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St. Paul VI, Pray For US

October 20, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on St. Paul VI, Pray For US


“Pope Paul VI is a saint,” Holy Mother Church declared to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, October 14, 2018.
Indeed he is. And St. Paul VI is beloved above all for his two historic contributions to the Church: First, upon the death of St. John XXIII in 1963, he inherited the Second Vatican Council and presided over it until it adjourned on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, 1965.
And second, he promulgated Humanae Vitae, the encyclical that announced to the world that, while the “spirit of the times” might change, the truth does not.
Today St. Paul VI is remembered above all for Humanae Vitae, and that is appropriate: The Second Vatican Council had many fathers; Humanae Vitae has only one.
On July 25, 1968, St. Paul VI stood alone when he confronted the decadent age that had plunged headlong into the sexual revolution.
Deserted by many among the faithful, both cleric and lay, he held up a mirror up to the secular world and warned of the dangerous consequences that would follow on its flight from truth and beauty. Alas, the world responded with resentment and spite, and went its own way.
Francis Cardinal Stafford describes that year as “Gethsemane.” And, like Jesus in the Garden, St. Paul VI wept when he saw the depths to which the world would fall when it defied the laws of nature and of nature’s God.
St. Paul VI offered to the world an alternative — the Church’s promise of truth and beauty. And how could it not be true and beautiful? … Continue Reading

Harassed In The Sacristy Of St. Peter’s

October 19, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on Harassed In The Sacristy Of St. Peter’s


The toxic atmosphere of pressure to toe the official line by refusing the legitimate options the Church offers to all seems to be growing. The line of inter-Church battle against the Traditional Mass now even runs through the sacristy of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, as I found this past week.
During my recent days of pilgrimage to Rome, I arrived early at the Sant’Uffizio Gate on Wednesday, October 17 prior to the general audience and requested entrance of the Swiss Guards posted there.
I arrived before 7 a.m. at the locked door of the Basilica sacristy and waited for some minutes there with other priests, bishops, and Wilfrid Cardinal Napier. I said hello to the cardinal, and asked for and took a selfie with him.
There was one other priest dressed in cassock as was I, so I asked him if he was planning to offer the Traditional Mass on the designated altar. On a previous visit I had found that one altar was usually prepared with Mass cards for that purpose. He responded that yes, he was, but that this arrangement had changed.
Upon entering the sacristy, I informed someone working there I wished to offer the Traditional Latin Mass. He directed me as to where to prepare and I did so. Another individual offered me vestments and I asked for white as were other priests preparing to offer Traditional Mass as indicated that day for St. Margaret Mary on the Traditional calendar of 1962.
Most of the priests were vested in red to offer Mass in commemoration of the saint of the day designated on the modern calendar, St. Ignatius of Antioch. So I stood out.
The priest who, I believe, was possibly the sacristan, due to his palpable air of authority in manner and bearing, approached and began to repeatedly question me in a harassing tone.
“The whole Church is celebrating a great martyr today, St. Ignatius of Antioch. What saint are you celebrating?” Repeating it over and over again. So much for Christian hospitality in the house of God.
While I was waiting to be led to a side altar in the church to begin my Mass he approached me again, a second time, badgering me by repeating his question, “What saint are you celebrating today?” … Continue Reading

10 Things A Youth Synod Should Do; One Thing It Won’t

October 18, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on 10 Things A Youth Synod Should Do; One Thing It Won’t


Pope Francis came forward with some unusually strong language regarding abortion, saying that the act was the equivalent of calling a hit man.
This marks the second time this month that Francis has chosen to offer pointed criticism of this generational genocide, the opposition to this “culture of death” having defined the pontificates of both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.
What is most amusing about the reaction from outlets such as the Associated Press is that they are simply gob-smacked that the Pope might actually be Catholic. Perhaps many of us are. The salient point here is that, for all his faults and mishandling, there are certain items that are truly nonnegotiable for Francis — and the right to life is one of them.
Of course, we should contrast this with the Magisterial parliament in Rome known as the Synod on Youth, where a group of men who have never been fathers will instruct those of us who are how to best inspire our sons to be good Catholics.
A short list, if I may:
First: Stop molesting our kids, and quit making excuses for those who do. This seems like a logical first step, I know…but it would be awfully nice for me to not have to wonder about such-and-such seminary grooming the future of the Church to be cabana boys in clerical garb.
Second: Quit telling us to believe one thing and then practice another in the world. The activities of Catholic Relief Services and the USCCB’s own Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) are simply mindboggling to the pew-sitting Catholic. Worse, no one in these organizations seems to care. Why? … Continue Reading

