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Can You Learn Mandarin In Yuma?. . . Biden Busy Crippling Your Nation To Globalist Invasion

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PHOENIX — With many school graduations occurring as summer looms, old grads may be tempted to pull out their yearbooks to recall how they navigated the campus. Some things have changed, some just never will.
Same deal about being unchanging regarding the border. Although the volumes of illegal immigrants are unprecedented, as are the open-arms hearty welcomes to them officially extended by a conveyor-belt government system, we’ve seen for many years the open-borders proponents’ defiance of law and morality building up that led to today’s chaos.
Including those U.S. Catholic bishops who mislead consciences and choose to give false open-borders teaching. Earlier in this century, one of them was photographed blessing a group of people in Altar, Sonora, who were about to cross illegally. At that time, he was the bishop of the Diocese of Tucson, now retired.
A bearded young man recently posted a video of newly arrived illegal immigrants being loaded onto buses by U.S. border agents so they can be spread around the nation. He explains that the buses were moved to this location so they’d be farther away from where news cameras were.
As he speaks, two Customs and Border Protection vehicles pull up to partly shield the buses from his camera’s view. U.S. workers hiding what they were doing on city streets from American citizens.
In this age of social media, it’s easier for citizen reporters with phones to demonstrate people’s own government betraying them for submission to a globalist agenda. But do enough people care to inform themselves?
CPB agents know Americans wouldn’t like to see the government trying to submerge their lives by importing countless illegal aliens to impose an unbearable burden for a taxpayer-funded existence.
A few years ago, I asked a retired military officer why he thought government employees willingly would cooperate in activity that they know is destroying their own country. He replied that they don’t want to risk losing their pension.
But what if their country had been killed by then and no pensions are forthcoming?
Sometimes it appears that open-borders Joe Biden is smirking at his White House appearances. Is he laughing inwardly at how much he gets away with, no matter how illegal, with no rebuke from any and all legitimate authorities, from the Secret Service to Catholic bishops? Got them all under his shaky thumb?
A person might think that someone with one foot already in the grave like him would be more reluctant to jump into daily serious sin, but Biden doesn’t seem worried at all about his Judgment Day. Does he fancy that some prelate will give him a free passport to Heaven?
Meanwhile, over by the Rio Grande in Texas, Fox News’ Bill Melugin has done a remarkable job at documenting the illegals’ invasion as it hits the ground there. Does it occur to viewers to wonder if Melugin ever has a life of his own, or just spends his existence by rural riverbanks and gnarled bushes, awaiting the time to go on camera?
An article posted May 15 at the New York Post told of a writer being recently in Mexico, driving alongside a steel-mesh section of the border fence and seeing large square holes cut in it that illegal aliens pass through.
Sounded pretty much like what I saw during one of my border swings when I went through southeastern Arizona’s Naco. The border runs straight through this small town, with Naco, Sonora, on the other side of the wall.
All along this wall were square-shaped spots where holes had been cut and then patched. This was in the heart of town, not some remote location.
Nearby was a Customs and Border Protection office, with government vehicles parked behind a fence.
The air was pleasant that summer afternoon. Contrary to people at a distance thinking that Arizona is all low desert, Naco, though in arid land, is at an elevation of more than 4,500 feet.
I remember when there were said to be about 1,000 covert “drop houses” scattered through the Phoenix area, filled with newly arrived illegal crossers awaiting further transportation.
Maybe this concealment is less needed today when Biden’s federal government itself openly rushes border-jumpers through bus stations and airports. Still, a Phoenix police officer I chatted with in mid-May told me the drop houses are increasing around here again.
Be careful when you’re at the wheel near the international line because of vehicles whizzing along with unauthorized people and drugs, maybe fleeing law enforcement at more than 110 mph. I was told stories about this when I visited southeastern Arizona, where U.S. citizens have to live in fear for their safety because their lives count less than lawbreakers’.
Cartels charge a hefty sum to people who’d rather pay off the criminals than use the money to improve life back home. This leaves the cartels swimming in funding and empowered to dictate how life runs on both sides of the border.
Public services of U.S. border towns were pressured, compromised, maybe destroyed by the unauthorized waves. Hospitals’ newborn units closed because of the unreimbursed expense caused by the numbers of alien women arriving to deliver their “anchor babies” as the first step to bringing in the entire family.
Emergency rooms under similar financial pressure because of unauthorized aliens stumbling their way through deserts and mountains. Local services don’t have the wherewithal, but why should that matter to lawbreakers whose only priority is asserting themselves, here and now. Too much effort to try to improve things back home.
They know that America’s own pioneers didn’t arrive with a guaranteed public-welfare system to serve them. But why should that matter today?
A February 23 article in The Washington Times said the president and CEO of Yuma, Ariz., Regional Medical Center, Dr. Robert Trenschel, told a field hearing of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee that the center “spent $26 million last year on uncompensated care for the wave of illegal immigrants who threaten to swamp the facility” and also delay providing care to Yuma’s own residents.
Trenschel “said migrants are particularly stressful patients, needing everything from dialysis to heart surgery to prenatal care — often the first such care pregnant women have ever received,” the article said.
