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Debris From Hurricane Or Dems?. . . Foes Want To Prolong Foul Weather For Judge Kavanaugh

September 25, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on Debris From Hurricane Or Dems?. . . Foes Want To Prolong Foul Weather For Judge Kavanaugh


Two major hurricanes scattered their damage along the East Coast as mid-September passed — Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas and Hurricane Christine in Washington, D.C.
The Atlantic coast weathered many vicious swirling storms over the years despite their destructive force. Damaging sexual allegations against Republican nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court don’t have so long a history, but perhaps have a greater potential to change the nation’s course.
Excitable Democratic Party meteorologists did their part to imitate a Weather Channel TV reporter in North Carolina. He heightened the drama on September 14 by appearing to stagger against monstrous winds at that moment even though two young men in the background casually strolled past without bracing their muscles at all.
Meanwhile, Dem politicians on Capitol Hill tried to flex their biceps against federal appellate judge Brett Kavanaugh before any depredations at all by him were shown.
Social-media users quickly posted videos mocking the weather reporter and media fakery by posing as though they, too, were under ferocious assaults by, say, garden hoses and air blowers or swimming-pool water up to their waists.
Like the uncertain landfall of a hurricane’s path, the erratic arrival of sex allegations in D.C. raised speculation as to how widespread the destruction would be. Both disturbances’ disruptions might be concluded in a matter of days, but residual wreckage still had to be assessed.
Arguments were made that Democrats would benefit in November’s elections because a powerful “women’s issue” had been raised against Kavanaugh, President Trump’s choice to fill the seat of retired Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy. … Continue Reading

The Death Of A Young Woman Shows… The Arrogance And Negligence Of The Abortion Industry

September 24, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on The Death Of A Young Woman Shows… The Arrogance And Negligence Of The Abortion Industry


How many times have we heard the pro-abortion, third-wave feminists scream and cry about “safe and legal” abortions?
We hear that all the time, especially when their precious Roe v. Wade appears to be under threat, imagined or not.
What happened to a healthy 23-year-old woman in Albuquerque, N.M., last year should have never happened to her — or to anyone else.
Of course, all abortions are unsafe, especially to the unborn child who loses his or her life. In regard to the safety and health of the mothers seeking an abortion, that’s a whole different story, particularly during a late-term abortion procedure. The later in the pregnancy, the higher the risks to a woman seeking to abort her child.
Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO) in Albuquerque, N.M., is owned and operated by abortionist Curtis Boyd. He calls himself a doctor, but I won’t call him that.
In what may be one of the most blatant abuses by an abortion provider in recent history, Boyd and his staff explicitly instruct women who have just had an abortion at SWO to not call 911 or seek medical attention at an emergency room if they experience post-abortive complications.
To add injury to injury, and insult to injury, women experiencing post-abortive complications like excessive bleeding or a septic infection are instead told, in writing, to call the clinic’s 24-hour answering service.
I don’t know about any of you, but when there’s a medical emergency, the first thing I do is call 911 or head straight to the nearest emergency room. … Continue Reading

How Many Good Priests Did We Lose?

September 23, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on How Many Good Priests Did We Lose?


On pilgrimage in Nazareth, I had the opportunity to spend time with Archbishop Joseph T. Ryan in 1999, just a year before he passed. Ryan was responsible for the construction of many of the refugee camps in the Holy Land during the 1950s with the Pontifical Mission for Palestine before eventually moving on to shepherd the Military Archdiocese of Washington.
He was older, but still every bit the old Marine who stormed the beaches of Okinawa. Unfortunately, the hill that we had to walk to get to the Basilica of the Annunciation was too steep, and I and one other pilgrim stayed behind to sit in the shade and drink water.
Ryan and I chatted for some time. I don’t recall much of the conversation. What I do recall is that after the rest of the group came from the basilica, our priest came over the intercom and said that Ryan wanted to thank the two young gentlemen who stayed behind with him.
“He says he thinks he sees a vocation in those two, but definitely the bearded one.”
I had the beard.
Naturally my heart leapt to my throat. That was the reason I was on pilgrimage, after all. Yet back home when recounting this to a spiritual director, I was told very much otherwise. Too rigid, an immature faith…but always there was the hint in these conversations about sexual ethics. Where do you stand on homosexuality? Where do you stand on married clergy? Questions more political than faithful in hindsight. … Continue Reading

