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Deranged Dems Unaware . . . Their Mania Against Trump Is What Put Pelosi Crew Under Scorn

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It’s going into the history books that President Trump was impeached twice in just over a year by rabidly partisan House Democrats, both times on hoaxed-up accusations, the second one slapped together and voted on in less than a week, on January 13, an intentionally nasty send-off for his presidency.
Never before has a U.S. president been the object of such boiling sectarian hatred as to be impeached twice in short order, the target of an arrogantly elitist opposition party that wants to erase him from public life as would be done in a banana republic or Communist totalitarianism.
Why did they hate Trump so much? His popularity with the public, although certainly not with the nation’s immoral oligarchies.
If it turns out that Trump can’t begin a second consecutive presidential term on January 20, he would be free to start conducting rallies and activities around the nation to build up the “America First” program that also benefits the rest of the world, as well as perhaps starting a new communications arm.
Democrats would have freed him from presidential responsibilities and thus enabled his attacks on the corrupt establishment with perhaps even more force, while also preparing the way for another presidential run in 2024.
There was talk that Democrats even wanted to bar him legally from another White House race, just another incredible illustration of their fixation that only serves to cast him as a martyr deserving public sympathy.
Having been elected directly to the presidency for his first political office in 2016, Trump went on to notch numerous successes, along with failures. That’s called making history.
People may know of historical events 100, 200, or 1,000 years ago without being aware of the details — although with increasingly dumbed-down, politicized higher education, they may not even know much of that. Recall random interviews on the street where they may not even know, for example, what century the U.S. Civil War was in.
As for their being able instantly to, say, quote any speeches in Congress in the early 1860s about Secession, you can probably forget the possibility.
Still, most of them probably know the U.S. president during the War Between the States was Abraham Lincoln, but they’d have a harder time coming up with the name of Jefferson Davis as the Confederate president. That’s the way it is with winners often being better known than losers.
That’s why Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi probably will be less recalled 150 years from now than Donald Trump, who may be seen as a beleaguered leader fighting to save a nation under siege by blossoming domestic totalitarians.
To the extent she’s recalled at all, the late Pelosi may be remembered as a notoriously bad Catholic confusing people’s consciences, the same as some other prominent national Democrats including presidential pretender Joe Biden.
It was Trump, a non-Catholic, who declared his devotion to defending religious liberty and freedom of conscience, while the faux Catholic Pelosis and Bidens waged war against these rights, with Biden vowing that his administration would initiate persecution — and chose the extremist appointees to do it.
Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court had declined to expedite vital valid cases about voting irregularities that cost Trump presidential re-election, even though six of its nine justices are considered conservatively religious — five of them Catholic and three of them personally nominated by Trump. And all of them directly aware that to give the unearned victory to Biden would be to turn loose persecution on traditional believers.
As the saying goes, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”
As the new session of Congress begins under hostile Democrat control in 2021, faithful Catholics and other traditional religious people had good reason to worry about their near future — although God ultimately wins, and His unrepentant enemies will receive what they merit.
Conservative journalist Ben Weingarten posted in part at the Federalist website on January 13: “Needless to say, total leftist political control will erode liberty and justice, and be used to target dissenters in cruel and unusual ways.”
Conservative blogger Fr. John T. Zuhlsdorf (, already a fan of ham radio, posted on January 10 to suggest this old method of airwaves communication may become more useful, due to the current attacks by media and tech biggies on traditionalists.
Zuhlsdorf wrote: “Given what we are seeing with deplatforming and social media, big tech reign of terror, HAM RADIO may become increasingly important.”
In boldface type he added: “Is it time for you to get that license and put some equipment together? It is IMPORTANT that you start to network with others in your area, including a priest or two. We don’t know what is going to go down in the next few months.”
Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, tweeted on the January 13 impeachment day: “Democrats, you’ve made fools of yourselves. You don’t want to govern; and you can’t. You just use Congress and the tools of government for your shameful, partisan goals. When history judges President Trump as one of our greatest presidents, your names will be held in contempt.”

