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Culture Of Life 101… “How Dissenters Undermine The Sacrament Of Holy Orders”

March 15, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By BRIAN CLOWES (Editor’s Note: Brian Clowes has been director of research and training at Human Life International since 1995. For an electronic copy of the book Call to Action or Call to Apostasy, consisting of a detailed description of the current forms of dissent and how to fight them, e-mail him at bclowes@hli.org.) + + + What Do the Dissenters Really Want? Nowhere is the modernist attack on the sacraments more intense than it is on Holy Orders. For decades, many faithful priests have been under intense pressure to conform to heterodox initiatives — sometimes even from higher authorities — and many have left the Church entirely as a result. Orthodox Catholics must not for one instant be deluded…Continue Reading

Newman Society . . . Condemns Notre Dame Honor For Pro-Abort Joe Biden

March 14, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

(Editor’s Note: This article was written by staff of The Cardinal Newman Society and originally published by Catholic Education Daily, a CNS online publication [www.cardinalnewmansociety.org]. All rights reserved.) + + + Seven years after the University of Notre Dame received worldwide criticism for its public honor to pro-abortion President Barack Obama — including more than 367,000 signatures to The Cardinal Newman Society’s online petition and public opposition by 83 American Catholic bishops — Notre Dame has once again chosen to betray the Church and its Catholic mission. Notre Dame has announced that it will bestow its 2016 Laetare Medal, the “oldest and most prestigious honor accorded to American Catholics,” on pro-abortion Vice President Joe Biden. This time, however, the offense…Continue Reading

German Catholic Bishops’ Website . . . Publishes Interview Promoting The Idea Of Women Cardinals

March 13, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By MAIKE HICKSON The Vatican celebrated Women’s Day on March 8, 2016. With the help of the organization Voices of Faith (http://voicesoffaith.org/), an event took place at the Vatican where women “share their stories of strengthening the Church’s mission through their leadership,” according to the website of Voices of Faith. This event was the occasion for an interview with the journalist Gudrun Sailer (http://www.katholisch.de/aktuelles/aktuelle-artikel/mehr-auf-den-rat-von-frauen-horen) which was published March 8 on the official website of the German Catholic bishops, katholisch.de. Sailer has been working for the German Branch of Vatican Radio since 2003. She has written extensively on the role of women in the Vatican. In the interview with katholisch.de, Sailer bemoans that for women in the Church today, it is…Continue Reading

What If The FBI Is Onto Hillary Clinton?

March 12, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO What if Hillary Clinton is in legal hot water and she knows it but won’t admit it? What if she has decided to go on the offensive and make her case that she did nothing unlawful with her emails that contained state secrets? What if the essence of her defense is that other secretaries of state used non-secure email devices and thus it was lawful for her to do so, as well as the point that none of her emails was “marked classified” at the time she sent or received them? What if these defenses do not hold up to even cursory examination? What if the other secretaries of state to whom she refers are Colin…Continue Reading

Three Changes America Needs

March 11, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By TERENCE P. JEFFREY America has seen a decade of political upheaval. Ten years ago, voters took control of Congress from the party of the incumbent president and gave it to the opposition party. Two years later, they gave the White House to that other party, too. Two years after that, they gave the House of Representatives back to the party that opposed the new sitting president. Four years later, they gave the Senate to that opposition party, too. Now, in this presidential primary season, it has become a cliché to say many voters in both major parties are angry at the government and driven by an anti-establishment sentiment. And, on its current path, the United States is headed toward…Continue Reading

Proving God’s Existence

March 10, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By DONALD DeMARCO When I was seven years old and the whole world lay before me, I fell in love. The object of my affection was Virginia Mayo. Her appearance, along with Bob Hope, in The Princess and the Pirate thoroughly captivated me. The Sultan of Morocco could not have better expressed my sentiments when he exclaimed in a letter he sent to Warner Brothers: “Virginia Mayo is tangible proof of the existence of God.” My love was unrequited, but I do not think I was alone in that regard. Yet I sensed, even at that tender age, that beauty elevated the spirit. Aquinas’ five proofs for God’s existence, reasonable as they are, are decidedly less than tangible. Beauty is…Continue Reading

The Church: Beacon Or Weathervane?

March 9, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By JUDE P. DOUGHERTY “Priests are servants and secretaries of the imagination.” So wrote Baudelaire, the 19th-century French poet. He meant it in a derogatory way, accusing the Church of inventing and perpetuating the myth of God, creation, and a natural order. The phrase is also suggestive in an entirely different and opposing way. Servants and secretaries of the imagination play an important role by reminding us of the end of human existence. The “end,” by definition, is a constant, a beacon, enabling life’s sojourner to avoid shipwreck. Ends are articulated first in the order of intention, though they remain last in the order of execution. Knowledge of the end renders life’s journey intelligible. The Church is constant insofar as…Continue Reading

Restoring The Sacred… Preparing For Holy Week: The Holy Thursday Mandatum

March 8, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By JAMES MONTI This year many readers are undoubtedly wondering about the Holy Thursday Mandatum Rite, the liturgical washing of the feet, in the wake of the recent January 6, 2016 mandate of Pope Francis and the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments ordering a change in the Ordinary Form rubrics of the missal to allow the inclusion of women among those selected for this ceremony. After having read the complete text of this directive and its accompanying commentary, I want to reassure you that for the many of us (including myself) who would like to see preserved the ancient tradition of an all-male Mandatum to represent with fitting symbolism the action of our Lord at…Continue Reading

Culture Of Life 101 . . . “How Dissenters Undermine The Sacrament Of Confession”

March 7, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By BRIAN CLOWES (Editor’s Note: Brian Clowes has been director of research and training at Human Life International since 1995. For an electronic copy of the book Call to Action or Call to Apostasy, consisting of a detailed description of the current forms of dissent and how to fight them, e-mail him at bclowes@hli.org.) + + + “The Church and the sacraments, according to the Modernists, are not to be regarded as having been instituted by Christ Himself. This is barred by agnosticism, which recognizes in Christ nothing more than a man whose religious consciousness has been, like that of all men, formed by degrees…for the Modernists, sacraments are bare symbols or signs” — Pope St. Pius X, encyclical Pascendi…Continue Reading

A Book Review . . . A Rediscovered Classic On The Spiritual Life

March 6, 2016 Featured Today Comments Off

By DONAL ANTHONY FOLEY Enzler, Clarence J. My Other Self: Conversations With Christ on Living Your Faith (Christian Classics, Ave Maria Press: Notre Dame), 232 pages, $12.56 print, $12.33 e-book. Available at www.avemariapress.com; 1-800-282-1865, ext. 1. My Other Self by Clarence J. Enzler comes with high praise from well-known figures, including the late Fr. Benedict Groeschel (who also wrote the foreword to this edition), and their enthusiastic recommendations are fully justified, as this is an excellent book. On the cover it is described as a “Rediscovered Classic,” and it was actually published in the mid-fifties. For various reasons it became unduly neglected, but it has now been republished by Ave Maria Press. Readers might recall Clarence Enzler’s name with reference…Continue Reading