Chair of Peter Remains Silent . . . U.S. Bishops Issue New Guidelines

September 22, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on Chair of Peter Remains Silent . . . U.S. Bishops Issue New Guidelines


As the dark cloud of Archbishop Carlo Viganò’s testimony continues to linger over the Vatican, silence is the order of the day from the Chair of Peter. As you recall last week the U.S. bishops sent a delegation to the Vatican, lead by Cardinal DiNardo, requesting a full investigation from the Vatican into allegations contained in Archbishop Viganò testimony and the many accusations involving former Cardinal McCarrick who allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with children and adult seminarians. As of this writing it appears the U.S. bishops are on their own concerning any investigation into the matter. Pope Francis essentially sent them home with prayers and his deep concern for the matter.
The Pope evidently is operating out of the same playbook Cardinal Cupich was quoting last week when confronted with the Viganò testimony concerning the Pope, he replied “the Pope has more important things to do.”
One can only wonder, is this what Cupich was referring to as “more important” the Vatican’s release of the flawed Apostolic Constitution, Epicopalis Communio (See coverage on adjoining article) or was it the 90 minute meeting this week with rock star Bono — most likely discussing the impending doom of climate change.
Even Pope Francis’ daily homilies this week echoed his theme of silence seemingly comparing Christ’s silence with His accusers to the Pope’s silence in the Viganò matter. You recall last week his homilies blaming Satan for much of the Viganò testimony.
The take away this week appears to be the U.S. bishops will not receive a whole lot of cooperation from the Vatican concerning the Viganò testimony — for it is the hope of Vatican insiders that time and silence will eventually take the Viganò accusations out of the limelight and make this go away. This strategy is sure to fail in the long run as more and more of the laity and the clergy realize this must be addressed from the Pope himself. … Continue Reading

Hello, Bella…Conspiracy Anyone?

September 21, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on Hello, Bella…Conspiracy Anyone?


In May of 1972 a French Protestant nurse, who later became a Catholic nun, Marie Carré, published a “memoir” entitled ES-1025; Élève Séminariste. The book was later translated into English and published in the United States as AA-1025; The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle.
The story was about a nurse who treated an unknown man after a traffic accident. The man, who carried no identification, never regained consciousness and later died. In trying to find the man’s identity, the nurse, presumably Carré, found his briefcase and in it found a 100-page memoir on which the man had been working. The memoir was the story of how he had become a priest at the behest of the Soviet Communist Party to infiltrate the Church.
The number 1025 indicated that he was the 1,025th Communist anti-apostle groomed to enter the priesthood to wreak havoc in the Church.
It is supposed to be a true story that began with his studies in the 1930s. If so, it took a lot of literary license. It arguably could, however, be based on a factual event with the “memoir” simply a literary device to tell a presumably true story. What is interesting about the book is that it appears to be a traditionalist’s argument against the changes in Church practices during the postconciliar period.
For example, the “priest” in the story tries to tarnish the Church by pushing it to becoming more Protestant. He promotes remarriage after divorce, polygamy, contraception, and euthanasia, to help Protestantize the Roman Catholic Church. He also was a proponent of Communion in the hand to weaken Catholic belief in the Real Presence, predicting, “Very soon, the Host will be laid in the hand in order that all notions of the Sacred be erased.”
I heard about the book years ago, was curious about it, and purchased a copy and read it. To me the book was fantasy; Communist infiltration of the Church, red bishops, and all the rest was simply creative storytelling. … Continue Reading

Fly Them To The Moon . . . Senate Dem Hand Puppets Turn Lunatic In Kavanaugh Attacks

September 20, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on Fly Them To The Moon . . . Senate Dem Hand Puppets Turn Lunatic In Kavanaugh Attacks


The batter slides safely into first base then looks up expectantly at the scoreboard to see his “home run” added to his team’s total before he can return to the dugout to high-five with fellow players.
The homer doesn’t appear up in the lights and the batter starts complaining. The exasperated first-base umpire reminds him that he has three more spots to go around the infield before he can score a run.
The press box starts to buzz with complaints that the batter is having to battle umpire bias because of race or nationality or gender, and that he certainly scored a run by reaching the first bag safely.
Both the batter’s manager and a delegation of sportswriters stride onto the field to demand that the umpire expand his understanding and definition of the rules so that the “run” can be recorded and play can proceed.
Oops, a stray breeze blows aside the batter’s collar and we see a St. Christopher medal hanging around his neck. A Catholic’s in this game! “You’re out! You’re out!” the sportswriters scream, dragging him off the field into the locker room before they hustle back to the press box to file their reports about how they personally had to save baseball dignity from religious superstition.
It seems the rules of play change here based on pressure, prejudice, and supposition.
Do you feel you’re at a currently politicized sporting match of kneelers and standers, or maybe even a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh, nominated to the Supreme Court by President Trump? … Continue Reading