A Book Review… Rejuvenating Our Culture Through Mary

October 17, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on A Book Review… Rejuvenating Our Culture Through Mary


The Marian Option: God’s Solution to a Civilization in Crisis, by Carrie Gress, Ph.D. (TAN Books: 2017); 214 pages, Amazon paperback and Kindle.

Some time ago, this reviewer looked at Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation, and while commending it as a very worthwhile book, there was one aspect of that work which came in for criticism — that is, its lack of a Marian dimension, given the importance of the Virgin Mary’s role in Christian history.
The Marian Option makes up for that deficiency, and also provides much food for thought for anyone who wants to know, in the words of the subtitle, “God’s Solution to a Civilization in Crisis.”
The book begins by outlining the growing problems for the Church in the twenty-first century, as the culture around us increasingly reverts to a pagan outlook, and pagan practices, and it also evaluates Dreher’s ideas.
The author argues that, while not refuting Dreher’s thesis, she maintains that what she calls the “Marian Option” is of more practical benefit for the great majority of Catholics, most of whom are not in a position to make completely radical lifestyle changes. For her, this means being open to the role of the Blessed Virgin throughout Christian history — and understanding its importance — so as to make that understanding effective in our everyday lives.
As Gress says, “Living the Marian Option does not require a change of address, career, or nationality: What it does require is going deep in one’s faith by both living the sacramental life and acknowledging Mary as our spiritual mother.”
In other words, the Marian Option, is about a renewed and deeper relationship with our Lady. … Continue Reading

Left-Wing Pro-Abortionists… Make A Spectacle Of Their Rage At Kavanaugh

October 16, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on Left-Wing Pro-Abortionists… Make A Spectacle Of Their Rage At Kavanaugh


Seeing some of the desperately wailing, miserable protesters in Washington, D.C., against Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court was almost like happening across an injured baby animal by the side of the road. You want to relieve the helpless creature of its suffering.
The best way probably would be to call in a veterinarian. But if we followed the protesters’ own thinking, we’d crush the baby animal’s head without delay. Wishing to administer cruel death, after all, was at the wailers’ crippled core.
They made it clear that maintaining the massive abortion dismemberment of helpless human infants was the focus of their frenzy against the feared future High Court decisions of the Catholic Kavanaugh. Anything possible to try to stop him was necessary, even the pitiable futility of clawing and pounding at the Supreme Court’s formidable exterior doors.
The reality of the babies’ and moms’ welfare was only a useless abstraction to them, kept far at a distance by mind-numbing, dishonest sloganeering about, say, “reproductive health” and “patriarchal oppression.”
The dominant pro-abortion media had tried to avoid the reality when post-birth abortionist Kermit Gosnell was arrested in 2011 and went to trial in 2013. With the movie Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer about to open the same week that new Justice Kavanaugh joined the High Court, media majesties like Facebook were busy trying to suppress the film.
Their majesties’ preference was to continue the infants’ overwhelming slaughter instead of informing the public more widely so that the unconscionable bloodletting might be minimized.
Before President Trump announced Kavanaugh as his nominee in early July, many of the protesters probably never had heard of him. But the judge quickly became such a villain in their minds that any vicious threat against Kavanaugh and his family became justified. … Continue Reading

A New Look At Conversion Therapy

October 15, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on A New Look At Conversion Therapy


