter replied, “When these folks show up wanting into Heaven and I know you haven’t given them permission, I close the door.…Continue Reading

The Bountiful Benefits Of Bonding

November 5, 2020 Frontpage Comments Off on The Bountiful Benefits Of Bonding

By DONALD DeMARCO Bonding between human beings, despite its great value, has been under attack in recent years. Bruce Feinstein’s book, Real Men Don’t Bond, may be dismissed as an expression of male bravado. We know that Agent 007, whose cinematic exploits have been viewed by more than a billion viewers worldwide, could do virtually everything except what his name signifies, namely, bond. On a more scientific level, one specialist in child development has argued that “mother-infant-bonding” may actually be a form of opiate addiction. Diane Eyer’s book, Mother-Infant Bonding: A Scientific Fiction, may go even further in denying the reality of bonding.A reviewer for The New York Times praised the book for puncturing the hyper-inflated mystique of mother-infant bonding…Continue Reading

The Heresy Of Marxist Humanitarianism

November 4, 2020 Frontpage Comments Off on The Heresy Of Marxist Humanitarianism

By PAUL KRAUSE There are two prevailing heresies in Christianity, and especially Catholic leadership, and they seem to go together. A crypto-Marxist humanitarianism floods Christianity. To be hip and in sync with the zeitgeist, Christian leaders, intellectuals, writers, and students — and I certainly know about students — give paeans to Karl Marx while being completely oblivious to basic economic laws or history.This Marxism is now tempered by the spirit of humanitarianism glossed over with counterfeit Christian language. The heresy arises when this Marxist-inspired humanitarianism becomes the central cult of the Christian religion. Rather than a call to service and conversion, this new humanitarianism is hatred veiled as love.It is true, one might argue, that the Catholic Church (in particular)…Continue Reading

Can We Talk Now?

November 3, 2020 Frontpage Comments Off on Can We Talk Now?

By JOE SIXPACK One of my favorite books of the Bible is found in the Old Testament. Most versions call it Tobit, while others call it Tobias. I keep waiting for someone like Mel Gibson to come along and make a movie out of it, because this book has everything that makes a great movie — angels, demons, miracles, murder, betrayal, deception, and on and on. This book is where we learn about guardian angels. It’s a short book that takes most people about 45 minutes to read. Here’s the gist of the story. . . .Tobit, with his son Tobias, was a man of great charity among the people of Israel, but he had become blind and couldn’t earn…Continue Reading

As Election Day Approaches, Uncertainty Abounds

November 2, 2020 Frontpage Comments Off on As Election Day Approaches, Uncertainty Abounds

By CHRISTOPHER MANION “I want to change my vote!” — An exasperated Joe Biden during a roll-call vote on the Senate Floor, June 26, 1986. During the final presidential debate last week, Donald Trump lobbed a bombshell at Joe Biden and his family. “They’re like a vacuum cleaner. They’re sucking up money every place he goes,” he said. The charge: Biden’s extended family has been using his name and position to make millions, and giving Joe a cut of the proceeds.This past Monday, a former business associate of Jim Biden, Joe’s brother, and Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, stepped forward to supply ample documentation of the family’s international [money for influence] operation. While the legacy media frantically buried the story, it…Continue Reading

Our Website Has Been Hacked This Weekend! We Are working to Update It!

November 1, 2020 Frontpage Comments Off on Our Website Has Been Hacked This Weekend! We Are working to Update It!

#1 Threat To Tomorrow’s Generation

November 1, 2020 Frontpage Comments Off on #1 Threat To Tomorrow’s Generation

Please, Mr. Biden, Answer This Question

October 12, 2020 Frontpage Comments Off on Please, Mr. Biden, Answer This Question

By DEACON MIKE MANNO, JD I am not a constitutional scholar. I was a simple next-door lawyer who made my living by helping people out of fixes, purchasing homes, adopting children, and plodding through the vexations of life. Nothing special; I graduated, passed the bar, took all my continuing education classes, and paid my bar membership — when I remembered.But there is something that really scares me about where the law and our courts may be headed. In two and a half weeks, when the election is over, I’ll either feel relieved or on the verge of political despair. So I would like to know the answer to what I consider the most important unanswered question of the year:Mr. Biden,…Continue Reading

Biden, You’re No Mother Teresa . . . Kamala Harris And Her Sidekick Wish You’d Genuflect To Them

October 11, 2020 Frontpage Comments Off on Biden, You’re No Mother Teresa . . . Kamala Harris And Her Sidekick Wish You’d Genuflect To Them

By DEXTER DUGGAN How clearly does Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden understand his own thinking when he tackles the traditional Christian stand against permissive abortion? That remains a timely question when his thought processes on public display on many topics have raised eyebrows around the world, although not so much in skewed newsrooms.At the October 7 Salt Lake City vice-presidential debate, running mate Kamala Harris paid Biden the following tribute, although the topic eliciting it wasn’t abortion: “The one thing we know about Joe, he puts it all out there. He is honest, he is forthright.”(Of course, that’s not how Harris viewed Biden when she flattened him at a Democratic candidates’ presidential debate last year, leaving him looking downward like…Continue Reading