Their Madness, Not Ours

September 19, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on Their Madness, Not Ours


(Editor’s Note: Craig Montesano is a lobbyist and Catholic writer who serves as a lector at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, D.C.)

+ + +

People out to gain your consent to their bad ideas, or bad behavior, often employ a clever device. They start off by stating a premise that appeals to common sense and then, quick as a wink, use terms to manufacture an artificial consensus for their errors. It is a time-honored rhetorical and polemical tool that can be found everywhere from Shakespeare’s plays to the editorial page of USA Today.
And while we would expect politicians and activist scientists to be practiced in its use, it is disturbing to see how skilled certain ecclesial figures have recently become.
Such sophistry was on display a few weeks ago at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington, D.C. Donald Cardinal Wuerl, in an attempt to address the priestly abuse scandal at an early-morning Mass, linked the Confiteor prayer to “the shame we all feel” about the “dark cloud” hanging over the Church for which “all of us take responsibility.” It was time, he averred, for us to “turn as a Church to the bruised body of Christ” and atone for “our failures” as we reckon with a long path out of darkness.
This was no mea culpa. In fact, Wuerl’s sleight-of-hand assigning of blame to the laity for misdeeds he has been accused of resembled the passing of the buck between Pilate and the rabble in the praetorium over who would bear the responsibility for Christ’s crucifixion.
Apart from its lack of contrition, there is something far more troubling about the content of the cardinal’s homily — especially in his use of metaphors. That, in and of itself, is not novel.
As philosopher Robert Sokolowski points out, the repurposing of mundane language in theological discussions can help us to grasp new dimensions that take us beyond our worldly existence, toward a new and fuller appreciation of God.
Wuerl did not do this. His failure to honestly confront the ethical problem of ordained priests acting on disordered attractions rendered his words as quotidian as any utterance of Dickens’ pitiable Gradgrind. It also marks an abandonment of reason once nurtured by the Church. … Continue Reading

Time To Clean House

September 18, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on Time To Clean House


Catholics in the United States have decided that things have to change, but they’re not sure how to make it happen. We know that the bishops’ reaction to the abuse-and-cover-up scandals has failed miserably for 16 years. The faithful know it, and an increasing number of bishops are publicly admitting it. We can’t sweep it under the rug this time around.
But it’s going to take time. We have to brace ourselves for a long, rough ride as investigations of chanceries nationwide reveal some very unlovely truths.
It won’t be easy. Powerful factions in both the U.S. and the Vatican want to return to “business as usual,” the sooner the better. Pope Francis certainly does. An increasing number of bishops both here and abroad oppose that notion, but we have to recognize that over 60 percent of American bishops who adopted the USCCB’s “child protection” charter in 2002 were guilty of enabling abusers in some fashion.
The culture of cover-up is still deeply engrained in the hierarchy, and either the bishops are going to change it, or it’s going to be changed for them.
Many bishops are cooperating with state investigators, some even inviting them. No one knows what they will reveal, but there’s no turning back. The results, whatever they are, should help to answer the question that the 2002 bishops declined to address in Dallas: What caused the scandals? When a bishop recommended they confront that question, his motion didn’t even get a second. They didn’t want to know.
We want to know. … Continue Reading

A Leaven In The World… Careerism Enabled Cover-Ups

September 17, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on A Leaven In The World… Careerism Enabled Cover-Ups


