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A Leaven In The World… Spiritual Life Goes Beyond Appearances

December 14, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By FR. KEVIN M. CUSICK Did you ever see someone after plastic surgery and find them completely unrecognizable? We can certainly become more comfortable associating with someone after a complete makeover, but it takes time and a lot of denial. What someone looks like in the end is not the most important thing about them, but all the same they have become changed in a significant way so as to become different. And that’s the point: They are not the same. People get plastic surgery because they want to be different than they at present find themselves to be. If looks were not important, why do people get facelifts and plastic surgery of all kinds? And there’s the rub: You…Continue Reading

An Apologetics Course… The Orthodox Churches: Differences

December 13, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By RAYMOND DE SOUZA, KM Part 32 The schism with the Orthodox churches could be solved in a comparatively easy way — because it is a silly schism, really — but the cultural baggage of resentment against Rome inherited from the past has hardened over the centuries. In the previous article we learn something of the history of the schism, which is important to understand it in its proper context. In this article we consider the doctrinal differences between Rome and the Orthodox-schismatic churches. The most important difference is, of course, the primacy of the Bishop of Rome over all bishops, in both East and West, and the infallibility of the same Pontiff. Our Eastern brethren in Baptism do not…Continue Reading

Mary, Mother Of The Church

December 12, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By DON FIER Our topic for the past two weeks, the communion of saints, is superbly summed up by Blessed Paul VI in his apostolic letter of June 30, 1968, entitled Credo of the People of God: “We believe in the communion of all the faithful of Christ, those who are pilgrims on earth, the dead who are attaining their purification, and the blessed in heaven, all together forming one Church; and we believe that in this communion the merciful love of God and His saints is ever listening to our prayers” (n. 30). This article of our faith professes our firm belief in a three-way communication between those who form the one family of God in praise of the…Continue Reading

Catholic Replies

December 11, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

Editor’s Note: The recently released movie Spotlight focuses on the Boston Globe “Spotlight” team that uncovered in 2002 the priest abuse scandal in the Church and the cover-up by some bishops that exacerbated the problem. There is no way to deny the scandal; it was a shameful episode in the life of the Church in Boston and elsewhere, but it is over and there is no place in the world today where children are less likely to be sexually abused than the Catholic Church. In other words, children in Catholic schools and parishes are safer today than in any other religious or educational institutions. Yet there is an ongoing effort to convince people that the sex abuse scandal is continuing…Continue Reading

The Incarnation Is For Our Redemption

December 10, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By FR. ROBERT ALTIER Fourth Sunday Of Advent (YR C) Readings: Micah 5:1-4 Heb. 10:5-10 Luke 1:39-45 In the readings today we hear about our Lord’s Incarnation at its beginning, at His birth, and in its purpose. We hear about the beginning in the Gospel where our Lady visits St. Elizabeth whose baby, St. John the Baptist, leaps in her womb for joy in the presence of the Lord. We hear about His birth in the first reading where the Prophet Micah tells us where the Messiah is to be born. We hear about the purpose and fulfillment of the Incarnation in the second reading where St. Paul explains the need for our Lord to have a body in order…Continue Reading

Pope’s Homily At Mass At Bangui Cathedral . . . Arms Yourselves With Righteousness And Mercy

December 9, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

BANGUI, Central African Republic (ZENIT) — Here is a Vatican translation of the homily Pope Francis gave November 29 when he celebrated Mass for the First Sunday of Advent at the cathedral of Bangui, Central African Republic. The Holy Father said in part: “To all those who make unjust use of the weapons of this world, I make this appeal: Lay down these instruments of death! Arm yourselves instead with righteousness, with love and mercy, the authentic guarantors of peace.” Immediately prior to the Mass, the Pontiff opened the Holy Door for the Jubilee of Mercy. ZENIT News Agency provided the text of the Holy Father’s homily. All rights reserved. + + + On this First Sunday of Advent, the…Continue Reading

A Leaven In The World . . . Our Society Not A “Safe Space” For Human Beings

December 7, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By FR. KEVIN M. CUSICK A society which will not do all in its power to defend the smallest and most vulnerable among us encourages the kind of disrespect for life which leads to violence and destruction of life in all its stages, such as we have seen recently in Colorado Springs and elsewhere. As Mother Teresa said so well, “It is poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” It turns out that the poverty for which we have wished in our murderous society is precisely the atmosphere of more violence, more deaths of children and others in the scourge of murders across our country outside of Planned Parenthood abortuaries as…Continue Reading

An Apologetics Course . . . The History Of The Orthodox Churches

December 6, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By RAYMOND DE SOUZA, KM Leaving aside the multiplicity of churches and sects and denominations and groups of all sorts, colors, and flavors in the plethora of individual creeds in the Protestant doctrinal plateau de fromage, one may ask whether or not there are churches in the world today that are closer to the Church of Jesus Christ. And the answer is yes. The various churches known as “Orthodox” are such churches. There is not one single Orthodox Church, but many. Not as prolific in multiplication as the Protestant churches, which split and sub-split all the time, the Orthodox churches have, by and large, unity of faith and morals, but not of government. There are four patriarchs — those of…Continue Reading

The Communion Of Saints

December 5, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By DON FIER Part 2 One of the most important and consoling dogmas that we firmly hold as members of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church is contained in the second clause of the ninth article of the Apostles’ Creed: “I believe in . . . the communion of saints.” So key and central is this doctrine that the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) unequivocally states: “The communion of saints is the Church” (n. 946, emphasis added). It is an affirmation for faithful believers that death is not the end. The Church continues beyond this “vale of tears” which is ours on Earth — beyond all limitations of space and time. “The communion of saints,” says Christoph Cardinal…Continue Reading

Catholic Replies

December 4, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

Editor’s Note: For some valuable perspective on the recent radical Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris, consider the following remarks by Fr. George Rutler of the Church of St. Michael in New York City: “When the haters of remnant Christian civilization struck Paris last Friday the 13th, many kept saying that it was ‘unreal’ and ‘inexplicable.’ But the blood was real, and the cruelty was totally explicable by the history of false religion and its embrace of evil. Fittingly, when the attack began in that concert hall, the band was playing a cacophonous piece, barely distinguishable from gunfire, called ‘Kiss the Devil.’ “Only those afflicted with the illusion of secular progressivism as a substitute for the Gospel seem bewildered. Evil is…Continue Reading