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First Christmas… Was Hardly Only Time When Rulers Persecuted Their People

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The first Christmas wasn’t surrounded by a welcoming world but hostility and oppression that bore down not only on the manger but most people beyond it, who endured as they could.
The society was under Roman rule that, personified in King Herod, feared the birth of a helpless baby, much like today with Planned Parenthood on the throne.
Cruel kings maintaining their rule worry about rivals. When the wise men departed after worshipping Jesus, they took a different route toward home lest Herod learn of the Child’s location and have Him slain.
How long will people in each era endure the oppression of burdensome rulers and their servile courtiers who proclaim only what the rulers want announced?
Recently in France, forceful “yellow vest” protesters emerged from the lower and middle classes who had reached the breaking point over more government-mandated expenses being piled on their daily lives.
Behold, here came a “carbon tax” devised by the elitist class of President Emmanuel Macron in order to fight the phantom of supposedly disastrous “climate change.”
Weather prediction in the short term had been transformed into a chancy secular religion that demanded long-term belief first in a new Ice Age, then global warming, then climate change, then whatever establishmentarian wordsmiths next decide to call it to keep the shell game going.
The yellow vests were beyond endurance over fashionable fallibility that imposed real costs on their existence, and they forced Macron to back off at least temporarily from demanding that put-upon people live according to guesswork hokum.
In the U.S., dominant media grappled with how to report this threat to their beloved although unpopular manikin Macron and his globalist agenda. Macron polled far below their pincushion Donald Trump, who had warned Macron against weather superstitions and was being proved correct once again.
Try to talk to a U.S. Democrat for ten minutes about football or grocery shopping and see how soon “climate change” pops up in their scripted conversations. But never the suffering of aborted babies, of course. Facts are simply taboo.
In France, yellow-vest demonstrations included bursts of violence and thievery, which ill-served their clear purpose of saying “game’s over” to the insensate royalty of the political and media classes.
Massive peaceful protest can be a powerful witness, and French cities’ streets filled with tens of thousands of sit-ins would have been more effective at grinding Macron’s mania to a halt. Regardless, the yellow vests threw the “suffering is good for you other people” plotters back on their heels.
Then there was the Brexit referendum, triumphing among voters in 2016 who wanted to pry the United Kingdom from the expensive socialist regulatory embrace of the European Union. But the powers-that-be had fiercely opposed Brexit. Who can forget the election-night photo of the young elitists with their champagne glasses in front of them who suddenly had nothing to celebrate?
Maybe they’re celebrating after all these days. Trying to deliver on Brexit has proved dismayingly difficult, the sort of thing that seems to happen when the people’s preferences don’t accord with their rulers’.
Soon the massive March for Life in January in Washington, D.C., and many similar, smaller demonstrations around the U.S. will occur once again. Hundreds of thousands of smiling, thoughtful, dedicated, sacrificing people and families will turn out, listen to some impressive speakers, walk a bit, maybe get into some news coverage, and then quietly go back home.
And the elite will smirk and laugh at their departing backs. Passive pushovers! If these demonstrators truly believed that thousands of innocent babies are being slaughtered every day thanks to made-up, phony U.S. law, they don’t seem all that outraged.
They’ve waited patiently for nearly a half-century to end this holocaust, and apparently they’ll submissively keep waiting. It’s as if they saw babies every day being dropped from a bridge onto a freeway to be crushed by the traffic, and they held a rally now and then to say this is wrong, wrong, wrong.
While the pro-lifers are massed there in D.C., couldn’t they trouble themselves to stay a few days more for sit-ins around congressional office buildings? Civil disobedience worked for others before. Act as if they really mean business to the aloof manipulators and their media fakers.
Discovering World War II’s National Socialist atrocities against innocent imprisoned people, often implemented by Nazi “doctors of death,” Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower said everyone should be made aware of them, so there would be no room for doubt or denial.
For today’s pro-lifers, how about sitting-in around some media headquarters, with graphic posters?
Appalling posters aren’t necessarily advisable in public, but media pro-abortionists lie their heads off day and night about the carnage they embrace, so remind them of the reality of the wickedness they adore. Isn’t their model for prioritizing news coverage, “If it bleeds, it leads”?
But if saving babies’ lives simply won’t fit into the agenda for the elite, they nevertheless impose earthquakes of disruption on society as quickly as you can say, “Run for your lives!”