The Lord protects some of us from falling into the careerist tendency in the priesthood, though not sometimes without a little cooperation from our own incompetence. There are others, however, who are not so lucky. Formation at the North American College in Rome, the “West Point” of seminaries, selection for further education, and then perhaps work at a congregation in Rome or the diplomatic track, and you’re in: Chances for becoming a bishop are thereby exponentially increased. But also increased is the temptation to live in constant concern for the next big opportunity: careerism.
The Theodore McCarrick scandal, which has touched even Pope Francis, with questions now about whether he knew McCarrick had selected, groomed, ordained, and corrupted generations of seminarians and priests, then allowed him to roam unleashed, is like a dirty bomb in the Church. No one wants to be associated with McCarrick.
A monsignor in my archdiocese was vocally angry in the presence of the cardinal and hundreds of priests, blaming me although not by name, for inappropriate comments made by my Twitter followers, after I stated the fact that he had served as McCarrick’s vicar for clergy. The monsignor was adamant that it also be known that he filled the same role for Cardinal Wuerl. Although his incoherence led to the possible impression among those present that I may have personally written the unfortunate ad hominem remarks, I have not yet received an apology for the possible effect on my reputation from his verbal imprecision.
I subsequently tweeted out an apology, regretting he suffered from the comments of strangers he will never meet on Twitter, which I do not approve of or encourage and therefore for which I am not responsible. … Continue Reading

A Movie Review… The True Power And Potential Of Love

September 16, 2018 Frontpage Comments Off on A Movie Review… The True Power And Potential Of Love


I have watched and reviewed many great movies and documentaries about God, faith, love, life, families, and marriage, but with much confidence I can say that Unprotected: A Pope, the Pill, and the Perils of Sexual Chaos is the best one thus far. I have not enjoyed learning so much about the value and frailty of human relationships as I did with this film.
Unprotected is an absolutely beautiful and powerful tool. Each and every human being with a desire to truly love and be loved needs to watch this film. Its collection of views and honest heartfelt thoughts, opinions, and some painful memories and experiences will open one’s eyes to the true power and potential of love, sex, and life as God created it.
Not only did it inspire me to be a better person to those around me, it educated me and forced me to look in the mirror and reassess so many things I have gotten wrong on what it means to love another person.
Aside from being very inspirational, the film isn’t just fluff. Unprotected offers us a thorough examination into the human condition, and how sin has caused us to sometimes twist and pervert God’s plan for marriage, life, and family with our own fallen, selfish, and deliberate behaviors and actions — or inactions.
Filmmaker Donald J. Johnson brought together some of today’s most respected individuals who know John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae inside and out. Johnson filmed one terrific interview after another with authors like Leila Miller, who wrote a powerful book titled Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak. … Continue Reading

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Cardinal Cupich removes pastor for burning gay flag, wants psych evaluation

September 23, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Blase Cupich has removed a priest in his archdiocese from his parish in apparent retaliation for his decision to burn a homosexualist “rainbow pride flag” previously used by the parish to promote the homosexual agenda. According…Continue Reading

Opposition grows to controversial deal between Beijing and the Vatican

(CNN)A long-expected, controversial deal between the Chinese government and Catholic leaders in the Vatican has sparked opposition, including inside the Church itself. The provisional agreement, which will see the Vatican recognize the legitimacy of bishops appointed by the Chinese government, comes…Continue Reading

Youth synod deserves in-depth Catholicism, not LGBT lobbying, critics say

Vatican City, Sep 20, 2018 / 12:01 pm (CNA).- A coalition of secular and dissenting Catholic LGBT groups aims to influence the Church’s upcoming Synod on Young People by rallying the like-minded to write to the synod to contend that…Continue Reading

NFL star stuns interviewer: We have 8 kids and hope for more

MILFORD, Connecticut, September 20, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers made an interviewer gasp with amazement when he confirmed that he has eight children – and wants more. Dan Patrick of The Dan Patrick Show chatted with NFL…Continue Reading

Vatican deals with China are leaving Catholics around the world baffled

In what was an unprecedented move, the Vatican earlier this year asked Chinese underground bishops to step down. Apparently, Rome believes the atheist Chinese regime is better qualified to select its bishops than the Roman Catholic Church. And thus, it is conceding…Continue Reading

Yet another US bishop calls for Youth Synod to be canceled so Church can ‘deal with abuse crisis’

TYLER, Texas, September 10, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A Texas bishop has called for the Youth Synod to be canceled in light of the ongoing scandal regarding the cover-up of episcopal sexual abuse of minors and seminarians. On September 8, Bishop…Continue Reading


ATLANTA ( – Celebrity Jesuit Fr. James Martin is heading to Georgia, courtesy of pro-gay Abp. Wilton Gregory of Atlanta, Georgia. On Friday, Martin announced on Twitter that Abp. Gregory has invited him to speak in October at two Atlanta-area locations.…Continue Reading

