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The Availability Of Mercy Is Not Sufficient

February 27, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By DONALD DeMARCO “Why is there a Church?” Cardinal Pell has answered this often asked question in a timely and theologically sound way. The Church exists, says the Australian prelate, to bring God’s mercy into the world. Two essential points are implied by this comment. The first is that mercy is available. God is Mercy and His Mercy has no limit. It is infinite. The second is that if mercy is to be dispensed, it must first be requested. If mercy is not requested, it is not received. The distinction between the availability and reception of mercy calls to mind a remark that the noted evangelist Fr. Vincent McNabb, OP, made while speaking to a public gathering in London’s Speaker’s…Continue Reading

Apple’s Involuntary Servitude

February 26, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO “There is nothing new in the realization that the Constitution sometimes insulates the criminality of a few in order to protect the privacy of us all” — Justice Antonin Scalia (1936-2016). After the San Bernardino massacre on December 2, 2015, the FBI lawfully acquired the cell phone of one of the killers and persuaded a federal judge to authorize its agents to access the contents of the phone. Some of what it found revealed that the killer used the phone to communicate with victims and perhaps confederates and even innocents who unwittingly provided material assistance. Then the FBI hit a wall. It appears that the killer took advantage of the phone’s encryption features to protect some…Continue Reading

Nationalism And Populism Propel Trump

February 25, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN As the returns came in from South Carolina Saturday night, February 20, showing Donald Trump winning a decisive victory, a note of nervous desperation crept into the commentary. Political analysts pointed out repeatedly that if all of the votes for Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and Ben Carson were added up, they far exceeded the Trump vote. Why this sudden interest in arithmetic? If the field can be winnowed, we were told, if Carson and Kasich can be persuaded to follow Bush and get out, if Cruz can be sidelined, if we can get a one-on-one Rubio-Trump race, Trump can be stopped. Behind the thought is the wish. Behind the wish is the…Continue Reading

Culture Of Life 101… “How Dissenters Attack The Universality Of The Church”

February 24, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By BRIAN CLOWES Part 2 (Editor’s Note: Brian Clowes has been director of research and training at Human Life International since 1995. For an electronic copy of the book Call to Action or Call to Apostasy, consisting of a detailed description of the current forms of dissent and how to fight them, e-mail him at bclowes@hli.org.) + + + “If they must be Christians, let them at least be Christians with a difference. Substitute for the faith itself some Fashion with a Christian coloring. Work on their horror of the Same Old Thing. The horror of the Same Old Thing is one of the most valuable passions we have produced in the human heart — an endless source of heresies…Continue Reading

Justice Scalia And Constitutional Fidelity

February 23, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By JUDGE ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO When the sad news came of the sudden death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, I wept for my friend. We had developed a happy friendship during the past 15 years, one which I had selfishly hoped would endure. He permitted his friends to see all of him. We knew him to be in private just as he appeared in public — happy, loud, brash, warm, engaging, challenging, witty, brilliant, courageous, Catholic, traditionalist. He also let us know that he understood the significant role history gave him. Knowing him personally and spending private time with him was one of the great gifts of my adult life. In my heart, there is a great sense…Continue Reading

What Antonin Scalia Foresaw

February 22, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By TERENCE P. JEFFREY (Editor’s Note: Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSnews.com. Creators Syndicate provided this column. All rights reserved.) + + + “Why is this different from bigamy?” It was one of those lance-like questions Justice Antonin Scalia frequently threw at lawyers making flawed arguments. What Scalia’s questions (and dissenting opinions) often exposed was a Supreme Court ready to unilaterally change the meaning of the Constitution — and, thus, undermine our representative form of government. If the court had a permanent majority of justices like Scalia, representative self-government would not be at risk from the court. But today it is at risk. As it was in 2003, when the court heard Lawrence v. Texas. The question then:…Continue Reading

But Called “Bigot” By Professors . . . University President Embraces Scalia As “Son Of Georgetown”

February 21, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By JUSTIN PETRISEK and ADAM CASSANDRA (Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by Catholic Education Daily, an online publication of The Cardinal Newman Society [www.cardinalnewman society.org]. All rights reserved.) + + + The late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was an outspoken critic of his alma mater Georgetown University’s failure to protect its Catholic identity, but the university seemed to ignore those criticisms and has continued to support campus efforts that disregard Church teaching. Now the university administration is touting Scalia’s legacy and embracing him as a “son of Georgetown,” while faculty are accusing him of “bigotry” and are expressing joy in Scalia’s passing. “When I was at Georgetown, it was a very Catholic place. It’s not anymore…Continue Reading

The Realism Of Christianity

February 20, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By DONALD DeMARCO The prevailing assumption in the secular world is that science is a reliable pathway to reality whereas religion, although a source of hope for many, is fundamentally unrealistic. A strong case, however, can be made that science is largely theoretical and cannot provide a basis for authentic living, while religion, particularly Christianity, is not only eminently practical, but far more realistic than science. The following ten points serve to make the case for the realism of Christianity. First, the realism of man: What is a human being? What is man that God is mindful of him? He is not simply an individual, according to the Cartesian tradition, nor is he merely a member of the collective, according…Continue Reading

Justice Antonin Scalia . . . In Memory Of A Great Man

February 19, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By MOST REV. CHARLES J. CHAPUT, OFM Cap. (Editor’s Note: Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap., of Philadelphia wrote this commentary on February 15, two days after Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia granted reprint permission to The Wanderer; all rights reserved.) + + + Death is always a defeat and a liberation: a defeat for human pride; but for the friends of God, a liberation to eternal life. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died on February 13. He was a man of extraordinary legal genius and fidelity to the Constitution. What irritated his critics most about Justice Scalia was the fact that he was invariably smarter than they were — and worse, he had a…Continue Reading

Leave The Scalia Chair Vacant

February 18, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN It is a measure of the stature and the significance of Justice Antonin Scalia that, upon the news of his death at a hunting lodge in Texas, Washington was instantly caught up in an unseemly quarrel over who would succeed him. But no one can replace Justice Scalia. He was a giant among jurists. For a third of a century, he led the conservative wing of the High Court, creating a new school of judicial thought called “originalism.” But originalism is not conservatism, which, in the judicial era that preceded Scalia, often meant court decisions that “conserved” the radical social revolution Earl Warren’s court had imposed upon us. Scalia believed in going back to the founding…Continue Reading