Supreme Court leftists are ready to plunge ahead with precedent-breaking mandates as soon as those justices think media will give them enough cover to get away with defiance, no matter how shocking or disgraceful.
Forcing massive permissive abortion onto every state in the nation in 1973 as a constitutional command, even though not a single state had an abortion law as sweeping as the one invented by the High Court, merely brought cheers from dominant media.
Imposing the death of the traditional definition of marriage that went back thousands of years was another earthshaking legal hoax that was proclaimed to be a federal constitutional requirement as of 2015.
When contrived Obamacare, based on lies, deceit and legerdemain, came before the court, supposedly conservative Chief Justice John Roberts turned wording on its head in 2012 in order to save this assault against Americans’ health care.
Health commentator Avik Roy wrote at Forbes that Roberts “invented out of whole cloth a new definition of taxation that contravenes longstanding precedent.”
Conservative jurisprudence is expected to proceed most slowly if at all, but leftist fantasies are rammed into the nation’s basic legal structures overnight.
Speaking of a shell game where conservatives hardly seem to win, how about the decades-long effort to reform the High Court? Conservatives are told they need to elect certain candidates in order for the right kind of legal scholars to be nominated, ones who’ll follow the law instead of inventing it — and voters finally succeed in this goal through massive national electoral efforts.
They had been told John Roberts was their dream boy, but then he jumped in to save Obamacare. Yet Roberts couldn’t prevent “gay marriage” from being imposed. And permissive abortion seems as entrenched in the law as ever, despite a continuing Catholic majority on the court that could reject Roe’s deceptions.
Then, alas, there was Brett Kavanaugh. Conservatives fought their hearts out on behalf of his nomination just a few months ago, against gales of opposition, but as Christmas drew close, Kavanaugh and Roberts saw to it that Planned Parenthood could skate free to do more damage once again. Why bother to fight successfully against PP when it gets to be the winner anyway?
Neither of these justices would join Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch to hear a disagreement between different circuit courts of appeal about whether states may exclude Planned Parenthood from Medicaid funding as a qualified medical provider. Four justices would have to agree to take up the case.
Some states had excluded PP after videos from the Center for Medical Progress exposed the baby-butcher cabal profiting from selling dissected parts from the corpses of infants they had just killed. PP thinks it never should be at a disadvantage in scooping up government money, no matter its outrages.
Commentator Quin Hillyer posted at the Washington Examiner on December 10: “When different federal appeals courts reach diametrically opposed conclusions on important matters of federal law, the Supreme Court almost always grants certiorari to consider the case, thus resolving the dispute and the confusion. If four of the nine justices vote to grant cert, the High Court will indeed hear the case.”
However, Hillyer noted, Thomas castigated the majority of his colleagues for failing to do their duty. Even though abortion wasn’t the legal issue here, PP’s reputation of wantonly slaying babies seems to give it special legal privileges.
Whatever some other justices’ lack of fidelity to conservative principles may be, Thomas, an appointee of recently deceased President George H.W. Bush, continues to defend them firmly.
Hillyer wrote that Roberts’ reputation for punting on tough issues, and Kavanaugh’s indications he may be of the same mind, “bodes ill for federalist principles, for consistent jurisprudence, and for the clarity necessary for public understanding of and respect for our Constitution and attendant laws.”

True Health Care

Catholic News Agency reported that former PP clinic director Abby Johnson, now a pro-lifer, reacted by saying, “States should have every right to divert funding away from the nation’s largest abortion provider and towards health centers that provide true health care to patients, not one that promotes abortion above all else.”
If conservatives have cause for hope, it may be because they’re more able to cope with reality than leftists in their fantasy worlds.
The Washington Free Beacon posted on December 6 that Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, a rabid pro-abortionist, complained that some powerful forces were influencing voters against the Dems. He named Fox News, the National Rifle Association, Sinclair Broadcast Group, and “the pulpit on Sunday.”
Perez would do well to ask himself why the Dems have backed themselves into such a corner that various churches feel compelled to oppose them. Aside from this, though, what big voices do Democrats have on their side?
Oh, The New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, wire services including the AP, Reuters, and AFP, Time and gangs of other outlets that seem far better positioned to saturate people’s thinking.
Let Perez keep thinking that Dems are in trouble because they don’t control every single news source in the world. He’ll never grasp reality, and thus keep stumbling in the dark.

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