Leaked sex abuse report rocks German church, 3,677 victims

September 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Two German major media outlets – Der Spiegel and Die Zeit – leaked today the findings of a sexual abuse commission funded by the German Bishops’ Conference and which Cardinal Reinhard Marx had planned to present to the public…Continue Reading

US bishops’ president accused of allowing reported sex abuser access to kids

September 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, has been accused of allowing a priest who confessed to sex abuse of a minor to function as a pastor of a parish,…Continue Reading

Cdl. Cupich on abuse crisis: We shouldn’t be ‘distracted’ by this, Church has ‘bigger agenda’

CHICAGO, September 10, 2018, (LifeSiteNews) – When challenged about the clergy sexual abuse scandal now facing the Church, Cardinal Blase Cupich told a large gathering of seminarians that the Church’s agenda is “bigger” than the sexual corruption now facing the…Continue Reading

Catholic prelates must speak out, now, as the faithful are attacked by their own shepherds

September 4, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The following reflection is the result of a couple of days of my reading and thinking about the last five years, but then also about the last fifty years. Trying to get an interview with…Continue Reading

Oklahoma archbishop: I’ve ‘deepest respect’ for Viganó. His claims demand ‘deeper examination’

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma, August 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley has issued a statement saying he has the “deepest respect” for Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó and his “integrity.” Some on the left have attempted to cast doubt…Continue Reading

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Interview With Cardinal Burke . . . Discriminating Mercy: Defending Christ And His Church With True Love


  By DON FIER (Editor’s Note: His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Founder of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wis., graciously took time out of his busy schedule to grant The Wanderer a wide-ranging interview during a recent visit to the Shrine. Included among the topics…Continue Reading

Developing Lives Of Peace After The Heart Of Mary

By RAYMOND LEO CARDINAL BURKE (Editor’s Note: His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke delivered the address below at the 32nd Annual Church Teaches Forum, “The Message of Fatima: Peace for the World,” Galt House, Louisville, Ky., July 22, 2017. The address is reprinted here with the kind permission of Cardinal Burke. All rights reserved. This is part one of the…Continue Reading


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Archbishop Chaput shares theological critique of youth synod prep document

Philadelphia, Pa., Sep 23, 2018 / 03:01 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Archbishop Charles Chaput offered Friday on First Things a critique by a theologian of the working document for the upcoming Synod on Youth, which highlights five principal theological difficulties in the document. The synod will be held Oct. 3-28 at the Vatican. Archbishop Chaput is one of five representatives who were chosen by the US bishops’ conference to attend the meeting. In addition, Pope Francis…Continue Reading

Newly published excerpts from Benedict’s private letters reveal his concern over Church crisis

ROME, September 20, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — A German newspaper today has published excerpts of two private letters Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI wrote less than one year ago, that give insight into how he views his resignation, and his deep concern for the state of the Church following his departure from the papacy. Bild newspaper has reported that the two letters bearing Benedict’s signature — and which independent sources have authenticated — w

US bishops’ silence on meeting with Pope could put their credibility on sex abuse at risk

ROME, September 18, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Have the jocular images and low-key statements of US Bishops following their meeting with Pope Francis last week set back their attempts to address the grave situation in the Church, especially the handling of sexual abuse cases by bishops? The details that have been revealed of the bishops’ meeting with Francis last Thursday give no indication that they addressed the extent of the McCarrick coverup or the need for…Continue Reading

Cardinal Maradiaga rebukes papal critics: McCarrick abuse scandal ‘of a private order’

September 14, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The scandal of ex-Cardinal McCarrick’s homosexual abuse of young priests and seminarians and Pope Francis’ alleged cover-up are “of a private order,” and a merely “administrative affair,” according to one of the Pope’s top advisers, Cardinal Andrés Rodriguez Maradiaga. He made these remarks in a recent interview in one of the most revealing statements to date on the Viganò testimony. In an interview published on Wednesday evening by Religion Digital, the religious portal…Continue Reading

Dutch Catholic church accused of widespread sexual abuse cover-up

More than half of the Netherlands’ senior clerics were involved in covering up sexual assault of children between 1945 and 2010, a press report claimed on Saturday, further engulfing the Catholic church in a global abuse scandal. Over the course of 65 years, 20 of 39 Dutch cardinals, bishops and their auxiliaries “covered up sexual abuse, allowing the perpetrators to cause many more victims”, the daily NRC reported. “Four abused children and 16 oth


