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Trusting In God’s Providence

June 18, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By FR. ROBERT ALTIER Thirteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time (YR B) Readings: Wisdom 1:13-15, 2:23-24 2 Cor. 8:7, 9, 13-15 Mark 5:21-43 “Do not be afraid; just have faith.” These are the words our Lord spoke to the parents of the little girl when they had been told that their daughter had just died. In the context of the passage, our Lord was going to raise the little girl from death and restore her to her parents. The phrase, however, has many other applications in our day-to-day life. There are so many people dealing with a multitude of fears today. Perhaps the greatest is the fear of death. The first reading tells us that death came into the world through…Continue Reading

The Body God Gave Us Doesn’t Lie . . . A Meditation On The Sexual Confusion Of Our Day

June 17, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By MSGR. CHARLES POPE (Editor’s Note: Msgr. Charles Pope is the pastor of Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian, Washington, D.C. Monsignor kindly gave The Wanderer permission to reprint this essay from his June 2 blog. All rights reserved.) + + + The latest tragic twist in the “Bruce Jenner saga” (more on that below) illustrates yet again one of the great errors of our day: the rejection of the truth that our bodies have something to tell us about who we are and what we are called to do and be. Most moderns see the body as merely a tool of sorts. Assertions are made that one can do as one pleases with one’s own body, and that a person’s sex (male…Continue Reading

A Leaven In The World . . . The Covenant Between God And Man In Faith And Life

June 15, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By FR. KEVIN M. CUSICK Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone addressed the Sacra Liturgia Conference 2015 with a profound but also practical message on moral teaching and sacramental theology, drawing a connection for his audience — lay and religious, young and old — between nature and grace in the economy of salvation which functions through the covenant model. Anyone who attends Holy Mass more or less weekly already knows well through sheer repeated exposure about the marital or covenantal language which permeates the Old Testament. Very few understand, however, that, as Archbishop Cordileone made clear, we cannot teach the faith in a culture which denies or redefines marriage because this human covenant between one man and one woman made sacramental in Christ…Continue Reading

An Apologetics Course . . . Does The Spiritual Soul Exist?

June 14, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By RAYMOND DE SOUZA Part 6 Atheists, agnostics, and intellectually superficial people doubt the existence of the human soul. But not only them. Many churchgoing folks sometimes doubt the fact that the human being is a composite of body and soul. We can experience the reality of the body through our senses, of course, but the soul? Can the existence of the soul be proved by pure reason? This is our topic in this article and in the next. The first thing to do is to define the word soul, to make sure we are talking about the same thing. Everyone knows the difference between a living being and a lifeless one. You see in the garden a boy playing…Continue Reading

The Four Marks Of The Church — Unity

June 13, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By DON FIER There are three images of the Church that the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) pays particular attention to in its catechesis on article 9 of the Creed: People of God, Body of Christ, and Temple of the Holy Spirit. As we’ve seen over the past few weeks, “one enters into the People of God by faith and Baptism” (CCC, n. 804) and is thus incorporated into the Church and becomes a member of the Mystical Body of Christ. As members of the Church we form the very body of Christ, who is her Head (cf. Col. 1:10). The human body is animated by its soul, its life-giving principle, and so it is with the Church: “The…Continue Reading

Catholic Replies

June 12, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

Q. I keep hearing about this new game, “Charlie Charlie,” that involves summoning a Mexican demon. Do you know anything about it? — F.A., Massachusetts. A. The origin of the Charlie Charlie Challenge is unclear, but it has become very popular on social media. Reminiscent of a Ouija Board, the players draw two intersecting lines on a piece of paper, write the words “yes” and “no” on the opposite squares, place two pencils, one on top of the other, in the form of a cross, and then ask, “Charlie, Charlie, can we play?” Or “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” Players keep asking yes or no questions to see if the top pencil moves and gives them an answer. Sometimes the…Continue Reading

The Lord Of All Creation

June 11, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By FR. ROBERT ALTIER Twelfth Sunday In Ordinary Time (YR B) Readings: Job 38:1, 8-11 2 Cor. 5:14-17 Mark 4:35-41 We live in a world where there is a conflict between faith and science. We need to be clear: This conflict is not caused by the Church nor by those with faith. Rather, it is caused by those without faith who try to make faithful souls look like fools. In other words, the suggestion is that if you have faith you must also be unthinking. As we have considered previously, although the “big bang theory” was developed by a Catholic priest in order to prove that God created the world, it has been turned and used, instead, to “prove” that…Continue Reading

Restoring Ireland To Christ

June 10, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By DOM MARK DANIEL KIRBY (Editor’s Note: The prior of a Benedictine community in Ireland — Silverstream Priory in County Meath — has sent out a reflection on his country and the Catholic faith. Dom Mark Daniel Priory offered this reflection on Sunday, May 31, the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, the week following Ireland’s vote approving same-sex marriage. (All rights reserved.) + + + “In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred. . . .” Thus begins the Constitution of Ireland. It is fitting that we recall these words today, on this feast of the Most…Continue Reading

A Leaven In The World… The Good, The True, And The Beautiful In Sacred Liturgy, Places, And People

June 8, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By FR. KEVIN M. CUSICK I am writing from New York City where I am privileged to be attending the Sacra Liturgia 2015 Conference. I took out my Breviarium to pray on the subway, traveling en route from my overnight accommodations to the downtown meeting venue on the first morning after sitting down next to a visibly drunken man. I realized myself blessed to be dependent, not on a destructive use of this world’s goods, but rather on the beauty of God’s Word through this liturgy of the Church. “Beauty poured forth” upon my lips as I mouthed the words of the Psalms, praying thus also for my suffering neighbor. A young man walking out of the train at his…Continue Reading

An Apologetics Course . . . Proof Of The Existence Of God From Causality

June 7, 2015 Our Catholic Faith Comments Off

By RAYMOND DE SOUZA Part 5 When we talk about simple logic, it is a good thing to begin with realities that everyone knows to be true. For instance: Everybody knows that for a man or an animal or even a thing to do anything, it must exist in the first place. For you to read, you must exist before reading. For a bee to make one ounce of honey, it must exist in the first place. For the rain to fall on your roof, it must exist as well. Why is it so? Simply because non-existing beings do not do anything. Naturally. Equally evident, or certainly more evident, is the fact that nothing can create itself. If we see…Continue Reading