We’ve written in these pages several times about the controversy over Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE). In case you’ve missed it, SOCE refers to efforts to help those with unwanted same-sex attractions to overcome them. This is usually done through professional or religious counseling and is sometimes referred to as conversion or reparative therapy.
SOCE has been controversial and has met with two objections from the LGBT community: It is ineffective, suggesting that sexual orientation is immutable and not subject to change; and it is harmful, causing depression and making people worse off than before.
It has been so worrisome to the homosexual community that activists there have succeeded in having it banned for minors in several states. The usual form of the law is that licensed therapists may not use conversion therapy, but in some states religious counselors, not licensed by the state, could still use the procedure.
Recently, the California legislature passed a bill that would effectively ban such therapy for adults who wished it by labeling the therapy method fraudulent under the state’s consumer protection laws. Thus, any therapist or religious counselor who accepted money for any type of conversion therapy would be guilty of a consumer fraud.
The sponsor of that bill, however, has withdrawn it from final legislative consideration after a flurry of complaints from Christian groups that the bill was so broadly drafted that it would criminalize religious instruction, Christian books and booksellers, and Christian speakers. It does not appear that the sponsors of the bill had any qualms about denying adults the right to SOCE therapy, or in banning it as a religious practice, just that the wording needed improvement.
The criticism, though, has not stopped. … Continue Reading

As Illegal Entry Issue Re-Emerges . . . Republicans Hope Kavanaugh Fight Energizes Them For Midterms

October 14, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on As Illegal Entry Issue Re-Emerges . . . Republicans Hope Kavanaugh Fight Energizes Them For Midterms


Will the force of Donald Trump’s strong will outmatch Democrats’ stubborn won’ts?
First came Kava-no — the eventually failed Democrat strategy to block Trump’s selection of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Then came hopes for Kava-mo — momentum for Republican candidates in the upcoming November midterm elections whipped up by Trump’s steadfast support that led to Kavanaugh’s impressive confirmation victory in the closely divided Senate.
In an October 10 Politico article, presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway was quoted telling the Fox & Friends program that while history isn’t on the side of the majority party going into the midterms, “This is just a president who defies trends. And rather than repeating history, he tends to make history.”
Trump intended to keep GOP momentum going by flying hither and yon to speak at campaign rallies.
Even though Kavanaugh had an establishment GOP background, having worked in George W. Bush’s White House, he was no more acceptable to the Democrat-media alliance for a High Court seat than moderate GOP Sen. John McCain had been in 2008 when his presidential candidacy bumped into radical Democrat Barack Obama’s ambitions.
Moreover, the Dem-media alliance was aghast at the possibility that Kavanaugh might turn out to be a vote to reject the fictitious national right to slaughter preborn infants that the Supreme Court had invented in January 1973.
Still seething over the Catholic judge’s victory for a lifetime appointment, vengeful Democrat leaders reportedly planned to try to keep damaging him for as long as they can, with House Minority Leader and bad pro-abortionist Catholic Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) actively involved. … Continue Reading

Will Wonders Never Cease?

October 13, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on Will Wonders Never Cease?


For several years after George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003, many conservative groups stayed as far away as they could from the issue. “It would cut our donor list right down the middle,” one prominent leader told me in 2004. Confronted with Iraq and “Big Government Conservatism,” the conservative movement was divided — and, frankly, confused. So was the Republican Party. When Pelosi, and then Obama, came to power, it almost seemed inevitable.
In 2016, Donald Trump didn’t deny those divisions — he made hay out of them. In the debates, Jeb Bush was forced to admit that the Iraq War was a “mistake,” but even that did not convince many of those who had supported his brother’s war most ardently. They just got madder. Thus was born the cadre of the “Never-Trumpers” who bitterly, and often spitefully, criticized the insufficiently perfect Trump as candidate and then as president.
Through a series of events that can only be called miraculous, Donald Trump has been able to bring the Republican Party to a measure of unity that rivals that of the Reagan years, just in time for the midterm elections.
In the “finest hour” of this effort, he didn’t have to work very hard: Dianne Feinstein and her Democrat colleagues did most of the dirty work. The series of mishaps and disasters that led up to the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh made believers of all but the most petulant naysayers.

Chaos Coming
To The Campus?