Truth And Candor

By DONALD DeMARCO Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, in his book, Strangers in a Strange Land: Living the Catholic Faith in a Post-Christian World, makes two most important points when he reminds all those who love life that “candor is not the enemy of love” and that “real hope begins in honesty.” Candor may disturb one’s…Continue Reading

Staying Aboard The Barque In A Raging Sea

By LAWRENCE P. GRAYSON “Suddenly a violent storm came up on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by waves; but He was asleep. They came and woke Him, saying, ‘Lord, save us! We are perishing!’ He said to them, ‘Why are you terrified, O you of little faith?’” (Matt. 8:24-26). The Barque…Continue Reading

And What’s Next?… Why The Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Turned Into A Circus

By REY FLORES By the time you are reading this, it’s possible that the Senate Judiciary Committee will have already voted for Brett Kavanaugh and sent him on his way to full Senate approval, making him the newest member of the Supreme Court of the United States. However, given the way the first day of…Continue Reading

Like Its Film Students… JP Catholic University Steps Out Into The Wild On Its Mission

By DEXTER DUGGAN ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Discussing a few definitely different films as The Wanderer visited with him, Derry Connolly turned to the monitor at his desk and called them up instantly, from the 1993 Western Tombstone, directed by George Cosmatos, to Scout: A Star Wars Story, released by students at his own school last…Continue Reading

Chaplain Tells Medical Workers…. Discovering God’s Will Leads To Love And Joy

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — Although those seeking a direction in life may turn to searching for God’s will, a Phoenix chaplain reminded listeners that another ruler from beyond the Earth also has a plan for their lives, Satan. Fr. Ignatius Mazanowski, FHS, chaplain of the Phoenix Guild of the Catholic Medical Association, explored a…Continue Reading


Our Catholic Faith (Section B of print edition)

Being Transformed Into Jesus

By FR. ROBERT ALTIER Twenty-Sixth Sunday In Ordinary Time (YR B) Readings: Numb. 11:25-29 James 5:1-6 Mark 9:38-43, 45, 47-48 During His time on Earth our Lord was not very popular among the powers that be. While that has not changed, He is becoming less popular among the common people in our day. Unfortunately, some of this includes those who…Continue Reading

Leaven In This World “As for Me and My Household, We Will Serve the Lord”

By FR. KEVIN M. CUSICK “But if it seem evil to you to serve the Lord, you have your choice: choose this day that which pleaseth you, whom you would rather serve, whether the gods which your fathers served in Mesopotamia, or the gods of the Amorrhites, in whose land you dwell: but as for me and my house we…Continue Reading

The Sacrament Of Confession… More Testimony From The Early Christians

By RAYMOND DE SOUZA, KM Part 5 A few more quotations from the Early Fathers of the Church will conclude our list of testimonies. If our Wanderer readers feel I have quoted too many of them, I am glad, because it proves ad nauseam that the Early Christians believed and practiced the Sacrament of Confession since the very beginning of…Continue Reading

The Integral Parts Of Prudence

By DON FIER Prudence, the first of the four cardinal virtues scrutinized by the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), is defined in its Glossary as “the virtue which disposes a person to discern the good and choose the correct means to accomplish it.” It is designated as the charioteer of all the virtues in that “it guides [them] by…Continue Reading

Catholic Replies

Q. It’s been several years since a Vatican commission was appointed to investigate the legitimacy of the alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje. What is the status of that investigation? — M.K., South Carolina. A. In 2014, the commission concluded a four-year study of the Medjugorje phenomenon and sent a report to the Congregation for the Doctrine of…Continue Reading

Catholic Heroes… Servant of God Rozalia Celak

By CAROLE BRESLIN The closer one comes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the hotter the flame, as many saints have attested. St. Catherine of Siena bore the marks in her heart where the arrow of Christ’s love pierced it. With the flame of the burning love, the Sacred Heart touches those whom He loves in a special way. To…Continue Reading

Catholic Heroes… Our Lady Of Mount Carmel

By CAROLE BRESLIN In northern Israel between the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea, a mountain range stretches inland. This range, although named Mount Carmel, is really a series of mountains stretching inland. The main site of the Mount, the Stella Maris monastery of the Discalced Carmelites, sits on a limestone bluff overlooking the city of Haifa. The view…Continue Reading