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A Film Review . . . An Amazing Journey Through Mary’s Life

November 9, 2013 Featured Today Comments Off on A Film Review . . . An Amazing Journey Through Mary’s Life

By REY FLORES The story of Our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, Queen of the Universe is always welcome among Catholics. We all have a love affair with Our Heavenly Mother and if some don’t, well, perhaps there’s something wrong with them. In Ignatius Press’ new film Mary of Nazareth, we are once again transported back to the Holy Land, back when the Word became Flesh. The movie opens with a suspenseful scene where children are being stolen from their families to be sold into slavery; meanwhile, Mary’s parents, St. Anne and St. Joachim, successfully shield their child from capture. Mary’s escape sets the tone for the amazing journey she and we are about to enter in…Continue Reading

The Tea Party’s Coming Vindication

November 8, 2013 Featured Today Comments Off on The Tea Party’s Coming Vindication

By JEFFREY T. KUHNER The debt deal simply hastens the day of reckoning. The conventional wisdom is wrong. The mainstream media — and their parrots in the Republican establishment — are claiming that President Obama decisively won the government shutdown battle. In fact, the narrative being peddled is that the GOP brand has been badly damaged, paving the way for a possible Democratic Party takeover of the House of Representatives in the 2014 elections. This is puerile nonsense. Tea Party Republicans, led by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, may have lost the battle, but they are poised for a major victory in the larger Obamacare war. Liberal pundits and Republican moderates, such as Sen. John McCain of Arizona, are blaming one…Continue Reading

Contracepting Reality

November 7, 2013 Featured Today Comments Off on Contracepting Reality

By DONALD DeMARCO The site is a Chicago abortion clinic. A young woman approaches the door of the clinic pulling a cart of boxes containing contraceptives. Aware of the presence of pro-life people, she raises her voice and exclaims, “I’m here to help women by providing them with birth control, women need this, couples need this, it will help reduce the number of abortions. I’m here to help!” The situation does not permit dialogue. The woman is not open to the possibility that she might be more of a hindrance than a help. Her faith is in contraception, not conversation. Yet she, herself, despite her personal convictions, is in need of help. Helping the helpers can be a formidable task…Continue Reading

“The Russians Are Coming”

November 6, 2013 Featured Today Comments Off on “The Russians Are Coming”

By ROBERT MOYNIHAN (Editor’s Note: Robert Moynihan is founder and editor-in-chief of Inside the Vatican magazine. This story first appeared in The Moynihan Report []. It is reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.) +    +    + ROME — Will Russia’s President Putin soon meet Pope Francis? When it was the heart of the Soviet Union, Russia embraced a Communist ideology that denied the existence of God and the eternity of the human soul, calling such beliefs socially harmful mystifications. Today, in 2013, Russia is quite dramatically preaching traditional Christian faith and values — to the consternation of many secular thinkers in the once-Christian West. This can be seen clearly in many recent declarations by Russian religious and political leaders. These…Continue Reading

Sometimes Disappointed . . . Conservatives Keep Looking For Political Heroes

November 5, 2013 Featured Today Comments Off on Sometimes Disappointed . . . Conservatives Keep Looking For Political Heroes

By DEXTER DUGGAN Prominent Washington, D.C., national political observer Charles Krauthammer, MD, left medicine to become a columnist because he placed more importance on delivering commentary, he told national talk host Dennis Prager. Krauthammer added on the October 29 radio program that if he were to advise a person with a “good heart” about whether to choose being a commentator or senator, he’d say a senator because that job has a more direct effect. Hoping to have such a direct effect has been the motivation, too, for various pro-lifers and kindred Catholics and evangelicals entering the political world in recent decades, even if they’d previously avoided that field of endeavor. Seeing liberal media, judges, and bureaucrats assertively imposing their personal…Continue Reading

’Tis The Season . . . Rick Santorum Rings Out Word Of Christmas Movie

October 29, 2013 Featured Today Comments Off on ’Tis The Season . . . Rick Santorum Rings Out Word Of Christmas Movie

By DEXTER DUGGAN After Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum shook a security guard’s hand before last year’s internationally televised GOP debate in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa, Ariz., the apparently impressed guard said twice, “I just shook the hand of the next president.” It was Ash Wednesday, February 22, 2012, at the Mesa Arts Center auditorium, one in a series of Republican candidate face-offs. Although Santorum eventually came in second to Mitt Romney, who won the GOP nomination, that security guard might still be proven correct. The man who went on to retain the presidency in last November’s election, Barack Obama, wasn’t the next president, he was the re-elected incumbent. Whoever the next president will be awaits the results of…Continue Reading

Obama Can’t “Shutdown” Faith

October 15, 2013 Featured Today Comments Off on Obama Can’t “Shutdown” Faith

By REY FLORES “For though I should walk in the midst of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they have comforted me” (Psalm 23:4). +    +    + As a nation, we are undoubtedly walking in the midst of the shadow of death right now. Let us be thankful and grateful that we walk not alone, but with the Good Shepherd. He is with us, but we must also be with Him. I sought that Scripture this morning as I sat down to write my weekly column, because while perusing the Internet for the latest news and propaganda, I ran into a few items that simply make me…Continue Reading

“The Environmentalist Roots Of The Population Control Movement”

October 14, 2013 Featured Today Comments Off on “The Environmentalist Roots Of The Population Control Movement”

By BRIAN CLOWES Concern for our environment is the most altruistic of the several primary motivations which drive the activities of the population control movement. Unfortunately, the leaders of many population control groups think that the best way to preserve our natural surroundings is to decrease the number of people in the world by whatever means are available. We have witnessed forced abortion and sterilization programs in China, Vietnam, Peru, and many other countries, partly in support of programs to preserve the environment. There have been vast numbers of women sterilized or fitted with IUDs without their knowledge or consent for the same reason. Animal rights activists and environmentalists have caused tens of millions of dollars of damage with arson…Continue Reading

Notre Dame And The Hookup Culture

October 14, 2013 Featured Today Comments Off on Notre Dame And The Hookup Culture

By JAMES K. FITZPATRICK There has been an ongoing disagreement among Catholic parents with traditional values over whether it makes sense any longer to choose a Catholic college for their children. Those who say no point to the predominance of secular leftists in the theology and philosophy departments at modern Catholic colleges, arguing, as did Archbishop Sheen decades ago, that it is better to have our children’s faith ignored at secular and state colleges, than attacked openly and systematically by professors hostile to the Church and the Magisterium. Those who disagree take the position that the best-known Catholic colleges remain “culturally Catholic,” in spite of their left-wing faculties; that they are likely to have a nucleus of professors loyal to…Continue Reading

Government Looking For Witches Will Find Them

October 14, 2013 Featured Today Comments Off on Government Looking For Witches Will Find Them

By ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO While the nation’s political class has been fixated on a potential government shutdown in Washington this past week, the NSA has continued to spy on all Americans and by its ambiguity and shrewd silence seems to be acknowledging slowly that the scope of its spying is truly breathtaking. The Obama administration is of the view that the NSA can spy on anyone anywhere. The president believes that federal statutes enable the secret FISA court to authorize the NSA to capture any information it desires about any persons without identifying the persons and without a showing of probable cause of criminal behavior on the part of the persons to be spied upon. This is the same mindset…Continue Reading