The widespread hysteria, ignorance, and violence spurred by the opponents of the Kavanaugh nomination is nothing new — but it is now seared in the public memory as never before. And that’s a good thing, because one must know the enemy. Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and his wife are hounded out of a Capitol Hill restaurant by screaming harridans. Sen. Cory Gardner (R., Colo.) receives death threats. The wife of Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) laments that she must now sleep with a loaded gun (note: unloaded guns are not worth sleeping with). … Continue Reading

Let’s Face The Illusions . . . About Roe, The Court, And The Kavanaugh Confirmation

October 12, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on Let’s Face The Illusions . . . About Roe, The Court, And The Kavanaugh Confirmation


Hold the “hallelujahs.” Brett Kavanaugh is now a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, but don’t expect him to be the much anticipated and much feared “fifth vote” to overturn the High Court’s Roe v. Wade decision issued 45 years ago and upheld by the court on subsequent decisions, most notably, Planned Parenthood v. Casey in 1992.
First of all, it is a considerable leap to assume that there are now four votes on the court to overturn Roe. The last two Republican nominees, Roberts and Alito, both said in public hearings that they regarded Roe as “settled law,” entitled to the protection of a due respect for “precedent.” Justice Scalia is dead and Clarence Thomas remains the only member of the Supreme Court who might reasonably be assumed to be ready and willing to cast a vote to overturn Roe.
Secondly, we have Judge Kavanaugh’s word, as related by Sen. Susan Collins, that he would not be part of a 5-4 majority to nullify the “abortion rights” decision. The Maine Republican, minutes after saying she did not believe there should be a “litmus test” for Supreme Court nominees, cited that assurance from nominee Kavanaugh as her major reason for voting for his confirmation.
Her speech should be read carefully and critically. She was quite emphatic in dismissing the plank in the Republican platform promising the appointment of justices who would overturn Roe. As Collins noted, that plank has been in the GOP platform since 1980, and since that time nominations to the Supreme Court by Republican presidents have included those of Justices Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy, and David Souter, the trio that wrote the opinion of the court in the aforementioned Planned Parenthood v. Casey, upholding Roe, albeit with some minor qualifications. So much for Republican promises.
Face it, pro-lifers. The only way we would get five solid anti-Roe votes on the Supreme Court is if a court-packing plan like FDR’s were actually enacted and there were eventually 15 Supreme Court justices. Then, of course, five votes would be very much a minority and “abortion rights” would still be quite safe. … Continue Reading

Father Altier . . . Homily October 7, 2018

October 11, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on Father Altier . . . Homily October 7, 2018

Fr. Altier writes a weekly column titled Sunday Sermons for The Wanderer. We are blessed to have another audio of one of his most recent homilies.

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Question for church of Accompaniment crowd. Is the Way the Church is handling the McCarrick case an example of how we accompany the sinner?

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Twitter locks LifeSite out of account for ‘hate’: fact-based post on rise in gay STDs

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Ave Maria U president who criticized Cdl. Burke, Archbishop Viganò announces resignation

AVE MARIA, Florida, October 17, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Just six weeks after he issued a statement criticizing Vatican whistleblower Archbishop Carlo Vigano, Ave Maria University (AMU) announced its president Jim Towey will step down in June 2020. Vigano’s 11-page testimony…Continue Reading

‘Just glad we ruined Kavanaugh’s life’: Pro-abortion Left responds to Supreme Court defeat

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 8, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and the left-wing forces who pulled out all the stops to defeat him show no signs of cooling down anytime soon. The Senate voted 50-48 on…Continue Reading

Pope selects youth from pro-gay Vatican consultant’s media org to attend Synod

October 8, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — The four young people from Canada now at the Vatican synod on youth are all from Salt and Light Media. The Toronto-based media outlet is run by Basilian Fr. Thomas Rosica, who is also on…Continue Reading

Youth Synod Archbishop apologizes to young Catholics for sex abuse, ‘unbeautiful liturgies’

ROME, October 4, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney, Australia, has issued an extensive mea culpa at the Vatican Youth Synod for all the ways in which the hierarchy and members of the Church have failed young people — whether…Continue Reading

Michigan AG seizes Catholic dioceses’ records in sex abuse investigation

(CNN)Michigan authorities have seized records from every Catholic diocese in the state as part of an investigation into possible sexual abuse by clergy, the dioceses said in separate statements released Wednesday. The Archdiocese of Detroit, and dioceses in Gaylord, Grand…Continue Reading

Vatican cardinal reproves US archbishop for criticizing Youth Synod’s working doc

VATICAN CITY, October 1, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A second prominent cardinal has publicly rebuked Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput for publishing last week a letter critical of the controversial working document being used at the upcoming Youth Synod in Rome. At a press conference at the Vatican…Continue Reading