The Times article also indicated that the illegal waves come from around the world, not merely Latino nations.
It cited Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines mentioning demands on the education system, “where an English as a Second Language teacher said they were increasingly finding children in their classrooms who didn’t speak English or Spanish, and the community is now struggling to provide resources for children who speak Eastern European or Central Asian languages.”
The Wanderer checked in again with a Tucson woman we quoted in last week’s hardcopy issue about life deteriorating there, with crime increasing, U.S. workers being replaced with new arrivals, and people having to shop at thrift stores because of stagnant salaries and inflation.
The woman asked not to be identified because of her security concerns. Mexico is about an hour’s drive south of Tucson, the county seat of Pima County.
On May 16 she said that despite many claims being made that new arrivals are seeking asylum, “We know that many of the alleged asylum claims are false, and also illegal.”
As to the situation around her: “Southern Arizona shelters are over-full. Pima County is turning over a huge warehouse-type building and a few million to service the asylum-seekers. There was an IED confiscated at the Douglas, Ariz., port of entry.
“The Biden administration imposed the apply-in-the-first-country-you-enter rule. But it will take time to see if it can be made to work,” she said. “So, minute by minute, the most heartless of governmental leadership and the migrants and their enablers themselves are destroying families, cultures, and institutions. And most sadly is the fact that the Catholic Church, full of enablers, is helping” this destructive process.
“There are so many other ways to prevent such mass movements of people,” she said, adding that in 1996 Pope John Paul II “spoke about illegal immigrants: ‘Illegal immigration should be prevented, but it is also essential to combat vigorously the criminal activities which exploit illegal immigrants’.”
She continued to quote that Pope, now a canonized saint: “The most appropriate choice, which will yield consistent and long-lasting results, is that of international cooperation which aims to foster political stability and to eliminate underdevelopment.”
It should be needless to say, but the fact apparently hasn’t penetrated many politicians’ brains — or they just don’t care as long as they can keep their own goodies — that millions of new poor people simply can’t be flooded into a country, even a large one like the U.S., when there’s no place for them to stay or receive services like medical care. See above: Yuma medical center.
(As for money to spend on them, why, Biden will just print trillions more in worthless paper, even though that cheapens the assets people already have.)
Karol Markowicz is a USSR-born American columnist for the New York Post who recently noted that Empire State’s sanctuary city’s serious problems with providing sanctuary for the comparatively small number of illegal immigrants being sent its way.
New York’s liberal Democratic mayor, Eric Adams, proposed to send some of them to the suburbs, which replied absolutely not. Then he said he’d put them into school gymnasiums, which raised the demonstrable ire of the parents of students who recently were long denied use of school facilities because of COVID.
And now students were to be shut out of these recreational and enrichment facilities in order to accommodate the travel wishes of border-jumpers who chose the lap of Uncle Sam to receive care.
Markowicz posted at the Post on May 17: “If New York, a proud sanctuary city with a giant population and tons of resources, can’t handle the influx, what have our border towns been subjected to for the past few years? Continuing the pandemic-era policies of putting New York children dead last, Adams started sticking these migrants into gyms at schools around the city. How long can this last?”
Remember the liberal millionaires of Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., hitting the ceiling when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent a small delegation of the ostensibly beloved illegal arrivals to their doorsteps last September? The millionaires couldn’t get them rushed away quickly enough.
Well, Fox News Digital wondered if these Massachusetts millionaires had become any softer-hearted for providing hospitality upon seeing liberal megalopolises like New York and Chicago pleading to unload some of their new arrivals. Nope.
Fox News posted on May 16: “Martha’s Vineyard, in Edgartown, Mass., would not volunteer to shelter illegal migrants in the aftermath of Title 42’s expiration, as other East Coast cities like New York have resorted to using elementary schools to shelter migrants after facing severe overcrowding.
“Fox News Digital asked several city officials if they would consider housing illegal immigrants to aid Democrat-run cities such as Chicago or New York, which are struggling to shelter tens of thousands of migrants, but none of them responded,” the Fox story said.

Stoking The Fires Of Racism

Biden, with his own history of racist “jungle” thinking, views minorities as pawns on his chessboard, or maybe as his playthings, and figures they can’t catch on.
It’s plain that he’s downgrading blacks as well as other Americans, pressuring their communities while he makes the border-crossers the new politically blessed class.
Meanwhile, Biden stoked the fires of racism again when he spoke to the Howard University graduating class on May 13, telling the black students that “white supremacy” is “the single most dangerous terrorist threat in our homeland.”
Can he really believe he can make these university graduates shiver in fear of their white neighbors while he’s busy undercutting them all with his globalist agenda? If he expects to find Ku Klux Klan hoods, he need look no further than his own political party’s closet of horrors.
Biden’s Democratic Party fought a Civil War to protect slavery. When it lost, it imposed racial segregation around the defeated states.
It renounces that record now, but that’s the Democratic record, not someone else’s, so Dems had best beware of slinking back to old watering holes out of habit, no matter how tempting watering holes may look in borderless deserts.

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