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15 Million Women Missing In India

October 5, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on 15 Million Women Missing In India

By CHRISTOPHER MANION “The sheer number of lives lost due to sex-selective abortion in India is astounding. The fact that millions of women are now ‘missing’ from the population will undoubtedly have a significant impact on Indian society. Millions of women who otherwise would have contributed to society were never given the opportunity to be born.” So writes Jonathan Abbamonte, crack research analyst at the Population Research Institute. The Wanderer has reported on PRI President Steven Mosher’s groundbreaking work on China’s barbaric one-child policy, slightly eased in 2015 but still responsible for the death of hundreds of millions of Chinese babies. “The last thing India needs is a Chinese-style two-child policy,” Mosher says, but Abbamonte’s groundbreaking work digs deep and…Continue Reading

Therapist On The Human Condition… Even In His Risen Body, Christ Still Carried His Wounds

October 4, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Therapist On The Human Condition… Even In His Risen Body, Christ Still Carried His Wounds

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — Different orientations toward approaching life and God were part of a wide-ranging talk on faith and psychology at the Institute of Catholic Theology (ICT) here. Speaker Kenn Cramer also noted people’s persistent feelings of woundedness and deficiency even though God calls them to perfection. Cramer’s presentation on “Faith: Human and Psychological Perspectives” lasted more than three hours on September 21 at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, where the ICT is based. He has a master’s degree in counseling from the Catholic Regis University in Denver and teaches psychology and theology as well as preparing theatrical presentations at the Diocese of Phoenix’s Bourgade High School here. Illustrating the importance of each person to God, Cramer…Continue Reading

On Prophetic Vocations!

October 3, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on On Prophetic Vocations!

By SHAUN KENNEY A reader of this column asks about the idea of prophetic name changes, namely instances where God — when He bestows a divine vocation — changes their names. Of course, we all get a little slice of this prophetic name changing when we are baptized. The Romans and Greeks who had pagan names would acquire the names of Christian martyrs upon Baptism and among Christians that’s how they would be called — not Apollonius but Paul, not Mercury but John. In fact, that’s how the Popes started changing their names in imitation of St. Peter, when a man named Mercury was elected to the papal throne in the year 533 and thought it highly inappropriate to keep…Continue Reading

“Flirting With Schism”. . . Playing A Dangerous Game In Germany

October 2, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on “Flirting With Schism”. . . Playing A Dangerous Game In Germany

By FR. JOHN L. UBEL (Editor’s Note: Fr. John L. Ubel is the rector of the Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul, Minn. Below is his weekly column for the parish bulletin of September 22, 2019. It is reprinted here with his permission.) + + + “Kids say the darndest things.” True enough, but they also “do the darndest things.” I will neither defend nor explain why we played the game of “Chicken” on our bicycles. Its object was to ride your bicycle at full speed towards another and see who was the first to “chicken out,” turning to avoid a collision. Sound fun? Due to how quickly I “abandoned ship,” I have no recollection of a crash ever…Continue Reading

Go To Confession!

October 1, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Go To Confession!

By REY FLORES Of all of the beautiful sacraments our Church affords us, my favorite one is the Sacrament of Confession. As a sinner and lay person, I only know the experience from one side of the confessional. Imagine the weight of the cross our holy priests carry every time they walk out of the confessional. Can you imagine the satanic attacks our priests are under every time they enter that confessional? That might be the last chance Satan and his minions have a chance to silence us from a true and honest Confession. I’m sure that if I were Satan himself, I’d fight like Hell (isn’t that where that term comes from?) just to make sure that we hide…Continue Reading

More Good News On The “Forced Speech’ Front

September 30, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on More Good News On The “Forced Speech’ Front

By DEACON MIKE MANNO, JD Last week we reported some good news on the religious freedom/free speech front; this week the good news continues with a successful case from Arizona and a hopeful resolution for a florist in Washington. First to the Arizona case where two artists faced criminal prosecution, six months in jail, and a $2,500 fine for each day of noncompliance in anticipation of their refusal to design and create custom wedding invitations for same-sex couples. (See coverage of this in last week’s Wanderer, p. 6A, and also in Dexter Duggan’s front-page column.) The artists, Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski, operate a business, Brush & Nib Studio. Among other services, the partners offer clients artistic wedding invitations, as…Continue Reading

Trump’s Words At The UN… Show Why His Frantic Media And Dem Foes Are So Worried

September 29, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Trump’s Words At The UN… Show Why His Frantic Media And Dem Foes Are So Worried

By DEXTER DUGGAN While the Democratic Party and its dominant-media allies launched yet another furious attack over nothing substantial against Donald Trump, this time concerning Ukraine, the president’s remarks at the United Nations in late September demonstrated why the left wing fears him so much. He not only rejects their crippling agenda. He resolutely fights against it. Trump doesn’t do so with the goal of spreading some kind of racist, fascist oppression, as his foes maniacally allege, but in hopes that other nations around the world can flourish by adopting or enhancing traditional U.S.-style ideals of freedom and faith. Not only did Trump include individual dignity and preborn babies in his 37-minute speech before the General Assembly on September 24,…Continue Reading

Faith And Logos In Peril

September 28, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Faith And Logos In Peril

By CHRISTOPHER MANION Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization (Samuel Gregg: Regnery Publishers, $19.92 on Amazon). “Western societies become unmoored whenever reason and faith drift away from each other,” writes Samuel Gregg, research director at the Acton Institute in Grand Rapids. And yet, “unless the West gets the relation between reason and faith right, it will be unable to overcome its inner traumas or defend itself from those who wage war against it in the name of particular ideologies.” Gregg modestly calls this work an intellectual history, but it’s more than that, because in the battle of ideas there are winners and losers. “Ideas have consequences,” wrote Richard Weaver — and bad ideas have very bad consequences. If…Continue Reading

Sex Education Since Grandma… From God-Given Family Rights To Downhill All The Way

September 27, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on Sex Education Since Grandma… From God-Given Family Rights To Downhill All The Way

By DEXTER DUGGAN Young Catholics curious about what Grandma and Grandad were reading in the mainline U.S. Catholic media back in the early 1960s might discover the topics haven’t changed so much, although the milieu has. Discovered at random recently, the April 1962 issue of The Liguorian monthly magazine, published shortly before the Second Vatican Council was to open in October of that year, indicated that the family and male-female relationships were leading topics. In those pre-Internet days, The Liguorian was the type of magazine often available on the literature racks in Catholic churches, as well as through mail subscriptions, and there weren’t entire rows of periodicals under the steeple arguing over what should be fundamental Catholic belief — back…Continue Reading

None Dare Call It Schism

September 26, 2019 Frontpage Comments Off on None Dare Call It Schism

By SHAUN KENNEY Pope Francis isn’t afraid of schism, he says. Such a statement was pulled out of the Holy Father with a question asking him to clarify what he meant in his critique of Americans — or better still, why being criticized by Americans who stereotypically think in crayon didn’t seem to bother him all that much. EWTN’s Edward Pentin quoted Francis specifically on his reasoning for not fearing schism, stating that “a morality of ideology, such as Pelagianism, to put it that way, makes you rigid and today we have many, many schools of rigidity inside the Church. They are not schism, but they are pseudo-schismatic Christian paths that in the end finish badly.” Yet Francis knows he…Continue Reading