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The Family And Society

September 16, 2015 Featured Today Comments Off

By DONALD DeMARCO The proper and ultimate relationship between the individual and society is developed from a basis in nature, is cultivated over time, and is shaped through love. We are not born virtuous and our nature as human beings does not flower in isolation. Marriage and the family provide the indispensable matrix for the development of balanced persons and good citizens. This view, until recently, has held sway throughout the ages and has been broadly regarded as indisputable. A sampling from diverse sources over a long span of history exemplifies the fundamental and irreplaceable function of marriage and the family. First, let us consider a passage from the I Ching (or Book of Changes), which is the oldest of…Continue Reading

The Treason Of The Intellectuals

September 15, 2015 Featured Today Comments Off

By ALICE von HILDEBRAND The infallible way to gauge the “health” of a nation is by checking upon its family life and its educational system. One need not be a keen observer of our society to perceive, to one’s grief, that both Western Europe and the United States are morally and socially decadent. Statistics tell us that the number of broken marriages, divorces, and homosexual relationships have increased in dramatic proportion in the course of the last 60 years, and possibly longer than that. The family is the very heart of a nation: a sound and lasting relationship between husband and wife, father, mother, and their progeny is the golden key to the health of any society. Today, alas, there…Continue Reading

Advancing Backwards

September 14, 2015 Featured Today Comments Off

By DONALD DeMARCO A jet traveling at 500 miles per hour is an example of progress. But if it is running out of fuel, the next step is disaster. G.K. Chesterton once remarked that ‘“progress’ is simply a comparative of which we have not settled the superlative.” It does not matter where we are going, as long as we are getting there faster! But the larger question remains: Where are we going? The “superlative” is not a problem for Catholics. As St. John Paul II states in his encyclical Veritatis Splendor, “The moral life has an essential ‘teleological’ character, since it consists in the deliberate ordering of human acts to God, the supreme good and ultimate end (telos) of man.”…Continue Reading

Islam’s Conquest Of Europe

September 13, 2015 Featured Today Comments Off

By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN “Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide,” wrote James Burnham in his 1964 Suicide of the West. Burnham predicted that the mindless magnanimity of liberals, who subordinate the interests of their own people and nations to utopian and altruistic impulses, would bring about an end to Western civilization. Was he wrong? Consider what is happening in Europe. Serbia, Hungary, and Slovakia, small nations sensing they will be swamped by asylum seekers from the Muslim world, are trying to seal their borders and secure their homelands. Their instinct for survival, their awareness of lifeboat ethics, is acute. Yet they are being condemned for trying to save themselves. Meanwhile, the Pope calls on Catholics everywhere to welcome the…Continue Reading

Cardinal Burke . . . Had Grave Reservations About Changes In Annulment Process

September 12, 2015 Featured Today Comments Off

By JOHN-HENRY WESTEN (Wanderer Editor’s Note: At the beginning of this year, The Wanderer published a two-part interview with Raymond Cardinal Burke by our columnist Don Fier, issues of January 8 and 15, 2015. In that interview, Cardinal Burke commented on the annulment process and the calls to “streamline the process.” (Following this LifeSiteNews story, we reprint the relevant paragraphs from that interview, which appeared in our January 15, 2015 issue.) + + + STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (LifeSiteNews) — Speaking September 8 at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Raymond Cardinal Burke expressed grave reservations about the very proposals that were released the same day in Pope Francis’ motu proprio concerning annulments in the Catholic Church. Burke was addressing those proposals as outlined…Continue Reading

Who’s Correct On Illegal Immigration? . . . Pope Francis Or Donald Trump?

September 11, 2015 Featured Today Comments Off

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK Am I serious? Am I suggesting that Donald Trump’s views on illegal immigration deserve to be weighed seriously in comparison to those of Pope Francis? Yes. In fact, I would argue that there would be nothing morally problematic about Catholics serious about the faith agreeing with both Trump and the Pope. Bear with me. I am not looking for a way to equivocate for political purposes. Trump’s views on illegal immigration need little explanation. They have been in the newspapers and on the television talk shows more than the goings-on of the Kardashians. He wants to build a wall to keep the illegal immigrants out. He wants to round up and deport — at least temporarily…Continue Reading

Will GOP Congress Fund Group That Killed 327,653 Babies In One Year?

September 10, 2015 Featured Today Comments Off

By TERENCE P. JEFFREY (Editor’s Note: Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of Creators Syndicate distributes his column. All rights reserved.) + + + Go online and pull up Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report and you will see that the group plainly states how many unborn babies it kills in abortions and how much tax money it gets. In fiscal year 2013, the report says that Planned Parenthood performed 327,653 “abortion procedures.” That means it deliberately killed 327,653 innocent and defenseless unborn human beings. The same report says that during the year that ended on June 30, 2014, Planned Parenthood raked in $528.4 million in “government health services grants and reimbursements.” That means that you and everybody in your…Continue Reading

The Four Loves

September 9, 2015 Featured Today Comments Off

By DONALD DeMARCO A man had four friends whom he loved with varying degrees of intensity. His first love was nearly always on his mind and he served him with unwavering dedication. The second earned a different kind of love and elicited in him a strong sense of gratitude. Next came a weaker love because this third friend did not always reciprocate our protagonist’s affection. Finally, the least vigorous of his loves was directed to a friend who was more of a liability than an asset, one who gained more than he gave, received more than he returned. The day came when this man was called before the throne of the king to answer a complaint. He called upon his…Continue Reading

“I Saw A Tiny, Beating Heart”. . . Four Powerful Quotes From Abortionists Who Became Pro-Life

September 8, 2015 Featured Today Comments Off

By CHRISTINA MARIE BENNETT (Editor’s Note: LifeSiteNews made this commentary available; it originated with LiveActionNews. All rights reserved.) + + + Abortionists leave the industry for a variety of reasons. Here are the powerful stories of four abortion doctors who had life-changing experiences that caused them to stop performing abortions and begin fighting to protect the lives of the preborn. 1) “And as I brought out the rib cage, I looked and I saw a tiny, beating heart.” Paul E. Jarrett Jr. was an abortionist in the 1970s. He recalls the 1974 operation that changed his mind about abortion forever. While doing a suction abortion, Jarrett realized the suction curette was obstructed by one of the baby’s torn-off legs. Jarrett…Continue Reading

Neither Left Nor Right, But Catholic . . . Is The Church In America Prepared To Confront The Secular Culture?

September 7, 2015 Featured Today Comments Off

By STEPHEN M. KRASON (Editor’s Note: Stephen M. Krason’s Neither Left nor Right, but Catholic column appears monthly, sometimes bimonthly. He is professor of political science and legal studies and associate director of the Veritas Center for Ethics in Public Life at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is also cofounder and president of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists. (Among his books is The Transformation of the American Democratic Republic, along with two edited volumes, Child Abuse, Family Rights, and the Child Protective System and The Crisis of Religious Liberty. His most recent book, which he edited, is Challenging the Secular Culture: A Call to Christians, forthcoming from Franciscan University Press. This column originally appeared in + + +…Continue Reading