Dems Don’t Deserve
A Single Dime

The Wanderer asked a few of its sources including Pavone to comment on current developments.
Pavone replied on January 13: “Scripture says in Isaiah 5:20, ‘Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good.’ President Trump is the greatest president our country has had, and these congressional Democrats, obviously lacking in leadership qualities themselves, apparently can’t recognize leadership when it’s staring them in the face.
“They do not just want the president out of the White House, but also out of the hearts, minds, and memories of the American people,” he said.
“We will not let that happen,” Pavone continued. “Every patriot should be studying and spreading to others the countless accomplishments of this president, and we will be helping them to do so. They haven’t learned their lesson about misusing the impeachment process for partisan ends. The Democrat Party is evil, and does not deserve a single dime or a single vote.”
Northern California conservative commentator Barbara Simpson said on January 13: “It’s easy to blame it all on being ‘WOKE’ — but what it really comes down to is that these people hate Donald Trump with a passion and Republicans in general. He says things they know are true and it galls them.
“They see Trump as giving them a pass to do what they all along have wanted to do: clamp down on conservatives and cut off any possible way they might have of expressing their points of view to the American public. It appears, the law is allowing it,” Simpson said.
“Their power cutting off communication from conservatives to Americans is more than dangerous and with the Biden administration about to take over, we face more of the same and only worse,” she said. ”It is government control to the ultimate and we will all suffer. If you’re old enough, think back to WW II and thereafter, and the issues with the Nazis and the Soviets — we’re in for that.”
Mary Ann Kreitzer, who runs the Catholic Les Femmes – The Truth blog from Virginia, noted that big corporations are prospering, while Main Street is in trouble.
“Liberals ‘breathe together’,” Kreitzer said. “That’s where the word ‘conspiracy’ comes from, Latin com (with) spirare (to breathe). People don’t have to sit down at a table to plot and plan. They simply all need to breathe the same poisonous philosophy.
“Many of these tech giants are pro-abortion, amoral, and power-hungry. They are bigoted and look down on those they consider beneath their class,” she said. “Besides, attacking Main Street benefits them. Amazon’s business is up 40 percent since the lockdowns while hard-working people are shuttering their shops.
“If (Mark) Zuckerberg can deplatform everybody else, Facebook will be the only choice. Take it or leave it,” Kreitzer said. “When small businesses close, the big-box stores benefit. How many independent pharmacies have been put out of business by Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens? It’s always about money and power. Which is exactly why Jesus said it’s hard for a rich man to get into Heaven.
“Liberals make themselves gods and they breathe together. They loved Trump until it became clear that he really cares for the average deplorable in flyover country. So they turned on him and, with him, all his supporters,” she said. “We are in for rough times, but history shows that rough times make strong people.
“As long as we stay close to Christ, we have nothing to fear — not from Big Tech, not from Big Brother, not even from the Judases in the Church,” Kreitzer said. “Jesus tells us not to fear the one who can kill the body, but only the one who can cast us into Hell. Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey, and Mark Zuckerberg have no power whatsoever in the light of eternity.”
This Wanderer article was written the night of January 13, after the House impeachment vote. The Senate, which would conduct the subsequent trial, was expected to be out of session until January 19, leaving no time to pursue the trial before the January 20 presidential inauguration.
Conservative Republican political consultant Constantin Querard told The Wanderer on January 13: “Frankly, what happens next is very much like a legal trial. I don’t imagine that the process, complete with preparing a defense, and the time involved in both sides making their cases, could be compressed into six days, weekend included.
“(Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell will likely point out that impeaching a president with one week left is clearly a stunt and that there is simply no time left to finish the process,” Querard said.
The purpose of a successful impeachment and conviction is to remove a president from office. The first impeachment attack on Trump failed because the Republican-led Senate acquitted him in February 2020. If Biden becomes president on January 20, Trump would be out of office anyway.
Incredibly, Democrats reportedly plan to have the Senate trial against Trump later on, regardless, with one goal somehow being to forbid him from another presidential race in 2024. Democrats seem to be so tightly within their D.C. and left-wing media bubble that they don’t comprehend how they’re enraging the U.S. public with their unrelenting anti-Trump mania.
After goading and stoking and inflaming the American people, Democrats dare to claim that they’re in danger due to Trump’s actions. No. Dems are harvesting the foul fruit of their own insanity. If Dems want to feel safe, stop their own madness.

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