Catholic lay leaders: We were wrong about Church, McCarrick on sex abuse crisis

In 2004, Anne Burke went before the City Club of Chicago to say the Catholic Church was beginning “to set things right” by appointing a lay board — which Burke chaired — to address the sex abuse crisis then embroiling…Continue Reading

Protesters demand resignation of Catholic University professor over Kavanaugh tweets

WASHINGTON (RNS) — Demonstrators at the Catholic University of America are calling for the resignation of a dean over tweets he published criticizing a woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. In addition, some demonstrators insisted…Continue Reading

Catholic Magazine Rescinds Endorsement of Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

America, a weekly Roman Catholic magazine published by members of the Jesuit religious order, on Thursday rescinded its endorsement of Brett Kavanaugh after the Senate hearing on an attempted sexual assault accusation leveled against him by Christine Blasey Ford. “Even…Continue Reading

Pedophilia Isn’t The Main Problem With Catholic Priests, Homosexuality Is

The editorial board of the New York Times declared it had identified the source of “The Catholic Church’s Unholy Stain.” It names pedophilia and asks: “How have so many pedophiles been allowed into the priesthood?” The question was purely rhetorical…Continue Reading

A Persecuted Priest Speaks Out

Here is a link to a 10-minute on-camera Church Militant interview with Father Paul Kalchik, the Chicago priest who is now in hiding after being tossed from his parish by Cardinal Blase Cupich. Kalchik lost his position after presiding over…Continue Reading

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Interview With Cardinal Burke . . . Discriminating Mercy: Defending Christ And His Church With True Love


  By DON FIER (Editor’s Note: His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Founder of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wis., graciously took time out of his busy schedule to grant The Wanderer a wide-ranging interview during a recent visit to the Shrine. Included among the topics…Continue Reading

Developing Lives Of Peace After The Heart Of Mary

By RAYMOND LEO CARDINAL BURKE (Editor’s Note: His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke delivered the address below at the 32nd Annual Church Teaches Forum, “The Message of Fatima: Peace for the World,” Galt House, Louisville, Ky., July 22, 2017. The address is reprinted here with the kind permission of Cardinal Burke. All rights reserved. This is part one of the…Continue Reading


Today . . .

Viganò issues third testimony, refutes accusations of Cardinal Ouellet

ROME, October 19, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò today has issued a third explosive testimony, in response to an open letter from Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops. Here below we publish the official English text of Archbishop Viganò’s third testimony, dated October 19, the liturgical Feast of the North American Martyrs. To bear witness to corruption in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church was a painful decision for me, and remains so. But I am…Continue Reading


WASHINGTON ( – The federal government has issued subpoenas to multiple Pennsylvania dioceses in a criminal probe into sex abuse cover-up. The subpoenas were served last week, but news of the investigation only broke Thursday. So far, seven out of eight Pennsylvania dioceses — Erie, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Allentown, Scranton, Pittsburgh and Greensburgh — have confirmed they have received subpoenas, some stating they will cooperate with the investigation. Two Easter

Youth Synod group calls Church to attend to ‘realities’ of gay ‘marriage’, surrogacy, adoption

VATICAN CITY, October 16, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A group at the Vatican’s Youth Synod has called for the Catholic Church to pay more attention to homosexuals and the “realities” they face, specifically mentioning “marriage,” surrogate pregnancy, and adoption. “[…]There is the issue of what to do and how to act with homosexuals, which cannot remain outside of our pastoral activity and other realities such as marriages between homosexuals, wombs for rent, adoption on the part…Continue Reading

Cardinal Wuerl blasts Viganò testimony as ‘not faithful to the facts’

October 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Donald Wuerl had a few choice words to say regarding Archbishop Carlo Viganò when he was interviewed by a liberal Catholic magazine yesterday. In a long and laudatory article published by America magazine today, the Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, D.C. – and its apostolic administrator until his replacement is named – denied Viganò’s allegation

Pope Francis accepts resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl from the pastoral governance of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. By Christopher Wells Cardinal Wuerl had submitted his resignation three years ago, when he turned 75, in accordance with the Code of Canon Law (can. 401 §1). In September, the Cardinal met with Pope Francis and requested that his resignation be accepted. At the time, a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. said…Continue Reading


