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Catholic Education Is Our Responsibility

August 9, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Catholic Education Is Our Responsibility

By SHAUN KENNEY I received a marvelous note from Dr. V — from Florida — talking about the state and condition of Catholic education in America. Buckle up. It would seem as if the last few weeks have witnessed an entire crop of Catholic educators who seem to be neither Catholic nor educators, at least as it pertains to matters of faith. On this point, one can only point toward St. John Paul the Great’s disquisition in Ex Corde Ecclesiae where the target was not secondary education, but colleges and universities — particularly in America: “It is the honour and responsibility of a Catholic University to consecrate itself without reserve to the cause of truth. This is its way of…Continue Reading

German Catholic Legal Immigrant… Learns That It’s A Long, Winding Road To Become U.S. Citizen

August 8, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on German Catholic Legal Immigrant… Learns That It’s A Long, Winding Road To Become U.S. Citizen

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — A German-born scientist who has tried for 18 years to become a permanent resident of the U.S. would like to use her expertise in biotechnology here, including perhaps opening a think tank, but she says she has been frustrated by legal-immigration procedures. Edith Breburda, DVM, Ph.D., told The Wanderer, “I would love to open a think tank of biotechnologies. . . . Catholics need to engage in a discussion on stem-cell research, cloning, genetic manipulation, all the modern reproductive technologies.” Breburda has written both scientific and children’s books. A sample medical article of hers was posted online at the Culture of Life Foundation’s website (cultureoflife.org) in 2012, “Can Embryonic Stem Cells Cure Neurological Disorders?” “I’m…Continue Reading

Reverence For The Past

August 7, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Reverence For The Past

By JAMES MONTI In my job as a library clerk at a major seminary library, it has been my particular joy to work in the Rare Books room, handling Catholic books dating from the 1400s to the 1700s. Many of the books are of the visually impressive “folio” variety, with sturdy pages roughly equivalent to the size of 8 ½” x 14” legal paper bound in ribbed wooden covers embossed with intricate designs and religious symbols. Even the distinctive scent of these tomes and the room where they reside communicates a sense of the long centuries that have passed since these books were first read and studied. Here one encounters in a compelling physical manner Pope Benedict XVI’s “hermeneutic of…Continue Reading

We Are A Nation Of Laws

August 6, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on We Are A Nation Of Laws

By TUCKER CARLSON and NEIL PATEL Maybe you’ve noticed from watching TV in the past couple of years: When it’s about tax returns, executive orders or, of course, Russia, the left strikes a law-and-order pose. Nobody, they tell us, should be above the law in this country. Nobody. Not even — drumroll, please — the president of the United States. It is one of their favorite talking points, and it’s highly effective because it’s absolutely true. In America, nobody is above the law. That is the promise of this country, and it is the best thing about us. That’s why we aren’t third world. If only Democrats actually believed their own bumper stickers. Nobody is above the law? Please, spare…Continue Reading

More Silliness In Canada… And Second Bite At Pro-Life Clinics

August 5, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on More Silliness In Canada… And Second Bite At Pro-Life Clinics

By DEACON MIKE MANNO, JD As our culture is drifting into the sinkhole of gender-fluidity, it is difficult not to laugh at the extent to which some people will sink. But laugh at your peril; these people are very serious and, sadly, Canadian law may protect this claim. In British Columbia, there lives one Jessica Yaniv, born a male who claims to be a transgendered female, sometimes referring to her/himself as a transgendered lesbian. This person sometimes appears as male, Jonathan — his birth name, and sometimes as female. Her/his body is male and there seems to be no indication that he/she will undergo the knife anytime soon. In any other time in our history we might feel a bit…Continue Reading

Letting Bygones Be . . . U.S., U.K. Leaders Find Room For Catholics At Their Elbows

August 4, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Letting Bygones Be . . . U.S., U.K. Leaders Find Room For Catholics At Their Elbows

By DEXTER DUGGAN What signals were sent when new U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed Catholic Jacob Rees-Mogg as leader of Parliament’s House of Commons and also lord president of the council, to attend cabinet meetings? Or is this a question that shouldn’t even be asked? Might it be said that Britain had started a bit of atonement for the fate of perhaps the most prominent Catholic in its history of government, Lord High Chancellor Thomas More, beheaded in the sixteenth century as a traitor? Although the Rees-Mogg symbolism may seem powerful, it’s best to look forward instead of reheating the grievances of one victim group after another. After the English apologize to their fellow Catholics whom they long persecuted,…Continue Reading

Remembering A Catholic Warrior

August 3, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Remembering A Catholic Warrior

By CHRISTOPHER MANION This week marks the fortieth anniversary of the death my father, Clarence Manion. It is also the hundredth anniversary of his leaving the U.S. Army and commencing a long and fruitful teaching career at the University of Notre Dame. His life reflects the virtues of a Catholic patriot, steadfast in a world of turmoil and war. His mission, inspired by the Church and the Constitution, was embodied in his inspired defense of the natural law. It merits a moment of reflection. Dad was born in Henderson, Ky., an Ohio River town. He was the youngest of nine, three of whom had already died when he was born in 1896. That was an all too common circumstance in…Continue Reading

A Book Review . . . Don’t Miss This Blazing Critique Of The Fake News Media

August 2, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on A Book Review . . . Don’t Miss This Blazing Critique Of The Fake News Media

By REY FLORES Unmasked: Big Media’s War Against Trump by L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham; available as hardcover and Kindle at amazon.com, as well as at other booksellers. It’s no secret that President Trump and his administration are maligned, smeared, disrespected, and overall hated by the mainstream fake news media. Never in history has a president been so attacked and besmirched by an almost entire industry which is supposed to report the news, not create the news. Given that lecturer, syndicated columnist, television commentator, bestselling author, publisher, and activist L. Brent Bozell III, the founder and president of the Media Research Center (MRC), has had his finger on the pulse of the fake news media since 1987, there’s…Continue Reading

History May Not Be Forgotten Soon . . . But How Many Errors Sprout In Its Telling?

August 1, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on History May Not Be Forgotten Soon . . . But How Many Errors Sprout In Its Telling?

By DEXTER DUGGAN Noting the recent fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, when two astronauts put the first footprints on the moon, in July 1969, the New York Daily News said walker number one was John Glenn. That wasn’t the only error in the article posted from the all-knowing world media headquarters of New York City, but was the most significant. Neil Armstrong was the first to step onto the moon. Glenn, who was the first American to orbit the Earth seven years earlier, in 1962, wasn’t even along for the ride on Apollo 11. Recall the saying that once you hear two different witness accounts of the same automobile accident, you start to worry about the accuracy of…Continue Reading

Liturgy, Prayer, And Potatoes

July 31, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Liturgy, Prayer, And Potatoes

By SHAUN KENNEY Let’s start with the sudden surge for allowing laywomen (and putatively, laymen as well) to give homilies from the pulpit. No — and not just a little no, but an emphatic no. Reasons for this are simple, as lay members no matter what their education have not been given the charism of the munus docendi — namely, the office of teaching. Priests are specifically given three munera: teaching, sanctifying, and governing. What is more interesting to me is the suddenness of this “debate” in Catholic media. Fr. James Martin, SJ, is positively enthusiastic about the idea. Cardinal Marx is predictably enthusiastic. The pressure is on in a big way — right up until someone reminds the “reformers…Continue Reading