U.S. Congressional Report… Documents “Dire Human Rights Situation” In China

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CNA) — A new congressional report slams China’s Communist Party for increasing its repressive control over many aspects of Chinese society, and for its numerous extreme and unprecedented human rights violations that may constitute crimes against humanity. The report states that it “highlights the dire human rights situation inside China and the continued…Continue Reading

Pope Francis . . . Laicizes Two Chilean Bishops For Sexual Abuse Of Minors

VATICAN CITY (CNA) — Pope Francis has officially expelled two Chilean bishops from the clerical state. Both men were accused of sexual abuse of minors. The decision was issued without the possibility to appeal, the Vatican announced on Saturday, October 13. The Vatican announced that Francisco José Cox Huneeus, 84, archbishop emeritus of La Serena,…Continue Reading

Pope Orders Investigation Of Vatican’s McCarrick Files

By J.D. FLYNN VATICAN CITY (CNA) — The Vatican announced Saturday, October 6 that it would review its files pertaining to allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, who has been accused in recent months of serially sexually abusing two teenage boys, and of sexually coercing and assaulting priests and seminarians…Continue Reading

After Holy See-China Agreement… Persecution Continues In Wenzhou, Henan, Hubei

ROME (AsiaNews) — The “provisional” agreement between China and the Holy See, signed on September 22, does not seem to have stopped persecution and violence against Catholics. The morning of October 11 in Lingkun, in the district of Yongqiang, the cross that stood on the bell tower of the Catholic church was torn down; the…Continue Reading

Bishops Of Ireland . . . Condemn Lack Of Safeguards In Irish Bill

DUBLIN (CNA/EWTN News) — The Irish bishops on October 5 lamented that the draft bill to legalize abortion in the Republic would require pro-life healthcare professionals to provide abortion referrals, calling the provision “an affront to conscience.” “The Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Bill 2018 poses a very real practical and moral dilemma for…Continue Reading


Our Catholic Faith (Section B of print edition)

Virtues Related To Fortitude

By DON FIER How often in the day-to-day trials associated with trying to live an authentically Christian life do we experience sentiments that mirror those of the psalmist when he proclaimed: “I was pushed hard, so that I was falling” (Psalm 118:13a)? Yet, we can always have confidence based on what immediately follows: “But the Lord helped me. The Lord…Continue Reading

Catholic Replies

Q. How many times can you receive Communion in one day? I have had priests tell me once and twice. Which is it? — J.S., Massachusetts. A. Twice a day. Canon 917 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law says that “a person who has received the Most Holy Eucharist may receive it again on the same day only during…Continue Reading

“St. Michael The Archangel, Pray for Us!”

By FR. SHENAN J. BOQUET (Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted with permission of Human Life International, It first appeared at on October 8. Fr. Boquet is the president of HLI.) + + + “Be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of His might. Put on the full armor of God, that you may be able…Continue Reading

Our High Priest Sacrificed Himself

By FR. ROBERT ALTIER Twenty-Ninth Sunday In Ordinary Time (YR B) Readings: Isaiah 53:10-11 Heb. 4:14-16 Mark 10:35-45 In the second reading St. Paul says we are to hold fast to our confession because we have a great High Priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God. In this statement St. Paul summarizes our reason for…Continue Reading

A Leaven In The World… Youth Synod Repeats Old Errors

By FR. KEVIN M. CUSICK We are now making things up as we go along. As if the Church had been founded yesterday. This nonsense was already tried in the sixties and found wanting. Paolo Ruffini reported on Twitter that at a press conference for the 2018 Youth Synod now underway in Rome a speaker called for “a liturgy that…Continue Reading

Catholic Heroes… St. Luke

By CAROLE BRESLIN Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John — these are the four evangelists who wrote the Gospels. There is a children’s prayer that many have learned to say before bed with a variety of versions, but who are these men? Actually, little is known about them except what is in the Bible. There are some other traditions handed down…Continue Reading

Catholic Heroes… St. Alexander Sauli

By CAROLE BRESLIN After the upheaval of the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Church was blessed with many saints including a lesser known but deeply loved man, Fr. Alexander Sauli, who labored in a little-known order, the Barnabites. Alexander was born of a wealthy and highly regarded family of Lombard on February 15, 1534. His father, Dominic, was the Marquis of…Continue Reading